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Chapter 6

The two sets of twins trailed Kyoya out of the dressing room, the boys looking chastised while the girls looked faintly irritated. Kyoya motioned for them to sit, and they did so while he stood with his back to them, scribbling in his little black book.

Jessica and Julia shared a look. They might have to take a peek at that notebook at some point. Who knows what kind of info he has on them. 'Know thy enemy' and all that.

"We would like for you to join the Host Club," the brunette said, finally turning to face the girls. The sisters shared a look before shaking their heads in unison. Kyoya sighed. He had anticipated this response.

"What if I were to offer you a deal?" This got a response. The two girls cocked their heads in question. What kind of deal did he have in mind?

"I noticed that the two of you were unable to afford uniforms. In return for working at the Host Club, we could provide you with uniforms." Kyoya truly expected this to work. From his research, he had discovered that the girls lived in the same apartment complex as Haruhi and her father. That, coupled with their current outfits, led him to the conclusion that they were poor. Jessica and Julia were wearing outfits that resembled the boys uniform enough to not stand out, but it was clear that it wasn't the official uniform. They had taken women's suit jackets over a white blouse and blue tie and paired them with dark slacks. Yes, they fit in well enough, but they obviously couldn't afford the uniform. They could easily work for the club and make enough money to repay them for the uniform.

"Bribery, Mr. Ootori?" Julia asked, the side of her lips curling up in a smirk.

"At least do your research," Jessica spoke up, leaning forward and flashing Kyoya a grin that held a dark undertone. Her voice was low and raspy, rattling deeply in her chest and throat. Yes, dark humor would probably be a good description of her tone.

"I am afraid that I am disinclined to accept your…. kind offer." Said Julia sardonically.

"In that case," Kyoya said, sighing and pushing up his glasses. "I'm afraid that I do not know what to do with some of the less savory information I have in my repertoire…" He trailed off, allowing the silence to further his menacing implication. Kyoya sat down in a nearby armchair, crossing his legs elegantly before waiting, sure that he had won. Instead of conceding like he had expected, the girls glanced at each other before Jessica stood, walking over to Kyoya. By this point, the entirety of the Host Club had pretty much given up on doing anything else and was simply watching the standoff.

Jessica stood in front of Kyoya's chair, looming over him. "Prove it, little man." She said, glaring down at her classmate. Kyoya stood, showing that, while she might be slightly taller when he was seated, he truly towered over her 5'2'' frame. He raised his eyebrow at her. They stood in silence.

When Kyoya failed to produce any incriminating information, Jessica smirked and then returned to her sister, flouncing ever-so-slightly as she took her seat. "That's what I thought, little man." She said.

The members of the Host Club standing in the background looked at each other with wide eyes. This girl… This girl had just gone head to head with Kyoya, the Shadow King. And she had won! Who was this girl? And could she do it again? Because they wanted to commit the image of Kyoya's frustrated expression to memory.

Julia stood and put her face very near to the Shadow King - well, as near as she could with 9 inches between their heights. She squinted at his face. Kyoya pushed up his glasses, allowing the glare from the lenses to hide his discomfort. He was not used to being on the other end of such scrutiny. Julia returned to her sister and they held a conversation full of facial expressions and hand gestures. The Hitachiin twins tried to follow, but it was their own language. Kyoya could recognize the similarity of some of the hand gestures to those of American Sign Language, but he didn't know very much about it, so he couldn't translate. Finally, after a conclusion was reached, the girls turned back to the waiting Vice President.

"You want us to join the Host Club." Julia stated. "Why." It really wasn't a question, more of a demand for information. Kyoya, for what seemed like the tenth time in the last hour, sighed and pushed up his glasses.

"You two would make very profitable members," He started. "Julia's skill in instruments could allow her to play music in the background. Jessica, with her skill in art, could create items to be sold on the website. You two also provide a different take on the twin relationship, a different dynamic, if you will, and that would draw in more customers." He said, flipping through his little black book.

"It's decided, then," Julia said. "We agree to some - some - of your requests, on two conditions. One, we aren't forced to do anything we aren't comfortable with. And two, we are allowed to use this music room whenever your host club is not using it."

Kyoya reached forward and took his computer off of the coffee table, tapping a few random buttons. Presumably, he was checking whether this arrangement would work out. Julia sighed.

"I know you're not actually typing." Jessica said, calling him out on his attempt to save face and pretend that he had any kind of leverage. Kyoya sighed and glared at the younger twin, who smiled cheekily in response.

"Yes, I suppose that those conditions will do." He sighed. Again. "Now, if you have agreed, please go get dressed in today's cosplay." The girls nodded and began heading towards the changing alcove.

"Oh, and Ootori?" Julia said, turning around. Kyoya raised one eyebrow in question. "I'll want that contract in writing."

Kyoya sighed, now very frustrated, and nodded.

Julia smiled, pleased, and continued towards the dressing room.

Gregorys: 1

Ootori: 0