6 years later

Kate's POV

I wake up with the rain knocking on the window, almost falling of the bed without no pillow and with and arm and a leg on top of me. My life changed a lot on the last 6 years and of course for the better. 6 years ago I met Rick and Alexis and it was the best thing that happened to me.

During this 6 years I came to a realization that if u believe enough u can make ur life like a pretty good book, what I mean is with a good beginning with an intriguing middle and with an amazing end. My life started with a good beginning then somethings that happened to me were not that good but I'm thankful that it happened because now I appreciate more the good stuff than before. My life is now in the point of the intriguing middle of the book, which is the most interesting part of it, where all u dream of when u were little can become real like having the job u always wanted, marrying ur soul mate, having kids and then having the amazing end of the book die in peace with a good family.

Today I feel sore and not because of activities, no, I'm sore because I have little monsters living with me that make me feel as tired as if I run 10 miles. These little monsters are my everything now, the most important things in the universe for me, don't tell Castle.

One of this little monsters named Jake is the worst of the monkeys because he is always moving around, trying to break or move something from a place to another and sometimes he even run away from us in the mall, so this is the energetic monkey. Chloe on the other side is very calm and shy, she doesn't like to touch anything without asking first and she always gives her hand to me so she won't get lost.

Alexis has been the most perfect big sister on the planet, since the twins were born she always helped me and Rick with the tasks, from changing diapers to feed them or putting them to sleep.

I try to move from the bed so I can make breakfast for all the family, today it's an hard day for everyone, my dad and Martha aren't anymore with us, both die of natural cause well they were old. My mom has been in the hospital for a long time because she has been having trouble to breath, so today we will visit grandma at the hospital and grandma and grandpa at the cemetery.

Rick's mom was the first to go and it was very hard for him since she was the last parent he had. It was an hard year for the Castles and Beckett's because next year it was dad turn to go.

Every year of their death me and castle make french toasts in honor of both of our parents, it's like a tradition in our family now, we only eat french toasts in these two occasions. After getting monkey Chloe from the top of me I walk towards the kitchen to make the toasts, normally we put two strawberries with the toasts representing Jim and Martha and a bit of chantilly and syrup.

"Hey, what are u doing up so early babe?" I gave him a sad smile before returning to the breakfast.

"I'm making breakfast"

"I can see that but it's still early, come back to bed" he says with puppy eyes.

"I wish but I can't, the monsters were making my back hurt so I got up and decided to start to make breakfast."

"Well in that case let me help you. At what time are we going to visit your mom?"

"At 10 am. I hope the doctors say that she is getting better"

"They will babe, they will"

My mom is getting worse day by day and the only thing that comes to my mind is losing her and not having anyone then to talk with if I have a fight with castle or if I need any advice.

"Hey, don't worry she is fine. Let me get the kids and after the breakfast we fly to the hospital, okay?"

"Yes" I know he is trying to stand positive but for some reason this time I can't do the same.

After the breakfast like castle said we fly to the hospital as fast as the car can, all kids are ready to visit their grandparents.

Since mom is in the hospital i am afraid to come in for them to tell me it's the last time. I want the best for my mom but I don't want her to go yet.

Same receptionist giving the information, same nurse to walk us to her room, same doctor to come to talk about her condition.

We all enter in my mother's room, she kisses the kids and castle kisses her forehead, we do some small talk about the kids and the school and how is everything going. Mom looks more tired everyday.

"Kate I will take the kids out so u can be alone with ur mom for a bit, we will come later to say goodbye."

"Thanks babe" I say in appreciation before he walks out.

"I'm glad u married him. He is a good man"

"The best one" I say smiling.

"Honey, I haven't been feeling very well for a long time and I just want you to know that no matter where I am I will be watching you and supporting every decision you make."

"Please mom don't say that like —"

"Katie life is like a book. Every book like u know has an ending and I am reaching mine. Ur father is waiting for me and I cannot wait to hug him again. I miss him a lot"

"I miss him too" I shouldn't be crying but I can't control myself anymore.

"I have waited for u to visit me so I could say goodbye"

"No...oo, please no mommy"

"Honey, my life was amazing. I'm grateful for everything I learn, for meting ur father of course and for having you. Thank you for giving me an amazing family. I will tell him and Martha all the news but I guess they already know"

"What I will do without you mom?"

"You will do what u always do, be the strong woman u are and keep moving on until u write ur own book. I wrote mine and it's done already."

"It's done?"

"Yes honey, now I need you to close the book" she gave me a faint smile and then I knew what she meant by closing the book. I had to let her go.

"I will miss you a lot mom." Never I ever cry this much, I didn't had the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad but now with mom I have and I'm being selfish holding her back.

"I will miss you to baby but remember I will always be here for u no matter what. No matter where! Thanks for closing the book Katie, I will rest for a bit and I we will talk more lately" with that said, she closed her eyes and I knew that this was the last conversation I had with my mom.

I call a nurse just to check if it's true and she confirms to me with a simple nod. My eyes must be puffy and red but I don't care at the moment. Two doctors enter the room, castle comes right behind them rushing towards me. Just one look and he already knows that I'm broken.

We have been holding since the we came from the hospital, the kids are each one in their room dealing with the loss of their last grandma on their own. Castle didn't let me go afraid I will fall even if we are sit.

The day just become even harder to take, castle and I talked and we will visit all the grandparents tomorrow since mom will be bury tomorrow.

At least I said goodbye and I'm thankful for that.

It's time to keep writing my story and add a lot of pages to the book while I can like my mom did with hers.

Mom was right it was the time to close the book.


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