I know, I know, I haven't updated this story in about a century, but here is part 3.

A few weeks later, one morning

I woke up, feeling really tired. I didn't want to wake up. I just wanted to lay in bed. I then felt someone shaking my back. "Rise and shine! Let's do our best today Elaine!" Pikachu said, trying to wake me up. "Ngh, I don't wanna go out today..." I groaned, pulling some straw over my body like a blanket. "Come on, Elaine! Wake up!" He said, pulling me out of my bed. "Ngh...fine..." I moaned, standing up. Ugh, why did I have to go out today... It was so warm in my bed. As soon as we got outside, we heard someone shout out to us. "Yoo-hoo!" We turned around, and looked up atop our house. Meloetta was just sitting up there, smiling the day away. "You two ready for another awesome day?" She asked, kicking her feet. "Ngh... Go lay yourself..." I groaned, walking to the main area of Paradise. "Geeze... What's her problem..?" She asked Pikachu, crossing her legs. "She...She's pregnant..." Pikachu said, scratching his ear. "Really...?" She asked, getting a bit steamed. "My prince would never get me pregnant..." She groaned. She then switched over to her pirouette form. "That's because you have no self control!" She said, in a deeper voice. She switched back to her aria form. "Well, at least I TRY!" She yelled. Pikachu decided to just let her bicker with herself.

The main area of Paradise

"Morning...hmm...you two!" Said Quagsire, waving at us. "Shut up, blank face..." I groaned, trudging over to the job board. "Yeesh..." Said Scraggy through his teeth, looking over at Quagsire. "Hmm...woke up on the wrong side of the bed...mmm..?" Asked Quagsire, still in a jolly-as-ever mood. "She's just experiencing mood swings, no big deal..." Assured Pikachu, trying to keep Quagsire from getting angry. "It's fine...mmm...I have seen plenty of pregnancies to know...mmm...what happens..." Said Quagsire, going back to organizing his store inventory. Gurdurr and the two Timburrs that followed him around all the time came up to the main area. "Hey, Pikachu, Elaine, going to find stuff for me so I can help build up paradise?" He asked, looking over at me. "Ah, back off!" I yelled, still looking for a job to do. "Grrrr...WHAT DID YOU JUST FREAKING SAY TO ME?!" He yelled, slamming his massive iron bar on the ground. "Easy, Gurdurr, she's just having an episode, no big deal!" Pikachu said, worried that Gurdurr would crush me. "Grr...fine, but you need to keep watch of her, if she says something to the wrong Pokemon, she's history..." Said Gurdurr, picking up his massive bar. "Should she even be going out?" Asked Victini, who had snuck over to see what all the commotion was. "I mean, if she's pregnant, the kit could get really hurt if she gets into too sticky of a situation..." Said Victini, a bit worried for my well being. "I mean, I do need someone to help me spin my..." He started, then he did his siganture pose. "V-WHEEEEEL!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "To Heck with your dumb V-Wheel!" I yelled, still trying to find something to do. "Wow, she IS in a fussy mood today, Elaine loves the V-Wheel..." Said Victini, a bit disappointed. "Just live with it, alright..." Pikachu said, obviously annoyed by my sudden outbursts. "Here we go!" I yelled, tearing off a sheet of paper. "What did you pick?" Pikachu asked, looking over my shoulder. He saw it was for Rugged Mountain. "Are you sure, Elaine? Rugged Mountain is a pretty tough climb..." Pikachu said, putting his paw on my shoulder. "Who cares? Good reward.." I said, pointing to the reward. "WHAT?!" He yelled, looking at the reward. 1000 Poke, Rare Soil, AND a Thunder stone. "Holy Toledo, that stone's a good reward..." Said Pikachu, the Poke-signs literally appearing in his eyes. "Well, let's go..." I said, walking over to the now-open request gate.

Rugged mountain, F3.

"Pant...pant..." I couldn't keep up with Pikachu, Keldeo, or Emolga. "Come on, Elaine! Not that much further!" Yelled Emolga, who was pretty much the best climber out of any of us. "SCREW YOU!" I yelled, panting and sweating my scarf off. I forgot how hard of a climb Rugged Mountain was when I signed us up for the job. "Hurry up, Elaine! I think I see the entrance to the next floor up ahead!" Yelled Pikachu, really excited. I eventually caught up with them, panting and groaning."Thanks for the HELP!" I yelled, really pissed off at my friends. We then walked into the next floor. "Alright, who or what are looking for?" Asked Keldeo, looking over at Pikachu. Pikachu Looked down at the note. "We're supposed to find a Chickorita, She has been stuck here for three days, apparently. "He said. He looked down one of the many hallways we could go. "Ugh, no wonder she got lost..." Said Emolga, flapping his wing-leather a little bit. I couldn't stand waiting any longer. "Ugh, come on, lets go this way..." I said, stoping to the far-left hallway. "But Elaine! Maybe we should think about thi-" Started Keldeo. I just shushed him. "Let's GO!" I yelled. Everyone just followed.

A few hours later

"Ugh, now WE'RE lost!" Yelled Keldeo, looking around. "This is the same damn hallway we just went down!" He yelled, glaring at me. "Well, exCUSE me, princess.." I groaned, trudging along. Eventually we heard someone crying out. "Help! Someone!" We heard. That must have been the Chickorita we were looking for. "Let's go!" Yelled Emolga, running off. Everyone else just followed him. "Wait up!" I yelled, trying to catch up. They got to the end of the hallway before me. I eventually got there, but by the time I did, there was a beat up Wartortle on the ground, and Pikachu was talking to the Chickorita. "Thanks a ton!" She said, hugging Pikachu. He just pushed her off, and held up his team badge. Chickorita then vanished. "Are...you...KIDDING ME?!" I yelled, stomping into the room. "You guys saved her WITHOUT me?!" I yelled, really pissed off that they went off and did the rest of the mission without me. "Elaine, we had no choice..." Pikachu said, putting his paw on my shoulder. I shoved it off. "I don't CARE! I'm the leader of this team, so I should make the calls!" I yelled, super pissed off. Pikachu then looked at Emolga and Keldeo. "Actually, erm...Elaine..." He said, a bit nervous. "We actually all had a talk last night, and...erm..." He said, obviously about to say something I didn't like. "You're off the team...until further notice..." He said. "Wh-WHAT?!" I yelled. I'm off the team?! "What do you mean, "Further Notice?!"" I yelled. "Elaine...as long as you're pregnant...you cant go into mystery dungeons without endangering yourself..." He said, rubbing my cheek. "I'm sorry, Elaine...but...It's for your own good..." He said. He then held up his team badge, and we all warped out of the Dungeon

Later, at the Post Town lookout.

"Off...the team..?" I asked. How could Pikachu do that to me? Wasn't this rescue team the thing that brought us together? How could he..? I eventually started crying. This stupid pregnancy had ruined my life. No one liked me anymore, I was off the rescue team, and Pikachu I'm sure doesn't love me anymore. "What's wrong, Elaine..?" I heard. I turned around, and I saw Espion walking towards me. "Sniff...piss off..." I said, looking back out. "Sweety..." She said, sitting down right next to me. "What's wrong..?" She asked, rubbing my back with her paw. "Sniff...Pikachu kicked me off the rescue team...sniff..." I whined. "Elaine...sweetheart..." She said, nuzzling me to make me feel better. "He's only doing it for your own good..." She said, reassuring me. "Sniff...but...sniff...Now I have no reason to be here anymore...sniffle...No one likes me anymore...because I-sniff...Insulted literally everyone this morning..." I said, trying to keep myself under control. "I can't help anyone anymore...sniff...I'm useless..." I said. "No, no, no, Elaine...You're not useless..." She said, rubbing my back a little more. "You're just a bit under wraps now...Just...try to live with it for a little while...alright..? Then you can decide if you're useless..." Said Espion, nuzzling me a little to cheer me up. "Sniff...a-alright...I'll try..." I said, wiping the tears from my eyes. "Good, I'm glad we had this talk.." She said, standing up.

And DONE! Wow, not my longest chapter, but certainly one of my favorites, anyways, BAI! :)