Nana: 3 in 24 hours!

Xavier has a spirit too?! You must be kidding me! Please!

"Thank god! You're here." Martin came "He just heard his sister's name and this happen!"

"Aviva, do you help me?" I asked.

"Of course, sweet." She said

It looked an epic battle. As he caught Aviva I said to let her go

"You want me! Not her!"

"Oh, right. Green-Chris. *laughs*" Xavier said.

He grabbed my neck and teleport us out of there.

Somewhere underground...

As I woke up I felt chains on my arms.


"What do you want?" I asked.

"You know what I want. To kill who murdered Xess."

"What? By being in my room I did it? Besides, I'm innocent!"

"First the team. Then my sister. You're going you pay." Xavier punch my chest. It hurt. Not just a bit.

On that night/Koki POV

We took off after Chris. Poor Aviva, is crying on her bed. Martin isn't totally fine. I already heard him mutter something like "If he hurts him I'll finish him".

Aviva POV

I was crying while holding a picture of Chris and I.

'Stop crying, Aviva.' The picture own live.

"Chris? Where are you?"

'I... I don't know...'

I couldn't help myself. I sat on my bed and started to cry again.

'shhhhh, everything will be fine. It's okay...'

"Why you?! Just.. Why?"

'I tell you. But not today. Go rest. Tell everybody to rest. I'll be fine'