Harry Potter: The Seraph of the End

So this is my first ever fanfiction! I have outlines for about a thousand and one others, but this is the first time I have actually begun to write one, which is pretty exciting stuff for me. (Also just so you know, while I have plans for the others, I daresay I'll only be writing one until it is fully completed, so I won't be writing 10 different fics all at once).
Anyway my intentions for this story are pretty epic, I have it planned out from beginning to end, and it is by no means a short story.

I really welcome constructive criticism, actually I kind of hope for it, since this is the first time I have actually done any creative writing at all in probably close to a decade.
Anyway I hope you have fun reading it, I want the updates to be pretty quick, a week or two at the most.


"Name?" The vampire asked, fingers tapping rapidly along his unbranded tablet.

"Harry Hyakuya" he answered. Not for the first time, Harry forced down feelings of shame when he omitted the Potter half of his surname. The risk of some vampire recognising the name of the famous boy-who-lived was too high, and Harry just wanted to keep his family safe and anonymous.

The vampire motioned for him to go through, and Harry stepped around him. The blood collection centre loomed before him, a black building quite like a gothic church that seemed, much like the rest of the Vampire city, to suck the life out of the world.

Harry fingered the length of his wand he had hidden in the waistband of his livestock uniform cautiously. Having not even finished his second year at Hogwarts before the world ended, Harry knew he did not know enough magic to make any difference against the army of vampires, but the familiar weight and feel of his wand was comforting.

"Yuichiro Hyakuya" Harry heard his foster brother say from behind him. Black haired and green eyed like himself, people often thought that Yu and Harry actually were brothers, instead of both being from the Hyakuya orphanage in Tokyo.

Harry waited for him, turning to see Yu stand, hands in pockets and a look of utter indifference on his face. Harry indiscernibly shook his head in amusement. Yu always had that look when he was forced to communicate with a vampire. Harry guessed it was his way of rebelling against their captors, a small victory to be sure, but to him it seemed to count for something.

Yu caught up to Harry just as the next Hyakuya brother stepped up to be marked off the roll. "Mikaela Hyakuya" Mika said through a smile, probably more cheerfully than he intended. That was Mika though, Harry supposed, always cheerful and upbeat no matter the circumstances. Even the last year and a half of imprisonment and being forced to give blood for the vampires wasn't enough to break Mika's happy spirit.

"Why do you always have to be so nice to the bloodsuckers?" Yu questioned as the three of them headed towards the blood centre. Mika looked back at Yu with raised eyebrows.

"All I did was say my name!" Mika answered raising his hands in the air with incredulity.

Yu scoffed in response "Yeah, with a big goofy grin on your face, idiot."

Mika smiled back at him then. Harry had no doubt Yu was seriously calling Mika an idiot, but their blond haired brother appeared to take it as a term of endearment.

"Ha, maybe I should be grumpy and irritating all the time like you then" Mika replied. Yu turned to look at him, and he still wore the same goofy grin on his face.

Yu spluttered, trying to find the words to answer, a crease forming between his eyebrows. Harry laughed out loud, Mika joining in a few seconds later. Yu sighed loudly and walked ahead of them. Mika and Harry stopped laughing as they got closer to the building, suddenly realising why they were actually here.

It always went like this. Once every two weeks the three of them would get in line, come down to the blood collection centre and give their quota of blood for their captors. The vampires were not gentle either, the law of Sanguinem prevented the vampires from drinking directly from the 'livestock' as they so pleasantly referred to the humans, so it was common for the vampires to get their joy out of causing the children as much discomfort as possible when collecting their blood.

So Mika, in the way only he could do, would try to joke and laugh with Harry and Yu in an effort to forget about where they were, and why they were there. 'Always thinking about everybody but himself' Harry thought, 'He is here for the same reason as us, but still worries for himself last.'

The inside of the blood collection centre was made up of one colossal sized room, filled completely with chairs organised into aisles like a grocery shop, only humans were the food, with their thick, red blood running through tubes over their heads. It was a morbid atmosphere, but Harry was used to it by now, and was directed to sit down between Yu and Mika by the nearest vampire.

The vampire wasted no time, the needle was being plunged into his neck almost as soon as he sat down. Like always, he tried not to allow the pain to show on his face, not wanting the bloodsucker to get the satisfaction, but nevertheless felt his face contort when the metal pierced his skin.

Harry's face screwed up in disgust as he downed the contents of the drink they are given after they finish giving blood. Nobody seemed to know what the drink actually was, only that it tasted foul and supposedly prevented you from getting sick after blood loss.

Harry looked up as Yu threw his silver bag of liquid onto the ground, its contents spilling out over the pavement.

"C'mon Yu, do you want to get sick?" Mika asked.

"I'm not drinking that crap, it's disgusting." Yu answered

"Better than being dead" Harry counters.

"Is it? It's not like we do a lot of living in this cave." Yu gestures around them, and Harry looks up, still expecting to see the sky, but just seeing the roof of the cave.

"True," Harry responds "but I'll be damned if I'm going to die at that hands of those bloodsuckers, so I'll drink this disgusting drink if it will keep me alive, even if it is just surviving so they aren't the ones to kill me."

Yu smirks in response, but Harry knows he agrees with that at least. Harry and Yu agree absolutely about resisting the vampire's rule, but are totally incapable of actually doing anything about it. They have their small rebellions where they are able, such as Yu's small acts of defiance when he looks the vampires directly in their red and lifeless eyes, but the vampires are far too powerful to actually contest effectively.

"You two are such downers," Mika says abruptly, clicking his tongue, "I don't think we have it too bad to be honest. We are still alive, and we get to stay together with our family. For me, that's enough."

Harry can see the truth in Mika's words, especially considering the Hyakuya orphans are the only family he has ever had. He did live with his aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon in Tokyo before they died, but they treated Harry like vermin. It was only after they died that he was lucky enough to have a true family in the Hyakuya orphanage.

Harry smiles softly at Mika, just as they hear Yu call out.

"Hey, move!" Harry turns to see who Yu is yelling at, two small children playing on the ground, with two vampires moving towards them. The vampires walk straight over the top of the unsuspecting children, who writhe in pain after being stepped on.

Yu is suddenly on his feet and charging at the vampires, and Harry instinctively reaches a hand out to his wand.

"Yu no, don't!" Mika calls out, but Yu pays him no attention, still charging at the vampire. Yu wraps his arms around the vampire, clearly attempting to tackle him, but the vampire does not budge. He reaches down to grab Yu by the hood of his livestock uniform, and holds him up in front of his face.

"Apologise!" Yu manages to demand as he struggles against the vampire. Mika runs over as Harry tries to restrain himself from pulling out his wand.

"He doesn't mean it sir," Mika says desperately "He's just a harmless moron".

"Shut up Mika, I'm about to make my move" Yu responds, trying to pry the vampire's grip from him.

The vampire holds his other hand perpendicular to Yu and flattens it, and Harry's heartbeat quickens. 'That is a killing stroke!' With a vampire's strength, he could stab his hand straight through Yu. Harry goes to grab his wand, hoping he isn't going to doom his family by using magic.

"What's going on here?" A new voice asks calmly. Everyone turns to see another vampire coming down the stairs towards the scene. The vampire holding Yu throws him along the ground, and Harry hurries to his side.

"He doesn't have a hood, do you think he is a noble?" Harry asks Yu. Yu doesn't answer, just watches the vampire approach warily.

"Lord Ferid!" Mika exclaims, running over to the approaching vampire. Harry again puts a hand to his wand, still expecting a fight.

"Ahh young Mika, whats happening here?" Ferid asks kindly, raising his hand to touch Mika's face.

'What the hell is going on? How does Mika know him?'

Yu tries to get up again, but Harry holds him back, silently urging Yu to just let it play out. Yu apparently understood, since he stopped moving.

"Oh nothing, Lord Ferid, just one of my family being troublesome" Mika answers, and Harry senses Yu tense up next to him again.

"Poor Mika, how stressful for you. Why don't you come by my mansion again tonight to take the edge off?" Ferid responds with a smile.

"I would like that" Mika answers, smiling equally back at him.

"Will these two be joining us then?" Ferid asks, gesturing towards Harry and Yu, but Mika blocks his path to them. Harry's body become rigid at the gluttonous look Ferid has in his eyes.

"No, they're far too shy" Mika tells him.

"What a shame" Ferid says, "maybe next time". The noble walks away, the two vampires who attacked Yu ghosting behind him.

"What the hell was that?" Yu asks Mika, grabbing him by the collar. "What is with you acting all chummy with a bloodsucker like that?"

"Lord Ferid and I have a deal, I give him blood and he gives me whatever I want." Harry and Yu stop to look at Mika, who looks absolutely unperturbed at their reaction.

Yu unexpectedly punches him softly in the jaw. "What is wrong with you idiot, the vampires can't be trusted."

"Well it might seem wrong to you, but we have to be smart if we want to survive here." Mika responds to him as he rubs his jaw.

When Harry went to Hogwarts and learnt about the different houses, he quickly decided what house each member of his family would be in. At first, Harry decided that Mika would be in Hufflepuff, since he always tries to make sure everybody else is doing well. Times like this however, Harry could see that Mika would very likely have been in Slytherin, he so frequently uses cunning to get things done his way.

Yu starts to walk away towards their home, and Mika calls out after him "isn't there anything you want Yu, I could get it for you?"

"Not from you." Yu replies, not even bothering to turn around. 'Typical Gryffindor'.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing Mika?" Harry asks softly. Mika turns towards him and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Harry you know this is the best way to survive down here, I'm doing it for the family" he responds.

"I know you are Mika, you always are, but you don't have to offer yourself up like this. You are like the leader of our family, Akane and the kids rely on you, but none of us would want you to do this just for us" Harry tells him.

"I'm doing this for all of us, besides, if anything happened to me, I know that you would look after them." Mika replies, his grin reappearing on his face. "Don't worry Harry, I'm careful! Promise!"

"As long as you're sure Mika, I know you are too stubborn to let me talk you out of it" Harry says through a laugh.

Mika mockingly frowns. "Me? Yu is the stubborn one in the family!" he clarifies throwing his hands in the air.

Harry laughs again "You're both as bad as each other, you're just more subtle about it than he is." Mika laughs with him and throws his arm around Harry's shoulder, and they head back towards their house.

"Look what Mika bought us Harry!" Akane exclaims, and she nods towards a bench full of cooking ingredients.

"Is that real chicken?" Harry asks as he reaches out to poke at the slab of white meat. It had been a while since anybody has eaten any real food. All the vampires give them to eat is processed long-life shelf food, which gets old pretty quickly.

"Yep, I can cook real Curry for us, isn't that amazing?" Akane asks rhetorically as she beams up at Harry.

"Brother Harry!" Taichi exclaims, "Mika brought Akane ingredients for real curry!" Harry thinks of just what Mika had to do to get the curry for them. Taichi pokes Harry in the ribs to get his attention, and Harry has to shake himself to get back to reality.

"I heard, I hope Akane is as good as good a cook as she claims!" Harry says with a smirk to Taichi, who laughs.

"Hey! I heard that Harry, you might miss out if you keep that up!" Akane yells out from the other room.

Harry laughs "Sorry Akane! I'm sure it'll be delicious!"

"I'll forgive you this time Harry, but only if you go find Yu for us, we all need to be here for this special family dinner! He is probably up on the roof like always" Akane replies exasperated.

Harry walks out the front door, telling Taichi to go play with the other kids upstairs. Harry walks around the side of the house, where Yu showed him how to climb up the wall to their small house so they can reach the roof. Yu was always heading up there alone, always to contemplate how they were going to defeat the vampires and escape, not that he was ever able to deduce anything from this.

Harry climbs up to the top and sees Yu looking over the city, not even sparing a glance for Harry coming up to sit beside him.

"What are you doing up here all alone?" Harry asks Yu as he sits down next to him, using Yu's shoulder as a prop to lower himself.

"Trying to be all alone" Yu responds "do you have to sit so close to me?"

Harry laughs "its fine Yu, we are brothers after all" Harry responds with a smile.

Yu scoffs. 'Typical Yu' "Oh stop fighting it Yu, we have all been together for years, we all know you care about us, theres really no need to pretend we aren't".

Yu scoffs again, but then his face softens. "Do you think he's alright?" Yu asks Harry, turning to look him in the eye.

"Mika is smart Yu, Mika won't do anything to risk himself if it means he won't get back here to protect his family" Harry answers him honestly, patting his shoulder in consolation.

"Now come on Yu, Akane sent me to bring you inside, she's probably finished cooking the curry by now" Harry says, standing up.

"Curry? Where in the hell did she get Curry from?" Yu exclaims as Harry helps him up.

Harry shoots him a look. "Oh right" he eventually says, sighing. The both of them climb down from the roof and head inside.

It was late at night when Mika finally came home, at least Harry thinks it was night, being as it is difficult to tell between night and day when you live in a giant city located in a cave.

Mika climbed the ladder to the room where the family slept, and found Harry and Yu both waiting up for him.

"Hey guys, waited up for me? I'm touched" Mika said sarcastically. "How was the curry?" he asked.

"Don't know" Harry answered truthfully "It didn't feel right eating it without you, so ours is still downstairs. Kids loved it though."

"Oh, well good then" was all Mika had to say as they headed down the ladder.

"Next time we are using my blood" Yu announces suddenly as he starts eating his curry.

Mika laughs out loud "Oh Yu, why would a classy vampire like Lord Ferid want your gross blood when he can have mine instead!"

Harry laughs at this too, and adds "We all know my blood must taste the best, maybe I should go!"

Yu raises his eyebrows at the both of them, but says nothing and continues eating his curry.

"Seriously though, none of us will have to offer our blood, seeing as we are all leaving the vampire city tonight. "

Yu and Harry both put their spoons down and look at Mika, who smiles back at them.

"How exactly do you propose we do that?" Yu asks "this whole city is like a giant maze, we have no idea where the exit is!"

Mika reaches into his pocket and unfolds a large piece of paper. "Well I think this might come in handy" Mika turns it over to reveal a map of the entire city of Sanguinem.

"You stole this from the noble?" Harry asks.

"Yep, along with this." This time Mika reaches down and pulls out a large antique looking pistol, which he hands to Yu.

"You're always talking about killing some vamps, maybe this will even the odds a bit!" Mika exclaims as he takes a spoonful of curry.

"You're serious. You want to escape tonight. What about the virus, we'd be dead as soon as we got outside!"

"I don't think so, I spoke to a guy today who has only been here for a couple of months, and he was older than us. I think if the virus didn't kill you straight away, you must be immune now or something, either way, we should leave tonight, it's worth the risk, maybe we can find a cure in the real world!"

"Let's do it" Yu says, getting up and slamming his fist on the table, "We've spent enough time in this craphole of a city. I'll go wake everyone." With that, Yu quickly gets up and heads off in the direction of the sleeping family.

"You're sure this isn't a trick Mika? I mean I don't think a noble like Ferid would leave a map and gun just randomly sitting around" Harry asked, looking Mika in his azure coloured eyes.

"Ha, are you kidding? I had to look forever around his house just to find anything useful. Ferid's house is the size of a castle!" Mika responds as he picks up the map. "Just trust me Harry, we are getting out of here tonight".

"I trust you Mika. Always" Harry tells him honestly. Mika gives him one of his most blinding smiles, which Harry returns in kind.

Harry kept a hand at his side, feeling the familiar presence of his wand under his shirt as the whole Hyakuya family walked through the empty alleyways of Sanguinem. Harry had elected to walk behind the family, just in case they were spotted by patrolling vampires.

Harry looked to the front of the group, where Mika was hunched over the map of the city. Yu was walking next to him, antique pistol in hand, though Harry had his doubts about whether such a weapon would actually work on a vampire. Although most of the children captured by the vampires had quickly worked out that they were stronger and faster than any ordinary human, Harry remembered learning about vampires from Professor Quirrell, regardless of whether he had Voldemort on the back of his head or not, the Professor had taught them well about the threat of vampires.

"Vampires are among the most dangerous and powerful creatures you could ever face, and despite what many think, have no aversion to sunlight, wooden stakes, or most amusedly garlic." Quirrell had said. "The only sure known way to kill a vampire is to destroy its head, which is far easier said than done, considering any spell that would do enough damage to a vampire to stop it entirely, would surely miss due to the vampire's tremendous speed." He had assured however, that the number of vampires had dwindled heavily in recent years, and that there were only very few left, although Harry had discovered first hand that this was entirely false.

Harry followed Mika's lead as he turned around a corner. Harry had never been to this part of the city, Mika was leading them into a series of tunnels that led away from the buildings in the city.

Mika stopped suddenly, turning to the family and putting his finger on his lips in an effort to keep everyone silent. Mika peered slowly around the corner, and quickly moved back, keeping as close as he could to the wall. Harry could hear footsteps approaching, but Mika urged them to stay still. The footsteps grew closer and Harry held a hand on his wand, preparing to use the limited spells he knew that would have a chance to slow down a vampire.

The footsteps started getting quieter however, and Harry's heartbeat went back to normal, before Mika motioned for them to continue. They continued down the tunnel until they came across a staircase.

"It's just up these stairs and across the room" Mika whispered to them. Harry's heart soared. It seemed like they were actually going to make it after all.

Slowly, all of them climbed the steps together, and emerged in an enormous brilliantly white room. The entire place seemed to be built from the purest marble, and Harry, despite all the magnificence he had seen at Hogwarts, couldn't help but gawk at the beauty of the room.

"Well, well, I was beginning to wonder if you would make it."

Ferid stepped out from behind a pillar on the other side of the room, a feral smile across his face.

"Oh don't look so surprised dear children, you didn't think I would let you just escape with my map did you?"

Mika looked down at his map, but a strong gust of wind quickly blew it out of his hand and across the room. Harry and the others turned to see Ferid, who had, in the blink of an eye, grabbed Ako in his arms and was drinking from her neck. Ako was trembling and in obvious pain, and Harry saw the moment life left her small body, and Ferid dropped her to the ground. She seemed to fall for a lifetime, and Harry didn't even hear himself call her name.

"RICTUSEMPRA" Harry yelled, his wand pointed at Ferid. A bolt of purplish light left his wand and headed towards Ferid. Harry heard a loud band as Yu shot the antique pistol at the same time.

Harry heard a voice from behind him "Oh how fascinating, we have a young wizard in our midst! You know it won't do you any good against a vampire don't you? I wonder Mikaela, did you know your foster brother was magic?" Ferid taunted.

Harry didn't wait to hear Mika's response, and tried another several curses, but Ferid moved far too quickly for Harry to get a shot in. Harry realised that he would have to catch him by surprise, or from incredibly close to even have a chance of hitting him.

"You guys need to run. I'll give you as much time as I can" Harry said to his family. None of them moved, all completely stiff with fear. Harry whirled on them and pointed his wand at them. "NOW, GET MOVING!" The younger children and Akane all jumped, turned and ran towards the exit, with Mika and Yu staying right by Harry's side.

Harry turned back to face Ferid, but all Harry saw was a blur of movement heading towards the running children.

"NO, LEAVE THEM ALONE" Mika screamed. But Ferid was already upon them. Taichi was the first to fall, Ferid passed him, and in a spray of blood, Taichi was on the ground. Spinning, Ferid then slashed his sharp vampire nails across the unsuspecting Chihiro, her glasses smashing on the ground. Harry didn't even see Fumie and Kota fall, but sure enough they were already lying on the ground, blood pooling around their lifeless bodies.

"AKANE RUN!" Yu called out, but she was frozen in fear, and Ferid slashed his fingers across her throat.

"Don't forget Yu, Harry, we're family" Mika said, but Harry had had enough, and he was charging the smirking Ferid, wand outstretched. Harry heard someone call out, but whether it was Mika or Yu, he couldn't be sure". Harry prepared to cast the curse at the still smiling Ferid, but the incantation never left his lips. Ferid had, with his tremendous speed, snapped Harry's phoenix core wand in his hand, and slammed a fist into his side.

With a loud crack, Harry heard his ribs snap, and he was sent flying across the room, where he hit the wall with a resounding thud. As he lay broken on the floor, Harry saw Mika stabbed through the chest, and his detached arm sent flying across the room. The image of Mika dying was the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness, and darkness swirled in his vision.