How Lulu and Vlad might (not) have met

Vladimir took a whole minute staring at the thing which just collided against his leg, with a gaze he deemed politely curious.

The creature stared back with outright curiosity and excitement.

It seemed to be a yordle, yet it had furry ears – he'd not seen a yordle with furry ears for quite a while. It had purple hair and big green eyes. One could see energy and enthusiasm flooding this creature, although there was something in those eyes that seemed awfully like wisdom. Vladimir was not sure.

The way it dressed was strange – why would anyone don such a ridiculous hat (which fell off when the yordle ran into him)? No wonder she was running into people. She was holding a wand, too – a mage? He'd not known many yordle mage – scratch that, he knew one. And if you thought mages were weird, yordles would take it to a new level (though to be honest, it was not his fault).

Then the yordle blinked, its mouth widening into an adorable grin.

Vladimir smiled faintly despite himself.

'Hi there!' said the yordle.

'Hello,' said Vladimir politely.

A little more staring, then…

'You're not from here, are you?'


'Hmm, where you're from?'


'Noxus? What kind of a place is Noxus?'

'It's a… dark place.'

They stared at each other again, and Vladimir felt an odd sense of… serenity.

'You know, it's really hard if you just keep answering with monosyllables,' said Lulu, slightly raising her voice.

Apparently not even acknowledging the fact she just crashed into him, eh?

'Well, what else would you have me say?' he asked in an amused tone.

'Well, you could have answered "No, I'm from Noxus; it's a dark place" in one sentence! You just have to have me ask, don't you?'

'Stranger danger, my dear. It's not the best bet telling off all information in one go.'

'Well, you told me anyway, so what's the deal, eh?'

Fair enough

'I didn't think you'd be interested.'

'I asked! Of course I'm interested!'

Vladimir laughed – how interestingly naïve. Not stupid, just strangely naïve…

'Fair point,' he stated 'do yordles nowadays still have furry ears?'

The girl's ears wiggled in response

'Don't think so, but I have them. I'm not exactly from around here.'

Vladimir sat down a nearby rock, picking the fallen hat and handed it to her.

'Oh, you're not from Bandle City?'

'Not this Bandle, but the other Bandle from a long time ago.'

That wasn't exactly transparent.

'I'm Lulu,' the girl beamed 'pleased to meet you.'

She offered him a hand – small, human-like, looking pretty soft, with the widest smile possible.

'Vladimir,' he said, gently shaking the tiny hand, careful not to let the claws wound the girl 'it's my pleasure, Lulu.'

'Oh, and this is my friend, Pix!'

Something glittering caught his eyes, and he realized it was a fae. A fae.

What the hell was a fae doing outside the Glade?

'You have a fae friend?' he asked.

'Yah, Pix is really cool and he teaches me magic!' she demonstrated this by shooting out some pink, glittering lances of energy.

He eyed the fae again. No wonder this girl seemed abnormal. People who mingled with the fae folk, rare as they were, often turned out kind of abnormal. Fae sees things too differently from humans and yordles.

'Okay,' said Vladimir with a smile 'nice to meet you, Pix.'

'Likewise, human,' a strange inhuman voice intoned. Must be the fae

'So… what are you doing here, Mr. Vlad?'

Mr. Vlad?

He didn't really mind nicknames, really, but nickname plus the Mr. prefix? That was a first. It sounded nice, however.

Vladimir stared into those expectant, excited green eyes again – joyful, innocent… and yet he felt he was being assessed. This girl was evaluating him, seeing if he was "worthy", in her world. And behind that all, was a touch of wariness.

He didn't know what came over him - he just didn't want to make this girl sad. Besides, there was more to this girl than he realized.

'I'm travelling,' he answered sincerely 'When I'm bored with things in Noxus, I travel to new places. I find it pretty relaxing,' and exhilarating as well, if he might add 'it's my first time going to Bandle City. It is a nice, cozy town.'

Lulu – that was the yordle's name – took a big gasp, her eyes widened in sheer joy

'Wow, no one had answered my questions like that before!' she exclaimed happily.

That must be a good thing, then.

'Is that so?' asked Vladimir 'why would that be? You're an adorable young girl.'

'Well… the people at Bandle didn't seem to think so…' her voice turned sad 'I only wanted to play with everyone, but everyone didn't want to. They wanted me to leave, so I'm leaving.'

'Why? Did you do something wrong?'

'I don't think so. I only wanted to have fun, so I turned some of them into flowers and squirrels,' she giggled 'it was wizard! But their parents didn't want that.'

A- that was some strange notion of fun (not that Vladimir wouldn't have found that hilarious) and B- that was some pretty advanced transformation technique. Lulu was much more powerful than he thought.

'Well, best not to do that if they don't want it.'

'But otherwise it's boring! You know, most people aren't half as interesting as a tulip.'

'From a certain point of view,'

'Oh no, you are interesting alright! And you are also nice, too.'


He was called "nice".

He, Vladimir, the Hemomancer, a homicidal blood mage, was called "nice".

And why wouldn't she? He mused. Despite all of his bloodlust and homicidal tendencies, he'd been friendly to Lulu. He'd spoken to her and shared her problems, something others must have failed to do (somewhat unwillingly willingly). It was only normal she'd find his presence welcoming.


'Lulu,' he began 'I think… we all have the right to be weird. I am not exactly normal folk, too,' fairly speaking, he could not even pin "normal" on any of his fellow Noxians 'but you don't have to turn away because of it. There will always be people who can understand and appreciate your good will. If you would only talk to others like you talked to me, then…'

'But they wouldn't want to hear me. They'd be pitiful that I'm sad…'

'Are you sad?'

Lulu nodded.

Vladimir smiled gently

'Now, now,' he patted her head softly 'you are an adorable young girl. Have faith in yourself. People will understand. Smile, little devil.'

Lulu giggled softly

'Little devil,' she mused 'I like that.'


'Are you following me, Lulu?'

The yordle shuffled, giving a nod.

'You are still gonna leave after all?'

She shrugged

'This is the way back.'

Ah dang

'Ah, so you're only coming back to Bandle.'

'Nah, I'm following you back,' Lulu replied with a grin.

Ah, exhilarating indeed.

Well, if she'd insisted.

'Lulu, how did you meet Pix?'

'I was playing in the woods when he appeared. He said I was special. Pix is really nice, and he knows a lot. He also took me to his home.'

Wait up…

'You entered the Glade?'


If he wasn't mistaken, time flows differently in the Glade. Time there was as whimsy as the nature of the fae.

Suddenly, Lulu words made sense. She was not from this Bandle City, but the Bandle City from another time in the past. Her time had went by while Lulu was still in the Glade. Now, she was alone in the world…


Her joyful attitude suddenly seemed so incredible.

'I'm… sorry,' he spoke

'Huh, why?'

'Well… you've lost your world, your parents and friends. It's really… hard, to think about.' How could you be so happy all the time, when this happened to you?

'Well, nothing can be done about it right now. Things happen, you know. I can still make friends here. In fact, I've already made one.'

She smiled at him meaningfully

'Am I… your friend?'

'Yup, silly!' she poked at him with the wand 'you just have to ask, don't you?'

Vladimir smiled, again. No one had called him "silly", ever. Well, there was always a first time for everything.

Vladimir had taken his time trolling back leisurely with Lulu's company. The girl was a chatter box. She'd talked about several things, from plants to critters to sweets to magic. In each subject he'd humored her enthusiasm sincerely. He learned she liked tulips, adored squirrels, preferred chocolate sweets and she could change things into adorable things. In return, he'd shared his preferences: roses, cats, almond tuiles and blood.

'Blood magic? What do you do with blood magic?'

He could see the fae hovering above her.

'Just casual stuffs,' he replied 'I can control blood, turning it into weapons. I can also change my blood type – I am a universal recipient.'

'Does that mean you can donate blood to everybody?'

'No, it means I can take it from everybody. Still, I can transfer blood to other beings as well.'

'Wow, that's incredible! You save lives, don't you?'

'I certainly can, but…' I don't. Never had a reason to

'Well, I can trust you to save me, can't I?'

Err, well, that…

'Lulu, where have you been?!' someone shouted.

There was a big boom, and Tristana landed down next to them, cracking the ground with her fall. Vladimir winced

'Hey, keep it down.'

'Vladimir!' the newcomer startled. She quickly stood between the other two, cannon aimed at the blood mage 'Lulu, stay back!'

Vladimir raised his hands, smiling mockingly

'Trist, it's alright! Mr. Vlad is very nice, he does not hurt me!' said Lulu, drawing Tristana's aim back.

He could see the yordle gunner's astonishment at "Mr. Vlad".

'Lulu, this guy is a dangerous blood mage. I don't know what he did…'

'He did nothing wrong! We only talked. He listened to me. I trust him.'

Tristana looked at the blood mage in disbelief. Vladimir only shrugged. Believe what you want to believe in. Maybe that was for the best.

'Please, Trist! Mr. Vlad is a friend.'

The Gunner sighed, giving in. She lowered her gun.

'Lulu, don't run off like that again. I was worried something happened. And what are you doing here?'

'Visiting,' answered Vladimir.

'Oh he likes to travel,' Lulu recounted 'just like me! I like exploring, too!'

Then, her tone changed

'I thought you wanted me to leave.'

Tristana's gaze was still wary at Vladimir

'Oh, that,' said Trist 'they were just too scared of their child's safety, they didn't mean to be mean. I'm sure it's a misunderstanding.'

'You were worried?'

'Of course we were! You're one of us. We don't abandon any yordle.'

'But… I made you unhappy…'

'Lulu, it's just a prank. Some people can't take a prank,' said Tristana, smiling 'You only wanted them to have fun, right?'

Lulu nodded

'It's alright, then. You are one of us, and we stick together. If anything happens, you can talk to me.'

'Thank you, Trist!' Lulu cried out happily, tackling the Bandle Gunner in a hug.

'Hey there, Lulu,' Tristana laughed 'it's going to get dark. Let's go back.'

'Wait up,' said Lulu, 'you can come back before me. I said I was following Mr. Vlad.'

'Lulu…,' Tristana began 'Vladimir isn't…'

'It's alright,' Vladimir interrupted her 'I'll tell her.'

Tristana looked at him for a moment before consenting. With a loud noise, she took off again.

The forest around them was suddenly too quiet.

'I won't turn people into things anymore. If they're not happy, then it's not fun,' said Lulu 'you wanted to tell me something?'

'Lulu, I'm not a nice person,' he said quickly. Why was he hesitant? Did he truly like this girl's company that much? 'I'm a murderer, an unrepentant killer. My blood magic, it's for killing people. You should not… be close to me.'

The girl was still unfazed. She looked at him with a straight face and kind eyes – how she seemed so wise beyond her age.

'Why do you do that?'

'Because I must.'

'So you don't have a choice.'

'No. It's who I am – it's what I am. I can't stop it. I must kill.'

Then Lulu did what he did not expect her to do at all. She laughed

'I see. Then that's okay.'


'I said it's okay. Sometimes it can't be helped. If it's you then it has to be. But that doesn't mean you are not a nice person. You don't know that yet.'

'Lulu, I hurt people. I killed people for enjoyment… I can hurt you.'

'But you won't, will you?' asked Lulu with a trustful smile 'you don't have to answer that, I know you won't.'

Indeed, he wouldn't.

'I trust you, Mr. Vlad. Would you trust me too?'

Vladimir smiled

'I will, little devil. Satisfied?'

'For now,' Lulu grinned 'will you be around?'

'When I can, I'll drop by. Don't worry, I have plenty of time.'

'That's wizard!' said Lulu 'we should hurry, it's getting dark quickly.'

Vladimir laughed, striding to match the yordle's joyful skips.

He had another friend (other than Elise). He had another friend.

'By the way, Lulu,' he said casually 'I can also tell jokes.'


I find the lack of blood jokes disturbing.

Bonasu Shiin:

'Lulu! You're safe!' said Tristana when the yordle finally returned 'Did he do anything?'

'Come on, Trist, don't be negative. That's not my type!'

Tristana and Teemo froze.