Riley wasn't having a good day which in headquarters was provoking Anger to one of many explosions. Anger's temper hadn't been this out of hand since the move to San Francisco. None of the other emotions had dared to come near him, all astonished at how much fire one emotion could let out in a single day.

As the day came to an end all the emotions were relieved that the day was finally over. However this hadn't made Angers mood any better , knowing he was scheduled for dream duty that night. In attempt to make Anger feel calmer Fear offered to do dream duty which was something he wouldn't usually do, but at times like this he was prepared to make an exception.

Anger replied with a grunt before stomping off, the other emotions watched him as he slammed his bedroom door so violently that a few memories which were mostly red fell out of place. Joy sighed as she went around picking up the memory balls that had fallen off the shelf and sending them to long term memory along with all the others, a look of disappointment showing on her face.

After wishing everyone to have a good night's sleep Fear made himself a cup of tea before sitting in front of the screen to watch what the dream production had in store for him.

The following morning Joy as always was the first one to be awake and ready to make sure today was another good day for Riley. Disgust was next to appear. As soon as she had made eye contact with the yellow emotion, Joy had walked away from the console to let Disgust do her job.

Fear had just got back from making himself a coffee to keep himself awake after having done Anger's dream duty, his eyes darted around headquarters knowing that Anger was soon going to stomp to the console. Fear closed his eyes as if he was praying that Anger would be in his own version of a good mood.

Sadness was next to set foot in headquarters which was quite surprising as she was usually the last emotion to make an appearance, this had made Fear feel more uncomfortable as his gut instincts instantly told him that today wasn't going to be any different from yesterday.

Shortly after Fears worrying thought Anger had indeed arrived near the console, his facial expression showing pure anger while his head looked as if he was about to explode in a matter of seconds even if no embers were currently occupying the top of his brick like head. However one thing Fear could tell about Anger just by taking a few seconds to have a quick glance was if anyone made a single wrong move today they could be the victim of yet another temper rage.

Fear decided to stand away from Anger for the morning as he didn't particularly fancy being the first one to be yelled at or to be used as a punch bag. Anger had placed himself on the pink sofa, grumbling to himself while reading the latest issue of the mind reader. Joy was controlling the console with help from Disgust. Fear walked over to Sadness who was at the back of headquarters reading mind manuals as teenagers weren't easy to handle. Fear offered to help by writing down anything new that Sadness managed to find out. She accepted his offer as she was more than aware of Fears intentions to stay out of Angers way.

However the calm atmosphere fell apart during last lesson at school which was Riley's most hated subject. Maths. All the emotions became aware of Anger's embers that were sizzling on the top of his head, the noise clearly scaring Fear. Joy had tried to keep Riley happy, it was increasingly difficult when the teacher seemed to only pick on Riley to answer questions in a less than polite way.

"You're the teacher, since you're so smart why don't you answer it "! Anger yelled, his fist clenched so tight that it's usually dark redness was turning into a lighter shade which was new sight for the other emotions.

Trying to ignore Angers presence Joy kept her grip onto the main lever that was used by all the emotions. Inside Joy was secretly panicking as she knew this could get out of hand in a matter of minutes.

Then the worst thing that the teacher could ever do in Fears mind, especially when Anger was in one of his vile moods was give out a homework assignment without warning. Just as he and possibly some of the other emotions suspected Anger had immediately stood up the moment the teacher mentioned homework, his hands scrunching up the mind reader into a tight ball and tossing it away. Ready to bash the console to pieces in rage.

The longer the teacher went on for the angrier Anger became, the embers on his head ready to erupt at any moment. Fear had already taken cover hiding behind the core memories, his entire body shaking like a leaf being blown in a hurricane along with his pupils wider than he could ever recall and quietly mumbling to himself please don't let anything bad happen repeatedly.

On the other hand Anger was on the urge of losing control as the bell had just rung to signal that it was the end of lesson, however the teacher continued to talk without noticing Riley's fuming glares which Anger was responsible for as he had shoved Joy out the way claiming that things could get nasty.

Joy's blue eyes practically pleaded Anger to control his temper, Anger was aware of Joy's worried look on her face. He choose to ignore it, after all now wasn't the time to start backing down from what he started.

Anger suddenly picked up on the teacher giving Riley a stern stare. "Andersen, what did I just say"! The teacher spat. Anger's eyes gave a deep scowl, he furiously punched a button that made Riley shout abuse at the teacher before storming out the class, ignoring when the teacher shouted about her getting a detention tomorrow.

"DETENTION, FOR TELLING YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF"! Anger yelled, violently kicking over one of the stools that were used as foot rests on the sofa.

"Anger calm down" Joy called, rushing over to him along with Disgust and Sadness to hold him back from kicking or destroying anything else in his path.

"GET OFF OF ME"! Anger yelled again, this time with embers sizzling loudly making the others flinch back ready for an explosion to happen.

Ashamed of how he was acting Fear decided to try and engage in the drama, hoping that he could at least help them to calm Anger down before things got any worse.

Fear walked timidly up to the other emotions who looked just as terrified as he did. Fear then stepped forward resulting in being closer to the anger zone.

"Anger please calm down, please" Fear said, his voice sounding as if he was whispering something top secret.

"Shut it beanpole"! Anger shouted, his fists clenched again ready to punch anything or anyone who pushed him to his absolute limit.

Fears nerves had kicked in enormously, his hands were shaking constantly. He looked as if he was about to collapse there and then. But to the other emotions surprise he dared to get a bit closer, he had to do something before Anger really did put his foot in it.

"This really isn't helping Riley right now, you need to stay calm"! Fear begged, his eyes looking watery. It was a look he knew might get Anger to stop in his tracks and do what the purple emotion told him.

Unfortunately Anger didn't take Fears request to heart, none of the other emotions were prepared for what was about to come.

"RIGHT THAT'S IT"! Anger yelled punching Fear so violently in the stomach that he went flying over to the big window where the emotions watched the islands of personality. Fear's head made a huge banging sound knocking Fear out in seconds along with all of today's memory balls shaking and making a loud rattling noise. The mind manuals had all fallen out from the shelves leaving them in a messy pile. Joy then ran up to Fear to check if he was alright, when she realised he was unconscious she turned on Anger.

"You have gone too far Anger"! Joy said, sounding angry herself. Disgust went over to join Joy, giving her back a comforting rub before reassuring her that he would be fine.

"What if he never wakes up" Sadness added, her voice wobbling with tears forming in her eyes.

Anger who was still standing near the console, shocked from the amount of force he had used on Fear. He didn't regret what he did and he certainly wasn't sorry, the beanpole should have kept his wimpy mouth shut! Anger thought to himself in irritation.

Before anyone could say another word they heard groaning from the purple emotion who was still lying on the floor, with his head flat against the window. Fear's eyes went wide before struggling to get up on to his feet. Joy took his hand and helped him to get up before it was slapped away by Fear.

"Fear I…" Joy began before he cut her off.

"I- who are you"? Fear asked, his voice trembling.

"What erm…" Joy stammered, trying to gently grab hold of Fear's hand.

"I DON'T KNOW YOU "! Fear shrieked before rushing into his own room and standing on his bed, shaking furiously and whimpering. It was usual for him to run away and scream but not remembering who any of the fellow emotions were was another matter entirely.

"Hey wait, come back I didn't mean to scare you" Joy said softly which got Fear to cooperate by poking his head around the door, his eyes still wide with terror. Joy struggled to get her voice under control, she knew it was absolutely necessary for her to be calm, she had never seen Fear in such a petrified state. What he needed was someone calm.

"I don't know what's going on but I think we need to get you seen to by someone who can help you" Joy stated, feeling her heart racing with concern.

"Joy" Disgust began before Fear hid his face away from the green stranger.

"Er Joy if he can't remember who we are then how is he going to remember who he is or his purpose"?

Joy's eyes teared up for a second. "No" she whispered, putting her hand over her mouth. "We have to figure out what's going on" Joy said, forcing those tears to stay behind her eyes.

"Goodbye safety, hello disaster" Sadness said miserably, her head drooped down when Joy let out a heavy sigh.

"We have to get help" Joy said confidently.

Now seeing how bad the situation was Anger stood up to assist with Joy's plan only to be stopped by Joy and Disgust.

"You're not coming" Disgust said, glaring at him with hatred.

"What"! Anger said, making an effort to keep calm.

"In case you haven't figured it out you were the cause of all this you moron"! Disgust huffed.

"Yeah I think it's best you stay here " Joy added, a look of sorrow entering her facial expression.

Anger looked bewildered.

Once Disgust and Joy left to get help, Sadness was in charge of taking care of Fear while Anger had been left with the console. He didn't touch it for the whole time Joy and Disgust were gone.

Anger was sat on the sofa mumbling to himself. The anger he felt earlier had disintegrated which was replaced by the horrible stabbing pain of guilt in his chest. This wasn't something he felt often, it was uncomfortable and horrible. Anger sighed as he thought about all the times Joy had told him to control his temper, he now wished he hadn't been so stubborn and did what he was told. All those times when he had grumbled to Joy that he was in control of his temper were now coming back to haunt him, he clearly wasn't and today had just proved that Joy and the others had been right about him all along.

Placing his head into his hands Anger let out a shaky sigh. The midget volcano strikes again is what a certain green emotion would say, he hated to admit that she wasn't wrong. He had struck again which this time could lead to severe life changing consequences that he and he alone was responsible for.

What had he done?