This happens after JLU. In this story Clark will have never put on the cape since he has been on the run from the government. instead of superman being the world icon of heroism it will instead be supergirl. She was also the one that was put under control by darkseid instead of superman. BTW I made it so galatea and clark are not related. She is still a clone but you'll understand later.

Chapter 1:Red

Red, it seemed to be the one constant in Galatea life.

First it was the red of her own blood as Cadmus "trained" its weapon how to fight. Or at least that's what They called it.

Then it was the red kryptonite necklace she was forced to wear in hopes that its inhibition lessening properties would suppress that pesky conscious of hers that seemed to never see eye to eye with her handlers idea of fun. and when that proved to be a little to effective since it made her try to kill anyone in sight after prolonged exposure to the radioactive rock, they moved onto the next phase and put trace amounts of it her food. this method proved effective in not only boosting her aggressiveness and also suppressed her conscious, making her a very effective killer.

Once again the red of blood was seen in her short lifetime, but this time it was the blood of her "enemies" who obviously deserved to least that's what They said.

And now red is the only color she can see, not because of some psychological effect but because of the red sun lamps that are the only light source in her cell. For the past seven months that cell has been her home. Ganted two of those months were spent in a coma strapped to the bed thanks to an angry blonde and an electric cable.

But the most odd thing about the whole situation was that she actually enjoyed it. Not only did the food taste way better than the artificial healthy bricks They force her to eat, but she also didn't have to wake at 5:00 in the morning for "Training". The best part though in her opinion was the fact that she didn't have to hurt anybody.

She hated violence with a passion ever since she stopped eating the kryptonite laced food, which resulted in her conscience coming back in full force making her feel sick for a few weeks at the thought of what she had done.

She even liked the staff, they actually treated her like a human being instead of an object like They did. In fact the staff was able to convince the warden to allow her access to a laptop, a severely monitored and restricted laptop, but in her eyes it might as well have been made of gold considering she was never allowed to use things like that outside of a mission.

Even if she could never leave the confines of her cell, for the first time in her short life she was...content.

The pairing will be Clark and Galatea. There's more on the way for this if you have any ideas for this story then please tell me ASAP.