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"Radio talk"

"thinking, weapons names, and flashbacks"

Disclaimer: I do not own either Beast wars or RWBY


Chapter 1

Beast wars part 1



Space is always quiet even above the world of Remnant, but today that peace was disappearing, when space it itself was rippling and from the ripple there was a large flash and after the flash out came two ships firing on each other. The first looked like the top of a trident with the front had a small head with two fangs like fins pointing to it. The back had two fins coming from the side that went far behind the ship and the small head from the front continued to near the end of the fins.

The other ship that was chasing the first ship had a large back with a section on each side that looked like they could move inside the ship. It even hand what looked like a skirt on the bottom in the front. As you moved form the back to the front you could see that things got smaller, with serval guns on the front. There were many poles sticking out form the ship as well.

As the ships flew through space, they were exchanging fire with each other as they flew to the nearby planet with a broken moon in orbit. Meanwhile with the ships the 2nd ship wasn't doing too well as it was getting hit hard.

"Aw, hull break in sector 7. Guidance systems failing!" Said a young voice from inside the ship. Meanwhile the rest of the crew weren't doing that good either. At a console a bronze and silver looking robot wasn't happy about anything.

"Ow man, this is ridiculous! We're an exploration ship, not a battle cruiser." Said the robot as he tried to control the ship as the best he could. Meanwhile in the centre of the room the captain of the ship answered his crewmate.

"No choice. Our ship was the only one that could lock onto Megatron's wrap signature." Said the captain while the ship rocked back and forth from the battle. Meanwhile the youngest member had more bad news to give.

"Shields are doing a major fade." Said the youngest of the group as the screen in front of him was flashing red with a picture of the ship on.

Knowing he had to act fast the captain gave out more orders. "Plasma cannons to full power!" Ordered the captain and a Robot with a green hand pulled down a lever near him.

Meanwhile on the other ship they saw how much damage the chasing ship had. "Their shields are down! Destroy them!" Cried a gruff voice form inside the side. Inside a robot with a purple head and red eyes looked at the Robot who said it.

"Now where's the fun in that? A little torment I say first. Yes. Side guns!" Said the Leader as his ship flew beside the other ship. Front the top of the ship four guns came out and blast the other ship so badly that it started to fall to the planet below.

"Rupture! The stasis hold is failing" Said the youngest young meanwhile the last member of the crew had something to add to that.

"Were going down." Said the last member who had a green head with gold trimming and red eyes.

Meanwhile the captain thought about their situation and made a call. "Launch all pods! Get them into safe orbit!" Ordered the captain as back of the ship opened up and dozens of pods flew out and hanged in the orbit around the planet. The captain knew it was a risk leaving them out there, but he knew they would be safer out there then with them.

Seeing that the pods were safe the captain turned his attention to the enemy before them. "All plasma cannons fire!" Ordered the captain as the ship turned around to face the other ship fire blast after blast onto it. The force of the blasts caused the other ship to loss control and fall to the planet below as well. As they fell the trident ship lost on of its fins and as two ships went in different directions the trident on heading for a large landmass while the other was heading for a small island. Little did the two crews know was that this world was inhabited.


Remnant, Vale, Patch

The island of Patch was located west of the kingdom of Vale. Even though it was an island it was a thriving place due to Signal Academy. Right now it was night there and many were getting ready for bed or already in bed, but one place was very alive. This was the Xiao Long/Rose house, and the oldest daughter of the house was having a party with her friends for graduating from Signal Academy. Everyone was having fun except for the youngest of the house, she was currently sitting on the roof of her house watching the stars.

She had black and red hair and had silver eyes. She was wearing a shirt with red trimming and a black blouse. She also had a black corset with red lacing and the most interesting thing about her was her red clock she was wearing. This was Ruby Rose and right now she was sad. In a few months her sister Yang was going to Beacon and was leaving her behind. Sure she had others friends but her sister filled such a large part of her life she didn't want her to go.

Not wanting to think about anymore she decided to head back inside, but as she got up she heard a noise looking around Ruby then saw a fire ball in the sky. Shocked by this she could only watch as it landed a fair bit away from her place. Then Ruby felt the shockwave from the fire ball landing. The force was so strong it made Ruby fall over. Wondering what happened Ruby rushed inside and saw that everyone was still parting as if they didn't feel anything. Walking over to her sister, Ruby found her drinking.

Ruby's sister Yang had long blond hair and lilac eyes. She was currently wearing a tan vest with gold piping over a yellow low-cut crop top. On the top there was picture that looks like a burning heart. She also had on black short and a brown belt that had a pouch and banner attached to it.

"Yang! Didn't you feel the ground move just now?" Asked Ruby as her sister looked at her, before laughing.

"Yeah sis, cause this is one great party." Replied Yang without a care for the world, before returning to her drink. Hearing that Ruby just left the party and headed to her room. Once in Ruby started to pack her bag with what she needed and got out Crescent Rose.

'Well if Yang doesn't care then I'll find out what that fireball is tomorrow' Thought Ruby as she then went to bed. Little did she know that going after that fireball was going to change her life forever.

Next day

The next morning Ruby's alarm went off and she quickly got out of bed and dressed. She then grabbed her stuff and slowly went pass the living room where Yang had her party the other night. Looking inside Ruby saw everyone passed out all over the place. Looking around the room Ruby finally saw Yang asleep on a table. Seeing she was still asleep Ruby left the house, but if she looked back at the house, she would have seen Yang watching her through a window.

"Where are you going Ruby?" Yang asked herself as she would have followed her, but with all her friends here she couldn't just up and leave.

Meanwhile at the Axalon (one of the ships that fell the night before) one could see that the ship was probably never going to fly again because it was caught between two rocks and was over a river. The only reason it hadn't fallen in was because of a ledge keeping the front of the ship up and stable.

"Damage report." Requested the Captain as he and the others woke up from their crash.

"Believe me you don't want to know." Replied the youngest member of the crew.

"That what I thought." Was all the captain said.


Vacou, Darksyde

Meanwhile over at the Darksyde its crew wasn't doing any better. The ship landed in the middle of a lava field and the middle of the ship was sticking up somewhat and its remaining wing had a stone pillar going through it. In the end this ship was never going to fly again.

"Navigation is this the right planet?" Asked the captain to the computer system terminal that was in front of him as he sat alone in a room.

"Unknown. Course setting were accurate, but readings are inconsistent for those for expected destination." Replied the computer, but the captain didn't care about that.

"Never mind that! Tell me there is energon here." Said the captain as clenched he hand as terminal showed the world they were on.

"Confirmed. However, scans had also picked up an unknown signature similar to that of energon." Answered the computer said.

"Yes! The planet has energon." Said the captain happily, not caring about the other thing, but before he could do anything else the computer spoke up again.

"Too much energon. Field readings are off the scale. Continued exposer to robotic form will result in permanent damage." Said the computer as it showed the results to the captain.

Hearing this the captain slammed his fist down into the chair in anger, but then he got an idea. "Then we will create alternate forms, based on the most powerful local creatures." Said the captain but was still mad that he had to go through all this trouble.

Meanwhile of the crew member got everything ready. "Scanners activated." Said the crew member with a weird laugh as he started the system.

Meanwhile above the Darksyde a probe was launched. Soon the probe emitted two purple fields scanning the nearby area. As it scanned it pick the fossil remains of the t-rex, velociraptor, and a pterodactyl. On the screen in front of the crew member it showed the fossils, but like how they were when they were alive. Meanwhile the scans also picked up a wasp that was fighting with a spider. Finally, the scanner passed over a Death Stalker that was walking nearby.


Vale, Patch, Axalon

Meanwhile at the Axalon its crew were doing the same thing as four orange fields shot out the ship. The fields passed over three Faunus who were still asleep with them being a gorilla, rhino, and a cheetah. Back at the ship the images of the animal aspect of the three appeared on the screen. Meanwhile the field then passed over a rat that was eating something on the ground. Soon the fields went back to the Alexon.

"Scanning and replication of local life forms complete. You may emerge" Said one of the crew members.

Inside the side a cheetah was stretching as it started to look at itself. "Hey look at me, I'm a cheetah." Said the youngest of the crew as he walks over to a silver chamber to get a better look at himself.

"No, no I'm Cheetor." Said the newly named Cheetor, meanwhile inside the chamber the captain was stilling getting his alt form together.

"Hhhmmm interesting." Said the captain as he waited to be done.

"Interesting?" Said Cheetor as he growled before continuing "Optimus the word is spot on smooth. It's a crime." as he looked at himself and laughed.

Then from behind the chamber came a giant rat. "Um a bit tacky, um you never had taste did you kid. Now this, this is what class is all about. Call me Rattrap" Said the newly dubbed Rattrap as he walks over to Cheetor and presented himself to him.

"O-yeah how about, I cut mice's to pieces." Said Cheetor as he got ready to pounce, but a stomping sound stopped him as a rhino walked over to them.

"Ease back Cheetor, living large is for forms like me, Rhinox." Said Rhinox as he stopped the two from fighting.

"Yeah, yeah and just consider yourself lucky I'd didn't get rough on you." Said Rattrap acting tough. Then the door to the chamber opened up.

"Moderate your conflict circuits Maximals. Remember these beast forms are to protect us from us form the long term effects of the energon fields out there." Said Optimus as he checked out his new gorilla body and walked out of the chamber.

"We may need energon for power, but this is too much of a good thing." Said Optimus as he walked over to a window as the other watched him. "Our robot forms will start to short after a few minutes exposer and let's not forgot scanners picked up something that has similar properties to energon out there. This is one unusual planet, whatever it is."

"Or whenever." Said Rhinox as the others looked at him. "The trans-wrap drive can go through space and time. We were locked onto Megatron's trans-wrap signature, we could be anyplace, anytime." Explained Rhinox as Optimus looked at him with worry.

"Yes and our crew are orbiting this planet in those stasis pods we lost in battle. There protected from the energon, but it means Megatron has us outnumbered!" Stated Optimus with a grim look.


Vacou, Darksyde

Meanwhile back at the Darksyde everyone was outside in their new beast modes exploring the area. While the others were looking around a velociraptor walked out of the ship holding a golden disk in its hands.

"No, no, no! It's all wrong this cannot be earth." Said the velociraptor as he turned around to look into the ship.

"Megatron you failed! Not only did you FAIL to destroy the Maximals when you had the chance, you FAILED to bring us to the right planet. We stole the golden disk for nothing, you idiot!" Yelled the velociraptor as it throws the disk into the ship.

"I beg your pardon, what did you call me?" Said Megatron was he walked out of the ship. His beast mode was a purple T-rex.

"You heard, you are an idiot and an incompetent leader and I'm taking over! Dinobot Terrorize!" Cried Dinobot as he transformed into robot mode. In robot form his legs became his arms with three fingers on top and two on the bottom. His raptor head was now on his chest. His head blue and it looked like he was wearing a drown helmet and had red eyes. He then brought out a spinning blade and a spinning shield as he faced Megatron.

"I challenge you to battle Megatron. The winner shall lead the Predacons and the loser shall be destroyed." Said Dinobot with full conviction that he would win.

"Aw you're so impulsive Dinobot. Brave, but misguided." Said Megatron as he started to walk away from Dinobot.

"Do you accept my challenge!" Demanded Dinobot.

"There more to being, a leader than simple courage. Well there's cleverness, and cunning as well. Isn't that right Scorponok." Said Megatron as he walked to the side to reveal Scorponok aiming at Dinobot. Scorponok's robot form looked like a blue scorpion shell surrounding his body and he had claws for hands. He had a scorpion tail attracted to his back. His head had a single yellow visor and fangs on the sides of his mouth.

Before Dinobot knew what happened Scorponok fire two missiles from his claw hands. The missiles hit Dinobot, but instead of exploding they sent Dinobot flying away. Before anyone could blink Dinobot was gone.

"Loser. What does it matter what planet we are on. We came looking for energon and this planet is rich with the element and maybe even few useful surprises for us. Either way there is than enough energon to power Predacons entire galactic conquest. Now only the Maximals could give us problems now, if they survived the crash." Said Megatron as he walked out of the ship. Soon all his loyal men were in front of him.

"Flyers go and find out if the Maximals have survived crash or not. Also report any useful findings about this world. Meanwhile the rest of you will build a ground bridge." Ordered Megatron as the flyer took to the air and went different directions. Meanwhile the rest of them went back inside the ship to get the tools they needed.


Vale, Patch, Axalon

Back at the Axalon the crew were dealing with the damages to their ship. Optimus and Rhinox where outside looking at the broken pieces seeing what could be salvaged and what was just junk. Soon a hatch opened from the ship and lowered a platform that had Rattrap on it who was carrying more junk.

"All this for a golden disk." Whined Rattrap as the tossed more junk with the rest of the stuff. Meanwhile Optimus was surveying the land before addressing Rattrap.

"It was Cybertron's most carefully guarded relic Rattrap. It gave the location of a major energon source, that's why Megatron stole it." Said Optimus hoping that it would shut Rattrap up for a while.

"Yeah like I care. You know we were supposed to do deep space exploration. Playing galactic patrol was nowhere in my job description, you know what I'm saying. You sure you're cut out for this commander gig?" Said Rattrap as he leaned against the lift system that the platform uses.

"Remember the Great War Rattrap, if the Predacons get enough energon they'll start it again. We can't let that happen!" Said Optimus with determination in him voice.

"Besides you wanted exploration and here we are on an unknown planet, what more do you want?" Said Optimus trying to lighten the mood.

"Well call me picky, but a working scape craft would be nice." Said Rattrap.

"Just no pleasing some people." Said Optimus as he shook his head. Meanwhile Cheetor came out of the ship using the other lift on the other side of the ship. When he was near the ground he jumped out and over toward Optimus.

"Hey what are those things?" Asked Cheetor as he spotted some black creatures with a white head and white bones sticking out for their bodies. They had long arms, and some were walking on all fours while others were walking on their hind legs. The most interesting things about them were that they had red eyes.

"Those are interesting creatures, but the way they're looking at us makes me worried." Said Optimus as he took a step towards them, but as soon as he did that the creatures started to walk away from them.

"Well they're not a problem now." Said Rattrap as he watched the creatures leave.

"Either way it might be beneficial that we study them one day." Said Optimus as he was going to return to helping Rhinox.

"Why do it latter when we could do it now." Said Cheetor as he took off after the pack. Optimus then turned around to see him running away.

"Cheetor, no!" Yelled Optimus, but Cheetor was too far away to hear him. The creatures saw Cheetor coming at them and all of them got onto all four and ran away. Seeing this Cheetor followed them across a stone bridge.

Seeing this made Optimus get frustrated with the youngest member of his crew. "Cheetor, return to base it immediately! We don't have time for this." Ordered Optimus as he hit the left side of his chest to active his commutations. All he got in response was static from his radio. All the while Cheetor was getting more and more out of sight.

"No good, the energon fields mess up the com links. Anything over a hundred meters they ain't work scrap." Explained Rhinox just adding to the problems Optimus was dealing with.

"Well that's just prime." Said Optimus as he looked over at Rhinox.

"So, this your first day on the job or what?" Said Rattrap causing Optimus to give him an annoyed look.

"Shut up Rattrap." Said Optimus as Rattrap just stood up and saluted him.

"Oh yes sir. You know I feel heaps better knowing our lives are in your capable hands. We're all going to die." Said Rattrap as he slumped down.


Vale, Ptach, Ruby's Location

Meanwhile Ruby had spent the better part of the morning looking for the fireball that she saw last night and was starting to think that she would never find out what it was.

'I guess I better head home.' Thought Ruby as she started to head home, only to stop when she heard something. Looking around she saw a pack of beowolfs coming her way. Acting fast Ruby brought out Crescent Rose in sniper mode and started firing on the beowolfs. The weird thing about this pack was that they still were running straight like they were afraid of something. Not dwelling on it Ruby then switched Crescent Rose into scythe mode and cut through the remaining Grimm like they were nothing.

"Wow that was amazing." Said somebody behind Ruby. Hearing this Ruby turned around and saw a cheetah looking at her. Not thinking it was the cheetah talking to her see looked to see if anyone else was around.

"That was cool how your weapon went from a gun to a scythe like that. How'd you do that?" Asked the Cheetah causing Ruby to look at him funny.

"Um, are you talking to me?" Asked Ruby in disbelief, hoping she was hearing things.

"Yeah, you see anyone else here. The names Cheetor." Said Cheetor causing Ruby to blink and stare at him.

Finally, Ruby said something to him. "Hi I'm Ruby." Said Ruby as Cheetor just smiled at her.

"Cool, hey Ruby where you get that cool weapon from?" Asked Cheetor causing Ruby to snap out of her stupider and beam about her weapon.

"Well I made Crescent Rose myself. It's a scythe and a high impact rifle." Exampled Ruby as she swung her weapon in scythe mode.

"Cool." Said Cheetor as he stared at the awesome weapon before him.

But before either could say anything else they heard a buzzing noise coming closer to them. Looking around they final saw a giant wasp flying their way. "What the!" Cried Ruby as she got Crescent Rose in sniper mode and aimed at the wasp.

"Hey what?! It's just a big bug" Said Cheetor not understanding why Ruby was aiming at it.

"But bugs don't grow that big. It's unnatural." Explained Ruby as Cheetor realized what it was.

"If we're talking unnatural, then were just talking about one thing! Robot in disguise! Cheetor Maximize!" Yelled Cheetor as he flipped through the air and transformed. Now in robot mode Cheetor was now gold and blue with his cheetah head now on his chest. This two front legs were now crossed behind his upper back his head was blue and was had a gold helmet with two fin going up on either side.

Seeing this shocked Ruby, mostly because she has never seen anything like it before and mostly because of the gun he was now holding. It looked so cool and she wanted to take it from him and see how it worked.

"Time for this cat to pounce." Said Cheetor as he fired at the wasp. Seeing what the gun did made Ruby fan-girl scream wanting to look at it even more, meanwhile the wasp dodged each shot.

Soon the wasp had enough of it. "Wazzpinator under attack! Wazzpinator engage enemy! Wazzpinator Terrorize!" Cried Wazzpinator as he transformed into robot mode. His wasp head spilt vertically and became his upper torso with his wings behind his back. His stinger became his legs, while his arms looked human shape but had insect type limbs on the lower part of them. His head looked like a human's but his eyes were insect like and his jaw spilt down the middle.

Seeing this Ruby could only look on in shock, after all she just meet two transforming robots in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, Wazzpinator saw this as a chance and started to fire at her with his gun that fire explosive darts at her. Ruby failed to see them coming but before they could hit Cheetor tackled her out of the way. Looking up Ruby saw Cheetor giving her a worried look.

"Less quaking and more running." Said Cheetor as they both got up just as Wazzpinator fire more at them. Seeing a chance Ruby fired at Wazzpinator with Crescent Rose the blast sent Wazzpinator to the ground as he tried to figure out what happened. Meanwhile Ruby caught up with Cheetor not wanting to see what else Wazzpinator could do.

Meanwhile Wazzpinator got up and looked at the area where he was shot. "What hit Wazzpinator?" Wondered Wazzpinator as he got up again. "Wazzpinator must report to Megatron at once." Stated Wazzpinator as contacted Megatron and resumed the chase.

Meanwhile with the other Maximals they saw and heard the explosions in the distance. Knowing that nothing good could come from it, Rattrap said the first things that came to his mind.

"Uh oh." Was he could say before Optimus who was riding Rhinox grabbed Rattrap and raced over to Cheetor location.

Meanwhile Cheetor and Ruby were dodging Wazzpinator fire and returning fire, but Wazzpinator just flew away from each blast.

Wazzpinator continued to fire on the two with his dart gun and laser eyes, forcing the two to run. Meanwhile the others just crossed the bridge and were getting closer to the two. They all knew they had to hurry or else something bad could happen to Cheetor.

Unfortunately for them there was a wall of rocks ahead of them. "Hey heads up roadblock." Yelled Rattrap as he hid behind Optimus for more protection.

"Veer left! There's a clearing about a 100 meters." Said Optimus but Rhinox continued on. Fearing the worst Optimus and Rattrap braced themselves, only to have Rhinox run right through the rocks.

"Aw yes, silly me." Said Optimus as they continued on.

At the same time it wasn't looking good for Cheetor and Ruby as the two of them were running up a hill with Wazzpinator right behind them. Right as they got to the top a blast hit near them sending them flying behind a boulder in a small canyon.

Unfortunately for Cheetor his gun started to act up. "Of all the times for a quasar jam!" Cried Cheetor as he tried to fix his gun only for Ruby to take it from him.

"Hey what are you doing?" Asked Cheetor only to be shocked to see Ruby already working on his gun and fixing it.

"Listen I know my weapons so give me a bit and I'll fix it for you." Said Ruby as Cheetor looked on in shock. Luckily for them the cavalry arrived.

"Cheetor, get to cover! We'll swat that pesky Predacon." Said Optimus from atop for the hill in front of them.

"Oh, I would not count on that Maximals, no, for I believe you will soon to have, how should I put it, difficulties of your own. Yesssss." Said Megatron from the other side of the canyon with the other Predacons with him.

Trying to avoid a fight Optimus decided to reason with Megatron. "We don't have to do this Megatron. There has been peace between the Maximals and Predacons for centuries. Why start this up again?" Asked Optimus hoping to avoid a battle.

"Peace perhaps on your side Maximal scum, yesss, but not on ours. Permit me to inform you that an enemy that appears to be peaceful, may in fact be biding its time." Said Megatron as Ruby was still working on Cheetor gun as Cheetor watch what the Predacons were doing.

"We Predacons never abandoned our rightful goal of galactic conquest, no, we have merely been waiting for the right moment… to strike!" said Megatron as Ruby fixed Cheetor gun and tossed it back to him.

"You mean like this!" Yelled Cheetor as he turned away for his cover and fired at Megatron hitting him straight in the jaw.

"Cheetor!" Yelled Optimus with worry, mostly because that could have ended any chance for a peaceful outcome.

"Aw a treacherous, underhanded Sneak attack. I like you pussycat. Yesss." Said Megatron as he chuckled mostly because he never thought a Maximal would fire first.

"But it shall avail you not. Nnnooo. For now the power-Gauntlet has been cast. Predacons Terrorize" Said Megatron as his men got ready for battle.

Meanwhile Optimus knew he had no choice now. "Do it! Maximize!" Ordered Optimus as his crew got ready.

Meanwhile with Ruby she was wondering what she got herself into. As far as she knew she had no way out and had to wait to see what would happen.

"Tarantulas Terrorize!" Cried Tarantulas who's beast mode was a spider as he entered his robot form. He back became his main body and he had pinchers for hands and had his spider legs on his upper arms. His head had a single visor that was in the middle and he had a leg like lips for a mouth.

"Rhinox Maximize!" Said Rhinox as he transformed into a green robot mode. His head spilt in two and the top part went to his back while his lower jaw became his chest His front legs became his arms while his back legs became his legs. His head looked like a human's and he had a bronze yellow jaw. His eyes were black and red, but at the same time they showed not malice, but caring instead.

"Scorponok Terrorize!" Yelled Scorponok as he entered his robot form and got claw missile launders ready.

"Rattrap Maximize!" Cried Rattrap as he transformed into a silver and bronze robot. His rat head became his chest and the rest of his rat form was behind his back. His head was bronze expect for the top which was silver. His eyes where red and if you looked in his mouth you would see that he had two buck teeth.

"Terrorsaur Terrorize!" Cried Terrorsaur who was a red pterodactyl change into a red and gray robot. His tail became his chest and his wing then fold and turned into arm guards.

"Megatron Terrorize." Said Megatron as he transformed into his robot form. His t-rex head became his right hand and his tail became a spear like object on his other hand. His dino legs where still his legs but now had a metallic back heel supporting them. His helmet was a metallic gray while his face was purple and he had two burning red eyes.

"Optimus Primal Maximize!" Said Optimus as he turned into a grey, white, red robot. His ape head folded into his chest to show a metallic chest. His upper arms folded up to form shoulder guards, while his lower arms remained the same. The lower body did a 180 to reveal robotic looking legs. And his head grey while his robot face plat was dark grey, however he had a white mouth guard that could open and close to show his mouth. His eyes where red they show he would fight, but only as a last resort.

Meanwhile Ruby was looking back and forth between the two sides. On one hand she was scared silly not sure what to do. Should she stay and hid or make a brake for it. But on the other hand she wanted to see their weapons, but was it worth it. Unfortunately for Ruby she lost her window to get out safely and had to wait for another chance to make a break for it.

"Now obliterate them." Order Megatron as he and his men fired on the Maximals. Terrorsaur and Wazzpinator fired their guns from the air, while Scorponok fired his missiles, Tarantulas arm legs turned out to be machine guns, and finally Megatron t-rex head was firing energy beams at the Maximals.

Meanwhile the Maximals jumped for cover at the barrage of attacks coming their way. Rhinox and Rattrap dove behind one rock while Optimus did the same with another rock while firing a wrist mounted cannon. While everyone was firing at each other Ruby and Cheetor took this as their chance to make a break for it. As they went up the hill toward the Maximals, Ruby was in front with Cheetor behind her, when Ruby was about at the top a blast hit right in front of Cheetor sending him back to his previous cover and the shock wave from the fall made a large rock land on his left leg trapping him.

Looking back once she was the top Ruby saw that Cheetor was stuck and was about to go help him, until a hand grabbed her and pulled her away. She looked at who grabbed her, and Ruby saw it was Optimus who was looking at her.

"Stay here it's too dangerous to go out there." Said Optimus as the Predacons continued to fire on them. Looking over at Rattrap Optimus gave him an order.

"Rattrap help Cheetor, we'll cover you." Ordered Optimus as Rattrap look like he lost it.

"Yeah right." Defined Rattrap as he refused to move from his cover.

"That's an order Rattrap!" Yelled Optimus not wanting to deal with this right now.

"Yeah and you can just kiss my skid plate fearless leader, cause I'm not going out there and getting a pelt punctured." Yelled Rattrap as he still refused to follow orders. Meanwhile Ruby knew she had to act fast, so before Optimus could say or do anything, he saw rose pedal in his vision and looked down to see Ruby was gone. Looking around he saw her running as incredible speeds toward Cheetor. Unfortunately for Ruby Megatron saw her too.

"Unknown target on battlefield. Take it out." Ordered Megatron as he and his men fired at Ruby. Luckily for her she was moving too fast for them to get a good lock on her. Finally she reached Cheetor and he was amazed at how fat she was.

"Wow, how are you so fast?" Asked Cheetor as Ruby got Crescent Rose in scythe mode and cut the rock holding Cheetor in half.

"It's my semblance." Answered Ruby as the two of them ran from where they were and towards the others. Seeing this Rhinox graded Rattrap by his back and lifted him up.

"Hey, let me down you big bulldozer." Complained Rattrap as Rhinox just brought him closer.

"Cover fire they need we give it. Now!" Said Rhinox as he stood up and turn to face the enemy. Soon both of them were firing at Predacons with Optimus doing the same. Their shots were all over the place, but it did its job in stopping the Predacons from firing at Ruby and Cheetor. Soon the two of them made it to the top and continued to running.

"Back to the base. Let's go let's go" Ordered Optimus as he soon follow Ruby and Cheetor with Rhinox and Rattrap following giving covering fire.

"After them, go you fo..." Said Megatron before his body started to glow blue and he fell over in pain. The same thing was happening to his men as they all couldn't move properly. Both Wazzpinator and Terrorsaur fell out of the sky.

"Wazzpinator cannot move." Said Wazzpinator in pain as he lay on the ground in pain.

"Energon field build up. Convert back to beast mode." Said Megatron as he transformed back into a T-rex. He knew that for now he had to let the Maximals go, but he will be after them soon.


Vale, Patch, Maximals location

Meanwhile with the Maximals all of whom were in beast mode and Ruby they were heading back to base. Optimus and Ruby were on top Rhinox while Rattrap was walking beside him.

Then all the sudden Optimus grabbed Rattrap by the back of his neck and brought him to his face. "Hey what's got your servos so bent" Said Rattrap as Ruby looked to see what was happening.

"Let's get one thing straight Rattrap. I'm commander of this this group and when I give an order I expect it to be obeyed." Said Optimus rather angrily as Ruby watched on wondering what was going to happen.

"Oh yeah, so I get vaped cause your too chicken to go yourself." Countered Rattrap.

"I will not give an order, that I won't be willing to do myself. But I was able to give you better cover fire, you were not. And because of your actions young miss… Um what was your name?" Asked Optimus a little sheepish for not knowing Ruby's name.

"It's Ruby Rose Optimus." Answered Ruby as Optimus gave her a nod.

"Rattrap could you live with yourself if Ruby here got shot or worse?" Asked Optimus as Rattrap looked at Ruby for a bit before answering.

"What are you shorting about, we got out of there didn't we?" Asked Rattrap making both Optimus and Ruby annoyed with the answer.

"Yes but damaged. It will take time for our beast forms to effect internal repairs." Said Optimus as Ruby final asked a question that's been on her mind for a while now.

"Can you tell me what's going on?" Asked Ruby as Optimus just looked her debating if he should or not, as he finally made up his mind.

"The short version is we're a race a robots from a planet called Cybertron. Me and my crew are explores but we were the only ones able to catch some thieves who stole a valuable artifact from our world. We both crashed on this world and now were stuck here." Said Optimus as Ruby took everything in. Soon Cheetor rejoined the group and gave his report.

"I think we gave them the fade Optimus." Said Cheetor as he walked beside the group.

"Keep your sensor on full. According to the golden disk thief report there were six Predacons, one of them was missing from the battle." Said Optimus as the group continued on.

"Well maybe he was destroyed in the crash?" Suggested Rattrap.

"Or maybe left to guard their base?" Offered Ruby hoping to be of some help.

"That kind of luck we haven't been getting much of lately." Said Rhinox bring their hopes down.

"Tell me about it. Look." Said Cheetor as the group saw Dinobot standing on the bridge in front of them. The group slowly approached him and everyone got off of Rhinox.

"Should we blast him?" Asked Rhinox unsure of what to do.

"Keep that option open but hang on." Said Optimus as he walked forward to Dinobot.

"Attention Maximals, my name is Dinobot, I have left the Predacons to join your group as leader." Said Dinobot shocking the others.

"What did I hear the word leader?" Asked Cheetor as he looked at Ruby for answers.

"He did." Said Ruby just as shocked as Cheetor.

"This guy got bearings of chrome steel." Said Rhinox as he looked at Rattrap who agreed with him.

"I hereby challenge you Optimus Primal to a one on one battle. The winner shall lead the Maximals and the loser shall be destroyed." Said Dinobot as the two faced each other on the bridge.

Meanwhile Ruby was starting to wish she never went looking for that fireball now, because she feels that she is way out of her league right now. But she knew that there was no going back now. She only wished she knew what could happen now.

To be continued

Well here is chapter one. Please tell me what you think and before you ask where Wiess, and Blake are this is before Ruby and Yang go to Beacon so they don't know who they are. Don't worry they will join up later. And just so you know team JNPR will not be joining them on their adventures in the beast wars, but another team will. They might join in season 2 or 3 though I'm still thinking on it.

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