Nana: I'm back people! I have the first chapter done!

Chris: Only the first? Boooo

Nana:Just do the disclaimer

Chris:She doesn't-

Foul and Sha knocks CK out.

Aviva: own Wild Kratts! Only these two foxes, the villain (Hint for the name by Story Maker. Thanks for the help!) and his sister!

Chris POV

I woke up... I got up … Everyone was still asleep.

"Chris!" Sha came from Aviva's room. "Aviva has powers!"

"What? Well. She has you, like I have Foul…" I said

"She is awake. She want your help." The female wolf said.

"Aviva, may I come in?"


When I got in, Aviva was in ghost form, levitating all the computers and another electrical stuff with her was frighted.

"WOW. Aviva? " I couldn't believe in what I was seeing.

"Chris... help?" She asked.I told her to calm down. The objects were delicately poised.

"Thank you!" She tried to hug me, but she still was in ghost form. "What did just happened?"

"You are in ghost form." I said transforming myself too. "See?"

"Oh...So now I can do this." She hugged me.

"You should try to get back to the morning you'll be invisible."I told her. "Just focus."

She made it. Foul and Sha came into the room. Sha didn't knew about those powers and she doesn't know how to help Aviva, so Foul and I step aside.

"We help you. Since you are connected with technology you must have that same spirit." Foul explained.

"Technology...*Gasp*" Sha thought in low voice. I heard her but I ignored.

"Let's repeat the lessons, Chris." Foul smiled.

"Here we go again... Let me see... 5 days." I said


Day 1: Call

Think on me and I will be there. Or you can whistle.

Day 2: Transformation

Just say: Be a part of the spirit of technology. Or when you need to hurry just say: spirit of technology...

Day 3: Ghost powers

You need to control them. Try not to use in front of anyone. What would they say if they saw someone passing the floor...

Day 4: powers

Transform,control and think on an equipment...

Day 5: Spirit powers

They are basically: teleport remotely, enter in someone's dreams and levitation. The dream part we can test on me.

"It worked!" Aviva said