Chapter 3: Surgery

After nearly fifteen minutes of navigating the seemingly random tunnel I have come to a conclusion.

Bizarro is seriously stupid. The damn tunnel actually loops back on itself sometimes.

Finally after a few more minutes I got out of the dark tunnel and into the reinforced hallways of the prison. As I walked down the hallway searching for any sign of Jerry I noticed some of the cell doors were smashed open and void of any prisoners.

'Great some of the inmates escaped, now i'll have to find Jerry and fight some supervillains.' I thought with some annoyance. The likelihood of their being a villain in this prison that I couldn't handle was pretty low so I wasn't really all that worried.

Since my xray vision wasn't working yet, I had to rely on my other senses. Although they weren't anywhere near their full strength, they were still good enough to hear the individual heartbeats of the inmates and guards.

I just followed the sound with the most heartbeats grouped in the same spot. They most likely wouldn't have the prisoners so close together so the only option was that the group of people were guards. Hopefully Jerry is among them.

Finally I reached the room with all the heartbeats. I opened the door and walked in.

In hindsight I probably should have announced my presence especially with all the escaped prisoners and the most likely jumpy guards.

The moment my foot crossed the threshold I was blinded and deafened by all the guns going off. Normally I probably would have just laughed at the hail of bullets currently pelting me, but as I said earlier this is not a normal situation. With my powers as weak as they were, the little pieces of flying metal felt like I was getting hit with a hammer. And there were dozens of them!

I layed on the floor in a fetal position hoping I could just wait it out. Finally after what felt like minutes but was in reality probably just a few seconds, the sound of the guns clicking filled the air. I heard a woman's voice say my name but by that point I had already passed out from the pain.


"Galatea?" A brunette woman in her late twenties named Sarah asked. "Oh my god! Sorry! We didn't know it was you!" Sarah rushed forward to help her up, only to find she was knocked out.

"Speak for yourself. I still would have shot her even If I knew it was her." A bald guard said.

This caused all the guards in the room to glare at him. "What? You guys think i'm the bad guy here?" He scoffed "Just because I'm smart enough not to be fooled by the crocodile tears of some blonde bit-"

"Shut up." one of the other guards interrupted Jacobs rant. "The reason why we believe her 'Crocodile tears' as you put it is actually quite simple. All of us have taken the night shifts for her cell block."

Jacob started laughing. "So she has a nightmare every now and then, what's the big deal?" he shrugged.

"Every now and then? Try everyday jackass!" this time it was sarah who spoke from her spot on the floor still cradling Galatea's limp form.

"How often she has a nightmare doesn't change the fact that she's a cold hearted killer." Jacob was starting to get annoyed by their insistence that Galatea wasn't so bad.

Sarah spoke up again, but this time in a more somber tone "If you saw the look of absolute relief on her face every time she wakes up, I guarantee that you wouldn't be calling her cold hearted." All the other guards nodded in agreement.

The argument probably would have went on, but it was interrupted by Galatea waking up.


As my eyes fluttered open I noticed two things. The first one was that the pain was gone, no doubt due to my accelerated healing. And the second was that Sarah was practically cradling me as if I was a baby.

"Sarah?" I said groggily as I sat up.

She looked down in both surprise and worry ''Galatea were soooo sorry! We didn't know it was you and we paniced and-"

"Whoa calm down, I'm fine see?" I raised my shirt a little to show my unblemished toned stomach.

My shirt barely went halfway up before Sarah yanked it back down. "Their are guys in the room!" She scolded while sporting a prominent blush.

'What does having others in the room change?' I thought in confusion.

"What are you doing down here? How did you get out of your cell? How-" She was firing one question after another so I decided to interrupt her before she got rolling.

"Sarah one question at a time, but to answer your question in order I came down here looking for Jerry since he said he was watching Bizarro today. And I managed to escape from my cell because that idiot can't fly in a straight line and ended up flying through my cell" Seeing her questioning gaze on my last remark I decided to specify. " The tunnel he made made so many twists and turns I had to follow it for nearly thirty minutes."

''Well i'm glad you didn't get hurt when he flew through, but-"

I briefly considered telling her about my dislocated shoulder but considering her reaction to me getting hurt earlier I didn't think it was worth the physical exam and possible x ray she would demand.

"-Jerry's hurt."

Those two words made me freeze. "H-how bad?" My voice was shaking at the prospect of Jerry being hurt.

"Bizarro threw him through the a wall and a piece of rebar got lodged in his leg. We tried to remove it but the moment we moved it blood started squirting out. We don't have the supplies in the first aid kit to stem the blood." Her face was a mask of sadness as she continued. "Galatea there's a good chance that he won't-"

"Show me." I muttered quietly, interrupting her before she could jinx it.

"Follow me." she led me to a side room with only two occupants.

One of them was laying on the floor in a growing pool of blood, Jerry. The other occupant was crouched next to Jerry checking his pulse. I recognized him as Freddy, we weren't on the best of terms but I don't not like him either.

He turned around when he heard the door open, his eyes widened in shock when he saw me next to Sarah "Galatea? What are you-"

He never got to finish since I practically flung him out of the way in my haste to check on Jerry. After examining the piece of rebar that pierced his thigh and taking note of the amount of blood flowing out of the wound I came to a conclusion. "The rebar slipped past the inguinal ligament and went right through the femoral artery."

Freddy apparently doubted me "What? How could you possibly know tha-."

"I was locked in a room with a laptop and an eidetic memory for Five months. What did you expect?" I watched his flabbergasted expression with a raised brow. "Sarah can you give me a towel or a piece of cloth." I glanced in her direction.

"Sure" She immediately left the room in search of what I asked for.

"Cloth? What do you need that for?"

"I need to cauterize the wound after I pull the rebar out, and I don't want him to bite his own tongue off." Although I managed to keep a calm exterior, my insides though felt like they were trying to climb out of my mouth.

"Oh." His skin paled at the thought of burning Jerries flesh.

'He has no right to feel that way considering i'm the one who's actually going to burn him.' I thought a little angry at his expression.

"Ok I got the cloth, what's next?" Sarah came back in holding what looked to be a torn shirt.

I took it from her and placed it in his mouth to act as both a gag to block his screaming and to ensure his tongues survival. "Now you hold him down, I don't him moving around when I try to seal up the wound."

Once they got into position I took a deep breath and gripped the piece of metal. With a quick yank Blood started to gush from the wound, I concentrated on the wound and let loose a thin beam of concentrated energy.

Everything was going fine and according to plan until my heat vision started to flicker in and out. 'No! I have to finish this!' putting all my concentration into keeping the beam going for just a few more seconds. '... and done! YES! I saved Jerry!' I was so happy I didn't even notice my vision start to darken until I was in the process of passing out.

Right before the darkness engulfed me another thought struck me 'I saved someone?'

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