Nana: sorry for taking long!

Some minutes later… Chris POV.

Ok. I have my tuxedo, my green tie and Martin…Doesn't find his blue bowtie.

"Ok… I'll look for it." I turned into ghost puppy. When did he used that tuxedo last time? Was with the tie or bowtie? Some time later I found the tie…And the bowtie!

"GUYS? HURRY!" Aviva shouted.

We went out. I can't describe how beautiful were the girls, especially Aviva. She was wearing a long purple dress with yellow stripes.

At the party… Martin POV

I told Koki and JZ the plan as we arrive. Xavier came to meet us. Chris was the one who talked with him.

"Wild Kratts! My friends! Welcome!"

"Thanks for the invite, Xav."

"Why not? Oh. You have two foxes."

"Oh. Sorry these are Sha and Foul. "

"Cute names. I have one too. Falts! "

It was a black fox. It looked to Sha and Foul with her eyes. She looks like a demon.

"Cute…" I said. Nope. It's a horrible name! Falts! Who gives such name to such creature? We all walked in an started to party. Aviva went to the garden and I saw a chance.

"Chris, Aviva is outside. Go talk with her. It's your chance!" I said. He walked out side. As he got out JZ, Koki and I locked all the doors. We smiled and decided to give enough time.