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Chapter 29

Dark voyage



In an unpopulated area of Mistral, a team of Maximals consisting of Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap, Dinobot, Bladegator, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Fox, and Yatsuhashi were collecting energon. Ever since Ruby informant had informed them about the danger they could be in and that Tarantulas might be taking a swing at them they been doing what they can to get ready.

Granted they didn't know how to get ready, so for now they were stock pilling energon and making sure all systems were ready.

Today Rhinox's team was gathering energon that was uncovered by an earthquake. Normally they would allow Willow first go at it, but with the unknown threat over them, all parties agreed to let the Maximals go first.

Currently Rattrap was digging though some rocks as he then found some energon. He then pulled back and used a mechanical claw to grab the crystal.

"Hey pussy cat over here." Call out Rattrap as Cheetor in beast mode wearing a containment unit cam over.

"Wow! Way to go RT." Praised Cheetor as Rattrap put the energon crystal in the unit.

Elsewhere Yatsuhashi pull up a large rock revealing several small energon crystals. He put the rock to the side and call out.

"I have more over here." He told the others as Bladegator walked over in beast mode with another containment unit on his back.

"Nicely done." Praised Bladegator as Yatsuhashi got out a mechanical claw and started to pick them.

"Thank you." Said Yatsuhashi as he got to work.

"Also thank you for the spare yesterday." He told Bladegator as he had spared with both him and Boomer recently and learnt some new moves and tricks because of it. He then looked over as he saw Dinobot with a scanner looking around.

"He still won't spare with you?" Asked Bladegator as Dinobot wasn't one for sparring.

"No, but it isn't his fault. Between school, missions, and my Maximal duties neither of us had much free time at the same time." Admitted Yatsuhashi as Yang walked by.

"Personally, I prefer my Maximal duties over school any day." Yang admitted as she wasn't a fan of class.

"Of course, you do." Said Weiss as she was taking stock of what they had so far.

"Hey, I'm a girl of action. I learn more in the field then I do in any class." Said Yang as she truly felt that way.

"Be that as it may. There are times where the classroom is the better learning place." Countered Weiss.

But before either could say anything else, they heard Dinobot call out.

"I found some! Here!" Called out Dinobot as everyone came over to him.

Once over they saw dozens of energon crystals of all shapes and sizes.

"Nice find Dino miner. Your even better at this then Rattrap." Praised Cheetor as he hasn't seen this many crystals since the energon mountain.

"I'm better at everything then Rattrap." Mocked Dinobot as he knew it would get under the rat's circuits.

"Yeah!" Said Rattrap as he and Dinobot started to argue as the other laughed.

"All this energon here isn't good." Said Fox as he scanned the area.

"What do you mean?" Asked Blake as she also looked around.

"This stuff can explode, right?" Asked Fox as Blake nodded yes. "Then with all these rocks someone could be hiding."

Hearing that Blake closed her eyes and listened. At first, she heard nothing, but then she heard something weird. Like something flying through the air. But before she could say anything it was too late.

"Heads up! Incoming!" Yelled Rhinox as a weird javelin like object came out of nowhere and embedded itself in the energon before them.

Everyone looked up where the javelin came from and saw Scorponok and Wazzpinator both in robot mode standing there.

"You missed." Said Dinobot as he and the other Maximals transformed.

"Did I? Look again you fool." Said Scorponok smugly as a weird humming sound was getting louder.

Looking down at the javelin everyone looked on in shock as it was some sort of device that was that pumping the energon full of power. Seeing this Rhinox rushed over to the javelin as fast as he could. He pulled the dart out and threw it away as far as he could. But the damage was done, the energon was going to blow.

"Nice try, but your too late!" Said Scorponok as he and Wazzpinator ran for cover.

"Goodbye stupid Maximals!" Added Wazzpinator.

"Let's get out of here!" Yelled Yang as she was about to run.

"We don't have the time." Said Rhinox gravely as running would do them no good.

The energon noise was getting louder and louder and then in a bright light it exploded. Rocks went flying everywhere as a huge explosion filled the area.

When it died down Scorponok and Wazzpinator walked over and saw nothing. Just rocks and smoke.

"WOW! Nothing could have survived that blast." Said Scorponok in glee.

"Oh, Wazzpinator thinks Megatron will be pleased with us." Wazzpinator told Scorponok in agreement.

"Yes! We must report to him at once." Agreed Scorponok as he would stick it to Adam.

As the two walked over Wazzpinator spoke up. "Wazzpinator has noticed that Cinder girl seems to be getting more freedom lately, why?" He asked Scorponok as he had nothing as the two transformed as they left the area. But as they did Scorponok did wonder what was going on with her.

Sometime later a large pill of rocks started to move revealing an ice dome. Once enough rocks were out of the way the dome opened revealing all the organic Maximals.

When the blast was about to happen Weiss quickly put an ice dome around herself and the others. Her fast thinking might have saved their lives, but they didn't get out in one piece. The shockwave from the blast sent rocks and shards through the dome as their clothes were damaged and they were hurt in some areas.

"Ow." Said Yang as she slowly walked out of the doom as the others followed.

"At least we're alive." Said Blake as she felt weird.

Yatsuhashi then noticed Fox wasn't moving. "Fox what's wrong?" He asked his friend/teammate worried.

"My eyes." Said Fox as he turned his head to everyone revealing that his eyes were white. "They're not working."

Seeing this the everyone felt terrible for him. He just got his sight and now it's gone again.

"Once we get back to the Axalon Rhinox can fix them." Said Yatsuhashi as he put a comforting hand on Fox's shoulder. That's when everyone's eyes went wide.

"The others!" They all yelled at the same time as they started to look for the others.

They didn't need to look far as they heard someone groaning. Rushing over they saw Rhinox getting up, but he was in bad shape. His entire body was darkened with smoke and dirt.

"Rhinox are you ok?" Asked Blake as she was the first to reach him.

"I feel like I got hit by a whole Pred fleet." Rhinox told her as he was still getting his bearings.

"Diagnostic." Said Rhinox to his internal computer only for it to fail.

"How bad is it?" Blake asked him curious.

"The explosion must have knocked out my internal systems." Said Rhinox as he held his head in pain. "Including my optic sensors."

"What does that mean?" Asked Yang worried.

"I'm blind!" Said Rhinox in a bit of panic, only for Fox to put a hand on his shoulder.

"I will help you adjust." Fox told Rhinox as he was grateful.

"My eyes. MY EYES." Cried out Dinobot as he got up.

"Dinobot?" Said Rhinox as he was getting worried.

"Rhinox? Where are you buddy? It's darker than the inferno out here." Said Rattrap as he was trying to feel his way.

"Rhinox, Rattrap, Yang, anyone help me! I can't see." Cried out Cheetor in a panic.

"Everyone calm down, just because we can't see doesn't mean we should panic." Said Bladegator as he held his arms trying to feel something.

"Bladegator is right. We need to stay calm." Agreed Rhinox.

"Calm down?! WE CAN'T SEE!" Yelled Dinobot as his anger was understandable.

"The energon explosion, contaminated our systems. Our optical systems, and just about everything else are offline." Explained Rhinox in a grim tone.

"So, what do we do?" Asked Rattrap worried.

"We got to transform. It will slow down the contamination. Possibly regenerate our systems." Said Rhinox as he wasn't sure himself.

The others watched as the bots transformed into beast mode, though it looked painful this time as they sparked in various places.

"Slag that was weird." Said Rattrap as it felt weird to him, as he then noticed something. "I still can't see."

The others weren't fairing any better.

"I'll tear Scorponok's processor out for this! And Wazzpinator's too!" Declared Dinobot as they went too far this time.

"Its worst then I thought." Said Rhinox grimly as his head then shot up.

"What about you lot? Are you ok?" Asked Rhinox to his organic friends in worry.

"We're fine. Weiss was able to shield us in time." Said Blake as her left hand felt weird.

"Check your bodies, just to be safe." Warned Rhinox hoping he was wrong.

Hearing that they did what he said as they, minus Fox, checked their bodies.

"What the?!" Said Yang as she looked at her right thigh.

"What is it?" Asked Cheetor worried.

"My thigh, a blood vein it's glowing a bit." Answered Yang as the others found similar glows on their bodies.

"What does this mean?" Asked Weiss as she rolled up her right sleeve to see her glow.

"It's energon poisoning." Said Rhinox grimly as the other gasped.

"What does that mean?" Asked Yatsuhashi worried.

"It's bad, really bad." Said Rattrap as this scared them.

"You all have energon in your systems now. The more you move and such the faster it will spread. Your bodies will act weird at first, then they feel numb. That's when they'll start shutting down on you, until you die." Rhinox told them as this scared them greatly.

"Is there a cure?" Asked Weiss worried.

"There is." Said Bladegator. "But it's back at the Axalon."

Hearing that they quickly checked their scrolls, but to their horror the energon explosion fried them.

"What do we do?" Asked Yang as they had no real means of communication.

"There's a town a few click east of here. We have to make it there and use their communication system to call the base." Said Rhinox as it was their only choice.

"Are you insane? How can we make it to that town when we can't see!" Cried out Dinobot as he had a good point.

"I can guide you." Said Fox as he was more used to being blind then being able to see.

"Besides we don't have a choice." Said Rhinox as he reminded them all how grim their situation was.

"If we all don't reach the Axalon in 60 cycles, we'll all be dead!" Added Rhinox as no one had anything to say.

"Let's go." Said Weiss as she started to walk only to groan as she fell to a knee.

"You can't walk there." Said Bladegator as he got an idea. "Ride on mine and Rhinox's backs."

Hearing this Rhinox nodded in agreement as he kneeled to let people on.

"Ok, girls on Rhinox, boys on Bladegator." Said Weiss as they got on said Maximals backs as they started to move.


Vacou, Darksyde

At the Darksyde Megatron and Adam were listening to Scorponok report as Cinder was nearby, keeping quiet.

"You didn't salvage the remains?!" Asked Megatron in disbelief as he slammed his fist down on a nearby railing.

"Then how can you be sure you destroyed them? Go back there now! And make sure!" Ordered Megatron in anger.

"Yes, yes. Of course, Megatron." Said Scorponok as he ended the call.

"We should have sent Inferno with them." Said Adam as the ant was crazy, but deadly loyal to Megatron.

"Perhaps." Was all Megatron said as he pondered their next move.

"What do you suggest we do?" Asked Megatron curious.

Adam thought about it as he answered. "With most of their forces missing the other Maximals will no doubt be looking for them. Leaving their base undermanned or unguarded."

Hearing that Megatron agreed with him.

"Or." Said Cinder as she stepped forward. "We could find their missing allies. Dead or alive they would be useful to us."

Hearing that Adam was about to speak up when Megatron held his hand in front of him.

"What do you mean?" He asked Cinder curious.

"If they're alive we know the other Maximal will come to recuse them. We could set a trap or send half our force to attack their base while they do this. And if their dead we can use their bodies to demoralize them." Explained Cinder as both were surprised by her opinions.

Megatron turned to Adam curious. "What do you think?" He asked him curious.

Adam stood there as he glared at Cinder. He didn't like how Megatron was willing to look pass that she was a spy and was willing to train her.

"In the end it's your choice." Was all Adam said as he knew when to speak up and when not to.

"We wait for Scorponok report first. If they're dead maybe their bodies could be of use to us." Said Megatron.

"And if they're alive?" Asked Adam curious.

"We will see what happens then." Was all Megatron said.


Mistral, Maximals location

Back with the Maximals they were slowly making they way towards the nearest town. They didn't say much other then Fox telling the bots on how to use their other senses to help them move about.

"While our eyes are our most used sense, it's the other senses that boosts them. Our hearing can give us advance warning, smell can let us see what can't be seen, taste…" Explained Fox when Blake spoke up.

"Quite!" She told everyone as she was using her Faunus hearing to listen for anything that could be around them.

Everyone stopped as they waited for Blake to say something. Those who could see saw Blake's cat ears moving.

"What is it?" Asked Rhinox softly curious to what Blake was hearing.

"Something dragging along the ground." Said Blake as it could be many things.

Then some nearby bushes started to rustle. Hearing this the bots got into a fighting stance as the organics got their weapons ready.

Then from out of the bush came a large black snake with white bones on its head along red eyes.

"What is it?!" Asked Dinobot with a hint of fear in his voice.

"It's a King Taijitu." Said Yatsuhashi as his grip on Fulcrum tightened.

But then another King Taijitu head popped out, this was white with black bones on it and had red eyes. The white head rushed towards Dinobot as it opened it mouth revealing its fangs to him.

"Dinobot!" Yelled Yatsuhashi as he tackled Dinobot out of the way as the King Taijitu just barely missed them.

"Thank you." Said Dinobot as they both got up.

The two King Taijitu slither out revealing they were one being. The King Taijitu hissed at the group with both heads as Yang got Ember Celia ready only to Rhinox to yell out.

"Wait! Don't move around a lot or it will spread the poisoning faster." He warned them as the bots were literally blind in this fight.

Hearing this caused Yang to stop as she could see the poison in her veins.

"Then how about this?" Asked Weiss as she used a summoning glyph. From the glyph came her Arma Gigas.

The Arma Gigas readied its ice blade as it looked at the King Taijitu as the Grimm hissed at it. The King Taijitu then rushed towards them as the Arma Gigas swung at the black head, causing the Grimm to move out of the way to avoid the blade. But the Arma Gigas was quick to counter as its shoulder checked the white head causing the King Taijitu whole body to fly into a tree.

Seeing and hearing this caused everyone to smile. Weiss didn't let the pressure up as she commanded the Arma Gigas to continue. The knight swung its blade down on the Grimm only for it to slither out of the way as the blade got stuck in the ground.

Seeing this the King Taijitu the coiled around the Arma Gigas as both heads were hovering above Arma Gigas head. But that was its biggest mistake as Fox used this opportunity to get in and use the blades on Sharp Retribution on the main body of King Taijitu. The King Taijitu scream out in pain from both heads loosening its grip on the Arma Gigas.

Taking the chance, the Arma Gigas grabbed the King Taijitu with both hands and using all its strength pulled the Grimm off it. It then tossed the Grimm up in the air. The Arma Giga then rushed to its blade and pulled it out of the ground. The King Taijitu then came down as the Arma Giga brought its sword up and cleaved the King Taijitu in two right down the middle from its white head to it's black head.

Seeing the threat was gone, Weiss ended her summoning as the Arma Gigas vanished. But then Weiss fell to the ground breathing heavily.

"What's wrong with her?" Asked Cheetor in worry.

"The poison is spreading faster." Said Blake as she saw more blue veins on Weiss.

"We need to move." Said Rhinox as he was grateful Weiss was able to deal with the Grimm, but she shortened her time because of it.

"Very nicely done." Said A voice causing everyone to turn to see a man standing there wearing some run-down clothes.

"And now you're our prisoners." Continued the man as he drew a gun on them.

Then they heard more clicks and looking around they were surrounded. Seeing and hearing this none of the Maximals moved.

"We need to surrender." Said Bladegator as it was their only choice.

Dinobot growled as he hated this, but in his current state there wasn't much he could do. So, with a heavy growl he raised his arms up in a surrender fashion. Everyone soon followed Dinobot's lead and surrendered.

Seeing this the man grinned. "Let's take them back to camp." He told the others as they lead the Maximals away.


Atlas, Winter's office

While all this was going on Winter was working in her office. She was currently going battle tactics that Ruby gave her when she got full access to the Matrix. Winter looked at tunneling their way under the Darksyde like they did earlier to them.

There was a knock on her door, causing her to stop.

"Enter." Said Winter as Ironwood walked in.

"Winter do you have those reports for me?" Asked Ironwood as he was going over data on his scroll.

"Yes sir, there right here." Said Winter as she held up several files for him.

Ironwood nodded as he went and grabbed them. He then saw Winter's screen out of the corner of his eye.

"What are you working on?" Asked Ironwood as he saw plans involving the Darksyde.

"Ruby and I have been going over battle plans for if we need to attack the Darksyde." Said Winter as she added. "She's been using Optimus Primes memories to help us. I wish I could have meet him."

Hearing Winter praise Optimus Prime made Ironwood a little annoyed for some reason. He was about to say something when Winters's computer beeped indicating someone was calling her. Winter saw it was from the Axalon and answered it.

A window pooped up revealing Ruby in her new huntress clothes. Her new outfit consisted of a black, red line corset with four buckles hanging loose over a mesh sleeveless top over a white low cut long-sleeved blouse. She also had a red pleated skirt with a split in the side with a small brown belted strap across the gap with bright red shorts underneath. On her wrists she wore Sliver thorns. Around her waist she has a brown belt with serval bullets with a buckle of her emblem and the Maximal symbol on it. She had on black thigh-high steel-toe boots with red sole and heels on and brown mesh tights on underneath. And last she had a cocker around her neck and her classic cape on.

"Ruby why are you calling me?" Asked Winter curious.

Ruby sighed on her end as she answered. "Winter. We lost contact with Weiss's team."

Hearing that Winter's eyes went wide. Weiss told her that she and the others were gathering energon today.

"What happened?" Was all Winter could say.

"We don't know, but when they missed a check in, we tried to call them, only to get static. Airazor then checked the area only to find a carter." Explained Ruby as Winter put a hand to her mouth fearing the worst.

"They're not…" Trailed Winter as she didn't want to say it.

"There were no bodies in the area." Said Ruby as she added. "But we don't know anything else. My source in the Predacons says they weren't captured by them. But we know nothing else. Currently everyone is out searching for them, but we have nothing yet."

Hearing that Winter knew what she needed to do. "I'll help you with the search." She told Ruby as she got ready to go.

"I'm afraid not Winter." Said Ironwood reminding the two he was there.

"But sir?" Said Winter as she wanted to find her sister.

"How many are missing Ruby?" Asked Ironwood curious.

"Including Weiss, 10." Answered Ruby as this surprise them. That was nearly half their forces.

"Sir!" Said Winter as they need to find them now.

"Winter with nearly half our forces gone, we need to secure our positions." Said Ironwood as both girls did agree with him.

"Then allow me to go to the Axalon, sir. It's the most likely target." Asked Winter as she made a point.

"I understand what you're saying Winter, but after reading the reports on Megatron, he never acts in the fashion one thinks. There's no telling what he'll do." Said Ironwood as he was right about that.

Winter then heard Ruby sigh. "Winter, I'll keep you up to date on everything." Ruby told her as both of them knew when Ironwood made up his mind, nothing changed it.

"I see. Thank you." Said Winter as they ended the call.


Vale, Patch, Axalon

Over at the Axalon Ruby was taking some deep breaths when she ended the call. Ironwood was starting to get on her last good nerves. He meant well, but he has a problem of letting others lead. He always thinks his way is the only way. Thought that was mostly due to his semblance Mettle. It helps him hyper focus on his tasks, but the downside is that it makes him paranoid and willing to remove any problem in his way by any means.

Ruby attention was taken away when she heard the lift. Turning she saw Glynda, and Ozpin enter the base.

"Any word yet?" Asked Ozpin as they walked in, though he had a thermos with him.

"None." Said Ruby as she brought up a map of the area the others were lost in.

"We have nearly everyone searching the area. But so far we have nothing." Ruby told them as Ozpin looked at the map.

He saw Coco's and Velvets symbols while the others were the Maximals symbols. But he noticed two things.

"Is Winter not joining the search?" Asked Ozpin as he thought she would join in, in a heartbeat.

Hearing that Ruby groaned. "Ironwood wants her to stay in Atlas in cause Megatron tries something there." Said Ruby as she wouldn't put it pass Megatron to try something like that, it was just even he would want to find out what happened to the others first before he made any other moves.

Hearing the frustration in Ruby's tone, Ozpin spoke up. "I understand your frustrations Ruby. James's heart is in the right place, it's just that he has a hard time accepting other people's views."

"I know. And it's not just that. There's a part of me wishing it was there. But I know if I was, I would be among the missing." Said Ruby as she did wish she was there. But she was with Velvet helping her upgrade Anesidora, so she wouldn't lose the weapon when she used it.

Both teachers looked at each other then Ruby as they have all felt that before. It was a burden of leadership, having to trust others to get the job done and blaming yourself if something went wrong.

"Ruby with or without the Matrix you are already showing to be a great leader." Praised Ozpin as he meant that. He then handed Ruby the thermos he had.

"What's this?" Asked Ruby as she took the thermos.

"Coffee, black." Said Ozpin as he figured Ruby could use some.

"Thank you." Said Ruby as she poured herself a cup.

"Now then why is your uncle and whoever over there?" Asked Ozpin as he pointed at an area of the map when Qrow's symbol was.

"That's Optimus. When uncle Qrow heard what happened and where, he said he might know someone in the area who might know what happened. But he looked conflicted the whole time." Said Ruby as this made both teachers eyes go wide.

"You don't think…" Trailed off Glynda as the area did fit.

"If he's going there, then that would explain why he has Optimus with him." Agreed Ozpin as Ruby was wondering what they were talking about.


Mistral, Rhinox's group location

Back with Rhinox's group they where being led to an unknown location by their captures. But as they walked the bots heard their organic allies starting to breath harder and harder. The poisoning was getting worse for them, if they didn't stop soon and rest who knows how long they would have.

Then their first lucky break since this whole situation started appeared before them as they saw a wall of wooden spears made from tree trunks. They saw a gate and one of the men walked up to it and talked to someone standing guard.

The gate then opened, and they were lead inside. Inside the fence those who could see saw tent and shacks. Everything looked like it could be torn down fast and moved.

"What do you see?" Asked Cheetor worried.

"Mostly tents." Answered Blake as the people she saw scared her.

"What about the people?" Asked Dinobot.

"They're bandits." Said Yang with venom in her voice.

The others were surprised to hear Yang with such a tone of voice. But soon they were facing a large tent that look better then the others. Then two women walked out of the tent.

The first was a young woman with tan skin and short brown hair and icy blue eyes. She was wearing a light brown vest with dark brown panels on the top and a dark brown buckled strap on the back. She wore the vest over a torn white shirt that was partially unbuttoned revealing what looked like a black bra. She wore maroon-coloured jeans with the right side rolled up to her high. She wore a brown belt with a pouch on her right side. She also wore dark brown calf guards. For shoes she wore brown well-worn boots. On her hands she wore mismatched gloves with the left being wrist length and the right being elbow length with a dark brown vambrace on it. But what stood out was on her left arm was a large tattoo of a bird rising from flowers.

The next woman was dress much differently. She wore black and red shallow cut dress with black shorts underneath. On her side she has a long black object that looked like fur or feathers along with a red and white bandana from behind. On her forearms she wore red armored gauntlets that went outwards along with black fingerless gloves. She wore black mid thigh leggings and black heels. Around her neck was several beaded necklaces and around her waist was a belt that carried a sheathed sword. But for her face they could see long black hair, but that was all, as she wore what looks like a Nevermore skull covering nearly all her head.

The woman wearing the mask looked at the Maximals as her eyes landed on Dinobot and then Yang.

"To think I would see the machines that looks like an animal again." Said the masked woman.

Hearing this shocked the Maximals as they didn't expect this. But then to their confusion Yang stepped forward.

"Take that mask off…" Started Yang as what she said next shocked everyone. "Mom."

No one said anything as the masked woman laughed as she took her mask off. Seeing her face, she had red eyes like Yang when she got angry and looked like an older version of her.

"Is that anyway to speak to your mother?" Asked Yang's mother in a mocking tone.

"You're not my real mom Raven, Summer was." Said Yang as it was taking all she had not to attack her.

Raven chuckled at that. "Yet I'm still alive and she's… whatever happened to her." She told Yang.

Yang took a step forward as her eyes turned red.

"Yang stop!" Ordered Rhinox shocking the bandits as he continued. "In your current state you'll die."

Hearing that Yang grumbled as he was right. Rhinox then turned to Raven.

"What are you going to do with us?" He asked her curious.

"I'm sure Atlas would love to take you and those other animal's apart and see what makes you tick." Said Raven with a grin.

"Just try it lady!" Growled Cheetor.

"What the kid said." Agreed Rattrap.

Raven chuckled at their attitude. As she looked at the others.

"As for the Schnee, I'm not sure. Maybe a bidding war between the White Fang and her family to see who gets her." Said Raven as Weiss got sacred.

"And us?" Asked Blake trying to keep her cool.

"I'm not sure, yet." Admitted Raven as she added. "But everyone is worth something to someone. We could also use some help around here."

"Then you better hurry, we're all dying." Said Bladegator surprising everyone.

"Dying? What do you mean?" Asked Raven curious.

"We have… dust running through are veins right now." Said Weiss as she didn't want to use the word energon near them.

Hearing that Raven nodded as dust through one's system can be fatal, unless you have a semblance or something to help.

"It could be a trick." Said the woman beside Raven.

Raven looked at the state of the Maximals before her and saw the blue veins on Yang and Weiss.

"I don't think so Vernal." Said Raven as she turned to the others. "Take them to a holding cage for now."

Hearing the order, the other bandits moved the Maximals at the cage. As Raven watched them, she saw Yang glaring at her.

Meanwhile a few miles away Qrow and Optimus (in beast mode) were walking towards the bandit camp. Optimus looked at Qrow as he had an unreadable face on. Ever since he said he might know someone who could help he's been quiet.

"Qrow, where are we going?" Asked Optimus breaking the silence.

Qrow stopped and sighed. He then grabbed his flask and took a drink from it.

"Optimus." Started Qrow. "How much do you know about my past?"

Hearing that confused Optimus. "You're Yang's biological uncle and Ruby's honorary uncle. You used to teach at Signal. You taught Ruby how to fight. And that's about it."

Hearing that Qrow sighed. "Listen my past is something I'm not proud of. Me and Raven we were born into a tribe of bandits. I was able to trick them into sending us to a huntsman school so we could learn how to deal with them better. But in reality, it was so we could get away. It worked for some time, but after Yang was born Raven went back to them. Claiming they were her real family."

Hearing that Optimus didn't know what to say. He'd never once thought Qrow came from a tribe of bandits.

"Qrow I won't lie, I don't know you every well. But Ruby trusts you with her life and she see's you like a father. And if she trusts you then that's good enough for me." Said Optimus as he put a comforting hand on Qrow's shoulder.

"Thanks Optimus." Said Qrow as he meant it.

"Now then why did you bring this up now?" Asked Optimus as he had a good guess why.

"The tribe is in the area." Qrow told him.

"How do you know? I thought you said you wanted nothing to do with them?" Asked Optimus a bit confused.

"The best way to avoid someone is to know where they are." Explained Qrow as it made sense.

"So do you know who's in charge?" Asked Optimus.

"My sister." Said Qrow with a groan and frustration.

Hearing the tone Qrow used Optimus sighed. "This isn't going to be easy, is it?" He asked Qrow.

"Not in the slightest. She stubborn, selfish, and believes might makes right so much that Megatron might have a run for his money with her." Qrow told him as this won't be easy.

"Prime." Said Optimus hoping this would be worth their time.

Soon the two saw the walls for the Branwen tribe compound. The two stopped out of sight of the guards.

"I'll follow your lead here." Said Optimus as Qrow knew who he was dealing with.

Qrow nodded as he started to walk forward. "Follow me." He told Optimus as the guards saw them and took aim at them.

"Tell my no-good sister, I want to talk to her." Said Qrow with a glare. A glare the guards shared with him as one went off to tell Raven who was here.

At the same moment with Scorponok and Wazzpinator (both in beats mode), the two were finding nothing.

"Where are the bodies?!" Screamed Scorponok as the most they found was some blood, gears, and fabric.

"Wazzpinator thinks they survived." Said Wazzpinator as his scans were finding nothing, but energon.

"They did." Said Terrorsaur as he and Inferno flew down.

"What do you mean?" Asked Scorponok as he glared at Inferno, a glare Inferno returned.

Turns out Inferno saw the Darksyde as his new colony and saw Megatron as his queen. Something Roman would joke about much to the irritation of Megatron. And since Scorponok was a yes man to Megatron the two fought for his approval.

"Tarantulas found some moving energon. Since our Maximal prey was in a Energon explosion…" started Terrorsaur only for Inferno to cut him off.

"The royalty wishes for us to end the lives of our enemies!" Declared Inferno.

Scorponok glared at the ant before speaking. "Then you three go and check it out." He told them as they would get there much faster than he would.

"Death to the enemies of the colony!" Cried Inferno as he took off as the other three Predacon looked at him funny.

"He almost makes Wazzpinator look normal." Said Terrorsaur.

"Wazzpinator agrees." Said Wazzpinator as even he was put off by Inferno attitude. Then the two flew off as Scorponok walked towards where they were headed.

Back at the Branwen compound Optimus and Qrow stood before Raven and Vernal as the bother and sister glared at each other.

"My what a surprise." Said Raven as she knew Qrow would come around sooner or later.

"Let's skip the pleasantries." Said Qrow. "Where are they?"

"Where who?" Asked Raven with a grin.

"Your daughter and her friends." Qrow told her with a glare.

"Why not ask your robot friend." Suggested Raven shocking them both.

"How?" Was all Optimus could say.

Raven just grinned as she answered. "You should be more careful where you fight your battles. You might not know who's watching."

"Listen we don't have time for your games. Do you or do you not know where my crew is?" Asked Optimus as his eye narrowed at her.

Raven stood there as she studied Optimus before answering him.

"Follow me." Was all she said as she walked towards some tents as Vernal followed her.

Optimus looked at Qrow who grumbled and followed his sister. Optimus followed them as they passed some tents. But to his shock and horror he saw his crew in a cage.

"Rhinox! Everyone!" Cried Optimus as he rushed to the cage.

"Optimus." Said Rhinox weakly.

"How are you doing?" Asked Optimus worried.

"We have energon poisoning." Said Rhinox weakly.

"How long do you have?" Asked Optimus worried.

"Not long." Said Rhinox as he wasn't sure.

Hearing that Optimus turned to Raven with a glare.

"I'm taking them with us." He told her as Raven smirked.

"Of course. Once you pay for them." Raven told him as Optimus growled at her.

"How much?" Asked Qrow as he glared at her.

Raven thought about it. "Maybe some of your advance technologies, preferable weaponry." She told them with a grin.

But before either could say anything Dinobot spoke up.

"I would rather die then let these honourless thieves have superior weapons." He told Optimus and Qrow.

"I agree with copper face." Added Rattrap.

"Same." Said Yang as the others agreed.

Optimus and Qrow looked at each other as their options were limited right now. But then Optimus heard something. Looking up his eyes went wide.

"INCOMING!" He yelled as a missile hit a nearby tent destroying it.

When the dust clear Optimus and Qrow looked up to see Inferno, Terrorsaur and Wazzpinator flying down, shooting at the camp.

"Optimus Primal maximize." Said Optimus as he got battle ready.

"What's the plan?" Asked Qrow as he got Harbinger ready. A single edge great sword with a clocklike mechanism above the red handle and a pair of parallel handguards.

Optimus looked around as the other bandits got their weapons and started to fire at the flying Preds. He looked over at where Raven and Vernal were as saw Raven was gone, but Vernal was glaring at them.

"Don't even think of trying something." She dared them.

Then a nearby explosion cause a wooden pole to fly towards Vernal smacking her across the head. Vernal then fell to the ground knocked out.

"That was lucky." Said Optimus surprised.

"Not for her." Said Qrow with a grin.

"So, what's the plan?" Asked Qrow curious.

"You get everyone back to the Axalon." Optimus told him as Qrow nodded.

"What about you?" Qrow asked Optimus as he looked at the cage.

"I'll keep the Pred's busy." Said Optimus as he activated his jetpack and took off.

Qrow went to the cage and pointed Harbinger at the lock. The blade then moved down revealing gun barrel. Qrow then shot the lock off the cage and opened the door.

"OK were getting out of here!" He told them, only to get groans in response.

"Of course." Said Qrow with a groan as activated his communicator.

"Ruby you there?" Asked Qrow as another tent blew up near him.

"I can barely hear you uncle Qrow. Where are you?" Answered Ruby confused as she heard the battle in the background.

"Listen I found them, but they're too weak to move on their own. I need help!" Qrow told her hoping someone would come fast.

"Hang on, I'm sending Glynda and Ozpin over." Said Ruby as Qrow didn't expect that.

Soon a ground bridge opened up near him and the two teachers came out.

Glynda took one look at her students and was worried. "Are they still alive?" She asked in worry.

"Barely!" Said Fox as it hurt to talk.

Not needing to be told anything Glynda used her semblance, Telekinesis, and pushed the cage through the bridge and followed it through.

Ozpin looked over to Qrow. "Where's Raven?" He asked him as Ozpin didn't want to deal with her right now.,

"Somewhere around here." Said Qrow as he looked up and saw Optimus using his wrist mounted cannons to hit Terrorsaur right in the back sending him crashing into the nearby forest.

"Then let's not push our luck." Said Ozpin as that made Qrow grin, as the two headed through the bridge as it closed behind them.

With Optimus he grinned as Terrorsaur was out of the fight. He then saw Inferno coming his way.

"It's your turn to burn Optimus!" Declared Inferno as he used his flamethrowers on Optimus. Only for Optimus to fly out of the way as the flames got Wazzpinator.

"Why is it always Wazzpinator who get hurt?!" Asked Wazzpinator as he flew away and crashed into a lake.

Inferno cursed at missing only for Optimus to hit his flight rockets causing him to lose control as he crashed near Terrorsaur.

Optimus looked down at the bandit camp and gave a sigh of relief as he saw the cage and Qrow was gone. He then saw Raven glaring at him.

Optimus was a bit surprised by the glare as it wasn't even something he was expecting. But Optimus knew when his welcome was over and flew away.

Raven continued to glare as she saw the cage was gone and Vernal was knocked out. She then looked around her camp. It would take months to rebuild everything.

Calming herself, Raven started to give orders out. "Gather everything still usable and/or repairable. Get the injured gathered. We're leaving as soon as possible!" She told her people as they got to work.

But what Raven didn't know was Scorponok was watching. He saw the way she was glaring at Optimus and figured such hate could be useful in the future. So without anyone seeing he launched several homing devices onto the bandits gear, transports, and other belongings. Hoping this band of bandits would be useful for them later.


Vale, Patch, Axalon

Sometime later at the Axalon Rhinox walked out of the CR Chamber fully repaired. Rhinox looked around and saw all the Maximals, minus teams RWBY and CFVY were there.

"Hey, buddy! Good to see you." Joked Rattrap as he was glad everyone was safe and ok.

"Boy, am I glad that's over." Said Cheetor as he never wanted to go through that again.

"I'm just happy Fox was there to help us." Said Bladegator as he never realized how much he took his sight for granted.

"Yes." Agreed Ozpin as he added. "Though we should count ourselves lucky we got everyone back in one piece."

"Normally I'm not one to believe in good luck. But here we did." Said Qrow as he took a drink from his flask.

"I'm more worried about a band of bandits knowing about the Beast Wars." Said Optimus as they were a wild card.

"I believe that we shouldn't worry too much about them." Said Dinobot as everyone look at him as he continued. "Afterall, they don't have the resources to leave Mistal. And I doubt they'll be spilling any of this, at least sober. So, our only worry will be if we're operating there."

"I agree with Dinobot." Said Skyshooter.

"What do you think Qrow?" Asked Optimus curious.

"Dinobot's right. Raven will hold a grudge against us, but she'll more then likely stay in her area. Unless we do something else." Qrow told them.

"So in other words, we might have gained a new enemy today." Said Ozpin grimly as he wished he did a better job helping Raven when she was still a student.

"Maybe." Said Optimus as he remembered that glare from Raven.

"By the way Optimus how are the kids?" Asked Rhinox curious.

"They're fine." Said Speedclaw. "All of them got the energon out of their systems and are resting."

Hearing that Rhinox smiled as he was glad they were safe.


Vale, Beacon

At Beacon Ruby, Coco, and Velvet sat at table in a medical room as their teammates were laying in beds with IV's and such hooked up to them.

The girls sat there as they haven't left since they got them to the room. Each one was trying to pass the time as they didn't want to leave them alone for now. Soon they heard someone groaning as they looked over and saw Yang getting up.

"Yang how are you feeling?" Asked Ruby as she rushed to her sister's side.

"Like I was ran over by a herd of Grimm." She told her sister as she was sore and stiff.

"At least you're alive." Said Ruby with a smile as she saw the frown on her sister face.

"What wrong?" Asked Ruby worried.

"I saw her Ruby. I saw my mom. And she had this girl with her the whole time, right by her side." Said Yang as much as she wanted to deny it, it hurt her.

Seeing the look on her sister's face Ruby gave her a hug.

"Yang, Raven's nothing more then a coward." Ruby told her sister who looked at her confused. "After all she ran from the greatest and hardest challenge of them all, being a parent."

Hearing that Yang chuckled as she wished Raven was here to hear that.

"And you don't need blood to be a family. You, me, our team, the Maximals, we're all family." Added Ruby with a warm smile.

"She's right." Said Velvet as she felt the same with her team.

Yang smiled as they were right. But then to Ruby's worry Yang's smile turned into a grin.

"And let's be honest Ruby there's someone on our team you wished was really your family." Said Yang as Ruby felt her cheeks heat up.

"Oh, and who's that?" Asked Coco curious.

"No one!" Said Ruby a little louder than she should.

"Ruby! Quiet down!" Said Weiss as she was trying to sleep.

"Sorry." Said Ruby weakly as she shrunk down a bit.

Seeing this made the others laugh lightly, as the events of today were slowly leaving them. But they knew they might have made a new enemy today in the form of Raven and her tribe.

And now Raven and her tribe have entered the Beast wars, but the question is whose side will they be on? Each side has made a negative opinion on Raven, so the question is who annoyed her more.

On another note, some maybe wonder how Yang knew about Raven and her tribe. Well, I believe she was told some of it before she left for Beacon and when Qrow found out about the Beast Wars he told her everything.

As for Ruby's new outfit it's her Atlas outfit with a couple changes here and there.

Up next is a blast from the past for our young Prime. The question is who's life is it from?