This is the sequel to SFoaS. Enjoy~

Sexual Frustrations of a Shiny Suicune

Christmas Day, 5 years after the events of SFoaS

"Mommy! Daddy!" I yelled, as I ran into my parents room. "Wake up! Wake up! It's Christmas!" I ran up to my mom, in her bed and shook her violently. "Mommy! Wake up!" I yelled. My name is Hayden Justice. I'm a Suicune, and a special one at that. I'm shiny, which means I have a different color scheme than most Suicune's, considering me and my mom are the last ones. I was about 5 years old, and this was probably the first Christmas I remembered. "Ngh..." My mom moaned, she looked at the clock on her dresser. "Hayden...It's five in the morning...go back to bed..." She said, curling herself up in her sheets. My mom was Deelia Justice, a Suicune, like me. Me and her were the last ones alive. I groaned very loudly, and ran over to my father's side of the bed. My father was Drake Justice, a Keldeo, who, much like me and my mother, was the last of his kind, along with my younger brother, Coltan. I shook him violently to get him up. "Ngh...Deelia..." He said, shaking my mother's shoulder. "Deelia..." He groaned. My mom just swiped his hand away. "Draaake...make her go back to bed..." My mom whined, pulling the covers over her head. My father sighed. "Do you REALLY want to deal with this later..?" He said, looking at my mother. My mom just pulled the covers off and climbed out of bed. "Fine...but I'm going back to bed after this..." She said. I grabbed my mother's arm and dragged her out to the living room. "Come on, mommy! Hurry!" I yelled. My mom just kinda sagged along with me. When we got to the living room, there it was. The tree. With tons of presents under it. I just sat next to the presents, and my mother curled up on the couch and fell asleep again, and my father walked in with his camera. "Go on, sweetie! Open up one of your presents!" He said. I grabbed the biggest one I could find, and just started to destroy the paper.

After about 5 presents, We heard crying coming from Coltan's-My younger brother-room. My mom just sat up and groaned. "Arceus Dammit..." She moaned. I got mad and pointed my finger at my mother. "Mommy! It's not nice to swear!" I yelled, still so innocent minded. My mother just stuck her tongue out at me. Real mature. My father then stood up. "Hold on, sweetheart, there's a present from me that you need to open." He said. He then grabbed a green and purple-wrapped present with holes in it. I opened it up, and gasped at the sight of what was inside. A female Glameow kitten. "A kitty!" yelled, as I pulled it out of the box and hugged it. I looked up at my father, wonder in my eyes. "I love her daddy! I think I'll name her... Espella~!" I said. My father just smiled. "Now, Hayden, you need to take GOOD care of her, alright..? Promise..?" He said. I nodded. "Promise." I said. At just that moment, my mom walked in, breast-feeding baby Coltan. "Sigh...the joys of being a mother..." She said. She then saw me hugging my new Glameow. "Drake...Is that a CAT?!" My mom yelled. My father just nodded. My mom sat down next to him. "I don't approve of a cat here in this house!" She said. My father just stared blankly at my mother. "Deel's...You ARE a cat..." He said. My mother just looked up. "Oh...r-right..."

A few hours later

"Moooomy..." I groaned. My mother was tying a silver bow into my indigo hair, and I HATED it, along with the poofy dress that she was making me wear. "Why do I need to wear these itchy clothes..." I groaned, tugging at my blouse. My mom just smiled as she brushed my hair. "Sweetie... Don't you want to look pretty for everyone...?" She asked. I slouched in defeat. "Yeeees..." I groaned. At that moment, we heard a knock at the door. "Oh, someone's here!" My mom said. My dad ran to the door. "I got it!" He said. He opened the door, and there was two Pokémon there. Raiden and Liana Shade, two very close friends of my parents. Raiden was a Darkrai, and Liana was a Cresselia. Liana was a foreign immigrant, so she had a really heavy accent. I'm not sure what country she was from, but to make it easy on you readers, it was "British" (Whatever the heck that means...). Drake and Raiden gave each other a bro-hug, as they were best friends in high school. I then felt a tap on my shoulder, and I turned around. It was my best friend, Phoebe Shade. She was a Darkrai, much like her father, but much like me, she was a Shiny. "Hi, Hayden!" She said, giving me a hug. I hugged her back. She had an accent similar to her mother, but not near as heavy. "Phoebe!" We heard. We looked in the doorway, and saw Phoebe's angry mother. "You can't just barge in! You need to be invited first!" She said. Phoebe just hung hear head and began to walk towards her mother. "Hey, wait. Liana. Phoebe's alright. She doesn't need to be invited in." My father said. Phoebe stopped, and looked up at my dad. "Go on, girls. Go play!" He said. We then ran off, laughing and getting ready to go play. "Arceus Christ, Drake, you're going to spoil her..." Said Liana. My father just shrugged, and they both laughed.

5 years later

I was on the swings at recess, trying to swing as high as possible. I was looking around the playground, when I saw an Absol boy being dragged behind the school by some 6th graders. I jumped off the swing, and ran to the corner the older kids took him around. I glanced over so that they wouldn't see me. I saw the biggest one; A Pignite, yank a necklace from his neck. "Hey look, solitary boy wears Jewelry!" He said, swinging the necklace just out of the Absol boy's reach. "I told you! My name is Solityn! Now give it back!" The Absol boy yelled, jumping to try and get the necklace. The Pignite then threw it to the Dragonair girl with them. "Oops, I dropped it!" He said. The Absol boy then ran to get the necklace. The Dragonair then threw it to a Gabite boy. "Oops, I'm such a klutz!" She yelled. It went back and forth, until the Pignite boy caught it. That's when I decided to step in. I ran in between the Absol and the Pignite. "Hey! Give it back!" I yelled. The Pignite laughed. "Oooh, this your GIRLFRIEND solitary boy?" He said. That made me snap. I opened up my mouth and spat a water-gun right into his ugly mug. He staggered back, and dropped the pendant. "Gah! let's get out of here!" He yelled. The three ran off. I then kneeled over and picked up the pendant and held it out to the Absol boy. "This is yours..." I said. He then grabbed it and tied it around his neck. "T-thanks..." He said. I noticed that it was a rainbow charm with a DNA symbol in it. "Wow...It's so pretty..." I said. He just grabbed it and shoved it in his shirt. "I-it's mom gave it to me..." He said. I looked up at him. "Hey, I feel like I've seen you somewhere I know you..?" He asked. I nodded. "I'm Hayden. I'm in your class..." I said. He then realized who I was. "Oh wait, aren't our moms best friends..?" He asked. I nodded. This was Solityn Alpha. His mother was Neyla Alpha, the 2nd in line for the Alpha throne, and also a CRAZY popular pop-idol. Neyla has also been my mom's best friend since high school. "Hey..thanks.." He said. Before I could answer, the bell rang. "Oh, we need to go back now..." I said. Before we left the back of the school, I turned around, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed, and I ran to get in line to go inside.

7 Years later

I was sitting in my mom's car. It was my first day at my new high school, and we were going to my mom's old school. I looked down at my new uniform. Ugh, I looked like a friggin' stiff. "Mooooom.." I groaned. "Why do we have to wear these uniforms. They're so...ugly.." I groaned. I just messed with my khaki skirt. My brother, Coltan then leaned forward. "Are you SURE it's the uniforms that's ugly..?" He said. I then smacked him right in the face. "Shut up you stupid brat!" I yelled. We then just started yelling at each other, and after about 2 minutes, my mom smacked the steering wheel. "Shut UP YOU TWO!" She yelled. "I'm sick of you two always FIGHTING!" She yelled. We then just got quiet. My mom then broke the silence. "Now, you two. Just because I'm the superintendant, doesn't mean you can go and do whatever shit you want and I'll talk you out of it." She said. "Yeah...suuuure..." I said. My mom glared at me. "I'm serious. If I find out that you're doing drugs or something, you're dead. Kapeesh?!" She said. I folded my arms in anger. "Kapeesh..." Me and Coltan said.

After School

I was shoving all my stuff in my locker. Ugh, I hated this stupid school. I had SOOO much homework, and I had to memorize a stupid set of lines to audition for the school play. Just as I was closing my locker, I felt someone grab my hips. I instinctively turned around and socked whoever it was right in the nose. They fell over, and I realized who it was. "Oh my god, Solityn!" I yelled, kneeling down to help my now-injured boyfriend. "Are you okay..?" I asked. He just nodded. " don't punch THAT hard..." He said. I just dropped his head, and he fell backwards on the tile. I just gave him a "Really..?" Look. I then helped him up, and I heard a very familiar accented voice. "Smooth moves, princess..." I turned around, and there was Phoebe, out of school dress code, playing something on her phone. "Shut up..." I groaned sarcastically. She just smirked. I then turned around, and bumped awkwardly into Sol. "Oh.." We both said. We then looked into each other's eyes, and leaned in. We started making out, when I heard a familiar and very dreading voice. "Hayden!" It said. Oh Arceus Dammit. My mom stormed over and grabbed my shirt collar. "Hayden Amelia Justice! How DARE you break school rules!" She said. "Moooooom..." I groaned. She just smacked me. "No Public Display of Affections!" She yelled. She then let go. "Get in the car. Now." She said. I just stormed outside. "What the fuck is your PROBLEM?!" yelled Phoebe. My mother just glanced at her. "You daughter LOVES a guy, and you just shit all over it!" She said, shoving her phone in her pocket. My mother just got out her tablet. "Out of dress code, I see...well, I hope you enjoy detention, miss Shade.." She said, typing up a detention referral. Phoebe just groaned, and stormed off to detention.

That night

We were eating dinner, and everyone was just being quiet. My mom then spoke up. "Drake, I caught Hayden making out with that Solityn boy..." She said. My heart skipped a beat. I wasn't sure how my dad would react. "Oh really..." He said. He then glanced over at me. He then smiled, and put his elbows on the table and his hands on his face. "Is he cute..?" He asked. I just stared at my father. "DRAKE!" My mother yelled. My father just glanced over. "What?! What's so wrong about her having a boyfriend?!" He asked. My mother just clenched her fork as hard as she could. "It's" She said. My father just scoffed. "So?! That didn't stop US from making out behind the gym lockers!" He yelled. Coltan had already left, to get away from the awkwardness. My mother just stood up. "Hmpf...If I catch her again, there WILL be consequences.." She said. She then picked up her plate and stormed off into the kitchen. I just stared blankly at my father. "You two made out behind the gym lockers..?" I asked. My dad just nodded. "Wow...not the thing I'd expect from mom.." I said. My dad just sighed. "She was very different when she was your age..." He said. "She was the greatest...sweetest...most beautiful girl I'd ever met when we were young..." He said. He then just started stabbing his food. "But...I dunno...she's changed...I still love her...but...she's not the woman I fell in love with seventeen years ago..." He said. He just seemed so upset. I decided to cheer him up. "Hey dad? You want me to come and play video games with you?" I asked. He looked over. "That'd be great, sweetheart..." He said, smiling at me.