Warning: This story is made from the author's pure perverted imagination, please don't read if you're not eighteen, aka underage, or have problems with your heart and control your imagination (libido).

I will also warn you about the ridiculous imagination about the ability to come gallons of the main character… You had been warned. Do not tell me that I did not warn you about this.

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Alive Kushina

Summary: AU, heavy smut with plot. Naruto Uzumaki, a proud Shinobi of Konoha with the dream of becoming the Hokage. That is, until he comes across a Succubus in the middle of the night and discovers his true heritage. The road to become Hokage might be farther than ever, when human women, Kunoichi and demonesses of all kinds now lust after him.

Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince

Chapter 1

The Village hidden in the leaves, Konohagakure no Sato, was the most beautiful village out of all the hidden villages in the entire Elemental Nations. Civilians were happily going about their daily lives and children were happily playing with each other. The village resided hidden in the mountains, surrounded by forest from all sides and at the base of a mountain known as the Hokage Rock, which had the faces of all those who have taken the title of Hokage, the leader of Konoha engraved on it.

Konoha was also the place that created many legends, strongest and most powerful Shinobi and Kunoichi in the world, those who carried within them the burning Will of Fire that was still passed down to the younger Ninjas from generation to generation.

Naruto Uzumaki was one of the village's proud Shinobi, or maybe one of its current best. He was the son of the late Yondaime Hokage, who sacrificed himself to protect the village from a being that was far more dangerous and powerful than any threats the village had faced from the first day of foundation, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

However, his son, Naruto, continued his legacy of greatness. The boy and his mother were two of the many lives that he saved that day and she did everything in her power to raise him to be a great man like his father, but Naruto soon stepped out of his father's shadow at a very young age and gained his own reputation at the second yellow flash of the village. Naruto graduated from the Academy at the age of seven at the top of his class, put on the Chunin vest at the age of ten and was promoted to Jonin at the age of thirteen. Now sixteen years old Naruto could be one of the strongest Shinobi of Konoha and said to be the most potential candidate for the next run for Hokage, as the Sandaime Hokage, who had to step up to replace the late Yondaime, was too old for the that job.

It was well known among the people of Konoha that Naruto's biggest dream was to become the Hokage. However, the boy was a lot mature for his age and he knew better than anyone else that he still had a long way ahead before he could take the seat inside the Hokage's office. Of anything, his mother did a great job in teaching him.

But currently, the village has another thing to be concerned about other than their future Hokage.

"Did you know? There was another attack last night." A Gennin asked his friend while holding a newspaper in his hand. The newspaper was showing a large picture of three naked men, though their private parts were already covered "Two civilians and a Chunin found dead in an alley, totally naked again. That was the fifteen attacks in just two weeks."

"Yeah, I overheard my parents talking to each other about this." The older boy whispered, "There are rumors that they were raped to death, with their sperm completely sucked out of their body."

"But I also heard that there was no sign of restriction, don't you think…"

In addition, Naruto Uzumaki, who was enjoying a quick meal at the Ramen stand nearby, decided to ignore the rest of their conversation. It wasn't like Naruto paid much attention to the news, but the conversation about this topic would soon get boring if the ones who were discussing it were teenager with raging hormones.

"Let's see, it was another attack." Teuchi Ichiraku said as he sat behind the stand, with the same paper in his hand. Currently, Naruto being the only customer of Ichiraku Ramen allowed the head chef, as well as its owner a chance to sit down and relax by reading today's newspaper "I must say, in one way or another that is a really great way to die." Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at that statement "An old man like me won't mind ending my life with…Ouch!" Teuchi never got the chance of finishing his speech because his daughter swatted him across his head by a paper fan, nearly knocking him off his chair.

"Tou-san, please don't say it like that!" Ayame Teuchi scolded her father before turning her head to Naruto, "But still, Naruto-kun do you know anything about this?"

"Don't ask me Ayame-nee chan. Ji-chan didn't let me know much about this matter." The young man shrugged and finished the rest of his bowl of ramen in one gulp "All I know is that the Civilian Council is demanding the Hokage to quickly find the culprit, especially the male members because they don't want to end up like these victims. But they didn't know that Jiji already established a team consisting of Konoha's best trackers to stop these attacks before they get out of hand."


"But no matter what they tried, they still couldn't find the one who was responsible for this and we still find dead corpses every morning." He pulled out his money and paid Ayame for his meal, not forgetting to give the Ichiraku family the tips they deserve "Forty five people dead in two weeks, including six Shinobi."

It all started two weeks ago, when they found the body of a man who was in his late twenties, lying in the middle of the street dead without a single piece of cloth on his body, his face bearing a horror, yet somewhat satisfied smile. At first, they didn't think much about it, thinking that he was just some drunk bastard who worked beyond his limit with some hooker and died because of exhaustion until they found yet another boy in the same state as he was the next, the next and the next morning. The numbers of deaths only increased with each day passed and the people of Konoha were getting more and more panic because of this. Autopsy let them know that the men indeed fucked or were fucked to death, but by who or for what reason was still a big mystery. Not even the Hyuuga or Inuzuka, the best trackers within Konoha were able to find the one who was responsible for all of this.

These deaths reminded them about the day Orochimaru was still within the village, only this time it was a different method of killing people.

"How horrible!" Ayame nodded her head.

"You should also be careful Naruto, don't want you to end up like them and appear in the newspaper in the morning" Teuchi called out to Naruto as he stood up from his seat and left the place. His daughter who was standing next to him nodded her head in agreement.

"Don't worry Ji-chan, Ayame-nee, you know that I can handle myself better than anyone else." Naruto gave them his infamous grin before turning around and deciding to go home.

At the age of sixteen, with the intense training he took every day to grow strong, was the kind of man every girl wanted to become their boyfriend. A handsome face with spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes as clear as the sky, with three whisker marks on each cheek only add into his charm. His build, tall and lean yet muscular, were something that girls could only dream about their dream boyfriend. His attire was quite simple, as he was one of the only Jounin within the village that decided not to wear the green flak jacket and basic Shinobi's uniform of Konoha, a black military shirt that could button up at the sleeves with orange pants and blue Shinobi sandals. His forehead protector was worn on his forehead and the crest of his family, the red swirl was on the back of his shirt.

"Yo Naruto!" Naruto turned his head to the side and smiled when he saw the familiar Cyclops of Konoha, Kakashi Hatake, also known as Kakashi the copycat, his father's student. The white haired man was standing with his back leaned against a building, with a very familiar book in his hands.

"Hey Kakashi" Naruto grinned and pointed his hand at Kakashi, but he didn't stop there to talk but still keep on walking home "How are you team seven?" he asked "Did they pass the bell test?"

"They pass" Kakashi nodded with an eye smile "So Naruto, I'm currently free now so…"

"Sorry Kakashi, I'm not in the mood to spar with you right now." Naruto said "Maybe later tonight."

"Kushina-san again?"

"Yep, don't want to make her worry. Plus, her skills are unrivalled so…" Naruto grinned mischievously at that, but Kakashi didn't see it.

"I know, Kushina-san is a very strong Kunoichi, probably the strongest right now" The Cyclops nodded his head "So, tonight?"

"Yep, training ground twenty five, don't be late, no excuse and prepare to get your ass kicked" the blond grinned before disappearing in a flash of yellow.

Line Break

With Hirashin, it didn't take him long to get to his house.

After the death of Minato, Kushina and her son inherited the wealth of the Namikaze Clan and combined with their former power and status in the village the Uzumaki could be the most powerful clan of Konoha, even greater than Uchiha or Hyuuga. Kushina also had one of the top seats within the Shinobi Council of Konoha.

However, instead of a massive residence like Uchiha or Hyuuga Residence, Kushina decided that it was best she and her son live in a normal house and Naruto was perfectly fine with that, as he was sure that he wouldn't be able to call anywhere else but this place his home. His house was quite simple, just a normal two story house with two bedrooms, one room for guests and the other necessary room like kitchen or living room.

Not to mention it was the place he wanted to return to as soon as possible.

The reason for this was none other than the redhead woman that came to greet him the moment he removed his sandals, dressed in nothing but a small apron that ended just below her pussy and left a lot of cleavage as well as the entire sides of her breasts, exposed and a dark orange G-string that didn't cover anything.

"Welcome home, Naruto-kun" his mother greeted him seductively "Do you want dinner, a bath, or... do, you, want, me?" she bent her back, showing her son her large breasts that barely contained behind the tiny apron she was wearing.

Naruto grinned stupidly at that.

The relationship he shared with his mother wasn't something he could consider normal, but after all these years, it had become perfectly normal for Naruto.

For some reason the moment Naruto hit puberty, he always felt very, very horny to the point it became hard for him to do something without thinking about sex all the time. Time passed and Naruto soon realized and learnt from the hard (yet good) way that his libido was a lot higher than a normal human was.

"So, you want kaa-san first then" Kushina cooed happily and kneeled down in front of him and removed his pants before he even knew about it. Without hesitating Kushina stuck out her tongue and started to lick his dick like a little girl licking her lollipop.

Puberty hit him like a train. Naruto still remembered that day very clearly. It was his tenth birthday but for some reason his mother decided they shouldn't celebrate his like every year before that, just a small party between her and Naruto, like she knew what was going to happen that night.

He was celebrating his birthday when suddenly the maturity hit him far too hard and clouded his mind with lust, his body felt like it was on fire and his cock felt like it was going to explode. He was so horny that day, so horny that he grabbed his mother right there and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Being an Uzumaki stamina machine as well as a 10 year old little bundle of energy, his dick had never even so much as gone flaccid despite all the semen she had just release and hours of nonstop fucking without a single second of resting. The next morning when he was done and finally came back to his senses, his mother was a wreck and covered in so much cum that he could barely see her. At first he thought he did something wrong but after being pushed into his room and locked in there for day with his mother, who proceeded to teach him everything about sex, Naruto knew that he had done something wonderful, at least in his and his mother's opinion.

They kept this a secret of course. Since then Naruto had been fucking his mother every time he got the chance to and his mother being too willing to help him satisfy his libido. For a woman who was in her thirties, Kushina didn't look a day older than Naruto who was sixteen years old, as her beauty was something everyone could call ageless beauty. From what he heard, his mother was known as the hottest chick around the Land of Fire, and one of the most beautiful women of Elemental Nations and Naruto couldn't agree more. To him, she was as beautiful as a goddess; not just any goddess but a sexual goddess, spotting a body that could make men cream their pants the moment they laid their eyes on her. If he wasn't mistaken, one of the things he liked the most about his mother, her tits, were at least double G-cup and they were as soft as marshmallow, yet incredibly firm and had the ability to define the power of gravity, standing high on her chest with perfect shape and color nipples invitingly.

Overall, there was no word that could describe his mother's exoticness.

"I think you're hard enough Naruto-kun." Kushina smiled and gathered as much saliva as she could into her mouth before spitting on his cock, which was already wet enough to begin with. She put both her hands on her laps, sitting traditionally in front of him with her head held high "So, you must have built up quite a lot of stress today, didn't you Naruto-kun? So please, dump them all down my throat and relieve yourself with my mouth." After saying that, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and stuck her tongue out.

"Kami! You're the best MOM!" Naruto grinned broadly before grabbing his mother's head and thrust his cock into her mouth and wasn't stopping until he was completely sheathed down her throat. If he could see it now, he bet that the outline of his dick was clearly visible on her neck.

As if Kami wanted to mess with his sex life, not only his libido was unrivalled, his stamina was godly but his dick was also a sight to behold. His cock started to grow abnormally after his tenth birthday and soon became bigger than the teenage boys his age. Now at the age of sixteen his cock still hadn't stopped growing, but right now it was already a good foot long and as big as Kushina's forearms. His testicles also grew alongside with his dick, having the size of two oranges, thanks to his massive chakra reserve, could produce a limitless amount of sperm for his ejaculation. This allowed Naruto to cum for minutes, maybe hours if he was in the mood and his sperm was rich enough to impregnate the entire village of women with one single ejaculation.

To make it simply, Naruto was a natural born fucker, a perfect sex machine that could fuck the life out of women.

"Kami! Your throat is the best Kaa-chan!" Naruto cried out while roughly face fucking his mother, mercilessly slamming her face against his pelvis. It wasn't like she was against this roughness, since she also into hardcore herself and loved to bring pleasure to her son more than anything "Wait for it and I am going to give you a big belly of cream for dinner!"

Little did he know that what he was about to do was exactly like what he was saying.

He was truly about to give his mother her meal.

Line Break

"Shit! I'm late!" Naruto muttered to himself and jumped from building to building with highly skilled Shinobi's speed, trying to get to training ground twenty-five as fast as possible. The last thing he would want would be getting a reputation about being late like Kakashi, but with a slutty mother like Kushina, he had no choice but fuck her as much as she want, or else she wouldn't let him leave the house.

Sometimes, he had to wonder if his mother loved his dick and sperm more than her son.

Then suddenly, when Naruto was about to leave the district, he suddenly heard a painful, yet somewhat lustful scream of a man that was soon followed by something heavy hitting the ground. Out of surprise, the moment Naruto stopped himself on a rooftop he heard the second scream that was just like the previous one.

"What the…" Naruto muttered and jumped off the rooftop down to the ground, soundlessly. For some reason, the alley he was at was darker than usual and as far as he could tell, there was nobody around the area.

Could it be…

Naruto immediately put on his guard, pulled out a tri-pronged kunai and got into a fighting stance. If his instinct was telling him the truth, which it always was in the past, Naruto was about to come face to face with the criminal that was responsible for all the strange deaths that happened the past two weeks.

Not too proud about his power, but Naruto thought he was more than capable of catching this criminal and be the one who stopped his or her killing spree.

Without making a single sound, Naruto walked further into the alley. It was dark, but the dim light from the streetlight at the street nearby allowed him to see where he was going and most of his surroundings.

His eyes widened slightly when he saw two dead men on the ground without a single piece of clothes on their body, a horror but satisfied smile on their face. There were more lying on the ground around him, five in total, all were in the same state and were no better than the first two.

The moments Naruto saw their abused manhood, Naruto knew that the rumors about men fucked to death were the truths.

"Kya~, feel so good~." His head snapped to the side after hearing that extremely sweet, feminine voice "Late meal sure is the best, it's time to…" but she suddenly stopped talking and there was only silence left.

"I know you're here" Naruto looked around and said loudly. He couldn't feel her presence at all, which was very unusual for a well-trained and experienced Shinobi like him but he knew that the criminal was here and she was very near him, stalking him like a predator stalking its prey "Show yourself!"

"Impossible!" The woman spoke up again, this time in a shocking tone "How did you manage to get into my barrier? Humans shouldn't be able to do so!"

"I don't know what you are talking about lady" Naruto spoke up loud and clear "but I'm not afraid of you and your days of rampaging around Konoha will end here, tonight." He then heard the sound of something moving very fast in the air behind him, but when he turned around with his kunai raised and ready for a strike, he didn't see anyone.

"Doesn't matter, from your voice I can tell that you're a man." She said and Naruto felt something small, like a tail brushed against his crotch "Ara ara… I think I hit the jackpot tonight. Then let's see what you look like?" Without a second thought, Naruto took his chance and shot forward with one hand, grabbed the woman's neck and the other created a Rasengan.

Naruto pushed the woman against the woman against the wall hard enough to knock a normal person out but if she could manage to fuck five men to death, then something like that wouldn't be able to do much to someone who incredibly physically strong. The light coming from the swirling orb of chakra lit up the whole alley and allowed Naruto to see the one he was pinning against the wall very clearly.

It was an extremely beautiful, white hair blue-eyed young woman with a demonic appearance that Naruto had never seen before in his life. Her hair, while long and curly, stood upward on her head and completely unaffected by gravity. There were thin markings appearing all over her body. Her arms were slender, but fingernails were sharp and long, almost like claws. She also had a long, thin, and ended with a heart-shaped tip tail growing from a small point behind her back.

The woman was wearing a dark, skimpy one-piece revealing swimming suit, which was open on the front and the back, exposing most of her voluptuous figure, including her well toned belly, at least double F cleavage and upper back.

This woman was as almost hot as his mother.

"Speechless huh?" She purred seductively and ran her hands on his chest "I don't know about you but I like what I am seeing" she winked at him.

"You're not a human." Naruto said in disbelief.

More reason for him to stay on guard.

"Who said that I was?" She giggled "These girls are the real things, you know." The white haired woman took her hands back and squeezed her breasts together. Her boobs, while wasn't the biggest, must be the third largest pair of tits he had ever seen in his life.

"What are you?" Naruto asked "Why do you kill all these people?"

"Since you ask it so nicely, I will answer those questions for you" She said "My name is Mira and I am a demon, a Succubus to be exact."

"A sex demon? I thought you guys were only myths." Naruto said in disbelief. He knew what a succubus was and what they did all the time, which would explain why they couldn't find anything more than a completely dried balls sack on the victims' bodies. His mother used to tell him about the stories of demons when he was young, succubi being one of them and until a few seconds ago, Naruto still believed that they were just bedtime stories.

"Well, you're standing right in front of one here." she giggled before saying "Well, enough talk, it would be a waste if I didn't get to fuck you."

"What the…" Naruto said in shock when Mira's body eyes suddenly glowed and a black and purple aura suddenly appeared around her body, as she suddenly stepped to the side causally like Naruto wasn't holding her neck in the first place.

"So, let's fuck and die for me, neh?" Mira winked and made a sexy pose, her eyes then glowed again and this time she stared directly into his eyes.

Naruto just stood there confused for a second before realizing his situation. Not wanting to end up like the previous fifty men, the young Uzumaki immediately made a quick slash that surprised Mira, who jumped backward a few meters just in time to dodge his dangerous weapon.

"W-what?! Why is my magic not working?" The succubus asked in disbelief, looking at Naruto in pure shock "What are you?"

"Well? I think that I'm special" Naruto grinned smugly and pulled out a few shurikens "Now, be a good girl and let me catch you." His grin then became a dark smirk that made Mira gasp in fear.

But that fear soon turned into a mischievous smile when an idea popped into her head.

"Try to catch me if you can!" Mira cried and flared out her bat-like wings, taking off to the sky much to his surprise.

"Oi! Stop right there!" Naruto shouted before taking a strong leap to the nearest building and as quickly as he could get to the rooftop. Naruto knew that it would be hard to catch something that could fly, but he wasn't going to let her get away.

However, before Naruto could take a single step to start the chasing, another Mira suddenly appeared next to him and whipped her tail around wildly, cutting Naruto's clothes to pieces, leaving him completely naked. Naruto was about to use Kawarimi to get away, but Mira's tail suddenly glowed and wrapped itself several times around his flaccid dick.

"GAH!" the blond screamed when he felt a burning sensation within his body and became extremely horny, like he just drank a whole barrel of aphrodisiac. His cock grew and lengthened within Mira's tails, becoming longer and bigger until it reached the length of twelve inches and as hard as a diamond pole.

The last time he felt like this was six years ago during his tenth birthday, the moment puberty hit him.

Mira's mouth watered and her eyes sparkled in excitement at the sight of the biggest dick she ever came across, being turned on just by smelling the scent it was emitting and the sight of his testicles and balls-sack only made Mira want to fuck Naruto more than ever.

"Oh, I'm happy that one of my spells still works on you, stud." Mira purred sultrily when Naruto dropped his kunai and his body started to twitch violently "This is going to be one hell of a…" But Mira didn't have the chance of finishing that sentence because Naruto suddenly ran forward faster than Mira's eyes could follow and jumped on her "Hey! What's wrong with you?" She cried out in surprise but was silent when Naruto smashed his face against her, crashing their lips together and thrust his tongue into her mouth roughly.

The spell Mira just used on him was one of the most basic but effective Succubus spells, as it could bring out the inner lust within their prey and would keep on fucking until their life force was completely drained. Mira used that spell countless times in her succubus' life, but this was the first time she had seen someone react to it like Naruto.

But she knew about a creature, a demon to be exact, that would become like this when the spell was used on them, but it was only a myth and she knew about them from books.

It couldn't be possible…

Mira widened her eyes in shock at the realization. Her theory was soon confirmed when Naruto suddenly pulled back and stared at her in the eyes.

His eyes glowed and at that moment, Mira realized that her fate was settled. She was no longer the predator.

He was.

Mira moaned out lustfully when Naruto grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly before tearing her one piece suit away from her body, leaving her naked just like him. His hands returned to her tits, groping them as hard as he could and return to rape her mouth again. This time, Mira already prepared for it and returned the favor with her own tongue, though not as vicious as he was and the tongue wrestling battle remained in her mouth. Her eyes shot wide open when he suddenly pinched her nipples and twisted them around hard, making her scream out into his mouth in pleasure.

Everything happened so fast that Mira could barely keep up with his pace, before she knew it Naruto had already thrust his big cock into her and started to pound her good and hard, showing absolutely no sign of holding back. His face then traveled down to her breasts and he bit onto her nipple much to her shock.

By the time Mira finished setting up the magical barrier around them so she could scream as much as she wanted without attracting the human's attention, she was cumming like never before with each thrust of his cock, squirting her juice madly onto his pelvis. For an Arch Succubus like her, being fucked by a man like this was truly humiliating but currently she didn't care and could only dive deeper into pleasure.

He fucked her good and hard, penetrating her pussy with long and powerful thrust, punching into her womb every time he thrust his cock in.

Then, his cock suddenly twitched madly inside her pussy and not a second later, the first load of his ejaculation completely filled her womb. Both of them moaned out lustfully as Naruto hurriedly filled up Mira with wave after wave of seeds, making her belly expand slightly to contain the amount of sperm he was releasing into her womb.

As Naruto was too busy unloading himself into her, Mira finally got the chance to take a deep breath and used her hand to wipe the sweat away from her forehead. Not only could he come a lot, but his sperm was also incredibly thick and hot as well, as Mira could feel it flow around inside her belly.

Only one round and yet she felt like she was fucked the whole night.

He came like that for a whole ten minutes before giving a few more thrusts to draw out the last ropes of sperm within his cock, making Mira groan out in disappointment when he slowly pulled his still hard dick out of her pussy. But she didn't have to wait long because the moment he was able to get on his knees, Naruto flipped Mira around and got her on all four, with her ass stuck out as high as possible before grabbing her hip and reentering his cock into her pussy.

With that, he started to fuck her doggy style and like before, he fucked her hard.

"Yes yes that's it! Fucked me just like that!" Mira's screamed out with a stupid smile, standing up a little and let Naruto grab onto her breasts for handholds to thrust harder into her. "Oh fuck master! Screw that fat cock up my cunt! Fuck me harder, deeper! Oh shit, so fucking good!" Her cunt was pounded mercilessly from behind and Naruto's massive balls slapped against her good size ass cheeks.

She was fucked into a mind numbing orgasm, except this one just seemed to never end.

Then, once again his dick expanded before he buried himself fully in her. Grunting lustfully, Naruto started to pump massive amounts of jizz directly into Mira's womb, causing her stomach to swell from the sudden over-stuffing. Jerking his hips in short thrusts Naruto fucked his load into Mira's now swollen belly, forcing some of his cum out of her cunt and down to the rooftop.

His second ejaculation lasted for fifteen minutes before he couldn't cum anymore.

But Mira wasn't expecting this to be over so quick, even after two hours of nonstop fucking, knowing just exactly what he was. Naruto abruptly pulled himself out of her cunt and forced her to her knees and rammed his cock down her throat, which she was more than willing to let him fuck her face and deepthroating him.

And Mira knew that it was just the beginning of him enslaving her to his cock forever.

Line Break

It was ten in the morning and yet the two were still going at it, with the only difference being Naruto who managed to regain his self-control a few hours ago, realizing what he was doing and couldn't stop himself from continuing.

Mira's appearance also changed greatly a few hours ago, no longer the demonic appearance but a more normal appearance. Her hair fell down normally on her back and zigzag cracks disappeared from her body.

Her face was red, like she was drunk from all the sperm Naruto kept releasing into her and shot on her body.

"I changed my mind!" Naruto smirked as he jacked off beside Mira's face "I won't give you to the villagers to punish you for your crime, I think will keep you at my pet" He thrust his cock into her mouth and moaned when Mira sucked on his head "I can wait to show you to Kaa-chan." With that, he used Hirashin to move both of them to his house and continued in his bedroom.

Little did he know that his life was about to change forever.

End of Chapter 1