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Chapter Three: Last night was bliss!

Dinah Lance is pissed, really pissed. She woke up a few minutes ago, but the only thing that welcomed her glorious morning is a masked man that's just about to jump off the window. He said 'sorry' to her, but without seeing his facial expression, she couldn't portray if he was truly sorry or not. Sure his voice sounded genuine, but she had met a lot of men who could sway girls into believing they are truly sorry. She almost got married once, but it's a good thing he cheated before they even got to the altar. Of course, the man was beaten up badly from a mysterious heroine whom she would never tell anyone, but the heroine didn't beat him up because he deserved it- okay, maybe a little- but because there's a lot of anger inside of her that she couldn't control. Her body ached, her head throbbing, and she's so cold from sleeping on the floor. God, that must have been the dirtiest sex I've ever experienced, she thought. She could barely remember his face… blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that's so captivating. "I'll kill you soon, Ivy." She muttered, truly pissed about what has happened recently. "Watchtower, this is Dinah, I need a transport." Her outfit ripped to shreds and the only thing left for her to use is the man's black cloak. She covered her entire body and waited for Victor to answer. "Victor, this is Dinah, transport me to the Watchtower." She heard a grumbling sound that was followed by a large-hard swallow.

"Sorry, Dinah, I was eating breakfast." She rolled her eyes as she could still hear him drinking, probably some huge Gulp he bought at 7-11. Why is her start of the day being this bad? She sighed, finally feeling the light around her as the transportation takes place.

She's immediately transported into the lobby, where other heroes used their free time to relax. Everybody has their shift, but it's not always danger in Earth, so most of them are just hanging out here if they are free. Communicating other heroes is the best way to get known after all, because the Justice League is indeed a team. The seniors don't force anyone to team up with another, but some cases are an exception, especially if it's a real life and death situation. She quickly made her way to her own quarters, but she couldn't deny the feeling of other heroes glancing at her, whether its curiosity or some lecherous eyes some heroes gave, she just wants a shower.

Along the way, she saw Zatanna, Karen, Kara, and Diana. She still laughed at the thought that she and princess got along well. Since she's from that island full of women she didn't know much about earth culture, especially when she teases someone, particularly Zatanna. Sure, Zee, joins in the fun, but Diana's nature is so… serious that she wouldn't laugh or even think of it as a joke unless you tell her to. At least she likes ice cream, so that's a start for the two of them.

"Hey, Dinah, want to grab some lunch with us?" Kara asked, she bit her lip, only a few feet away from her door. Wait- did she say lunch? She looked at the clock and it is two minutes before twelve. "What's wrong?" Kara asked, the others looked at her with interest as well. It's not every day that they see her in this situation, after all. She mouthed 'Shower' but seeing Zee smirked she knew she has already lost this battle.

Zee roamed her eyes all over her, from top to bottom; she was like a computer scanning for a virus. "So, judging from your outfit, you're naked underneath that cloak, huh." The other two gasped, but Diana merely shrugged. Its everyday-naked day in Themyscira, and Princess here is not afraid to get weird with everyone. She did learn to follow Earth cultures, most of them by now, but she still has that growing attitude here. "Who did you do last night?" Dinah and Zatanna rarely had men to sleep with, mostly because they are jerks, and the male population of the league are either taken or jerks as well. They knew Superman is dating a normal human, but it wasn't sure who that person is. It is unclear, but they heard it was his co-worker Lois Lane. The Batman isn't so bad, who doesn't like bad boys anyway? But seeing Bruce Wayne with how many ladies in just one evening is… just like dating the jerks they didn't choose, not to mention that creepy glare of his. It's like he is seeing through your very soul. She shook her head. "Tell us, Dinah, we at least would like to hear if it's a real romance this time." Diana perked up upon hearing this, didn't she and Batman had some rumors going on? She scoffed; with a body and face like that you don't need any attitude. Some women have it easy. She is literally blessed by the gods, unlike the rest of them who needs to work hard at the gym just to get in shape, because that pizza was just too powerful of a temptation. Sure, she Diana works harder than them, especially when they are sparring, but it's just unfair.

"I didn't know who he was!" she angrily said, not really wanting to talk about all of this right now. She felt confused, but she didn't know why she should be. She shook her head; she needs to get a nice hot shower to relax. "Excuse me, I just need a hot shower and eat my breakfast-" before Zee or any of her friends corrected her "Lunch." She walked pass them.

She could feel Zee smirking, sometimes even her best friends can be so irritating, but it is the reason why she also loved them so much. Still, the way they irritate her outweighs the way they make her smile, Great, she chuckled at her own thought. See, her friends, even if they're not around, is there to make her smile.

She got to her quarters and immediately locked her door. As soon as she was out from anyone's sight she removed the cloak that still contained his smell. He smells really good even under that black cloak, she knew, she's smelling it right now. One long lungful inhale as she lets it soak in and linger in her nose for a minute before she released it. "What's happening to me?" the thing below her, the one whom that guy had just penetrated all night long, started to quiver. She didn't exactly remember when they've started or what happened before they did, but she remembered every detail of that glorious thing they did. Glorious? She snorted, why is she even thinking of him? These thoughts are only a distraction for her, but maybe she could delay that forgetting part, because her very core wants to be infiltrated by her delicate fingers.

She stopped, panting as she looked at the clock. She's been doing it for hours, but she's not yet sated by her thirst. There's no one who could probably do what he did to her, but even if she wanted a random man, she knew her desire would only repeal itself before they would even start. "Fuck!" she yelled, not before she drowned herself in her pillows. First, she chased after him, not to be friend him or anything like that, now she's seeking him again. And she can't have it checked out by any doctor in the League. Maybe she could do it privately, away from the eyes and ears of the league. She's embarrassed that not only did Ivy manage to outsmart her, but she also seduced her and made some guy fucked her brains out. "That bitch!" she growled, but remembered one part of the night where she unmasked him. Again, she couldn't remember his name or his face, but she clearly remembers his facial reaction, and how innocent did he look. She yelled again, how can she remember that innocent look on his eyes, but not remember his face? This is stupid, she thought. Maybe he should be the one mad at her, she's the one who took his purity after all- maybe. "Is he a virgin?" she asked herself, but quickly dismissed countered her own question "Because he sure moves like he's more experienced than Catwoman." She said. Nice. Now she's talking to herself. She's going nuts. "I mean, I really liked the way he…" her fingers thrusts deeper into her very core. She moaned, but the ecstasy she's feeling right now is nowhere near last night. "No, this must be Ivy's doing… I must find her fast!" yes, she needed a cure from this… sickness?

The shower took faster than she expected, she was just too tired to even let the relaxing water run through her sore body. As she rest in her bed, completely forgetting that she was hungry, she remembered little by little of the details last night. But she has no idea where did Ivy went after-

"Shit! We've been fucking till four in the morning?" Yes, the watch she was wearing that night. She was so caught up with Ivy being in her city, which she forgot to remove some accessories she was wearing. Fragments of Ivy and her sharing one man suddenly in her imagination, but she couldn't remember her, Ivy, and that guy kissing together at the same time. "Was that even possible or am I really going crazy right now?" She mentally slap herself not to think any further of this. She needs to rest, really bad.

"Beg, Canary, beg!" Ivy seductively said, her fingers trailing just an inch below her nipple. In front of her is the man who she can't forget about, the man who is so good with indecent things, but has the face of an angel when he smiles, the man who fucked her brains out so bad, that she cannot forget about that single night- yes, him… in front of her. He's just standing there, looking at her like she's a meat waiting to be eaten, but she does want to be eaten, but she also wants to eat him too! Poison Ivy circled her- hands running through every corner of her body. "Do you wish to taste him so badly?" she nodded, she knew Ivy doesn't deserve to see her beg, but it was for her own selfish need. "I know you." She said, walking over to the man as she started licking his earlobe. "A fine specimen, is he not?" she nodded, but she didn't want Ivy's green hands on him, she wants him all for herself. "Unfortunately, he is now my slave. And it is only I will feel my brains fucked out by him!" she teased, running her hands up and down his shaft. "Well, I am merciful, so you get to watch us fuck each other till we drop." She wanted to scream, but nothing came of her voice, she wanted to move, but her plants are there to restrict her, she didn't want to look, but she couldn't close her own eyes for some reason. No, she wanted to see at least the face of some being in that feeling. Bitch Ivy set him down, her mouth swallowing him whole, the sounds she's making were enough to make her womanhood moist. She bit her lip as she continued to watch her touch him, not leaving an area unmarked. She should be the one marking him, not some freak when it comes to plants. She laughed, as she began to ride him. Ivy's eyes locked with hers as she continued to hump him, she was provoking her, she's torturing her, but she's not going to fall for that. Ivy frowned, stopping in her trail. "Well, looks like someone is no longer entertained, huh?" the man nodded. "I guess we're done here, slave. Let's leave Miss Canary alone, shall we?" he nodded, again.

In the blink of an eye they were gone, leaving her in her own dark room of thoughts.

"No!" she gasped; she's sweating fiercely, as she tried to take as much air as possible.

"Hey, Dinah, are you alright!?" a worried voice snapped her back to reality.

She quickly dressed up, she didn't even knew she undid all of her clothes. She opened the door and she could see three women standing there. Diana was worried but a calm face continued to rule her, Karen was the same as Diana, though she's ready to destroy her door, and Kara was already on the moment of punching the door.

"Fuck! I need to see Doctor Light!"

Chapter End!

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