As Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya were walking down the hall on their way to set up for the Host Club, they could hear faint strains of music coming from the, aptly named, third music room. The twins glanced at each other and Kyoya paused in what he was writing in his notebook, an imperceptible frown gracing his lips. The door easily swung open on its well-greased hinges, allowing them to better listen to the music floating through the doorway.

"Hm…" Kyoya said. "Salut d'Amour. Interesting." He made a small note in his book before stepping into the room. The Hitachiin brothers quickly followed suit, stepping quietly while they glanced around music room 3.

Their eyes were immediately drawn to the figure seated by the grand piano in the center of the room. She cradled the neck of a cello with her left shoulder, elegantly gliding the bow across the strings, her body swaying with the movement. Her hair was twisted in an intricate braid over the opposite shoulder, a deep black that seemed to glimmer in the low lighting of the room. She played beautifully. They tensed momentarily, expecting her to break the serene atmosphere of the room by looking at them and ceasing to make her music, but she never wavered in her movement. They glanced closer and saw that she was so consumed within her music that her eyes had closed, blocking out her surroundings.

The boys glanced away from the girl, continuing their perusal of the space, and discovered another interesting find.

On a couch, only a few feet away from the cellist, was another girl, almost identical to the first. She lay curled up, one arm reaching up to cushion her head and the other flung over the back of the couch. Her face was not as relaxed looking as they might have expected, but they quickly forgot that detail when they, once again, had mischief on the mind.

They had only managed to cross half of the room when the beautiful cellist reached the end of her song. She took a deep breath and then opened her eyes, coming out of her music-induced trance. Her eyes immediately honed in on the Hitachiin twins, and they narrowed when she saw that their trajectory would lead them to the girl resting on the couch.

"Excuse me, but what exactly are you doing?" She asked, her tone expectant and ever so slightly suspicious. The twins froze. She gently lay the cello on the ground beside her chair and, keeping her bow out in front of her, walked up to the twins, who were looking at her in trepidation.

"I have this practice room booked." She stated bluntly, her eyes daring them to refute her statement. They blinked at her, this time in surprise.

"Pardon me?" Kyoya asked, finally drawing attention to himself as he stepped out of the shadows.

"This is a music room, is it not?" Queried the girl. "Music rooms are for playing music. I did not see a sign-up sheet in order to reserve the room, so I made a new one and posted it outside the door. I reserved a spot for my sister and myself from 3:40 to 4:30 and, if you look at the time, it is only four." She said, pointing at a clock on the wall. "Now, since I know that these two ginger tricksters only have trouble in store, I am going to kindly ask you to leave. My sister has only just gotten to sleep, and I would prefer that no one undo all that hard work. The door is that way." She said, making a theatrical bow and gesturing to the door with her bow.

Through the door that she had so kindly pointed out came the remaining members of the Host Club. All four of them pulled up short at the sight of a bow in their path.

"Julia and Jessica Gregory." Kyoya noted, looking down at his little black book. "Born April 13th, currently students in class 2A. Both have exemplary records and have become well known in certain circles for their talents in Music and Dance in the case of Julia, and various art forms in the case of Jessica. Daughters of Ayame Takashido and Lance Gregory, their parents decided that they would finish high school here at Ouran."

Julia's eyes widened.

"How did you- you know what, never mind. Are you going to leave us in peace or aren't you?" She said, frustration clear in her tone.

"I'm sorry, Miss Gregory, but I'm afraid I cannot do that." Said Kyoya, looking not at all sorry. "You see, the Host Club has permanent reservation of this room. You are, however, free to continue to use the space and instruments provided, so long as you do not interrupt club activities." Julia looked up at him, frustrated, before her shoulders went slack and she sighed in acceptance of the new situation.

"Excellent." Kyoya said, his glasses flashing in the light. "I hope you enjoy your stay."