Chapter 1: Nightmares and Resurrection

It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, but one kid was having a bad time. She'd never done anything wrong, she was a pacifist. The only thing stopping them from being happy was their mind. She was haunted by a certain someone that she had failed to save, even though it had been five years since they had seen them.

"Frisk, why didn't you save me?" Asriel asked. "Was it too much to ask? You saved everyone else." Asriel's face was slowly melting. "Save me, Frisk! Why won't you save me?"

Asriel grabbed Frisk by the shoulders, shaking them back and forth, while screaming, "Save me, Frisk! Save me!" repeatedly.

Frisk began to cry and scream in fear and guilt, "Stop it Asriel I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Somebody please! Help me!"

But nobody came.

She just wanted to be home again. She wanted to save Asriel, but she didn't know how. She just wanted to be home…..and then, she was. She was crying and screaming still, "Help me! Please somebody!"

Being the natural mother that she was, Toriel rushed into the room to see a crying Frisk already being comforted by Sans.

"hey kiddo, quit that cryin', we're here for you. Nothing's gonna hurt ya!" Sans consoled, "look kid, Tori's here alright? Papyrus is here. Undyne is here. Alphys is here. Asgore is here. i'm here. Nothing's gonna hurt you."

But Frisk wouldn't stop crying. She kept muttering while choking over tears, "Why couldn't I save him?"

Toriel tried to take over the situation. "My child, you saved everybody! Everyone is fine! We are all here thanks to you!"

But Frisk wouldn't listen. "No, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry Asriel, I'm sorry"

Toriel's eyes widened at the mention of that name. "M-my child, where did you hear that name?"

At that moment, Frisk realized that she hadn't told anyone about Flowey's true identity. Only Alphys knew. "It's nothing. I have to go back to Mt. Ebbot. I'll be back"

"Not without me ya ain't!" Undyne shouted.

"OR ME!" Papyrus offered.

"I will accompany you as well, my child." Toriel added.

"No," Frisk declared sternly, "I have to do this alone. No 'buts', I just…I have to do this alone!" Frisk was as determined as they were when they had fought Asriel.

"But, my child, it is dangerous." Toriel argued concernedly.

"don't you guys worry," Sans assured them, "i'll keep an eye socket out for them."

And so it was settled. Sans would accompany Frisk to Mt. Ebbot. Unbeknownst to everyone else, though, he was going to let Frisk do what they needed to do alone. He would just secretly watch them with his special eye.

"alright kiddo, let's get going."

The two of them set off towards where the exit to Mt. Ebbot was. Frisk told Sans that when they got to the entrance to the Ruins, to just wait for her there.

Eventually, they made it to the Ruins, and Sans waited by the entrance while drinking some ketchup.

"good luck, kiddo."

Frisk made her way to where they had started their journey, the bed of flowers.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Have you come to gloat?" Flowey asked demonically. "If so, you should know that I have planned my revenge against you for quite a while now, and I can kill you whenever I want to."

Frisk nodded her head in understanding.

"If you know this, then why come? Did you think you would find HIM? Hahahahahaha! You IDIOT! You know that he turned back into me a long time ago."

Again, Frisk nodded their head.

"Now you have piqued my interest. Why would you come back here?"

Frisk held out their SOUL to Flowey. "Take it," they explained, "so that you can feel again.

Now Flowey was honestly touched. Frisk had come this far to save them? To give him he SOUL? No, he couldn't accept. Frisk would die. Even if he did want to feel again, he knew he would just feel dread and guilt. He knew that when he felt, deep down, he really liked Frisk.

"No Frisk, I can't accept."

At that point, Frisk did something so determined and reckless, that even Flowey was shocked. She ripped a piece of her SOUL off and forced Flowey to take it. Then, in a blinding light, Flowey transformed into Asriel, but at what expense?