Warning: This story is made of from author's pure pervert imagination, please don't read if you're not eighteen, aka underage, or have problem with your heart and control your imagination (libido).

I will also warn you about the ridiculous imagination about the ability to come gallons of the main character… You had been warned. Do not tell me that I did not warn you about this.

(Three year Older)unknown jinchuriki Naruto X Large Harem. (Will also include some characters from other series that I like)

Alive Kushina (Incubus)

Summary: AU, heavy smut with plot. Naruto Uzumaki, a proud Shinobi of Konoha with the dream of becoming the Hokage. That is, until he comes across a Succubus in the middle of the night and discovers his true heritage. The road to become Hokage might be farther than ever, when human women, Kunoichi and demonesses of all kinds now lust after him.

Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince

Chapter 2


Mira gathered what was left of her strength and pushed Naruto, who was kissing and fucking her at the same time away before turning around and trying to crawl away hopelessly.

"Please, no more…" She breathed but gasped when his hands shot out and grabbed her ankles, spreading her eagle before pulling her back to him and thrust his cock into her abused and over used anal, much to her shock and his pleasure.

"Now now, be a good girl and let me feed you!" Naruto grinned evilly while slamming his hip rapidly down to her big ass, moving his cock in and out of the tight tunnel of flesh. Mira shivered in pleasure at the way Naruto was fucking her, even after all these hours he was still working both of their body tirelessly. She didn't remember how many times had she came or how many gallons of sperm he unleashed into her demon body but she knew that she could no longer feel her legs and her belly was bloating with so much sperm that she looked like a nine-month pregnant woman.

Even after finding out what he was, this was just too much, way too much.

"Naruto-kun, honey it's time for lunch." Naruto then heard his mother called out for him at the other side of the door. Even if he wanted to keep playing with his new fuck-pet like this until he was full satisfied, Naruto already skipped breakfast and without a proper meal, he would get tired soon enough. Plus, his mother's cooking wasn't something he could deny.

"Okay Kaa-chan!" Naruto said loudly and pulled himself out of Mira much to her relief. He then moved closer to her mouth and let the succubus suck on his cock, drinking his pre-cum to gain back some of her strength "Wait, I would like to meet someone." He called out again before Kushina could leave.

"Don't tell me you brought a new girl to the house again Naruto-kun." Kushina said with a motherly tone. Even when she already used to fucking with her son and could be quite slutty most of the time, she was still a mother who loved her child.


"Who is she now?"

"You can come in and see her for yourself, the doors weren't locked" He said and helped Mira get on her knees beside him.

'That's new' now Kushina became curious. Because their relationship was a secret to others, Naruto would react like a boy would react whenever she caught him fucking some girls in his room, because a boy his age wouldn't like his mother to catch him naked with a woman. However, this was the first time he had outright invited her in to meet the girl, unless he wasn't having sex like usual.

Kushina opened the door and found Naruto naked which wasn't unexpected, sitting on the edge of his bed with his cock pointing upward and still wet with saliva. She had to stop herself from licking her lips at the pussy-arousing sight and turned to the girl who was sitting traditionally next to him, bowing her head low to Naruto's mother with hands on her lap.

"Kaa-chan, this is Mirajane." Naruto introduced, decided to leave out the demonic part "Mira, this is my mother, Kushina."

"It's a pleasure…" Mira bowed her head respectfully before looking up, but as soon as she did that both she and Kushina gasped and widened their eyes in utter shock.

"K-Kushina-sama?" Mira shuttered in shock.

Naruto could only stare at them in confusion before turning to Mira and ask in wondering

"You know my mother?"

Line Break

"So let's me get this straight," Naruto spoke up for the first time, sitting on his chair at the dining table with his mother and a fully clothed Mira in front of him. "You, kaa-chan is no ordinary human, but actually an Arch Succubus like Mira. Not only that but you are also the former Queen of the Succubus, retired from that position a few years ago and came to the human world to live, with an Uzumaki cover thank your red hair."

"Yes, and I chose Mira's mother to be my successor, Eve since I didn't have a child back then"

"But if you're a Succubus, wouldn't it make me…"

"An incubus, a male sex demon. That was why most of my magic couldn't work on you Naruto-sama, as a Succubus' magic could not affect those who were superior than her." Mira spoke up "But I have never seen an Incubus with a sex-drive and stamina like you before Naruto-sama."

"He's my son, duh." Kushina said it like it wasn't something Mira should feel surprise about.

"That will also explain my abnormal libido" Naruto said, leaned back against his chair "and explain why you were than willing to suck my dick, kaa-chan" He said it shamelessly and grinned at his mother, making her giggle "Not to mention all the sex we have had since I was ten." He then frowned "But why didn't you keep this a secret, kaa-chan?"

"Well Naruto-kun, first I would like to raise your normally. Maybe I will tell you someday in the near future when you're mature enough to understand" The son of Yondaime pouted at that He always hated it when people considered him wasn't mature enough, especially his mother who he had sex with every day.

"Ten? Wait, don't tell me that your first time is with Kushina-sama" Mira said in shock and Naruto nodded his head "You're so lucky!" She put her hands together and cooed girlishly, with her eyes sparkled like the stars in the night.

"Sex demon's first time is always one of the hardest times of their life, so of course I was the best partner for my son." Kushina smiled and explained it to Naruto "All sex demons' maturity is at the age of ten that is when we can start our sex life and can fully experience the pleasure of sex. However, after our tenth birthday our life our life will depend on sex and sex only, we stop fucking and drinking sexuality energy, we will die. You, however, is only a half Incubus because of your father, so you don't realize on sex that much and can still live normally with human's foods" Naruto nodded his head in understanding "But I doubt it affected your libido, Am I right Mira?"

"Yes… he really fucked me stupid."

Kushina then turned her head to Mira "Fifty men to death in just two weeks, I expect nothing less from the princess herself" The girl stuck out her tongue cutely and knocked herself on the head.

"You knew, Kaa-chan?"

"No, I already figured it out that a Succubus was the one behind all those deaths but it was actually hard to believe that the Succubus princess was actually the one." Kushina smirked slyly "What? Get tired of the men there and come to the human world to find new thrill?"

"Yeah," Mira giggled "I heard that human men came faster than demon, so I come here to see if the rumor is true."

"And then you met my son, whose is more than capable of out-fuck even a squad of Succubus like you. How ironic!" Kushina commented before standing up "I will let you two plays later, but now, I need my meal" with a flicked of her hands, Kushina's clothes completely disappeared, leaving her naked in front of her son. Another click of her hands and his clothes disappeared as well.

A tail, just like Mira's tail then appeared from his mother's back and moved toward his dick, wrapping several times around it before glowing. Naruto smirked when he saw his cock slowly hardened before coming to stand at full mass.

"You got to teach me how to do that, mom" Naruto grinned and pushed himself up, pushing his mother against the wall before turning her around.

"I will let Mira take care of the details, I think that she is more than happy to help you with that." Kushina said as she was pinched flat against the wall, her left left was lifted up with her son's hand holding her thigh. It didn't take him long to get his cock into her pussy and punch straight into her womb "Am I right, Mira?" she turned her head around slightly to ask.

"It will be my greatest honor Kushina-sama!" Eve shot up and puffed her massive chest out in pride "I'm going to make sure that Naruto-sama become the greatest Incubus."

"Good to hear!" The former Queen giggled before moaning out as Naruto started to fuck her.

Now that Naruto knew his mother's true nature, he didn't show any hesitation to pound her good and hard. Before, even if she was a strong Kunoichi and he fucked her really hard most of the times, he was always worry that he would accidentally hurt her if she was fucked too hard. But now that he knew she was a sex demon, a natural born demon with the body for fucking, Naruto didn't stop himself from pounding her ass as hard as possible.

Removing his mother from the wall, Naruto lifted her whole body up with his hands underneath her thighs and spread her legs eagle, starting to pound her on his cock with his hip thrust up to meet her every time she fell down. Kushina's eyes rolled into the back of her head at the pleasure of having her son's big cock moving with extreme speed within her body. Her tits bouncing and sometimes slapped into her face as Naruto bounced her on his cock, rapidly impaling his fuck meat into her body.

Then, he suddenly stopped and whispered into her ear.

"Your asshole, now" Kushina grinned and snaked her hand down to pull his cock out of her fold and position it at her anus. As Naruto slowly inserting his dick into her tightest hole, Kushina grabbed his balls and fondled them in her hands, smirking lewdly as she could feel its heaviness and the amount of cream he was holding within.

"Ohhhh - - oh, that's perfect - - give me more, baby - - fuck Mommy's ass, now - - fuck it hard and deep! Fuck Mommy's ass! Mommy needs your big cock up her ass!"

Naruto sped up, shoving his big, thick meat up his mother's butt, giving her the ass-fucking she craved. Her tight, hot ass muscles clasped his prick as he speared it up her hole.

"Fuck me - - fuck Mommy's horny ass!" Kushina yelled, loving the feeling of her son's huge prick up her behind. "Kami, baby - - gonna fucking - - cum again!" she cried, her pussy and ass clenching and cumming as he fucked her hard and fast, another orgasm running through her body. She came so hard that her juice squirted out and sprayed on the wall in front of them

"Fuck, mom - - gonna cum too!" Naruto grunted, packing his length deep up her ass.

"Cum on my face!" she cried. "I want to eat your cum!"

Naruto smirked and withdrew his bloated cock from her hot ass and watched as she spun around and kneeled before him. He stood in front of her, jerking on his prick before she knocked his hand away and sucked on his cock, stuffing it down her throat.

"Fucking hell," he moaned "Now that I know you're a succubus, you're way hotter than before Kaa-chan" he then thrust his dick slowly

Naruto felt his prick swell in her mouth as the familiar tightening in his balls signaled his own orgasm. Kushina could feel it too and pulled back, jerking him rapidly with her hand.

The Incubus then groaned as his dick spat out a huge line of viscous cream that splattered thickly over his mother's face, laying from her forehead, over one eye and part of her cheek before hanging off her jaw. Another line and another shot from his prick, glazing her perfect face in streams of pearly white jizz, running down her face, over her smiling mouth as she continued jerking on his cock, aiming the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and more shots over herself.

"Cum on kaa-chan's face - - that's it, baby," she cooed before taking his cock head into her mouth, sucking down his cum straight from the source. She drank his endless cum like a pro, gulping down mouthful after mouthful to make sure that he had room to shoot more loads in.

After he was done, Kushina withdrew her head from his cock and smiled at him "Mmmmm, yummy," she said, using his slowly softening prick to push his cum from her face towards her mouth.

"Fuck, mom," Naruto gasped, watching her scoop his cum from her face with her fingers before lifting her own tits and licking up the spunk that had dripped on to them.

As his mother suck on his cock, Naruto turned his head around and looked at Mira, who was also naked just like them. The white haired succubus was furiously fingering pussy with one hand groping her tits, a slutty expression on her face as she watched the mother sucking on her son's dick.

"That was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life" Mira commented, making Naruto feel proud of himself.

Line Break

"So, as long as you keep fucking me, I won't attack the other human again." Mira said with a slutty smile as she clung to Naruto's arm like glue while the both of them walked through the street of Konoha "This kind of deal is a win win for both of us, so deal?"

"I see, then deal" Naruto nodded his head. He would be gay or stupid if he refused such a deal like this. He had learnt from his mother that he didn't have to worry about her or Mira sucking his life-force drained, since they lived on both sexual energy and others' life-force. Being Kushina's son, his life force was strong enough to regenerate back to before in just a few hours, not to mention demon, Hanyo or not could live for thousands of year or even more.

After fully drained men's sexual energy in the form of their sperm out of their body, the succubus would start to suck on their life force to feed themselves, thus killing the after they was sucked completely dry. In Naruto's case, he could simply cum so much that he would easily flood a succubus if she wasn't careful. His large testicles could also produce endless amount of rich and super nutrition sperm, enough to feed many succubus at once.

Overall, he got nothing to worry about.

But from this point, Naruto also had to be extra be careful if he had sex with a human girl. He always wondering why his mother always busted into his room in the middle of sex, stopping him from continuing. At first he thought she was jealous or something but now he understand.

Like Mira who killed those fifty men simply by fucking them, he could easily kill a woman if he went too far on them. As he was a young, untrained Incubus, he couldn't control what he was sucking and would unconsciously drain their life force whenever he had sex with them.

He wouldn't have to worry when fucking Succubuses like Mira or his mother, but with the other girls, Mira wisely advised him that he shouldn't try with human girls until he learned to control his Incubus power.

"Great, and you should know that I want three meals per day, and a quick snack before going to sleep." Mira grinned and held out three fingers "Other than that, you can fuck me whenever and however you want. In turn, I will teach you our magic and how to become a great Incubus."

"I think I can manage that." Naruto nodded his head with a smile. Another mouth to feed wasn't something he couldn't handle, especially when he had a way to handle not two but thousands succubuses like them at once if possible "By the way, what's wrong with these people, it's like they can't see you." Naruto said and looked around. Someone with foreign appearance like Mira, especially someone as beautiful as she was wasn't an usual sight around the village, so she would immediately draw a lot attention from everyone, but currently they were walking pass her like she wasn't there, completely ignored the attractive white haired woman "Magic?"

"Yes and you are currently the only one that can see me, since my magic doesn't work on you." Mira then smiled slyly and thrust her hand into his pant, grabbing his cock "and we could fuck each other right here if you want to, no one will be able to see us."

"Nah, I think I will pass" Naruto shook his head "I'm still a Shinobi you know and I have works to do."

"I see, but can I play your cock like this?" Mira asked seductively, wings magically appeared on her back even though she was still wearing the sweater his mother gave her. With a flap, Mira's body was lifted from the ground and floated next to Naruto. She then pulled down his zipper and took his cock out of his pants, thank to her magic no one was able to see it. " don't tell me that you don't feel turn on by it" she giggled when his cock slowly hardened in her hand.

"Do whatever you want" Naruto said it simply and continued walking.

"Hai!" Mira cooed excitedly and started to stroke his dick, at the same time wrapped her tail around his wrist and put the heart end into his hand.

Line Break

"Eh? Kakashi-sensei is sick?" Naruto asked in disbelief, trying to keep his voice as normal as it could. Because Mira and her playfulness were unseen by all with the help of her magic, the succubus were currently kneeling in front of him and sucking on his cock, with her breasts wrapped around what she didn't take into her mouth. The girl also shamelessly removed every single piece of clothes from her body and was currently in her birth suit.

Again, unseen by all but him and his mother, who was also summoned to the Hokage's office with him.

"Yes, I heard that he stayed out at night and caught a cold, a very hard one" The Sandaime Hokage nodded his head "We already took him to the hospital but it will take a while for him to get back to duty again." The old man sighed "So for now, you both will have to handle team seven for him."

"Both of us?" Kushina asked in surprise.

"Yes, I know that both of you are more than capable of taking care of a team, alone but this will be a great chance for you to show Naruto the way of handling a team Kushina." Sarutobi explained "As he will probably assigned with a Gennin Team in the future, I think that it will be great if we prepare for him from this time."

"I see, thank you Hokage-sama" Kushina smiled and nodded her head.

"Do you have any objection, Naruto?"

"No Ji-chan." Naruto grinned.

More times with his mother.

"Good, I want you two to be here at three this afternoon and start your first mission with team seven. You can go now." With that, the mother and son left the Hokage's office, with Mira still sucking on his cock.

Basically when it came to sex, sex demons like them didn't have something called shame or hesitation. That word so wasn't in their dictionary. Naruto could now see why he was so confident fucking his mother.

"I see that you found a new kind of entertainment." Kushina said with a sly smirk and patted him on the head, looking at Mira who was still clunging to his cock like glue, floating above the ground in front of him "Your mother is very proud of you." She smiled.

Naruto smiled back to his mother before grunting throatily in pleasure as Mira finally brought him to the edge of cumming. It didn't take him long to blow his loads into Mira's mouth, filling it almost immediately.

Mira gulped down all of his ejaculation and didn't spill a drop.

"Ah~, how refreshing." Mira moaned out excitedly after letting go of his cock, her breasts bounced when she stretched her hands about his head "Such delicious sperm, you're the best Naruto-sama." She flew forward and clung to him again with his arm sandwiched between her large breasts, leaning her head against his shoulder.

"Mira, I think you should start with Naruto's training. We're going to be very busy the next couple of days so I doubt you will have much time teaching him."

"The sex still going?"

"Of course, but remember, not while we're working or fighting." Mira nodded her head at the former Queen's words "You guys go back to the house and start with Naruto's training. I need to finish the paperwork before we can fully take over Team Seven." Kushina smiled and kissed Naruto on his lips "Train hard, okay?" She winked at him before walking away "Become a great Incubus and live up to your mother's name." with that, she left the place.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at that.

"Where are you going Mira?" He asked curiously when he saw her open the windows.

"Meet me at your house Naruto-sama. I need to get something for you." With that, she flared out her wings and flew out.

Line Break

Naruto with only his boxer left on his body was waiting patiently for Mira to return. Since he knew that sooner or later he would have the chance to fuck her again, there was no point of wearing unnecessary clothes when there were only the two of them in the house. Naruto wanted to stay naked, but a boxer should be fine.

Then, when he was about to get impatient, a white circle suddenly appeared on the floor of his room and Mira appeared from it, wearing the revealing one piece suit on her body she wore yesterday night. It must be one of her magic that allowed her to teleport from one place to another, but Naruto didn't understand why she couldn't just simply fly into his room.

Thought, Naruto didn't need to ask her for the answer, because she was bringing someone with her.

That someone was a woman, who was the owner of the greatest boobs of all Elemental Nations.

Tsunade Senju, his godmother and one of the legendary three Sannin of Konoha.

Also, she was wearing something that made his cock hard in an instant, becoming noticeable on his boxer.

It was a set of lingerie that was crying sexy, slutty and absolutely great on her. They were all bright red in color. Somehow, in a magical way, Tsunade managed to fit her majestic breasts into the bra, even though it pushed them up so much she could almost nuzzle her own cleavage. A tiny red thong that could barely hide her pussy and he bet that her whole ass crack was visible, as her ass cheek would completely swallow the tiny cloth. Tsunade also wore skin tight stockings that connected to garner belt around her tiny waist, as well as red stilettos.

She looked completely fuckable.

Though, even when he was extremely aroused by her slutty appearance, he couldn't help but notice that there was something abnormal about her when he look at her eyes.

They were dazed and had this faraway look, as if she wasn't paying attention to what she was seeing and her mind was elsewhere.

"Surprise?" Mira cried out while waving both of her hands at Tsunade "I also dressed her up a bit before coming here." She then looked at him "I came across this one while looking for a training dummy for you around the village, these tits completely drew me to her." Mira reached her hand and groped Tsunade's left tit, squeezing it while moving the orb of flesh around "I also looked into her memories and found out that she had a one night stand with you a year ago Naruto-sama, so I chose her to be your training dummy for today."

Surprisingly enough, the busty blonde Sannin was one of Naruto's lovers, even though she was only a one night stand. A year ago, Naruto found her Tsunade drinking in a local bar and refused to stop gulping down the wine even after she was completely drunk. Since they knew each other rather well, the bartender asked him to bring her out of his bar.

After bringing Tsunade to her house, things simply happened and before he knew it he found himself pounding into Tsunade from above. Naruto fucked and played with her tits, the greatest boobs of all Elemental Nations a lot during that night, maybe even more than fucking her pussy or asshole and could never forget that incredibly pleasure experience.

The next morning, he decided to leave as soon as possible before she could get angry at him and punch him like he usually punched Jiraiya. But later that day he found out that she didn't remember anything at all.

Naruto always wanted to fuck her again. He would do anything to have her tits wrapped around his dick again and titty fuck him until he cum and paint her tits white with his goo.

So seeing her like this, greatly turned him on.

"What happened to her?" Naruto asked in amazement and stood up, clicking his fingers in front of her face but she still didn't response to his action.

"I'm controlling her with my magic, the same magic I'm about to teach you Naruto-sama." Naruto nodded his head, cracking madly at the thought "I also overlapped her mind with some of my magic. She is now completely loyal to you. She won't know why, when or how it started. Tsunade Senju will simply listen to every single words you tell her, or do anything you tell her to do even bend down and let you fuck her raw. I also make her become more comfortable with sex with you and she will become extremely horny if she sees your dick. Remember, your dick only. " Mira then frowned "It took me all of my magical energy that I got from your sperm you fed me this morning just to do all that to this woman. She is crazily strong, mentally."

"I see," Naruto grinned "I will feed you later, now, show me the way?"

"Right" Mira then turned to Tsunade and stared at her in the eyes. The succubus' eyes then glowed magically for a second. Tsunade then blinked rapidly and looked around totally confused "Okay, I just tell her not to listen to you, for now."

"So you can still do that? Those orders weren't permanently?"

"Duh, I'm the one who reordered her mind remember?" Mira waved her finger around.

"Naruto, what is the meaning of this?" Tsunade asked harshly while looking at Naruto, before casting her eyes to herself and looking at her body "Why am I wearing this?" she asked in shocked. It seemed that she couldn't see or hear Mira.

"Now it's your turn to control her Naruto-sama." Mira spoke up "You already did it once while having sex with me last night, just think about what you want Tsunade to do and focus your power into your eyes." Mira then grinned slyly "Try to make her remove your pant for you."

Naruto did what he was told and stared into Tsunade's eyes, focusing all of his willpower into his eyes while imagine the screen of Tsunade get down to her knees and remove his pant for him and free his steel hard cock.

"What's up bra…" but she stopped speaking the moment Naruto's eyes started to glow.

Tsunade suddenly felt a strange urge at the back of her mind and let herself listened to it, she got on her knees in front of Naruto and grabbed the waistline of his boxer, pulling it down and freed his hard cock.

The moment Naruto's dick coming into view, she was extremely aroused. She couldn't help but gulp at the sight of the massive pole twitching in front of her face.

"This is the simplest magic of sex demons like us. It is very different from mind controlling technique you see. This magic will put a strong urge, a need into the one you're controlling mind that are so strong that they cannot stop themselves from doing it immediately. You want her to remove your pant, she will feel she need to remove it immediately."

"What a very useful trick!" Naruto commented in amazement. This kind of technique could become very useful on the battlefield, if he could control an enemy into killing his comrades or tell him all the secret and important intels without no one knowing anything about it. Because it was urges and needs, not mind controlling, not even the Yamanaka would be able to tell.

"Because I'm already control her, her mind is pretty weak right now. It will take more training and power to control the stronger will one." Mira explained before saying "Since in those memories, you loved her tits a lot, why don't you tell her to give you a titty-fuck next?" she asked slyly.

Once again, Naruto mentally commanded to do what he wanted her to do and much to his excitement, this time he did it at the first try. Tsunade straightened herself up and removed her tiny bra, revealing her areolas and nipples before grabbing both of her tits, moving them slightly apart before smashing them together with his cock in between.

Naruto moaned out lustfully at the feeling of the incredibly soft fleshes wrapped completely around his cock, simply leaned back slightly and let her work his cock. She pumped her massive breasts up and down, squashing her huge tits with her hands, moving them quickly along his length

It only took a little more than ten minutes for Naruto to be moaning out constantly and for his cock to throb and swell up more between her breasts. Tsunade then jerked his rod faster and faster, as well as harder as before allowing him to blast his load all over her face. He howled like an animal in heat and climaxed between her massive mounds, shooting a large blast of cum into Tsunade's face, making her throw her head back and let the continuous blast to go high into the air before falling down to her neck, chest and breasts. It leaked in her cleavage, dripping down to her mostly naked body.

"Nice" Mira commented and scooped some of the cum on Tsunade's cheek and put it into her mouth "As expect from Naruto-sama, at this rate you will be able to control your mother into doing unspeakable things, though I doubt you really need to do so." Mira then declared and grabbed Tsunade, throwing her onto his bed "Enough training, time for some fucking."

"Wait, what about her life force?" Naruto asked.

"No worry Naruto-sama, a few rounds of sex won't kill her. Plus, Tsunade is physically insanely strong, I doubt that she cannot keep up with your stamina."

"True." Naruto nodded his head and grinned. He knew better than anyone about that after that night. Other than his mother, she was the only one that could keep up with his godly stamina and libido, as she could last for more than a couple of rounds with him.

With that, Naruto was no longer hesitation and couldn't stop himself from leaping forward and pushed her down to the bed, squashing her huge tits against it. Naruto grabbed his dick and positioned it in front of her pussy's entrance and pounded his cock in immediately after that, making her cry in pain.

He forced himself as deep as he could into her, punching into her womb much to both of their pleasure. He then wrapped his muscular arms around her large tits, hugging their body close and then thrust again and again, merciless into her pussy with his hip slapped against her ass. He groped her tits hard as he fucked her pussy, delving into its tight and warm depths.

Tsunade soon lost her mind and became only a nice and tight pussy for him to fuck. She was drooling on the bed sheet, panting and moaning as if she was in heat, fucked literally silly by Naruto's incredible cock.

"Such a strong and dominating Incubus, the other succubuses are going to get really horny when I tell them about you" Mira said slyly as she got down to the bed next to Naruto and Tsunade, lying on her front and supported her head with her palms, watching him fuck.

Soon, Naruto reached his climax and grunted loudly as he came, shooting his sperm into her, his pulsing cock splattering her insides with his sperm. Even after her inside was full, he kept pumping his sperm in her, expanding her womb with it.

"I wonder just how many litters these boys can produce per second" Mira reached her hands out and grabbed his big balls. She could feel them clenching and throbbing rapidly to produce more sperm for him to cum.

When he was satisfied and his climax died out, Naruto slowly pulled himself out of Tsunade's fold and offered his cock to Mira's mouth, letting her suck on his cock while he rapidly spanked Tsunade's big ass. Her ass were just as great as her tits and he just loved the way both of them jiggled whenever he fucked her.

"Come here Tsunade" He grabbed her by the waist and brought her to him before turning the busty women around. He grinned when her massive tits were in front of him again and wasn't hesitation to bury his face between them. His hands grabbed her nipples and pulled on her tits hard, making the Sannin to cry out in pleasure.

What a great way to start a life of an Incubus.

End of Chapter 2