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Yes, I know Eevee isn't a playable character in Gates to Infinity, but I don't really care. Eevee is one of my favorite Pokémon, so shut up.

Heat of Infinity


My name is Elaine. I'm supposed to be a human, but you wouldn't know that by looking at me. I'm an Eevee right now. I was brought to the world of Pokémon a few months ago to save the world from an impending doom from a Pokémon called Kyurem and a giant crystal of negative energy and hatred called the Bittercold from destroying the Pokémon world. After that, Hydreigon, the voice of life, told me I had to leave the Pokémon world after destroying the Bittercold. I realized this was coming from the beginning, but something occurred to me in the back of my head. Pikachu. My partner. He would be devastated. I decided not to say goodbye, as so I wouldn't hurt him. I didn't tell anyone in fact. Dunsparce, Emolga, Virizion, Espeon, or Umbreon. Me and Hydreigon just left. After that, I would gaze into the Pokémon world in my dreams. Just knowing I would never go back. Not to Post Town, Paradise, or even the crossroads. But then, one day, something in my dreams told me to look into the pool. As I did, I noticed Hydreigon and Pikachu in a collapsing cave, and Hydreigon was asking me if I wanted to return to the Pokémon world. I screamed yes, and I was blinded by a bright white light. All the sudden, was able to see again, and there I was, in that collapsing cave, but it wasn't collapsing anymore. Instead, it was full of glistening and gleaming stars. And I saw Pikachu, almost about to cry, staring at me. "Welcome home..." he said.

Back in Paradise, a month after returning to the Pokémon world.

I looked outside at the stars, remembering the crazy day we had today. we had almost been killed by a Krokorok , but luckily, Keldeo was able to take him out at the last second. When we got back to paradise, we went and took Krokorok right to Quagsire. " two don't look so good...hmm..?" he said. "take the rest of the day off...hmm..." So we decided to lay back that day. I giggled as I remembered Quagsire's silly "Hmm's" and "Mmm's" he constantly spouted out. "Hey Elaine..?" I heard Pikachu say. "Huh..?" I turned around, a bit surprised. "You're a girl, right..?" he asked. "yeah..? why?" I said. " see...I...uhh..." He hesitated. "I have a crush on a girl..." Pikachu sheepishly said. "WHAT?! Pikachu, that's GREAT!" I said happily to him. "Who is she, is she cute? what kind of Pokémon is she?" I asked. "Is it Virizion..?" I teased. "What?! No! Dunsparce likes Virizion, why would I do that to him... and...umm...I don't want to talk about who it is..." Pikachu sheepishly said. "Oh...alright...well, why are you asking me..?" I asked. "You're a girl...what do you like? how can I get her to notice me..?" he asked. "Well..." I began. "Girls like a strong and nice guy... which you should have no problem with... you're a really nice guy, and I can't think of any Pokémon that has not been instantly knocked out by your Thunder attack, so I think your fine... just go talk to her..." I told him. "Umm...Elaine...I...I..." he stuttered. Something was up. "I...I..." He just stopped, leaned in, and kissed me on the lips. I was the girl he was talking about?! I was about to shove him away, when I realized. I love him back. I dived deeper into the kiss with him. We both pulled up after five minutes in a need for air. " like me do you...?" I asked. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you's just... I didn't want to do it in front of everyone." He explained. Then something occurred to me; It was mating season, and I was in my first heat, and so I thought, who better to help me that the guy who liked me. "Well..." I said, smiling sexily at him. "How about we have another little secret then..." I said, changing my posture to be a little bit sexy for him. He started to blush. "I...I...I...uhh..." he stammered. "Don't worry..." I said. "I won't tell..." I pounced him, surprising him a little. "ELAINE!" Pikachu yelled. I jumped off in fear and surprise "This is NOT how I thought you would act!" he yelled at me. I started to back up in fear, knowing far-well that he was the most powerful Pokémon in paradise. "I...I...I..." I stammered. "I...I'm...s-sorry..." I ran out of the house, bawling my guts out. "Wait! Elaine! Come back!" He yelled.

A few minutes later

I was sitting on top of the Post Town hill, crying. Why did Pikachu have to yell at me? I didn't know I was moving too fast. I kept crying and crying. "Hey, Elaine..?" I turned around. It was Virizion. "Sniff...w-what do you want..." I sniffled. Virizion sat down next to me. "What's wrong sweetheart..?" She asked in that calm, collected voice of hers. "Sniff...P-Pikachu confessed that he-sniff-loves me..." I cried. "Elaine...that's wonderful...but...why are you crying..?" she asked. " know how it's heat season...right..?" I asked. "Ugh...don't remind me..." she said, scratching at her lower area. " instincts as a Pokémon took over...and I tried to make him mate with me..." I confessed. "Elaine...erm...aren't you a little young for that..?" she asked. "Not really, I'm fifteen in the human world... so... ugh...I don't know..." I said, tearing at my head fur. " this is your first heat...? I would have thought humans went into heat as well...but I guess not. So this is your first heat experience..?" She asked. "Mmm Hmm..." I said, sounding a bit like Quagsire. "Well...I'm sure if you tell Pikachu what happened...he will understand..." she said. "But that's...why I'm crying..." I said. "As soon as I jumped him, he shoved me of...sniff... and he started yelling at me...I'm sure he hates me now..." I said, starting to tear up again. "I know... why do you think I followed you up here..? His yelling and your crying woke up half of Paradise..." She said. "Oh...I'm-sniff...sorry...I didn't-" I said, but she cut me off. "Don't worry about it. Everyone saw what happened..." She said. All the sudden, Dunsparce popped out of the ground. "It's true, you know." He said. "GAH!" I said, stumbling back, surprised by Dunsparce's sudden entrance. "Good Arceus, Dunsparce! you almost gave me a heart attack!" I yelled. "Sorry Elaine...I guess I should have come up a bit slower..." he apologized. "Look," Virizion started. "You should go back and talk to Pikachu. Tell him what happened, and maybe he will be ok with you staying in the house again... "She said. "Alright...I'll go ask him...thanks Virizion!" I said, as I dashed off. Virizion sighed. "What is it Virizion..?" Dunsparce asked. "Oh...nothing...she just...reminds me of myself as a child..." She said, looking up into the stars.

10 minutes later, Back in Paradise

I peeked into the house, and saw Pikachu, twiddling one of his claws on the wood floor. "Umm...Pikachu..?" I asked, leaning in. He looked up, and he smiled. "Elaine! I thought you might have left Paradise for good!" he said, overjoyed to see me. "Yeah...I was going to. but then...Virizion came and talked to me...and...I'm feeling much better now..." I explained. "Well...Keldeo and Emolga came in and talked to me as well, so I'm feeling a bit better too..." He said. "Look...about what happened earlier..." I started. "Look...I'm sorry I took it a little too far... I shouldn't have tried to get you to mate me sp fast..." I said, starting to tear up. "No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I shouldn't have stopped you and yelled at you... I was just nervous..." he said. "I walked up to him, and he walked up to me, and we looked each other right in the eyes. "I love you..." We both said, as we leaned in and kissed each other again. We eventually worked our way over to Pikachu's bed. I ended up on top of him, and we finally broke the kiss. "I...think I'm ready now...Elaine..." Said Pikachu. I looked down between his legs, and saw he started to get an erection. "Well..." I said, getting back into my sexy, instinctual self. "Maybe we should get down and dirty then..." I said, going down to his erection. I noticed how huge it was compared to other Pikachu's whenever I used Charm on them. "Wow...your huge..." I said. Before he could respond, I plunged his massive boner into my mouth. I heard him groan, and that was my signal to go. I started bobbing up and down, up and down, for about five minutes, until I heard Pikachu groan again. "Elaine...I'm...gonna...RGH!" he shouted, before blowing his load into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his essence. When I was finished, I backed up, and saw that he was still hard. "Wow...your SURE you've never done this before..?" I asked, licking off the extra semen off my lips. "I could say the same thing about you, miss blowjob..." he sarcastically remarked. " that that's settled, how about the main event..?" I said. I climbed on top of him, and we kissed each other one last time. "Ready..?" I asked. "Ready." Pikachu ensured. I lowered my dripping pussy onto his raging erection, and it started to enter me. "Ngh..." I moaned as it entered my nether regions. Then, his dick hit my hymen. "Ahh..." I moaned in pain. "Elaine...we can stop if you-" "NO! I won't stop...until I finish this..." I said, and I plunged all the way down, Breaking my hymen. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" I screamed in pain, panting and moaning afterwards. "Elaine, we can really stop if you're in-" "NO! It feels too good!" I yelled. My feral side was taking over. "Alright...ngh...suit yourself..." Pikachu said. After the pain subsided, I started bouncing on his hard dick, feeling the pain turn to pleasure. "ooooh...YES!" I screamed, as I felt my walls close around his hard-on. after about 10 minutes, Pikachu's manhood was twitching inside my pussy. "Elaine...I'm...gonna..." He started. "DO IT INSIDE ME! I WANT YOUR JUICY CUM INSIDE ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "But'll get preg-" "I...don't...CARE! I WANT YOUR KITS INSIDE ME!" I yelled. It was that moment that Pikachu moaned the loudest he ever has, as he sprayed his seed deep into my womb. " feels..." I started, but then Pikachu, grabbed me and flipped us over, with me in a submissive position and him mounted to me. "You want my kits...huh..?" He asked. "Then BEG for them, you little whore..." he said. Now HIS feral side was showing. "I want...ngh...your kits..." I muttered, tired from exhaustion. "what was that...?" Pikachu said, picking his ear. "I WANT YOUR KITS! " I screamed at the top of my lungs. "If you say so..." He said, as he started thrusting inside my cunt. It felt so good to have something besides my paw going in and out of my pussy, rubbing my walls. "Pikachu...I'm...gonna...ngh..." I was about to cum myself, but then Pikachu said "Nuh-uh-uuuh... not until I blow my load in you..." he said. "But-" I started, but then he covered my mouth with his paws. "Not...until...I'm...done..." he said. I used every bit of willpower I had to keep myself from orgasming. After about 15 minutes of rutting, Pikachu finally said the three magic words. "I'm...gonna...cum..." He stated. " it...together...pant..." I wheezed. "On three..." He said. "Three..." he said. "Two..." I said. "ONE!" We both shouted as we both exploded in my sex. After Pikachu finished emptying his hard-on into my clit, he pulled out. We laid next to each other for a while. "How many..?" I asked. "Huh..?" Pikachu wondered. " many Kits do you think I'll have..?" I asked. "Hopefully a ton..." Pikachu said. "You think so...?" I asked. "Sure of it..." He said, as we kissed each other, and then fell asleep in each others arms.

The End

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