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After school

I couldn't be anymore happier having mated with Solityn~ He even approved of my little brother being with his little sister~ I was on my way home from school after my session with Sol. I then saw Phoebe waiting for me by the fire escape. I told her the good news about me and Sol making up, how he's now approving Coltan and Natalee to be together. She was so happy to hear it all~ "I'm glad you're back together again." "Yeah..." We had to go by the fire escape since there was a notice about the elevators being out of order for a while. As we walked upstairs to our apartments, I decided to ask her something for a long time ago... "So, Phoebe?" I asked and she looked over. "Yeah, Hayden?" She asked and we turned as we climbed another flight of stairs. "What did cause your parents to break up?" I asked, throwing my backpack over my other shoulder. She just stopped and pondered for a moment. "I... Honestly don't know... I... Hmm..." She sat down, most likely pondering about what could have made her parents to hate each other so much... I didn't have much time to think of this so I just ran up a flight of stairs~ "Try and catch me, you Slowpoke~!" I said, running up the stairs~ If I know Phoebe, she's kind of a bit like a brat saying, "Oooh, you little butt..." And she's no doubt charging up the stairs to catch up with me but I finished first. Eventually, she charged out the door leading from the stairwell to my apartment where I'm leaning against the door. "Took you long enough~..." I taunted, giving her the cheekiest smile I have. "You dirty freaking cheater!" She said, stomping over to me. As I opened up, I turned around and stopped her. "Umm, you can't hang out today..." I said, stopping her. "Wha-? Why?" She asked, a bit bewildered. I was nervous as I just put my hands on my shoulder so I answered her. "Because I'm going to ballroom dancing lessons tonight." Phoebe snarfed a little. "B-Ballroom~...?" She snickered and started laughing her guts out. I was annoyed, folding my arms. "Yeah~... *Sniff~...* Hoo hoo~..." She panted, still snickering a bit. "For your information..." I said, putting my hands on my hips. "Solityn signed us up~" I proudly said with a smug look on my face but Phoebe still laughed a little. "It's still funny..." She said as she wiped a tear from her eye. "Well, at least Sol has interest in me. What do you and Damian do together?" I asked, giving her an even smugger look. "Well we...we...uhm...he took me out to eat once..." She said, scratching the back of her head... Oh, well what do you know~ "Hmpf, I knew it~ We're a cuter couple~!" I mocked as I smacked right above my chest and and raised my arms diagonally. "Suck it, wench~" I said, making the Shiny Darkrai growl and tried to boast. "At least me and Damian had sex!" I wasn't fazed by this as I smugly asked. "Hmpf, so~?" It took her a second to realize what I meant by those two last two words. "No... You didn't..." She shockingly said and I just smiled. "Anyways, I need to go get my dress, bye~!" I said but before I entered my apartment, Phoebe reminded me of something important. "Hey, isn't your birthday tonight...?" I just nodded. "Mhm, after our ballroom lessons." I said and Phoebe just nodded. "Alright, who's coming?" She asked and I pondered for a second. "Hmm... You, Solly, Lilly, Nat and... I think that's it..." I said, then climbed into my room, closing the window behind me~

A few hours later

I was getting ready for my birthday party by wearing my casual yet fashionable dress while Coltan and my parents set up everything for me. I had already took a shower (and may have masturbated a little). I was only in my panties because I still need to get my bra and dress when I heard knocking on my window and saw Phoebe at it! I quickly covered my breasts! She motioned to my window now but I shook my head. No way am I letting her in my room when I'm naked! She then pulled off her shirt and bra, showing her breasts to, to make me feel less uncomfortable. I then just kinda pondered, walked over and opened my window, shaving it open for her to jump inside. "What is it, Phoebe? I'm naked!" I said, still a bit embarrassed that I was only in my underwear. "Ugh, my mom is a big jerk!" She yelled, shocking me before plopping herself on my bed. I forget about my slightly ticked off reaction and loosened up my face when she started crying her guts out. I sat down and rubbed her bare back. "What's wrong, Phoebe?" I asked, still rubbing her back. "*Sniff...* My mom... *Hic...* Said that I can't see my dad..." She said, sniffing up a massive amount of snot, ew... I just kept rubbing her bare back. "Phoebe..." I feel very bad for her... Could her mom be the reason Phoebe's dad broke up with her? But all of a sudden, she just snapped upwards. "You know what, I'm fine~..." She said, standing up, confusing me of this sudden adjustment! "What do you mea-" I stopped and noticed a new look on her face... An evil look! "Wait a minute... Phoebe, what are you planning?" I asked a bit nervously. "Oh, me? Nothing~" She said, walking towards the window but I grabbed her silver hair. "Phoebe, you only go 0 to 60 like this when you have something evil planned! What are you thinking?" I asked very concernedly. "Nothing, now let go-!" We heard the door open and Solityn peeked his head in! "Hey, Hayden? Are you ready to-" He saw us both, no shirts or bra on, with me in my panties and Phoebe in her jeans. "What in the name of- You know what, I'm just not gonna ask..." He said, closing the door. I looked over at Phoebe angrily. Great, now I have to explain this!" I said but by the time I did, she closed my window and got her shirt and bra on, climbing up the fire escape! Aarrgh! Phoebe! I'll have plenty of time to catch and scold her but right now, I need to get dressed and ready for our ballroom lessons.

It was a bit complicated, but I managed to explain the situation to Sol and Mom, who both were relieved that I wasn't wasting my precious time with lesbianism with Phoebe. We got in the car and I was in the back-seat with Sol. My mother was by herself in the driver-seat. I was still a little with Phoebe and her mom so I decided to ask my Mom, she might know something about Mrs. Shade breaking up with her husband. "Mom?" "Yes, Hayden?" "What caused Raiden and Liana Shade to break up?" She was quiet for a second until she spoke up. "Well, I'm not exactly sure but Drake and I argued with Lia about it until she snapped at and bitch-slapped us, causing us to leave in a gruff." She explained with little clue. "Ookaay..." I said, so we drove off to the Ballroom class.

Ballroom class

We all were there in the ballroom and I gotta say, I was doing great with Solityn~ The teacher was impressed and my mother was surprisingly shedding tears of joy. I'm really happy to be here with boyfriend and (oh my Arceus, for the first time) my mom. It wasn't long until class was over and our results were A+, yay~!

That Night

We were on time back in my home and up the stairs. "Thanks for being with me in our ballroom lessons, Sol~" I fawned on him and he smiled. I was half-hoping my mom would growl in disapproval but for some reason, she didn't... When she opened the door, she rushed inside! What surprised me even more was Sol put his hands around my eyes! "S-Sol!?" "Shh... Wait for it~..." He said. Wait for what, I wonder? And then we were in my house when suddenly... "SURPRISE!" A lot of voices were heard, surprising me! I gasped in shock and joy as I see my family and friends giving me a surprise for my birthday~! "Oh, wow~... This IS a surprise...! Mom, Dad, Coltan, Phoebe, Sol, Nat, Lilly~... And Josh!?" I was more surprised when I saw Josh with them! "Heya, toots~" I felt my eye twitch a tiny bit. "I don't remember inviting you... Unless, *sigh* you brought him with you, didn't you Lilly?" I figured as Lilly winked and giggled... Hey, wait a minute, where's Damian? I was sure Phoebe was gonna bring him along... "Hey, Phoebe? Where's Damian?" Phoebe looked back from me, I guess she's still upset with her mom... Maybe I should talk to her tomorrow... But right now, I wanna party~ We had a heck of a lot of fun~! I even made my wish on the cake. My wish was... [I'll ask Nightlaw for this later...] After that, we all decided to slow dance~ All those lessons in ballroom dancing really paid off~! ... I feel bad for Phoebe though, she doesn't have Damian to dance with her... She was drinking some coffee from the coffee shop downstairs (Ugh, I remember when she ran a marathon after drinking several cups of it during one of her depression attacks) when Mom tapped her shoulder and they talked about something, probably about Damian not being here for my party... Or Phoebe, poor girl. Mom soon came to me and asked me, "Hayden sweetie? Could we talk?" I hesitated at first but nodded. I patted Solityn's hand and he nodded, going to sit on a chair to wait until Mom and I finished our conversation.

We were in my and Coltan's room and Mother and I were sitting on my bed. "Hayden... Do you know why I was being real..." My mother gulped as she seemed kinda... Sad. "Uptight?" I answered for her. "I was going for 'bitchy' but formality is a good trait. Yeah... You see, it's because... Well, you look so young and beautiful... Like me." "Huh?" I asked, confused at what she meant until she further explained to me. "You remind me a lot like me when I was your age... Your grandmother... She still looked young and yet... *Sniff*" She was starting to get sadder, making me feel bad for her. "I'm doomed to wither and wrinkle up into an old lady until I die...! *Sob* I'll never see or relive the good young days ever again...!" She started bawling herself out and I hugged her, patting her back. "I... Understand, Mommy... I'd feel the same way if I became your age, maybe older..." "Oh, sweetie~! I'm so sorry for not paying attention to you in the ice rink! I'm not good enough to be your mother!" She yelled out quietly so the others in the kitchen table wouldn't hear us and I tried to comfort her. "That's not true, Mom! You're always there for me! It's just that you were distracted by your job which understandably pays well!" We cried and spouted nonsense about who's sorrier until we finally calmed down and wiped away our tears. "Will you give me... *Sniff* One more chance to be your mother?" Mom snivelled and I nodded. "Yeah, I will. Now, let's wash our faces or they'll get suspicious." We then went to the bathroom and washed and wiped our faces dry from our tears and then we got back to the party. I noticed Phoebe was gone and Lilly told me she went back to her place. I've got a good idea why and shrugged with this bad feeling in my gut, hoping she doesn't do anything bad to her mom, Mrs. Shade but Mother placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a slight nod with her eyes closed, telling me to let Phoebe and Liana settle this themselves. I nodded and resumed my birthday party. "Hey guys, look~!" Coltan said, pointing at the window. We then saw outside the window where far away, there was someone flying and skywriting with white smokein the night sky and it said...


We were all silent for the moment... Victory Memory... That prick. Everyone else just shrugged about my sour relationship with that hero... Blehh! I'll give him a bitch-slap of my hand the next time I see him! Anyway, it wasn't long until we finished partying. Everyone of us got exhausted so Lilly and Josh left casually, romantically staring at each other on their way home. Coltan and Natalee kissed each other goodbye and Solly and I did the same with each other~... "See you tomorrow, Hay~" "You too, Solly~" We all said our goodbyes and went back to our respective homes. Mom and I decided to have some time together in the bathtub while dad and Coltan decided to have their time playing two-player video games, much to my little bro's delight.


Mom and I were in the bathroom and slowly got undressed. I stared at her a bit a good lord, was she hot~! Her boobs were practically D-cups! Slightly bigger than mine! I then got undressed and nervously showed her my naked body and C-cups. "You know, you'll be big as me when you're older~..." I blushed at her compliment and soon, the bathtub was full and we got in. We were relaxing in the tub, it was like having a hot bubble bath like a hot spring with bubbles. Mom just gave out a relaxed sigh and I was just staring at her. For a grown woman, she still looks sexy. It was relaxing as I laid down and closed my eyes.

My mom held me from behind, which feels weird being hugged naked from behind by my nude mother but this IS a mother-daughter quality time. "Hayden... You and Coltan may not know this but... Your uncles and I were orphans..." My mom said, surprising me with this information. "We honestly don't know where our real parents, your real grandparents are... But even if we do discover them, I don't know if I could face them..." As she explained, we stared into the ceiling... I had no idea... My mom and uncles were... Abandoned by their real parents and adopted...

"I'm... Sorry to hear all of this, Mom..." I muttered. "It's okay, dear. They don't matter anyway." My mom assured me and then giggled all of a sudden. I wondered and turned around to see her giving a seductive look, frightening me a little and making me back off a bit. "Uh... Mother?" I asked but then she chuckled and lunged at me! "Heeheehee, Hayden~!" She grabbed my sides and tickled me! I was half-enjoying this as I laughed agonizingly! "AHAHAHAHA! M-MOTHER~!" "Oh? Want more~? There you go~! Tickle tickle tickle~!" She teased, tickling me even more! "EEEP~! S-STOP~! HAHAHAHA!" I begged her but she just kept going! "Feeling good, sweetheart~!?" Mom asked and I said, "Yes, I'm feeling great~..." All of a sudden, I felt a brief touch between my legs, gasping. I wasn't sure but my mom smiled even more seductively as she neared me and I looked at her questionably. "Hayden, sweetie..." "M-Mom...?" We both stared at each other, unable to keep our eyes off and started leaning our heads until... We kissed. I've to admit, kissing your mom is kinda weird~... Maybe for your mother too. After a few seconds, mom and I'm getting used to this~ "Mmm~..." We both muffled in our make out session.

It felt good on the inside as we wrestled our tongues for dominance with my mother getting the upper hand. Soon, the lack of oxygen was getting to us so we parted our lips with saliva drooling from our mouths. Mother was looking at me with a seductively loving look. "Hmm... Hayden~? Huh?" I kinda became delirious, mumbling a bunch of gibberish. "Mu-Mu-Mo-Mmmommy~...?" She was surprised and giggled. "Aw, Hayden~... Have I kissed you for too long that your brain is now frazzled to a newborn baby~?" She teased but all I could slip out a murr. She then rubbed her hand against my pussy and I moaned. "Aaugh~... M-Meep~!" Mom giggled at my babbling and started fingering me, I couldn't help but mewl childishly... Gee, I must be out of my mind, hopefully for just a while. I was getting close to cumming when my mom parted her hand away from my crotch.

I whined but mommy shushed me. "Shh... There there, my sweet daughter~... It'll get better~" And she was right when she pressed/kissed our pussies and clits against each other's and then rubbed them up and down. We moaned loudly as we were tribbing together as Mother and Daughter~! "Aaahhh~! M-Mommy~...!" I babbled out that moan. "Y-Yeah~... I'm close too, honey~! Aah~!" We soon came with our juices squirting in the waters, the two of us looking like we had orgasmed ourselves silly. Our orgasms soon came to an end when we collapsed. After our climax, we were panting and I was moaning cutely like a baby. "Aaah~... M-Mommy~..." My mom smiled and carried me bridal-style, almost like she once carried me when I was just born. She stood up and didn't wipe ourselves dry so we just let the fabric from mom and dad's bed do that for us.


Dad and Coltan noticed us sleeping nakedly, embracing each other and blushed. "Uh... Honey, Hayden? Are you sure you want to be by yourselves?" "Just let us be, Drake." My mom suggested defensively. "Hey, Sis... Are you okay...?" Still delirious, I whined rather immaturely, making my mom growl a bit. "Alright, get back! You're all crowding her!" They backed off with dad finding this scene familiar. Mom stroked my head and back, cooing. "Don't worry, sweet-pea... Mommy won't let anyone hurt you~" I murred adorably. My dad and bro decided to let us be then, they'll just sleep in mine and Coltan's singe beds in our room. "Mmmooommm~?" I moaned, getting her attention. "Yes, Hayden~?" I swooned drowsily. "Love you, mommy~... Best... Birthday... Ever~..." I went to sleep and I could've heard mom cuddling me. "Mommy loves you too~... Now and always." We then went to sleep. This really has been the best birthday I ever had~

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