I'll be going with the New 52. Of course, this won't follow the comics, but only the outfits and the origin. Other characters will also be included, even if they aren't part of the Justice League yet. I don't really know much about the New 52, to be honest. But I've started reading Justice League New 52 Chapter 1-12. I'll be mainly using that (and wiki) as my source material as we progress deeper in the story. Some characters might be included from the previous DC archives.

For Naruto himself… uh… he's wearing Kakashi's ANBU mask, standard ANBU outfit but hidden by a black cloak. And no whiskers (If you want, you can imagine him here having one) but ever since I saw a picture of him without the whiskers I was like 'Whoa! He looks a lot better without his whiskers.' So, for the sake of all of us I will avoid mentioning whiskers whether it exist or not on his face. LOL!

Chapter 1: Enemy or friend?

She didn't know why, but everyone seems to avoid her. Usually, she likes it, but ever since she joined the league there's no one who talks to her as a friend. Everyone, literally, everyone talks to her whenever she's called upon or if it's about her work. Even at Starr Industries, the company she owned, her workers are somewhat intimidated by her. It's not like some rumors are going on about her drinking human blood, right?

And she doesn't look bad. Not to brag, but she's really good-looking, right? She could understand how people would want Diana Prince than her, the woman is a goddess. Literally, the gods bestowed gifts upon her. That's unfair. Besides, the men she had met- especially Barry Allen can't even look at her eyes. She's used to that as well, but it still disturbs her how he could be so… she shouldn't think of this. It will only disturb her even more.

"Power Girl." She nodded at Superman, world's most iconic superhero. "Is there something wrong?" as usual, the kryptonian would ask anyone if they are okay. A thing she couldn't get used to ever since arriving here on Earth.

She sighed, she is not the type of person who opens up. Even though she is popular both in and out of her costume, she has been isolated in a way all this time. Not going to her workers parties, not hanging out with the other heroes, and never really experiencing having a neighbor. "I am fine Superman. Just a little tired from work yesterday." No she's not. But she just couldn't admit tot Superman that she's irritated at how everyone is afraid of her.

"If you need to talk to someone just give me a call, okay?" Superman said, maybe all Kryptonian male are like him, except General Zod. No, it's because he grew up with the Kents, that is why he is who he is. She mouthed 'thanks' then went to her quarters.

One thing she loved about the Watchtower is the many rooms it has. Every senior member who has been with the league for at least a year or two gets their own room. Of course, even those fresh recruits get their own bunkers, but they had to share it with someone. She grabbed her phone. Thank you Wayne Tech for creating the world's fastest Wi-Fi, she thought.

'Are you awake?' She texted him, she really needed to talk to him. She couldn't believe it either, someone she met on some online site would be the outlet for all her problems. Obviously, she didn't gave away her hero identity or her last name, and she's glad it stayed that way as well.

'Just woke up. What's the problem?'

She laughed 'Can't I just text you?' she replied, not really caring how he would take this. She'll never meet him anyway, even if there's a chance.

Her phone began to ring; It's him, Oh yeah, as much as she didn't want anyone else knowing, they are way past that online site. They have each other's number. She never what did he registered her in his contact, but she said it already that her name is Karen.

She answered "I said text, not call." She's pissed off. She never likes it when he calls or when she is forced to call him. For some unknown reason, she always feels flabbergasted whenever she hears his voice. She like the way when they both just send each other text messages, it is definitely a lot better than hearing his voice when she doesn't even know his face. "Put the phone down!" she yelled.

"Oh." He chuckled, but she could feel that she disheartened him. "O-Okay" that disheartened chuckle again, she cringed upon hearing that. "I-I'll text."

"Wait-" The line ended before he could hear her. God why did she have to be a bitch at him!? He is the only person who listened to her, make her laugh, and cheers her up whenever she's down. Maybe that's the very same reason why she didn't want to hear his voice. The fear of his reaction when she knew who she is. No, there's something a lot worse than that. Men wanted her, she knew that much, but not because she's Karen Starr. It's because she's rich and the way they looked at her body answered the second reason why. What if he is the same as them? No, it is better to leave a version of him in her mind.

Five months. She thought. Yeah, his jokes are lame and corny, but it's why she laughs at his joke. Even through text she could hear his voice in her mind, how he would tell his silly jokes. Then it occurred to her 'Hey, how's your day going?' she couldn't remember the last time she asked how is he.

Great, she's guilt tripping herself even more. "Power Girl, please go to the Control Room" Cyborg- Victor, said. She remembered seeing Clark and Victor argued one time, not really a big thing, but they argued about Superman calling him Cyborg.

She flew towards the Control Room, but her thoughts are still stuck with him.

"Yes?" she asked, entering the room. Victor is there along with Wonder Woman and Arthur. She knew Victor couldn't look anywhere near her in respect, but that doesn't mean she couldn't hear him talking with Barry about her. They forget, she is the female Superman around her, besides Supergirl.

"Gotham City's finest are transporting a criminal; Poison Ivy to another Alcatraz Island." Hal said, opening up new screens showing men fully equipped with tactical gears are preparing for their job. "However, Batman has requested a presence of a senior member there. It appears Poison Ivy was recently incarcerated by Batman because she killed a wealthy old man." Power Girl arched her eye brow. "Apparently, that man is a high ranking member of the Court of Owls." Victor snickered at the name. Indeed it was weird, but Gotham always housed the most bizarre criminals. "Batman believes that the Court of Owls' assassins, Talons, are going to exact their vengeance on Poison Ivy." Hal finished.

"So, protect lady-plant?"

Wonder Woman nodded "Yes, it should be I who would have done this job, but Superman and Batman recently decided to have me along the peace talks in Aloi. It seems the two factions wants peace, but requires the presence of a strong and trustworthy third party." She said, standing up. "Hal and Victor cannot go as well, Hal might be needed on a more crucial mission and Victor is coordinating other league members where they are needed." She finished, reaching her hand out to her.

She shook Wonder Woman's hand. "Okay. I got it." It's her shift anyway, plus this might get him out of her thoughts. She's already stressed enough, perhaps a bit of workout might release that tension. Yes, if they are sending a senior member then it is sure that a fight is inevitable.

"Be careful, Power Girl. The Court of Owls might not be known much to the public, but they are a crime organization that has existed since the colonial times." She didn't dare ask where they got that information. Batman is probably the one that got it, but that couldn't have been easy. She shook her head, she's just trying to think of anything but what she did a few minutes ago.

She nodded, forcibly snapping her thoughts back to earth. "Okay, I will be careful." She walked back to her room to change into her full costume. Even heroes forced themselves to look at her things… Whenever she's staying long at the tower, she's wearing a normal white shirt with jeans and snickers. No one can get angry at her easily, except Diana. Plus, seeing Supergirl's envied gaze is entertaining. She never liked that Kryptonian anyway. They just don't get along for some reason, and she has no intention of finding out why.

"Okay, Hal, transport me to Gotham City."

-Line Break-

The way she said those words was utterly depressing. He's not really the type of person who gets out and parties, heck, he don't even go out to the mall or something. He's only out of the house when he has some stuffs to do, mostly food.

What is wrong with calling her? They've sent each other text messages almost every single day. Even when before she sleep she would usually tell him about her day, how she is the boss and how intimidated her co-workers are. He had given advice which he didn't knew if she followed, mostly it was just about smiling and being friendly. And he doesn't think she's ugly, he doesn't understand why but just a feeling.

He can't let her go. She is literally the only friend he ever had. If you're living the way he did until last year then you wouldn't want any attachments by any means necessary. He had quit that life, well, not exactly.

"Yes?" answering his ringing phone. No, it's not Karen, otherwise her name would have shown up. This caller had no number and isn't even registered on his phone. He knew who they are fully well.

"Gotham's Spec Ops are waiting for you. Remember; protect the package at all cost. She has valued information about the Court of Owls. We cannot let her fall in their hands. She will be your top priority on this mission." If only he could understand the Flying Thunder God technique then there won't be a problem. Then again, he can't let anyone know he can teleport, should he learn it. Seeing the video of how people reacted with Superman, a man who can singlehandedly destroy Earth, was enough for him to imagine a person that can teleport. This world is a dangerous place, there are so many scientist that it's not impossible for them to know how to use the Flying Thunder God. Visualize a country using that as a weapon, transporting battalions of troops and tanks behind the enemy or worst, inside the enemy's borders. How many civilians would die?

He shook his head. Even if he learned this technique, he will not use it recklessly. "I'm on my way." To be honest, he is already there, but he still had to make sure the Spec Ops' way is clear.

The mission started when he arrived. As expected, the party is moving with four heavily armored trucks. Outside the holes are the tip of its heavy arsenals that are strong enough to rip even a tank.

He sticks with the shadow, running above houses. Even his own company does not know how he follows since they have no visual of him. He might look normal, but his physique is not. Training since he was little, his physique was better than anybody out there. Combine it with an insane amount of chakra then he might be on par with a founding member of the Justice League, maybe.

He's already alone in this world. First there was his sensei, but now he's off somewhere he did not even care to explain why. And that was ten years ago, when he was still eleven years old. Now, he gave a damn. He wanted friends and he got on to this website that lets you meet up with a random stranger.

He's met a thousand strangers in just a few weeks, but he really doesn't know what to say when he's meeting them. There's just a simple 'Hi' then his pushing the panic button.

Luckily, there was someone out there as desperate as him. A woman who wants someone to listen to her, simply listen. He didn't asked too much of her life and she liked it. That's when it all started, a mission to search for a friend, and a listener.

The sound of the explosion heaved him back to reality. He looked for the source and found that one of the four armored vehicles is down; Spec Ops now scattering to secure the area, which proved to be a crucial mistake as they were suddenly taken out one by one. Daggers flying all around them as it precisely hit their marks.

"Let me go!" Poison Ivy demanded, as soon her anger was filled with scream when a dagger speared through her legs. "F-Fuck y-you!" she cursed, doing the finger as well. "I-I'll kill all of you!" she said, her teeth grinding against each other in anger.

I guess that's his cue.

-Line Break-

She's floating ahead of the escort, her mind still wondering how much of a bitch she can be. He did piss her of so she felt her actions were justified. She sighed, if she thought it was justified then why does she feel awful?

She used her vision to check the area. Four trucks continuing their course, but there's another life form following them. She can't tell whether it is an enemy or not, but judging at how he moves in the shadow while following the trucks says he's an enemy,

She's about to dive when an explosion prevented her from her next action. "What the!?" good thing she's high up in the sky or whoever it is that's hiding there would hear her. "This is Power Girl to Watchtower. Did you see that?" she said over the comm.

"Power Girl, this is Victor! Can you confirm that Poison Ivy is still alive!?" Okay, so he didn't answer her question. But him telling her to check if plant-lady is still alive means that he is indeed watching from the Watchtower.

She flew ahead, seeing the Spec Ops team going down like flies. The assassins immediately killed everyone while some pulled Ivy out of the truck. She could see the man hiding in the shadows move, clearly planning something. One of the assassins run his dagger through plant'lady's legs, and that was it for Karen.

She crashed down in the middle of them, scaring even the most trained assassins. She laughed inwardly. This is going to be easy, she thought. "Hand her over or else…" she smirked, no matter how trained or skilled they might be they are no match for her.

"We knew the Justice League is going to intervene." She turned around. Deathstroke, believed to be the best mercenary out there. "I was hoping it was one of the Bats, but we are prepared for a Kryptonian as well."

She screamed, realizing a dart had successfully hit her arm. How can a dart even pierced her skin, not unless… Oh no! "Bastard!" she fell down, and for the first time it hurts. No, it's a lot different than being punch by Supergirl with her power on. She felt weak, unable to move even her limbs.

"I have never tasted Kryptonian before." Another one joined in, it took all her energy to move her head. She can't even contact the Watchtower. Hopefully, Victor is still watching this, maybe back might arrive.

"My payment?" Deathstroke asked, not even caring about successfully bringing down a Kryptonian. This was just a mission to him, nothing more.

"Tripled." The newly arrived said. Judging from his voice it is an old man. The old man is wearing a mask usually seen in opera plays and a white suit from top to bottom. "Now, bring her to my chambers." Her hands started shaking, she never felt this helpless before. No, somebody will come for her, but who? Most of the people who do talk to her is away, not to mention they are the most powerful as well.


She can't even speak!

Help me!

Before the assassin even laid his hands on her, he fell down with a thud. She could see the body, her vision blurry but it didn't fail her yet. She could see a dagger, weird-looking, piercing on the head of the assassin.

"Black cloak, animal-styled porcelain mask, and those glowing red eyes." It's Deathstroke, she's heard his voice before. Not personally, but through the JL computers. "Are you the one they call Akai Me?" he asked.

The last thing she heard was the sound of metal clashing against one another.

This is it. She heard nothing, saw nothing, felt nothing, but she her mind continues to work. Is this death? She's heard about this on one of the books she read. Oblivion. Yes, that's what the author wrote. To feel nothing, hear nothing, see nothing, but knows you are somewhere deep, dark, and cold.

"Are you just going to leave me?" It's Helena. It's been so long since she last heard from her. Not after their huge fight, but just seeing her right there made her feel more alive than ever. She doesn't want to die yet.

"No, of course not!" it's her best friend! She's not going to leave her behind.

Helena smiled "Good. Then wake up."

"Are you okay?" another one of her illusions? But this voice… it sounds oh so familiar. "Good. You're still alive." She didn't knew what she did, but his voice was untroubled upon seeing her alive. Or at least that's what she thought.

The sound of police siren managed to keep her awake "Who…" did he heard her? She knew that voice, but she can't tell who it is. She felt his touch leave hers "No…"

"Hang on, Power Girl!"

No, that's not the voice she wanted to hear.

Chapter End!

Okay, so that was the first chapter. Hopefully I pulled it off. So, this is a harem, I think? It actually depends on how I will write the second chapter. But Wonder Woman is definitely joining the fray. Whether others will join is yet to be decided.

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