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(Three year Older) unknown Jinchuriki Naruto X Large Harem. (Will also include some characters from other series that I like)

Harem so far: Kushina Uzumaki, Mirajane, Serafall Leviathan.


Summary: AU, heavy smut with plot. Naruto Uzumaki, a proud Shinobi of Konoha with the dream of becoming the Hokage. That is, until he comes across a Succubus in the middle of the night and discovers his true heritage. The road to become Hokage might be farther than ever, when human women, Kunoichi and demonesses of all kinds now lust after him.

Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince

Chapter 17

Home Coming

The next morning, Naruto woke up to the wet, tingling sensation of being soaked completely in a glistening oil like substance that magically covered the entire surface of the room-sized bed that he was in, while being swaddled in warm, silken flesh. Just taking a look around from where he lay, the recently crowned Incubus Prince found himself in paradise; a paradise of lewd and debauchery lifestyle that he had started to grow more and more accustomed to.

There had to be at least a hundred currently in the room with him, being covered and soaked in the same stuff, making their bodies glisten erotically under the warm, sensual light that was being emitted from the orbs of light floating around the room. Naruto had no idea how many of them he had fucked, but he could tell every single one of them was now his loyal and willing slut, and he even had permission to take as many of them as he wanted home to add into his already massive collection of succubi.

Currently, as he laid there in the center of the lubricant-made bed, four beautiful succubi were currently serving his soft but still incredibly impressive dick as it draped up and over his eight pack abs, kissing and sucking at the vast expanse of man meat while two others were straddling his muscular calves, the lower half of their faces burying in the sides of his swollen nut-sack. The rest were mashing themselves around him, serving as his comfort women, arranging themselves for his viewing pleasure, making sure their wet tits, legs and asses were on display as much as they could manage them.

Still, no one in a more erotic position than succubus princess Mira herself, lying face down with her ass sticking right up and her tits pillowing underneath her body, exactly where he had left her. During the entire week he had spent in this room with over a hundred Succubi, Mira had of course been the most active among them, always coming back for more almost as soon as she had recovered enough strength or hadn't been 'too drunk on his cum' to continue. Her mother had occasionally joined them, but being a queen, she couldn't stay for too long and returned to her work almost as soon as she had had her fill of him.

With a smirk on his face, Naruto removed himself from the group of succubi around him and crawled over three others to get to Mira, his cock growing harder and harder until it finally became a solid 14 inch mass of stone-hard meat. The succubus princess stirred a little but otherwise did not wake up from her slumber, not until Naruto had positioned himself on top of her, his hand spreading her ass cheek so that he could plunge his cock balls deep right into her asshole. In that position, he began to pound away, his hand reaching out and grabbing a fistful of her hair to pull her head back as he slammed down into her asshole, waking Mira up fully from her sleep and causing her to moan out while arching her back, her hips bucking backwards, her thick ass cheeks bouncing as her asshole devoured his cock whole. At the same time, her eyes crossed, and her tongue stuck out to make a shameless and brainless ahegao expression that the succubi had never seen before from the princess.

The oil-like lubricant splattered and splashed all around them as Naruto pounded Mira's ass with gusto, her body completely pinned and helpless underneath his as he yanked on her hair like a pair of horse rein. When she began to thrash from side to side while experiencing a series of powerful, soul searing orgasms that ripped through her body, Naruto wrapped his whole left arm around her chest and taking a hold of fat right breast from behind, helping to tug Mirajane backwards to meet his thrusts as he lodged himself deep inside her ass. Not trying to hold back or whatsoever, the blond incubus then released his come the force of a fully released firehose, filling the lustful succubus princess to the brim with his virile, hot jizz.

When Naruto eventually finished coming and pulled out of Mira's devastated ass, she could only moan and groan for a few times as Naruto rose to stand on his feet over her, his hand still holding her hair and using it to lift her up until she was facing his cock, which she then took into her mouth and started sucking on worshipfully. In addition, the other succubi began to wake up as well, and wasted no time to start gathering around their new master with lustful anticipation as he smirked and looked around to find the next girl to dump his load in.


"Thanks girl!" Naruto grinned and nodded his head to show gratitude to the two succubi who had taken him home, teleporting themselves and him from the castle to the doorstep of Uzumaki mansion with a transportation magic circle. In the end, it had taken Naruto three whole days to get himself out of that succubi filled room with a fucked stupid Mira, who had been taken to her personal chamber to get some well-deserved rest for the time being, leaving Naruto to return to the human world alone, but not that he minded.

"It's our honor, Naruto-sama!" the two succubi cooed and then leaned forward to share a three way kiss with him, their hands stroking his bare chest as the only thing he was wearing was a royal garment that wrapped around his waist and extended down to about an inch above his ankles, though it still failed miserably to hide his dangling, forearm thick cock.

After a moment, the two sex demons pulled back from him and bid him goodbye before they teleported back to their homes in the demon realm, allowing Naruto to turn around and start making his way into the massive mansion that was his home. The succubi he had chosen as his new maids would move in later, though he was pretty sure that the place had more than enough rooms to house all of them.

"I'm home!" Naruto announced when he entered, dropping the last piece of clothing on his body on the floor once he had removed his shoes. All the maids in the main hall stopped whatever they were doing and turned their heads to greet him, bowing respectfully and giving Naruto an awfully nice view of their mountainous cleavage.

It didn't take it long for his mother to come see him, striding into the hall from the kitchen wearing nothing but a lewd halter top that went just an inch below her nipples, leaving the bottom portion of her magnificently massive tits and toned stomach bare, and a black thong that was so tiny it was barely cupping the delicious mounds of her cunt and probably getting swallowed completely between her fleshy buttocks as well. "Look who's back." The arch-succubus smiled, placing a hand on her bare hip as she looked at her son with nothing but lust and love in her eyes.

Naruto merely grinned, his cock pulsing upon seeing his mother, his eyes taking in every detail of her lewd body before leaning forward as Kushina pressed her pillowy rack against his chest, tiptoeing over to give him a lewd, obscenely taboo kiss. Their tongues tangled and writhed against each other, heads moving from side to side before their lips parted, showing pink muscles still twisting and wriggling around each other, dripping strings of steamy spit onto Kushina's creamy cleavage until Naruto decided his mother had had enough fun and started to really kiss her. Instantly she submitted to his aggressive, dominating tongue, her curvaceous bod melting against his as her eyes rolled back, mouth closing on his tongue and fellating it like it was his cock as his hands traveled down her body to cup her luscious ass, holding her against his him as her thighs squeezed his growing member.

"Over a week at the succubi castle and you're still this horny huh?" Kushina giggled as she broke, parting her thighs so that she could put her hands on his cock while ignoring the strands of saliva that broke and dangled from her chin "Seriously, those royal succubi Eve had handpicked for you wasn't as good as she had claimed them to be."

"Well, I wouldn't blame them, kaa-chan, not when I have a mother like you." Naruto grinned and replied to her, his hand casually sliding under Kushina's thong to cup at her pussy mounds, making her gasp softly when he inserted his ring and middle finger into her twat "Evelyn and Kaguya aren't home, I suppose."

"Yes, they are out playing with their friends in the village." The red haired woman answered, as Naruto's hand skillfully played with her cunt, not slowing down even as she began to lose her footing and had to hold onto his shoulders to stop herself from falling over. She couldn't explain it, but there's something different about her son. Sure, he still had that somewhat goofy, but sincerely genuine grin on his face, but at the same time he gave off an aura of confidence and authority like that of a full blooded royal incubus, one that the demon world had not seen for so long.

"I see." Naruto nodded his head in understanding before he took his hand back. "Why don't you go change into something nice kaa-chan, and come see me in my room so I can fuck you?" The blond suggested, the last few words coming out of his mouth as naturally as his trademark verbal tic, making Kushina feel weak in the knees at the prospect of being truly fucked by her son for the first time ever. In the past, Naruto had always had this excitement that unmistakably belonged to a young sex demon of his personality, making it feel like he was having fun more than having sex with her, but now, looking at him, she saw nothing but maturity, one that promised Kushina that he would not show her an ounce of mercy as he fuck her.

"Of course, anything for you." The red haired arch-succubus nodded her head and wasted no time to make her way to her room to do what she was told to do, as Naruto left for his room with a busty maid at his side, who he then used to warm up while waiting for his mother to arrive. Once that he was rock hard, he allowed the maid to leave and took his seat on a mini loveseat-like bed for two in a corner of the room, sinking into the softness of the red, bean-bag sized pillows behind him as he waited patiently for his mother to arrive, cock pointing straight up to the ceiling in anticipation.

He did not have to wait long, as Kushina arrived at his room a moment later, coming in with the outfit she had prepared for him hidden under a silk robe that was tied to her body by a belt around the waist. As she walked toward him with the confidence and grace of a mature full blooded demon, Kushina's hands worked to untie the belt around her waist, allowing her robe to drop to the side to reveal that she was completely naked underneath, with nothing but a lace choker around her neck, a sparkling belly chain with a diamond hanging just below her midriff, a pair of white stockings that dug deliciously into the supple flesh of her thighs, and a set of golden armbands, bracelets and anklets.

She looked, in a word, fuckable.

Her heels clicked and clacked on the floor as she approached Naruto, looking every inch the image of a powerful woman, and a lewd arch-succubus that could make men cream their pants with a mere gaze of her eyes. Once she was close enough to him, Kushina placed her hands on her hips, radiating confidence as she parted her thighs and struck a pose while staring at the seated Naruto, leaning her face forward slightly as she asked him.

"So, what do you think?"

Of course, Naruto was smart enough to know there's only one answer for that question.

"Hell yeah kaa-chan, you look hot as hell." He said, though the way his cock lurched and throbbed violently while blasting off jets of pre come was more than enough of an answer for Kushina, as she spun around sensually to show him the perfect globes of her ass, hands trailing down over them before spreading them to the sides to reveal her puckered asshole and wet cunt lips for his viewing pleasure. "Now come here Kushina. It's time to remind me why you are the best." The red haired woman swooned lustfully at that. She loved the incestuous taboo of their sex, but she loved it even more when Naruto called her by her name.

Without wasting more of his time, Kushina climbed onto the bed as Naruto moved his legs wide apart to make room for his mother, perhaps a little bit too wide but neither of them cared. On all four, she crawled over to her position between his legs, and leaned forward to plant a kiss on his cock, hands moving out to cup his balls, each the size of her fist. She grabbed them and hefted them up in her hand, feeling the weight and stiffness as she continued to make out with his cock. After a moment, she moved both hands to his girthy cock, unable to wrap fully around it, and started stroking the meaty tube at a slow but steady as her mouth made wet slurping noise around his cock head, slurping up the copious globes of pre-cum that rocketed out from his cock, half of which she spread across on the entire surface of his veiny dong to add an extra flavor once she put it in her mouth.

Then, with her head slowly descending down upon his ramrod, Kushina opened her mouth wide and tightly wrapped her lips around Naruto's swollen bulbous cockhead, sucking and slurping, drinking his pre-cum in his musk while swirling her tongue around and around like it was a piece of candy. Slurping sounds filled the room as the mother took a few sucks, bobbing her head a little up and down the massive cock before she began to take some more of his cock into her mouth, which did not take long for the swollen head to push against the back of her throat.

For several minutes, she worked with her magic on that part of his cock, using her hands to cover the rest that she had not reached, before she started to force her head down his incredibly hard dong, sex demon's natural magic working to the fullest as it magically bent his cock in her throat and allowing it to slide comfortably down her gut. Naruto went cross-eyed in pleasure as more and more of his cock disappeared into her mouth while the tip kept on traveling down her gullet until there was nothing left and her lips secured a firm grip around the base of his cock, chin resting on his balls. From there, Kushina began to moan, humming a soft tune and sending amazing vibrations up his monstrous rock hard pole while her hands returned to work on his balls, practically milking those huge orbs before she began to blow him, bobbing her head back and forth. His cock was soon soaked in her spit, saliva dripping down his sack in lines as she blew him while staring up at Naruto with half lifted eyes filled with lustful passion.

"Fuck! I am cumming Kushina! Do not spill a load you fucking slut!" With that, Naruto gave in to the pleasure and came, hosing his seed directly down his mother's stomach, his volume was as great as ever despite the fact that he had spent over a week with over a hundred succubi. His first shot was a constant stream of sperm that lasted for minutes, filling her stomach up to the brim before she allowed it to back up her throat and cause her cheeks to bloat out, wanting to taste his raw semen. From there, she swallowed and swallowed, and for the next twenty minutes Naruto tried to drown her in his cum but Kushina was able to keep up with him without spilling a single drop, doing exactly what he told her to do with gusto.

When his orgasm subsided, Kushina slowly reared her head back and released his cock from her mouth with a wet, loud pop before she proceeded to wrap her soft tits around him as he calmed down from his mind blowing orgasm.

"How was it?" She asked while slowly moving her massive tits on the length of his cock, hefting them up and down with her hands "I am the best, aren't I?"

"Fuck yeah, you're the best." He answered giddily, and Kushina rewarded him by moving her tits up and down separately, lifting one up and dropping the other down as she bent it a bit from side to side, sliding up and down, gaining speed over time while rubbing her face and tits all over his cock and balls. Still sensitive from his previous orgasm, more and more pre come began to rocket out from the tip, either splatting her face or oozing down onto he soft and smooth skin of her tits, getting rubbed into her skin like lotion as she continuously worked her fat tits on his dick, up and down, side to side, shaking it like jelly while moaning seductively.

"No, not here." Just when he was about to blast his second load, Kushina removed her tits from his cock and stood up from him before turning around to face away from him on all four, her hands moving around to spread her ass cheeks and showing him her dripping wet pussy and asshole as she bent herself over to offer herself to her son. Tossing him a look over her shoulder, she bounced her supple flesh in her hands before telling him "Here, dump that fucking load yours in one of these."

Smirking, Naruto stood up and moved to stand in a low squat behind her, roughly grabbing his sultry mother by the elbows and repositioning himself so that his cock was pointing straight at her asshole. With that, he thrust forward simultaneously at the same time his hands yanking her back at him, spearing into her asshole, stretching her out and making her feel like an entire arm was forcing its way into her butt. Eyes rolling back, Kushina began to moan, the feeling inside her rectum making her gasp out blissfully as Naruto worked more cock into her, moving his hips back and fore inside her and at the same time he pulled her back until her butt was pressed against him and his cock was ball deep inside her.

Naruto did not waste any more time than that to start setting up a pace and went on to hump her, grunting and moaning from the effort as her ass smashed against his body as he ravaged her anus, his cockhead sliding back and forth as his whole monster dong scrapped against her inner walls. In order to move even faster, Naruto widened his knees even more and started using even more of his raw physical strength. He thrust fast and hard, hips thundering against her huge creamy ass as it ripped and shook with every solid thrust, becoming a blur after several minutes of fucking. Soon, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and she was left drooling and smiling to the orgasmic pleasure that her son was giving her as she came, squirting her juice all over the bed while her pussy was being beaten by his swinging balls.

"So good, so good." Kushina chanted like a possessed woman while being fucked so hard that her firm tits were bouncing and smashing into her face, her ass cheeks turning red from his hips slamming into them. Eventually, Naruto could feel his balls tightening in their sack, signaling an explosive release that he wasn't planning to hold back. With his dick swelling up, pulsing and twitching inside her, he gave her one last warning before burying his cock into her one final time and letting loose, pumping a massive amount of cum deep inside her bowels. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his thick hot semen flooded in her bowel, filling her up so much her stomach bloated out.

He stood still like that, cumming for minutes before eventually his orgasm subsided and allowed him to pull out, causing a waterfall of jizz to pour out of her ass and making a huge puddle on the spot between her knees. Grinning, the blond turned his mother around, and swung his hand across her tits, seeing them bounce and wobble deliciously before he leaned down with one hand on her chin and the other holding the top of her head to suck her hanging tongue into his mouth before pressing his lips forward to kiss her. It took a moment for them to separate, and once they did, Kushina was flat on her back, her arms resting near her head as she was spread wide open for him

"Go ahead and fuck me as hard as you can."

And Naruto did.

Moving in in a classic missionary position, Naruto lined his cock up with her soaking entrance and plundered nearly the entire length of his dick into her pussy before starting to pound away, kicking up speed and strength almost instantly. It took him less than a second to sheathe his whole length into her cunt, and even less time than that to slam into her womb, pummeling her like he wanted to break her open with his cock.

As she experienced another mind shattering orgasm, Kushina arched her back and threw her head back to scream in pleasure as Naruto buried his face between her breasts and wrapped his arms around her back to grab her taut butt. For almost an hour Naruto fucked her in that position, never once slowing down as he excitedly pounded away into her gushing pussy until he felt his balls tighten up in preparation for another flooding release. The incubus prince managed to hold on for about ten more minutes before that was it for him, his cock swelling up before he unleashed another torrent of semen into her womb, instantly filling her to maximum capacity as he pumped his creamy virile seeds into her.

Sighing longingly in pleasure, Naruto sat up and continued to lightly thrust his semen blasting cock into her fully stuffed twat as he felt Kushina twitch and jerk around his cock ever so slightly while experiencing the aftershocks of her own orgasms. Once he was done, he pulled out of her cunt, making Kushina coo lustfully as she stared down at his cum soaked dick, which was covered fully from the base to the tip in his own semen before he moved up, turning around to straddle her head and mounted her face, plunging the full length of his cock down her throat until his balls were slapping against her forehead and falling over her heart shimmering eyes.

Hissing with pleasure, Naruto put his hands on her breasts, squeezing and groping them as he started viciously hammering his hips down her face, making lewd and wet sliding noises as his rampaging, veiny dong travelled inside his mother's tight, wet throat while his balls repeatedly swung down her face. His hips soon became a blur as she came from his brutal throat fucking, over and over without stopping. Finally, with a bestial roar, he came, testicles clenching mightily in order to pump out another wave of hot, sticky blasts of thick hot semen, splattering directly into her belly, audible even to those who were sneaking outside of his room to watch them fuck.

This time, his orgasm lasted a lot longer than the last one, and it took him almost an hour or so to finish cumming. When he was done, Naruto pulled out and stood on his knees above her, who then reached out with her hands to grab his cock and furiously jacked him off to his next orgasm while kissing his balls from below. As his cock lurched and he started cumming again, Kushina pointed the tip of his cock at her face, smiling lustfully as she let the creamy hot mess pile up on her flawless, delicate features. She turned her face side to side, letting his semen splash on her cheeks, nose, and getting some onto her hair as well. Once he was done, Kushina gave his cock one final kiss, with her tongue licking around his glans before letting it go, allowing the pole to spring back up.

His cock was still rock hard, and Naruto saw no reason to just stop there, the muscles of his whole body flexing as he slammed his cock into his mother while she wailed beneath him, with her long white legs splaying out around his waist and her giant breasts bouncing with his powerful thrusts so much that they were slapping her in the face.

After that, it was hard for Naruto to tell for how long he fucked her.

End of Chapter 17

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