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Disclaimer: I do not own either Beast wars or RWBY


Chapter 2

Beast wars part 2


Vale, Patch, Axalon

After Dinobot's announcement, all the Maximals and Ruby on the side lines were just watching both Optimus and Dinobot. Meanwhile Optimus slowly walked towards Dinobot as Dinobot did the same.

"Face me Optimus. I Dinobot challenge you for leadership of the Maximals." Said Dinobot as Optimus got a serious look on his face. "You and I, one on one, the winner shall be leader and the loser…"

Dinobot then just looked down the bridge they were standing on. "Well it is a long way down." Said Dinobot as Optimus got the message.

"I don't want to fight you." Stated Optimus hoping they could avoid fight.

Unfortunately for Optimus Dinobot did not feel the same way. "You have no choice! Your command centre is back there, and no one may cross this bridge until you face me." Stated Dinobot with steel and determination in his voice as the two eyed each other.

Meanwhile the others weren't about to let their voices on the matter go to waste. "Don't we get a say in this?" Asked Rhinox.

"Let chopper face and the boss monkey duke it." Said Rattrap as he patted Rhinox side. "Ain't no fur off of my tail."

Meanwhile Cheetor was about to say something until he saw the look on Ruby's face and decided to check up on her. "Ruby everything ok?" Asked Cheetor.

Ruby then looked at the Cheetor with a blank face, before she smiled a little. "Everything is changing so fast Cheetor. After all, just this morning I was looking for a fireball crash and now I'm in a robot civil war." Stated Ruby as Cheetor just rubbed up against her to calm her down a little.

"Hey, I know it's a lot to take in, but we'll help you out the best we can." Said Cheetor as Ruby smiled a little at him and started to pet his head.

"Thanks, Cheetor, you're the best." Said Ruby as Cheetor just purred at the petting.

Meanwhile back with Optimus and Dinobot, Optimus was getting frustrated with the whole ordeal. "This is foolish Dinobot, were Maximals… you are a Predacon." Stated Optimus getting tired with the whole thing.

"All the more reason I should lead them." Replied Dinobot giving him his logic.

"Look I don't know what happened between you and Megatron.." Started Optimus only to be cut off by Dinobot.

"Megatron! Megatron will fall as soon as I have your Maximals and maybe that local with them at my command." Said Dinobot with a grin on his face.

"You are welcome to join us, but you shall not lead!" Said Optimus as he pointed at Dinobot.

"I beg to differ, for in anticipation for my new role of leader, I have already reprogramed my activation code. Dinobot Maximize!" Said Dinobot as he transformed into robot mode and brought out his shield and sword.

Knowing he had no choice Optimus did the same thing. "Optimus Primal Maximize!" Said Optimus as he transformed as well and brought out two machetes from his back.

Dinobot then approached Optimus with his weapons at the ready while Optimus stayed in a defensive stance. Dinobot tried to spook Optimus with some fancy sword play, but Optimus just stood his ground.

Meanwhile the others just watched on until Cheetor had enough. "I'm going in there! Cheetor…" Said Cheetor only for Rattrap to grab hold of his mouth to stop him.

"Clamp it kitty, nailing the chopper from behind won't settle anything." Said Rattrap as he tried to calm Cheetor down.

Rhinox then looked over at the three. "Yeah Like it or not we got to let them finish." Said Rhinox as he looked back to the fight, while Rattrap got off Cheetor. Cheetor then looked at Ruby for some help.

Seeing him look at her Ruby then gave her opinion. "He wouldn't be your leader if he didn't have skills right Cheetor, so we just going to have to hope that he can handle things." Said Ruby as Cheetor thought about it for a bit.

"I guess you're right but doesn't mean I'm going to like it." Said Cheetor with a frown as the two watch the fight in front of them.

Meanwhile Dinobot charged at Optimus, but Optimus flipped Dinobot over him. Dinobot fumbled on the ground and his spinning shield got caught on the bridge jamming it. Seeing this both Ruby and Cheetor smiled, but Dinobot got up and started to somersault over to Optimus before jumping up high and then dived down at Optimus shield first. When he connected it sent Optimus to the ground and some of the bridge down as well. Optimus then got up and with a determined look of his face, while Dinobot had a look of joy on his as he raised his sword to finish him off.

Seeing this Optimus then gave Dinobot a hard-left knuckle. The force of the blow disoriented Dinobot so bad that he fell down. Optimus then put one of his machetes under Dinobot head. Ruby though that Optimus was going to kill him but was surprised when he didn't move.

"I still live, finish it." Said Dinobot as Optimus put one of his machetes away.

"That's not how we Maximals do things." Said Optimus as he offered a hand to Dinobot. Meanwhile Ruby couldn't believe what she saw, here was Dinobot trying to kill Optimus but Optimus was giving Dinobot a helping hand. If it was her, she might have killed him and got it over with.

'Wow. To offer a hand to your enemy. Optimus is something else.' Thought Ruby in awe as she watched on.

"Then… that… will have to change" Said Dinobot as his eyes turned green and shot lasers out of them. The shot blinded Optimus as he stumbled backwards and toward the edge of the bridge. As Optimus reached the edge he couldn't control himself as he tried to regain balance. Meanwhile Ruby hugged Cheetor close to her as she watched on, thinking Optimus would die. Meanwhile Optimus couldn't gain his balance and fell over the edge, but luckily for him his legs caught the edge of the bridge saving his life.

But before Optimus could get up Dinobot was standing over him. The others thought it was going to be the end for Optimus, but then Dinobot did something no one expected. He grabbed Optimus and pulled him up.

Optimus then gathered himself and started to pull himself up. "What are you doing? You'd won?" Asked Optimus trying to understand what happened.

"You'd slipped. To defeat you in such a manner would be lacking in honor. I would have not earned the right to lead." Said Dinobot shocking the others hearing this.

Ruby was amazed to hear this, the other Predacons she meant seemed to only care about winning any way they could. But Dinobot had a code of honor that he followed. It made her think that Dinobot was someone you could trust, but at the same time you'd still watch him to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately, the next thing Dinobot said made her rethink all that. "I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way…brutally!" Said Dinobot as his sword spun faster and he charged at Optimus. Soon the two were trading blow for blow as neither one could get an advantage over the other.

Soon both blades were locked and the two were face to face. "For a Predacon Dinobot, you have qualities I could like." Said Optimus as he held strong.

"And you, have proved to be a worthy adversary. I will have you recycled with full honors." Said Dinobot.

"Well that's just prime." Said Optimus unaware that their fight had more people watching them then either realized.

Standing serval miles away and out of view were the Predacons. They somehow followed the Maximals and saw the battle between Dinobot and Optimus.

Each one of them enjoyed seeing the two beat each other up. "Well this is an interesting sight…Yes. Optimus and the traitor Dinobot engaged in battle." Said Megatron as he watched on.

"Who do you think going to win?" Asked Scorponok wanting his leader's option.

"Wazzpinator bet on Optimus." Said Wazzpinator giving his two cents.

Tarantulas however didn't feel the same way as the others. "The winner isn't what interests me." Said Tarantulas as he then laughed and made weird sounds.

"Nor me, nnoo." Said Megatron as he looked back at his men before looking forward once more. "How much more preferable would it be, if the both lost, yesss." Said Megatron as he watches the two trying to overpower the other.

"Megatron Terrorize" Yelled Megatron as he transformed into robot mode.

Soon the rest of his men followed suit and transformed as well as the got out their weapons and took aim at the bridge.

Luckily for the Maximals, they heard the Predacon gears when they transformed and looked over in their direction. "Yo shift your scanners due east there pals, this party got big time crashers." Said Rattrap and the other looked that way.

Meanwhile Megatron and his men were ready to attack. "Fire!" Ordered Megatron as they all fired missiles at the bridge.

Cheetor being the first to react yell out to Optimus "Optimus!" Cried Cheetor causing Optimus to look and see the missiles heading his way.

Acting fast Optimus did the only things he could do. "Beast Mode" Yelled Optimus as he transformed back into a gorilla. He then tackled himself and Dinobot off the bridge causing the missiles to miss them.

The others rushed to the edge to see if they could find them. "Optimus!" Yelled both Cheetor and Ruby as this started to look bad until they heard something.

"If you guys aren't doing anything," Started Optimus as the other looked over and saw Optimus holding Dinobot by a leg and he was holding on the bridge with his foot, while the Predacons where firing at the bridge trying to knock them off. "A little speed would be prime." Finished Optimus as the other started to act.

Meanwhile the Predacons were firing at the bridge. "Make them fall… Yeess." Said Megatron only to get hit in the crest by something. Looking at the bridge there was Ruby with Crescent Rose in sniper mode firing at the Predacons, but the weird thing was that there were rose pedals in the air around her.

"Let's go, we can't have Ruby do everything. Cheetor Maximize!" Said Cheetor as he transformed and raced over to help Ruby and Optimus.

"Rhinox Maximize!" Said Rhinox as he transformed. He then saw that Rattrap hadn't done anything yet and tapped him on the head.

"Hey, hey, hey, you can go and get yourselves scraped cause I ain't…" said Rattrap only to be cut off as Rhinox picked him up by his neck and brought his to his eye level.

"Alright." Said Rattrap as his transformed as well.

Things were all over the place on the bridge Ruby was sniping the pred's the best she could, but they continued to fire at the bridge and it got better with Cheetor giving her a hand, but below them Optimus couldn't do anything with Dinobot in his hand and one foot on the bridge. And as things would have it Dinobot was starting to suffer from energon build up.

"The energon fields! I'm shorting out." Cried out Dinobot in pain as the bridge choose that time the fall apart a bit.

"Hang on! You can't transform in this position." Said Optimus knowing that if Dinobot did they'd both would fall.

"Release me. Let me fall and save yourself." Said Dinobot because he would never take anyone down with him like this due to his honor.

But Optimus wouldn't let go. "Now where's the honor in that." Countered Optimus as the part of the bridge he was holding was ready to fall apart.

"You have no choice." Said Dinobot, but Optimus wouldn't hear it.

"Then we both go." Said Optimus as the bridge fell, but before they could fall far something caught them.

Looking up Optimus saw it was Rhinox who caught them. "Going up." Said Rhinox as he lifted them to safety.

Unfortunately, Megatron saw this as a chance. "This is our opportunity… Yeess, all weapons!" Order Megatron as the Predacons fired at will at the bridge.

Seeing that the bridge was no longer a safe place to be everyone started to run for the other side as fast as they could. Looking back Rattrap saw that the bridge was breaking apart behind him. As he neared the end of the bridge, the bridge collapsed under him and he started to fall. Only for Optimus to reach out and grab him and pull him to safety with the others.

"Your welcome." Said Optimus hoping that Rattrap would start to listen to him from now on.

"You're the leader it's your job." Replied Rattrap causing Optimus to look away from him and check on the others.

Meanwhile Megatron was not happy about failing to finish off the Maximals and took it out on Terrorsaur. "Incompetence, you let them escape." Said Megatron ready to take this anger out on his men.

He only stopped when Scorponok said something to him. "Megatron look up there, the missiles." Cried Scorponok in a panic as he pointed to a nearby mountain. The missiles hit the mountain revealing that it was filled with energon. The glow from the energon could be seen all over Patch causing people to panic about what just happened.

Megatron was thrilled at what those missiles dug up and what he could do with it. "Energon, yeess. Raw, natural, energon crystal." Said Megatron as he turned to Scorponok as he started to short out. "I knew it was here." Finished Megatron as he looked at the effects it was having on his body.

Soon the others were feeling the effects as well. "Quickly return to beast mode!" Ordered Megatron as he and the other went back to beats mode.

Meanwhile the Maximals, in beast mode, were looking at the Energon mountain with worry while Ruby looked at them confused. "Why are you guys so worried? That just worthless dust, it does nothing at all." Asked Ruby as the others looked at her funny as Optimus explained what that mountain really is.

"I don't know what dust is, but that's raw energon. In its natural form its highly unstable. We're lucky those missiles didn't cause it to explode." Explained Optimus as Ruby looked at the energon in shock and fear.

Fearing what she was about to say Ruby voice was just above a whisper. "How big could the explosion be?" Ruby almost whispered, but the others heard her just fine.

"Depending on how much there is it could just take the mountain or this entire Island." Answered Rhinox causing Ruby to shake in fear.

Before anyone could say anything else, Cheetor spoke up. "Megatron on the move. Bearing 6175." Said Cheetor as his eyes zoomed in on the Predacons.

"He's after the energon. A crystal that size would make him unstoppable." Stated Dinobot making Ruby shake even more.

"Oh, thanks for the hot tip scale belly. Rhinox scrap this guy." Said Rattrap as Rhinox looked over to Dinobot and was about to charge him, only for Optimus to stop him.

"Hold on Rhinox." Said Optimus as he stopped Rhinox and turned to face Dinobot. "Will he send flyers?" Asked Optimus wanting to know what he was dealing with.

Rattrap couldn't believe what he just heard. "For booting up cold! You're not going to believe a Predacon are yeah?" Asked Rattrap as he slumped down in disbelief.

"That's my call! " said Optimus as he turned to Dinobot. "Will he?"

Dinobot thought for a moment before answering. "Negative, the crystal is too big for the flyers to carry. Only Tarantulas has the skills to segment it." Answered Dinobot.

"Then we have to get there first. All five of us" Said Optimus not wanting to let Megatron gain so much power.

"Yeah all five of us." Said Rattrap as he realised what Optimus said. "Please tell me you're talking about taking Ruby with us?" Asked Rattrap hoping that's what Optimus meant.

"No Dinobot is coming with us and Ruby is heading home." Said Optimus as Rattrap slumped down and said something about them all dying.

Meanwhile Ruby was brought out of her fear and looked at Optimus with a fire in her eyes. "No, I'm coming with you. This is my home and I won't let them destroy it." Said Ruby as Optimus looked at her with worry in his eyes.

"No, it's too dangerous. You should just head home before you get any more involved." Said Optimus not wanting to put Ruby in harm's way.

But Ruby wasn't going to listen to him. "My home is across the destroyed bridge and I'm already plenty involved. I've shot at them several times already and you don't know anything about my world." Countered Ruby as Optimus took a thinking pose.

Optimus knew time was against them, but he knew that this was an important choice. On one hand if he let Ruby join them, they would gain insight on this world and maybe a new ally. He saw what Ruby can do and was amazed at it. But on the other hand he couldn't let someone so young fight in this war and possibly die.

Making his mind up Optimus looked at Ruby and gave his answer. "Fine you can join us, but you will follow my orders to the letter. If I tell you to run, you run. Understood!" Said Optimus as Ruby nodded yes. They then set out to stop Megatron. Little did they know that the nearby town was getting ready to head to the same location.


Vale, Patch,

The town of Patch was in a panic right now. Everything was normal just a few minutes ago, but as soon as they saw that weird light in the distance people started to panic. The people at Signal Academy were trying to calm people down and get a team out to find out what that light was. Unfortunately, they couldn't do both at the same time. So right now they were trying to calm the people down and hope that the Grimm won't come due to the panic.

Everyone was doing something but Yang, who was just looking off in the direction where her sister went, hoping she was ok.

She knew she should have stopped her this morning, but she didn't and now who know what was happening to her right now. 'Ruby please be ok.' Though Yang as she tried to call Ruby again.

"The number you are trying to reach is out of our reach. Please try again later, thank you." Said her scroll once more as she tried reaching Ruby again. Yang slammed her scroll down on the table and was really starting to worry.

"Still no word from your sister?" Said someone from behind Yang. Spinning around Yang saw her uncle Qrow standing there. Her uncle had graying black hair that was spiked and was wearing a grey dress shirt with a long tail and had a black dress pants and shoes. The thing that stood out the most for him was his red tattered cloak.

Seeing her uncle Yang could only lower her head. "No, I can't reach her. What if she's in trouble?" said Yang as Qrow walk up to her and raised her head.

"Don't worry, your sister is a tough girl. I should know I trained her remember." Said Qrow trying to lift her spirts.

He then started to walk away before stopping at the door. "Listen we need all the help we can get calming people down. If you help out, I might let you come with us to investigate what that light is. After all Ruby could be there for all we know." Said Qrow as he left to help out.

Yang just stood there for a few moments, before she went and grabbed Ember Celica and went to join her uncle. 'Hang on Ruby I'll be there soon.' Thought Yang as she went to help out.


Vale, Patch, Predacons location

Meanwhile the Predacons where rushing towards the mountain as fast as they could.

"So much energon, with a crystal that size the Predacon forces would be unstoppable, yeess. The Maximals and then the galaxy will be ours to conquer." Said Megatron as he continued on to his prize.

"But what about the locals on this world?" Asked Tarantulas wondering what they should do about them.

Megatron thought about if for a few moments before answering. "They will either be good for a work force to mine this world dry of energon and anything like it. Or they will be good for target practice." Said Megatron as he started to laugh and was soon joined by the others.


Vale, Patch, Maximals location

As the Maximals made their way to the energon mountain night had fallen, but it didn't stop them in the least as they walked along a ledge. Ruby was learning about the Maximals and Rhinox was asking questions about the world they were on. Ruby told them everything she could to the best of her knowledge about Remnant, its people, dust, and the grimm. She also explained to them that worthless dust was a dust that they couldn't get to work no matter what they tried, so it was mostly used as decoration. Currently Dinobot was asking Ruby about her weapon as Optimus and Rhinox where in the front of the group talking.

"How you feeling?" Asked Rhinox making sure there were no problems with Optimus.

"Improved. I believe my internal repairs have been completed." Replied Optimus not wanting to worry his old friend.

"I was wondering, your flying robot form could make it to the crystal before any of us." Said Rhinox as he gave Optimus an idea.

"No, we have to stay together, the Predacons could attack at any moment. And we don't know anything about theses grimm yet, so we can't risk it." Said Optimus as Rhinox looked at him.

"You now these grimm can't be natural life forms from what Ruby told us." Said Rhinox as he thought about what Ruby told them.

"I agree creatures that evaporate when killed and are attracted by negative emotions. And they have no idea how they are born as well." Said Optimus as he looked back at Ruby who was joking around with Cheetor.

"Tell me Rhinox, did I make the right call in letting Ruby join us?" Asked Optimus to his old friend.

Rhinox thought for a moment before answering. "You remember the great war with our ancestors the Autobots?" Asked Rhinox as Optimus nodded his head yes. "Remember that they had the help of the people of that world, so maybe we should take a page out of history and have Ruby be our guide here as well as have her help us." Finished Rhinox as Optimus thought about what Rhinox said. It true that without the help of the people of earth then the Autobots might have lost the war.

But before he could think about it anymore Cheetor got everyone attention. "Hey what's that down there?" Asked Cheetor as everyone looked down at a weird standing stone formation. Seeing it everyone looked over to Ruby for answers.

Seeing everyone look at her, Ruby wonder why until she realized why. "Oh, that a safe ring. See when people are being chased by grimm they can run in there and be safe. For some reason grimm will never step foot in it." Explained Ruby as Optimus rubbed his chin in thought.

"How many of these things are there?" Asked Optimus as this world got even weirder for him.

Ruby thought about it for a bit before answering. "No one knows for sure, but they are scattered all over the world." Said Ruby as it gave the others something to think on.

Unfortunately for them they did have much time to think on things. "Heads up." Cried Cheetor as the others looked up and saw Terrorsaur and Wazzpinator coming their way.

"Wazzpinator Terrorize!" Said Wazzpinator as he transformed with Terrorsaur following his lead.

"Terrorsaur Terrorize!" Said Terrorsaur as he transformed and the two of them dived at the Maximals.

Seeing them coming the Maximals all transformed and got ready to fight. "Defensive positions." Ordered Optimus as they got ready.

"What about him?" asked Rattrap as he pointed his gun at Dinobot.

"He's with us." Said Optimus.

"Hey, I ain't buying just cause you say so." Said Rattrap keeping his gun on Dinobot. Luckily the conversation didn't go any farther due to them being under firing. Everyone then took cover behinds some nearby rocks and returned fire on the two flyers. But the two were too nimble and fast to get a good lock on.

And all the fire made the rocks above them to come loose, one good blast could make them all come down. "Hold your fire, we could start an avalanche." Said Optimus seeing what could happen.

"You've crossed your wires, they're coming back." Said Rattrap as the others waited for Optimus orders.

Seeing no choice Optimus look back to everyone. "I'll handle this." Said Optimus as he activated his jetpack and turned on his back missiles. Luckily the two Predacons were starting to suffer from energon field build up, but still continued to fire. Optimus then fired both missiles that flew between the two. The missiles then caused an explosion between them sending them in separate directions.

The two regained their balance and knew that they needed to rejoin with Megatron and flew off. Dinobot seeing this wouldn't let two enemies' get away like that.

"Now while they are weak." Said Dinobot as fired his laser at the two. Each shot missed, but the shockwaves for the blast caused some of the rocks above them to fall. Little did Ruby know that one of the falling rocks was about to hit her, if Cheetor didn't jump and push them both out of the way.

Seeing that Rattrap made his way over to Dinobot, who watched as Cheetor helped Ruby up. "I knew it yeah traitor, yeah tried to kill Ruby." Said Rattrap as he jumped Dinobot knocking them both to the ground as rattrap put a gun to Dinobot head.

"Once a pred always a pred." Said Rattrap as he got ready to pull the trigger only for Optimus to stop him.

"Ease off Rattrap." Said Optimus as he landed. "It was an accident." Finished Optimus.

"Says you." Countered Rattrap.

"That's right says me." Said Optimus as he put if face in Rattraps. "You want to question my orders one more time." Finished Optimus as he poked Rattrap side.

"I don't trust Predacons." Said Rattrap as he got off Dinobot. Dinobot then took the gun out of his face and stood fully and looked down at Rattrap.

"We've got enough problems with Megatron's crew, with fighting amongst ourselves. Now come on." Said Optimus as he walked toward the energon mountain with the other soon following.


Vale, Patch, Energon Mountain

At the mountain the Predacons were already making their way up it and were going to get there first.

"Soo much Energon. Yeess. I can almost taste its power." Said Megatron as he got closer to his goal.

"The energon fields would destroy us in robots in less than a minute. We will have to stay in beast form." Warned Tarantulas before continuing. "And Optimus and the Maximals are coming."

"They must stay in beast form as well. The main concern is that local with them. Deal with it how you see fit, but I will deal with Optimus myself." Said Megatron as he continued on.

Meanwhile the Maximals made it to the mountain from the other side. Optimus had Ruby stay back in case the energon affected her somehow. She wasn't happy about it, but she followed his order, something he was glad for. Meanwhile the other Maximals reached the top as well and looked around at the energon. But it was short lived because Megatron jumped up from the other side and roared at them. Soon both sides were looking at each other getting ready to strike as they stared at each other.

"Across the galaxy it has come to this Optimus Primal. Face to face, tooth to claw… yeess. Have you anything you wish to say." Said Megatron as he continued to glare at his enemy.

"I'd say that's prime. Let's do it!" said Optimus before he yelled as he and the Maximals charged at the Predacons with Predacons doing the same. Soon both groups clashed and broke apart for individual fights.

Optimus and Megatron stayed in the middle of the mountain as Optimus gave Megatron a hard right punch knocking him for a loop. Meanwhile Cheetor was taking on Wazzpinator. Wazzpinator stayed in the air to avoid Cheetor, but Cheetor jumped him and brought him back down.

Dinobot was taking on Scorponok, as Dinobot tried to bite Scorponok while Scorponok was trying to cut him with his claws. Rhinox tried to run over Terrorsaur only for him to move out of the way the last minute and crash into a boulder. Tarantulas tried to jump Rattrap only for Rattrap to jump on him and pull on his fangs.

Back with Optimus and Megatron, Megatron charged at Optimus knocking him to the ground. He then tried to bite Optimus's head off and Optimus tried to stop him.

"Amit defeat Maximal the energon shall be ours." Said Megatron as he continued to try to overpower Optimus.

"Not if I can help it." Said Optimus as he flipped Megatron over him and causing his head to get jammed in some rocks. Megatron tried to get out but he couldn't.

"Surrender Megatron. You're trapped!" Said Optimus as he got up.

"No! You shall not defeat me." Said Megatron as he continued to try to pull himself free. With one mighty turn of his body Megatron got free, surprising Optimus as he then charged at Optimus. Optimus tried to stop him only to be pulled along with Megatron before slamming him into a rock. Keeping the momentum Megatron bite down hard onto Optimus left leg. Optimus was able to get Megatron off him, but the bite did a lot of damage to Optimus leg and it was now showing wires and circuits. Optimus then grabbed Megatron by the tail and spun him around before letting go slamming him into the rock wall.

Optimus could barely stand due to the damage on his leg and was forced off his feet. "It is over Megatron." Said Optimus putting on a brave face. Meanwhile Megatron was standing and wasn't happy at all.

"It is never over…NNNooo" said Megatron as he transformed into robot mode. "For if I must die then I shall take you with me." Continued Megatron as the energon fields were already affecting him. As Megatron took aim at Optimus and was ready to fire a missile at him, but then he saw rose pedals and next thing he knew Ruby had Crescent Rose in scythe mode and slashed at his tail spear making his missile miss Optimus and hit the energon instead.

The effect were instant, the crystals were all shaking and making a weird noises causing the fights to stop and look at what was happening.

"It's going to blow!" Cried Rhinox as many of them looked on in fear. Meanwhile Ruby who was helping Optimus up was worried how big the blast was going to be.

"Time to fade heroes." Yelled Cheetor while Megatron could barely move due to the energon fields. Ruby helped put Optimus onto Rhinox back as the three of them raced away from the mountain. Just when the mountain was about to blow up somehow Megatron got up and jump out of harms way.


Vale, Patch, Maximals location

Luckily for the Maximals they got just far away from the mountain as it blew up, but that didn't mean they could avoid falling rocks though.

After the last rock came down Ruby looked over to Rhinox. "Glad you were wrong about it blowing up the whole island." Said Ruby with a relieved look on her face.

"You can never know how energon is going to act when detonated." Said Rhinox with a shrug. Optimus then looked over at Ruby with an annoyed look of his face.

"I thought I told you to say back." Said Optimus as Ruby shrunk by his gaze.

But before Optimus could say anything more Dinobot spoke up. "It's true she disobeyed your orders, but it was to save you." Said Dinobot causing Ruby to look at him in shock.

"That's true and since you're not a member of my crew, this will have to do." Said Optimus as he lowered himself to Ruby gaze and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you for saving my life. As a token of my appreciation will you join the Maximals and be our guide here." Said Optimus shocking Ruby and the others.

"Of course, after all my parents taught me to help others and the best way to help others is to stop the Predacons." Said Ruby as Optimus nodded his head and Cheetor got a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah this is sweet and all, but Megatron is gone and so is the energon. So, it's over. Can we go home now?" Asked Rattrap hoping he would say yes.

"No Rattrap for now we're stranded here with the Predacon on Remnant. Megatron may be back and from what Ruby told us there is a lot more energon on this world. If they ever get enough, they could conquer the galaxy." Said Optimus as he looked forward away from the group.

"So, for now let the battle be here, on the world of Remnant, and let it be called Beast Wars." Said Optimus as he raised his fist in the air, but before they could say or do anything else they heard an engine. Looking up they saw three Bullheads heading to what's left of the mountain.

"What are those?" Asked Cheetor as Ruby got a worried look on her face.

"Their Bullheads, transportation for us." Said Ruby as she looked at Optimus. "Optimus can I ask for a favor." Said Ruby as Optimus raised an eyebrow.


Vale, Patch, Rose/Xio long house

Yang was in a really bad mood. After finally calming the people down she, her uncle and dad all went to that weird glowing mountain only for it to blow up for some reason. The worst part was she never found Ruby. She was worried she got caught in that explosion and was hurt somewhere. As she entered her house with her dad, they were shocked to see Ruby sitting at the table looking over Crescent Rose. If they looked out the window beside her they would have seen Optimus in robot mode flying away.

"Hey guys how was your day?" Asked Ruby as if nothing happened. Her father then rushed over to her and checked her over making she was ok.

"Ruby, where were you?" Demanded Yang as she walked over to her sister.

"I was testing some new parts on Crescent Rose and I've even made new friends." Replied Ruby though half of what she said was a lie. Optimus told her not to reveal their existence to anyone, even her family.

"Well I'm glad you're ok, but you're grounded for a week for scaring us like that." Said her father with a stern look of her face. Ruby was surprised and look over to Yang for help only to see the same look on her face as well. Knowing there was no way out Ruby slumped down into her chair.

'I would rather fight Megatron then deal with this.' Thought Ruby as she looked out the window.

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