Island of Temptation

Chapter 1: Pink Power

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"Wake up Onii-chan." A kind voice said, however nineteen-year-old, Natsu decided to ignored it and continue to sleep. Although he had been stuck on an Island for well over a month now, he still hadn't kicked his habit of oversleeping. "Why do we have to go through this routine every day?" The voice asked, but Natsu ignored it and continued to sleep. The owner of the voice let out a sigh and began to go through her options. Once her mind was made up, she warned her older brother once more, however, he once again chose to ignore her. "WAKE UP!" She yelled before delivering a punch to her brother's rock hard abs through the cloth that was covering him, causing him to wake up.

"Good morning Meredy" Natsu said as he looked up at his scarcely clad little sister, who was straddling him. The pink haired teen then looked away from his younger sister in an attempt to avoid arousal. The young woman was only wearing a makeshift bikini made out of a pelt, that didn't even attempt to hide her perfectly formed breasts. Meredy had her bubble gum pink hair, tied up in a ponytail and a set of earmuffs rested on her head. "Are you sure that you can't make clothes that aren't pretty much bikinis?" He asked.

"Unless you somehow learnt how to make clothes, be my guest." Meredy said while crossing her arms and pouting. "Plus, you haven't been able to take your eyes off me since I started wearing it." She teased before moving her hips a little, so she could check if her brother was getting aroused. Much to her displeasure, Natsu had managed to hold off his arousal. 'You can't hold back forever, Onii-chan.' She said before lying down on her brother's muscular body.

"I'm not going to be able to get up if you stay like that." Natsu told the pinkette, who just ignored him and nested in his chest. Natsu blushed a little when he felt Meredy's perfectly formed breasts press against him.

"It's not like you were going to get up anyway." She retorted while staring into her brother's dark eyes. Natsu was unable to argue against this since it was true. "You really need to stop being so lazy, it's what got us into this mess in the first place." Meredy reminded before glaring at her older brother. Although she really didn't mind that they were stranded on an island, since it meant she got to spend more time with her beloved brother and it also meant it would be impossible for other girls to steal him away from her.

"How was I supposed to know the ship would sink?" Natsu asked while staring at his adorable little sister's dark red eyes.

"The real question is how didn't you wake up when the ship started sinking?" Meredy said back, causing Natsu to look away nervously. "You're lucky that we love you and we didn't hop on a lifeboat like the rest of the people." This made Natsu feel even worse since his laziness almost cost his sister's their lives.

"Thanks for that by the way." Natsu said before he ruffling Meredy's pink silky hair and hugging her. This made the young woman very happy, since it gave her the warm feeling that only her brother could provide her, seeing as she had a massive brother complex. The pink haired girl had been attracted to her older brother for as long as she could remember some of the reasons included, that he had always been there for her and made her feel safe whenever she was around him.

"Why don't you thank me by giving me a kiss." Meredy said before getting ready for a kiss and leaning towards her big brother. Seeing what his sister wanted, he leaned in closer, making the pink haired girl very excited, that she would finally get what she wanted, however Natsu just gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"There's your kiss." Natsu said, before moving away from her and resting his head back on the makeshift pillow. He then pulled the blanket back over his body.

"You always do that, you big meanie." Meredy pouted while trying to make her best angry face, but Natsu just found it cute. "It's not nice to take advantage of young maiden's trust like that."

"You're the one who keeps falling for it." Natsu teased. Although it meant that Natsu had to be extra protective over his sister, he loved how gullible the girl was. "Now can you get off me or I'll tickle you like when we were younger, and maybe you can make that cute sound again." He continued to tease. Meredy became very flustered at her older brother's teasing and quickly got off him.

'Damn it, why haven't I been able to seduce Onii-chan yet?' She pondered while facing the wall of the cave they had been staying in. 'No, I have to stay determined if I ever want to make him mine.' She thought before looking back at her half naked brother, who had sat up. Her eyes widened and her heart began beating rapidly when she saw the pinkette's muscular upper body. 'All that hunting is really keeping him in shape.'

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Natsu asked when he saw his sister's lustful stare. "You're acting like nee-san right now." He added. "Where is she by the way?"

"She went out looking for herbs, just in case one of us gets sick again." Meredy said. 'Or probably trying to figure out a way to steal my Onii-chan away from me.' She said to herself. The pinkette, along with everyone besides Natsu, knew that her older sister had a brother complex that even surpassed her own.

"Zeref-nee sure is considerate and smart, we defiantly wouldn't still be together if it wasn't for her." Natsu said, causing Meredy to look away and pout again since it reminded her about how much she relied on her biggest rival to her brother's heart.

Meredy began to remember how Zeref had taken care of them when their mother died when she was nine and Natsu was ten. What was even more impressive was that the older sister was only thirteen when she took it upon herself to take care of her siblings. The pinkettes were very grateful for the older sibling's support and had done their best to aide her, even though Zeref had proven more than capable due to how smart she was. 'I should have joined in when I saw them doing that.' The pink haired beauty thought as she thought back to when she saw her older siblings making love. The maiden quickly turned the shade of her hair and tried to get the image of her older siblings having incestuous sex out of her head.

"I'm going to go make breakfast for us, I know I'm better then Zeref-nee at that." Meredy said cheerfully. Although she knew that she was a far better cook than her older sister, she also knew that it didn't take much to be better than Zeref since she was a terrible cook.

"I'm so glad you inherited mom's cooking skills." Natsu said. "Zeref probably got her brains from dad." He added, even though he had no idea, seeing as he didn't really remember his father since he had died a few days after Meredy was born and the only thing he could remember was the fact he got his white scaly scarf from.

"Well we definitely got our hair from mother." Meredy said, reminding both of them about their beautiful mother.

"You're looking more like her every day." Natsu commented as he looked at the red eyed girl, who blushed at the statement because of how much she admired her mother's beauty and the fact that she was getting a compliment from her beloved older brother.

"Thanks Onii-chan." Meredy said before running out of the cave with a blush covering her face. Natsu watched the flustered young woman leave the cave. He then looked around the cave a little and admired how his older sister had managed to convert a dark cave into a well decorated bedroom.

"I better find Zeref-nee or she'll never come out of the forest." Natsu said, knowing that his older sister had a habit of getting absorbed whenever she researched or looked into something. The teen got up and revealed that he was only wearing fur cloth around his waist and made his way out of the cave. Once he got outside, he saw his little sister, busy making food with a cooking set made by their older sister. He decided not interrupt the lovely girl and made his way to the forest he usual found his older sister in.

It took no time for Natsu to reached his sister, who was passed out with her black journal. The pinkette just sighed at the sight of his raven haired older sister. His older sister was a very beautiful woman. She had elegant black hair that reached her lower back and covered her right eye, pale skin, due to the lack of time she spends outside. The woman also had an amazing figure, with her most notable feature, were her large breasts, that were barely contained in the fur toga she was wearing. Her breasts were just the right size for Natsu, large, but not to huge. "What am I going to do with you." Natsu said before picking up the sleeping woman.

"My notes…" The raven haired girl muttered as she weakly grabbed at journal and the stray pieces of paper that littered the ground. Natsu kneeled down and place her down before grabbing her journal. "Don't look at them, it's a secret." She added, making the teen a little confused, but he complied anyway.

"What happened anyway?" Natsu asked. He didn't get a reply and instead he got loud stomach rumble. The teen sweat dropped when he realised that the smartest person he knew had forgotten to feed herself. "I catch plenty of food and we have plenty of fresh fruit on this island, how do you forget to eat?"

"This island has a lot of interesting plants and I haven't even found half of them, even though we've been here for a month." Zeref whined as she opened her eyes and stared at her younger brother. 'And I'm so close to getting the ingredients for that.'

"It doesn't matter anyway, Meredy is cooking something really good." Natsu said, causing the dark haired beauty to pout at the mention of her little sister and her superior cooking skills. Luckily, the pinkette noticed this and tried to change the topic. "So… what are you trying to make this time?"

"That's a secret, my dear younger brother." Zeref teased. "But I'm sure you're going to enjoy it." She added, causing Natsu to become worried. He felt cold shiver at his sister's words.

"Please don't try anymore experiments on me." Natsu pleaded. His older sister just replied by saying she couldn't make any promises and falling asleep in his arms. The teen just sighed and continued to make his way back to the beach. "You're so weird Zeref-nee, but I'm glad you're in my life."

"I know." Zeref replied in her sleep, causing Natsu to freak out that his sister heard him, until he heard the rest of her sentence. "You like it when your Onee-chan uses her boobs like that." She continued as a perverted smile spread across her face. Natsu knew that his older sister was dreaming of sex with him and he began to turn a dark shade of red. "Maybe I should let you put it in here." She finished as she began to drool.

"I need to have a talk to her about this, but this time, I need to keep focus." Natsu said to himself. He was well aware that his older sister had a massive brother complex, but this was only because she had confessed her desire to make love to him on several occasions and they had even done it a couple of times. The teen's mind soon went back to one of the many sexual encounters that he had with his older sister and his face turned a dark shade of red again. 'I know what we did was wrong, but I couldn't stop after we started...' He thought as the beach came into view. 'At least Meredy doesn't know about it.' Little did Natsu know, but his little sister, was fully aware of the kind of relationship he had with his older sibling.

As her two older sibling emerged from the forest, Meredy turned around with an excited look on her face. "Onii-chan, Zeref-nee, the food is ready." The pink haired girl said cheerfully as she presented the food she had been preparing.

"It looks amazing; you really outdid yourself." Natsu said before putting his sleeping sister down and grabbing the wooden plate stacked with a large amount of meat from the younger pinkette. 'Zeref-nee sure is good at making stuff.'

"I'm glad I could make you happy Onii-chan…" Meredy said as she watched Natsu eat the food like it was his last meal. She then turned her attention to her older sister, who was still asleep with her journal next to her. The youngest of the Dragneel siblings moved closer to the journal. 'Let's see what she's plotting.' She thought before picking up the journal. This went unnoticed by her older brother since he was too busy stuffing his face.

The pink haired woman began to read through her older sister's journal. Most of the journal was about dirty dreams that Zeref had about Natsu, and as much as Meredy would have loved to learn if her sister's thoughts about their male sibling were more perverted than her own. She knew she had to find out what project Zeref was working towards. Eventually, the pinkette found what she was looking for and she was quite shocked with what she found out. 'You've been very busy Zeref-nee, but I can't let you have your way with Onii-chan like this.' She thought with a cheeky smile on her face before putting the book back down.

When Meredy put the book down, Zeref began to wake. "I see the food is ready." The eldest Dragneel said as she sat up. First she looked over at her younger sister, who was quietly eating with a huge smile on her face, then she moved her gaze to her younger brother, who was eating loudly as always. The woman smiled at her younger siblings and got her plate, and began eating. As she ate, the dark haired Dragneel noticed she was getting some odd looks from Meredy. "Is there something you need?" She asked her younger sister.

"Actually, I need to talk to you about something… in private." Meredy answered before getting up and pointing towards the cave. "Don't worry, we'll be back in no time Onii-chan."

"Just don't hurt yourself." Natsu said. "Or each other." He added, knowing full well that his female siblings had a rival, but he didn't know why. Both the young women assured their brother that they would be friendly. This was enough for the pinkette, who just went back to eating. The two females moved into the cave that they had made their home.

"So, why did you take me away from the sexiest man on the planet?" Zeref asked, letting her brother complex shine brightly. A normal sibling would have been a little concerned about this, but Meredy didn't care since she felt the same.

"Don't worry, this will be quick." Meredy replied. This made Zeref raise an eyebrow in curiosity. She found this odd since her younger sister was never quick when she confronted her. The older sibling knew this was some sort of trap and began to leave the cave, Meredy knew she had to get her older sister's attention, and she knew just what she needed to say. "It's about Onii-chan." This caused the older woman to turn around.

"Go ahead." Zeref said with a slightly perverted look in her eye.

"I know about your little plan to seduce my Onii-chan." The pinkette said with a glare as she pointed at the black journal. The oldest Dragneel knew that she had been caught and she began to think of a way to get out of it. "Don't worry, I wouldn't tell him… if you let me in on it." She added with a sly grin.

"I guess I was too careless, but I this does make It easier to execute this plan." Zeref said before sitting down on the bed that the Dragneel siblings shared.

"Why are you doing this anyway, I've heard you and Natsu having… you know what… plenty of times?" Meredy asked her older sister as she took a seat next to her. Zeref could tell that her younger sister was getting pretty embarrassed, and decided to tease her a little.

"Sorry, but my Natsu is too good at what he does, so I can't really keep my voice down." The dark haired woman said. This made the pink head girl blush and get very jealous. "Don't get too angry, we haven't done it since we left for the cruise." She said in a slightly defeated tone. "I really miss the way he could make me scream."

"CAN YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT!" Meredy screamed as a massive blush covered her cute face. Zeref laughed at her little sister's embarrassment, which caused the pinkette to get even more flustered. The young girl then pinned the older woman and covered her sister's mouth. "Just tell me what we need so Onii-chan will make love to me."

Zeref began to struggle and squirm in an attempt to get out from under her younger, who like her brother, was freakishly strong. In her attempt to break free from the younger woman's grasp, she accidently ripped off the top of her fur bikini. The black haired girl tried to tell the pinkette to let her go, but he voice was muffled by Meredy's hand. However, her attempts to speak were ignored since Meredy was furious that one of her only pieces of clothing had been ripped of her. The pinkette decided to get her revenge and ripped off anything that kept the garment together. The older sister used this as her chance to push the younger girl off of her. The pinkette was now lying on her stomach with her ass in the air, and being the opportunist she was, Zeref snuck up behind her sister "You need to respect your elders." The eldest Dragneel said before raising her hand and preparing to strike her younger sister's exposed rear.

Just as Zeref was about to give her younger sister a good, hard slap on the ass, her beloved brother entered the cave with a shocked look plastered on his face. Natsu knew that his older sister had a thing for him, but he never imagined that she had a thing for Meredy as well. Natsu's rushed conclusion made a blush appear on his face. "Sorry for interrupting." The male Dragneel said as he stared at his two half naked sisters. The teen had no idea where to look, he was conflicted weather to look at Zeref's large perky breasts, or at Meredy's large perfect ass, which was just begging for his attention. 'Come on Natsu, you've held back for a month, you can't give in now.' He said to himself before trying to look away from his two extremely attractive siblings. However, he wasn't able to pry his eyes away from the glorious sight. 'What the hell is wrong with me? They're my sisters and it doesn't matter how sexy they are.' He mentally screamed at himself.

"It's not what it looks like Onii-chan, we were just having a disagreement." Meredy said before trying to find the remains of her fur bikini top, whist her older sister tried to do the same thing. "Don't worry Onii-chan, you're the only one I'd let spank me." She added as a huge blush spread across her face. Even with the last bit, Natsu didn't buy the story.

"She's telling the truth." Zeref lied while covering her breasts and maidenhood because there wasn't enough material to put her clothes back together. Since he didn't want to see his sister's desperately try to explain themselves, he decided to just act like he believe their lies.

"It's ok, I believe you." Natsu lied as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, while trying to keep himself from violating the only family he had left. "I'm going to go fishing if you need to me." He added before leaving the cave, so he could cool off. 'This is going to be very bad if I can't control myself since we sleep together.'

"Did you see that?" Zeref asked with excitement clear in her voice. "He was struggling to keep himself better." She said.

"How could you tell?" The red eyed woman asked. Although she knew could tell that her brother looked a little uneasy, she still wanted to know how her sister knew.

"Didn't you see that huge bulge, he must be really horny and if our plan works, he'll be fucking us for days." Zeref said with a perverted grin. The oldest raven haired woman was getting wet just thinking about how much of a pounding her brother would give her. Meredy sweat dropped at the realisation that the smartest person she knew was such a pervert. "Don't look at me like that, I know about how touchy you get with Natsu when you two bath, I'm actually surprised that you didn't try anything on him." She added.

"We really need to get some clothes on you." Meredy said in an attempt to change the subject.

"You really don't need to do that, I have some spare clothes, remember?" Zeref stated before pulling out another toga out from under the bed. This made the pinkette ask when she had the time to make more clothes, even though she spends most of her time in the forest. "I'm a very talented woman, you think I can't do something like making clothes." She said in a cocky voice.

"Really now? If you're so talented, how come you've got the cooking skills of a toddler?" Meredy mocked causing her older sister to fall off her high horse. "I'm going to go stall Onii-chan while you go find the rest of the ingredients." The pink haired girl said before leaving the cave with a huge smile on her face. 'I can also use this time to hang out with Onii-chan.' She thought as she skipped to where her brother always' fished.

It didn't take long, before the young pink haired woman to find her brother, who was sitting on a ledge fishing and humming a tune. The young woman looked at how peaceful her brother looked and decided to watch him for a little longer. 'I wonder if he will return my feelings?' She wondered, the young pinkette was getting nervous, she was no longer certain if Zeref's plan would work. 'Maybe I should try confessing without that thing, it will be the only way for me to know if he really feels that way about me.' The pinkette thought as she mustered her courage. Once Meredy finished readying herself, she began to approach Natsu and hugged him from behind. "Hello Onii-chan." She said sweetly as she rested her head on one of Natsu's broad shoulders.

"Hi Meredy, did you and Zeref-nee sort things out?" Natsu asked before turning around and putting down the fishing poll.

"Of course we did, she might be annoying sometimes, but she's still an amazing older sister." Meredy answered before pressing her breasts onto his back. Being this close to her brother made her secure and warm, and she felt like if she stayed like this, she would be happy forever. "But you're still the best sibling I could ask for." She said sweetly.

"Why are you acting so weird?" Natsu asked. He then turned and saw that his sister had massive blush and an odd look. The teen grew concerned at this and jumped to the conclusion that she had hurt herself on her way him, so he quickly picked the girl up. Natsu was about run back to the camp and put his sister to bed, but the girl stopped him by telling him that she was ok. The male Dragneel let out a sigh and placed Meredy down. "Sorry, I thought you were sick or something."

"Do you love me Onii-chan?" Meredy questioned.

"Of course I love you, we're family." Natsu replied with a huge toothy grin. Meredy wasn't happy with the response she got, and remember that actions speak louder than words when it comes to her older brother. The young pinkette mustered all the courage she could and did something she had only done in her dreams, she got on her toes and planted a kiss on her brother's lips. Natsu was caught off completely off guard and fell backwards, causing Meredy to fall on top of him, but the maiden didn't stop kissing her long time love interest. 'So she's like Zeref-nee.' He thought before returning this kiss, letting his sister know he loved her in the same way. 'But this is as far as I'm going to take it.' He told himself as he began running his hands through his sister's bubble gum pink locks.

Although she had finally given her first kiss to her beloved brother, she still wanted more, and she guided her brother's hand to her soft tush. The older of the pink haired siblings was a little shocked by his sister's action, but he gave the young woman what she wanted, and gave the soft flesh and gentle squeeze, causing the pinkette to let out a moan. Natsu let his lust take control and his tongue entered Meredy's mouth, which instigated a fight for dominance for the two siblings. 'Onii-chan is getting really hard.' She thought. The girl could barely contain her excitement when she felt Natsu's manhood press against her thigh. Meredy began to dampen and her crotch began to move along his length.

Natsu realised that Meredy wanted more, and he separated from the kiss, confusing the youngest Dragneel. "We can't do this... we're siblings." He said before looking away from his sister, who sat up with a hurt look on her face. Natsu instantly felt bad when he saw that look on her face. However, the look of sadness turned into one of angry and she balled her fists.

"Don't use that excuse, I know what you and Onee-san did at home." Meredy blurted out. Her brother's eyes widened in shock. "So stop lying to me!" She exclaimed in a fit of furry.

"I'm sorry." Natsu said in an uncharacteristically quite voice. "I just don't want you to think what we're doing is ok." He confessed, which got him a slap across the face.

"Of course I know incest is wrong, but I don't care, all I care about is you." She admitted. "Don't treat me like a child." Meredy said while staring into her older brother's dark eye. Then Meredy's expression became a lot softer, and Natsu felt even worse. "You're the only man who I'm ever going to feel this way about, so please… give me a chance… unless you don't love me in the same way." The young woman pleaded before she undid her fur bikini top, allowing her sizeable breasts out in the open.

"I do love you in the same way… I just…" He started to explain, but he was stopped by his little sister, who just placed a finger over his lips and shushing him.

"Stop trying to justify yourself and give in to your desires." Meredy said in a sexy voice before capturing her brother's lips, and unlike last time, the two siblings didn't waste any time and began Frenching straight away. The female pinkette was a little caught off guard at her brother's fierceness, and she began quickly losing control over the kiss and the situation. Knowing that her older sibling harboured so much love and lust for her excited her more than words could express.

'I guess there's no reason to hold back anymore.' Natsu thought as his lust took control. The teen knew he could have plenty of fun with the young woman's body, however he needed to get into a different position so he could gain more access to her sexy body of his little sister. Natsu moved pulled away from the kiss and pushed his love onto her back. "I'm going to get to know your sexy body better than you do." He said as he looked down at Meredy's erotic body. The teen was unable to tear his eyes away from his sister, since everything was perfect, from her lightly toned stomach, hourglass figure, flawless light skin, pretty face and her bubble gum pink hair that was now spread out on the grass. The longer the hormonal male looked at her the more he wanted her.

"Start with my boobs." Meredy recommended with a shy look on her face, which Natsu found adorable. "Please be careful… they're really sensitive." She admitted as a blush appeared on her face. The older pinkette found himself being turned on even more when he saw his tease of a younger sister acting so cute.

"You really shouldn't have told me that because now I know exactly where to tease." He said before grabbing a handful of his sister's soft, perky breast, while using his other hand to keep himself up. Natsu didn't waste any time and began gently kneading Meredy's, which caused the young woman to let out a quite moan. The pink haired teen liked the sound the beauty produced quite a lot and decided to work his hand a little harder.

"Play with the other one…" Meredy moaned before bitting her lip in an attempt to hold herself back, but this proved to be very ineffective when her brother began focusing on her other breast. However, the male pinkette wasn't using his other hand, he was using his mouth and tongue the tease Meredy's rigid pink nipples. Natsu began to twirl his pink muscle and suck on his sister's over sensitive breast, while using his hand to give its twin a very pleasurable massage. The red eyed girl was loving the sensation of her breasts being played with so well, it easily outmatched anytime she had played with herself.

"So Meredy, was it worth the wait?" Natsu asked in a sexy but teasing voice after separating himself the peak of his younger sibling's breast. The male Dragneel was now fully aware of the effect he had on the young girl, and he was going to enjoy teasing her about it any chance he got. "I bet you wanted to do this every time we bathed together." He continued, making the pink haired girl blush. It was true that until they arrived on this island, that they still bathed together. "Is that why you always woke me up with a sexy lap dance?" the teen added, making the girl beneath him to start resembling a tomato even more. "I really should have noticed your brother complex sooner." He finished with a smirk.

"Stop teasing me so much Onii-chan… being like this is embarrassing enough." Meredy pleaded. Everything her brother was saying to her was completely true, and having him point out all the things she had done in an attempt to seduce him was too much for the youngest of the Dragneel siblings.

"I have plenty of teasing to go, I still need to pay you back for three years of it." Natsu said back with a lustful look. The pink haired teen moved in closer to Meredy, before moving back to teasing the sensitive pink nub and went back to massaging the other awaiting breast. Unlike last time, Natsu was much closer and his hardened manhood was pressing against Meredy's soaked maidenhood, with the only thing preventing penetration being the bottom half of the girl's fur bikini. "That's why we're going to leave the main event for much later." He said before giving the pink haired girl's nipple a gently nibble. His action resulted in an equal amount of pleasure and pain for the girl beneath him. 'She likes a little pain, just like Zeref-nee, but I have to be careful because I know she's not a masochist.' He thought before remembering how much his older sister loved being spanked.

"I can tell you're thinking about other woman." Meredy said in a slightly angry tone before moved her hand down and grabbed her brother's incredible girth before squeezing very tightly, almost to the point that it was painful. Although his sister's actions were meant to bring him pain, Natsu decided to turn this into a source of pleasure for himself and he began thrusting into her hand. Meredy quickly got the hint and chose to pleasure her brother rather than bring him pain, so the pinkette started to move her hands along the overwhelming length. "It feels even bigger then when we bath together." She commented, boosting her brother's already massive ego. "I'm going to have plenty of fun with this."

Thanks to his sister's words, Natsu became even more aroused and he began to suckle on her breasts with even more force, resulting in an even louder moan from the pink haired girl. The more Natsu played with the girl's soft melons, the stronger the sweet smell of Meredy's arousal became. 'I wonder if she tastes as nice as she smells?' Natsu wondered as his mind slowly became overtaken with thoughts of getting a taste of his sister's essence. However, he was able to satisfy himself by playing with the soft flesh of the girl's breasts. He was kicking himself for not seeing how Meredy really felt about him since it meant he had been missing out on the amazing softness of her twins all this time.

The pink haired teen continued to tease his sister's wonderful breasts, constantly alternating between them so both got the attention they had been craving. The young woman began panting and moaning like animal in heat. The female pinkette became so lost in the pleasure that she stopped working Natsu's member, which really didn't bother the latter that much since it meant he could concentrate better. "Onii-chan… no more… it's too much!" She said in desperate attempt to hold off a very powerful climax. Meredy wanted to hold off so she could experience her brother's skilled tongue and equally skilled hands longer. However, Natsu didn't ease his efforts, he actually increased them. Natsu's skill ended up being way too much for the pinkette and without warning the dam broke, resulting in one of the best experiences for the pink haired beauty. "Onii-chan!" She cried out as she climaxed. Even though he had successfully pleasured the woman beneath him Natsu didn't stop playing with girl's breasts, since he knew it would prolong the pleasure Meredy was feeling. "Onii-chan… stop, I won't be able to think straight if you keep doing that."

Natsu decided that the girl had had enough and removed his mouth from her hardened pink peak, however his hand remained on his sibling's malleable breast. Now that the teen was satisfied, he looked up at Meredy who's cute face was covered in a pink blush that made her even look cuter. Although it would have been easy to tease her at this point, the male decided to just watch her pant and attempt to regain her breath. "Should we get back, or will I be able to get a taste of my little sister?" He questioned after he moved his hand to Meredy's nether regions. Meredy let out a quite moan when she felt her brother make contact with her soaked virgin maidenhood. The teen decided not to insert his finger, but instead just ran his finger across the woman's nether lips. "I can't believe that your pussy is this wet, all I did was play with your boobs." He teased before moving his soaked finger to his mouth, and as Natsu expected, the girl's essence was as sweet as her personality. Natsu soon found himself wanting more and he began to move down to Meredy's core. Once he got down, he ripped off the fur bikini bottom and revealed her soaked maidhood along with a small tuft of pink hair, proving that her rather unique hair colour was all natural.

"Onii-chan, what are yo- AHHHH~!" Meredy screamed when she felt her older sibling's tongue lick her folds. The sudden sensation caused the woman to close her legs and squish Natsu between her heavenly thighs. The soft feeling of Meredy's thighs pressing against the sides of his face only made the experience better and he began to lap up the pinkette's sweet juices. Even though she had been caught off guard, she found herself enjoying it and begging for more. Natsu was more than happy to comply and his tongue began to explore the outside of the young woman's maidenhood. "Onii-chan…" She moaned. Natsu was enjoying having his beautiful sister moan his name and he knew how to make her even louder. The teen guided his skilled tongue to Meredy's swollen clit. Meredy's eyes widened at the sudden burst of pleasure and grabbed the back of her brother's head and forced his head closer. This just encouraged the boy between her legs. "Stop playing around and put your tongue inside." She nearly commanded.

Natsu was once again more than happy to comply and his pink muscle delved into the pinkette's maidenhood. Once inside, the pink haired male found himself enjoying the feeling of his sister's warm, moist and inviting pussy. The man began searching for all of Merey's weak spots in the hopes of hearing more of the moans he had become addicted to. It didn't take Natsu long before he found what he was looking for and began targeting those certain spots. Meredy tried her best to keep her voice down, but Natsu's tongue was too much and the second her mouth opened a symphony of moans erupted out of it. "Onii-chan… you're AMAZING!" Meredy screamed, not caring if her older sister or anything else heard her, all she cared about was her brother and the pleasure he was supplying to her. The female pinkette couldn't help but thank her older sister since Natsu had been able to get plenty of practice and hone his skills.

The male Dragneel couldn't tell what he was enjoying more, the sweet taste of his little sister or the angelic sounds she would produce every time he managed to land on one of her sweet spots. The only thing that could make the experience better for Natsu would be if he was receiving some sort of pleasuring from the girl. However, he was fine with this since Meredy's reactions to him were enough for him. 'I could do this forever, she tastes amazing.' Natsu thought as he continued to eat the girl out with great vigour.

Meredy once again felt an intense heat build up in her core, she knew that another climax was approaching, and it was approaching faster than she expected it to. "Onii-chan… you're so much better… than any of my toys." Meredy declared. Natsu didn't pay too much attention to this since he knew she was growing up and that she needed some self-relief once in a while, however he was going have some fun teasing her about it later. The male pinkette's thoughts drifted away from the kind of fun he could have with Meredy when they got home and went back to the fun he was having now when he felt the girl's maidenhood moisten and contract even more. This alerted him of his sister's impending climax. He knew that all he had to do now was seal the deal, so he began to attack every single weak spot he had found. "I LOVE YOU ONII-CHAN!" She screamed as the most intense feeling of pleasure swept through her body. The red eyed beauty couldn't believe that such a feeling existed and she wouldn't believe it if she wasn't feeling it.

Natsu began to greedily lap up the sweet juice that was gushing out of Meredy, which also prolonged his lover's already mind blowing climax. 'She tastes so good; I wish I gave in earlier.' Natsu thought as he savoured his sister's sweet essence. He was so absorbed in the amazing taste, he didn't notice the younger woman's pleas for him to let her have a break, even though she was having the time of her love. Meredy's body became so weak and relaxed from the older pinkettes non-stop licking, and she stopped trapping her brother in her soft thighs. Now that his ears weren't blocked by the soft cushions that his sister called thighs, he was able to hear her cries and moans. The older teen found the strength to separate himself from his sister's soaked pussy. When he sat up he saw a red faced Meredy, taking in long breaths and trying her best to remain conscious. "I think I might have over done it, but you do look pretty cute." Natsu said.

"Onii-chan… you jerk." The exhausted pinkette muttered before passing out. Natsu just smiled at his little sister before picking up her up. He was a little disappointed that they didn't manage to go all the way, but it was probably for the best since he knew he had a very impressive sex drive, which had gotten out of hand more than a few times when he was with his older sister. However, he knew that he would have plenty of other opportunities to make love to her.

"I'll drop her off and then I'll take care of this later." Natsu said to himself as he looked down at his erect manhood. "I can't believe she still managed to tease me, I bet she's laugh at me in the dreams." He said before looking down at the cute sleeping pinkette. Older of the pink haired siblings let out a sigh and his mind went back his rather large situation. 'I guess I can take care of this after I drop her off.' The teen thought. Since he knew his way around the forest It didn't take long for Natsu to get back to the cave. One his way, he could hear Meredy muttering his name, but decided not to pay it much mind since that's what she usually did. Once he arrived he laid the woman on the bed, but when he tried to leave, something grabbed his wrist. Natsu quickly turned around and saw that it was his naked younger sister, who's expression told him that she wasn't too happy.

"Where do you think you're going?" Meredy asked causing the teen to get a little nervous. Natsu wasn't really sure why the woman on the bed was angry, but he really didn't want to find out. The male pinkette knew that Meredy could get very violent when she got angry. In an attempt to avoid the girl from getting angry, he asked her what was wrong, this just caused her to pout. "You know what you did you jerk, I told you it was too much and just kept going." She reminded her brother.

"It's not my fault that you taste amazing." Natsu said as he turned around, which resulted in him shoving his member in Meredy's face. The female pinkette almost froze in shock when she felt her brother's member press against her cheek since it looked a lot bigger up close. The pinkette manage to get a whiff of the manly musk before her brother moved it out of her face. "Sorry about that." He apologised.

"Well at least I won't have to get this ready." Meredy said before grabbing Natsu's manhood, showing her brother that she wanted him to stay where he was. The pink haired male was smart enough to stay still and let the girl do as she pleased. "You sure are big Onii-chan." She commented before letting go of his member. Meredy moved to the middle of the bed before lying on her back and spreading her legs. "you know… I'm still pretty wet from before." The red eyed girl said in a sultry voice as she used to finger's to spread her lower lips. "So let's stop playing around and get to the really fun stuff… Onii-chan."

'Wow, she's amazing, how can a girl be that sexy and cute at the same time.' Natsu wondered as he got onto the bed and began crawling towards her like a predator to its prey. The girl on the bed smiled at how effective her charms were. Even though Meredy was insanely sexy, Natsu managed to remain confident. "I bet you've been waiting this for a while." The middle child said as he loomed over his younger sister with a look of lust in his eyes. The longer her brother looked down at her, the more she got turned on and the more she wanted the man above her to shove every last inch of his manhood into her sopping pussy. Natsu quickly caught onto this and positioned his rigid member so it was pressing against the other pinkettes quivering folds. "You weren't lying, you're super wet." He teased while rubbing the tip of his member against Meredy's heat, causing her to squirm and whimper.

"Stop teasing me, It's very embarrassing for a woman to offer up her virginity like this… so stop be such a jerk." Meredy pleaded with a blush on her face. Natsu was a little confused by his sister's statement since his older sister told him to get it over with as quickly as possible, and she had no shame about it. The pinkette notice her brother's confused look and realised how much the oldest of the Dragneel siblings had tainted Natsu. "A girl's virginity is special to girls, unless they have black hair and a brother complex." She told the teen. The look of realisation on her brother's face was more than enough of an indication that she had gotten her point across. "You're to be gentle with me, right?" The pinkette asked as she stared into Natsu's eyes.

"Of course I'll be gentle… at first." Natsu said in a sexy voice before he started to slowly push his member into to his sister's heat. Meredy grit her teeth as she felt her insides being spread wider then she ever imagined possible and tears began to pool on the sides of her eyes. The older sibling could see that his sister was having trouble handling his size, which wasn't surprising since she was insanely tight. Since he didn't like seeing his precious little sister suffer, he decided it to take her innocence with one movement instead of doing it slowly. "Sorry." He apologised before thrusting into the woman below him and bottoming out. Natsu had to do his best not to start moving inside Meredy's warm inviting walls, however he knew that his younger sibling would need some time to get used to him.

Meredy let out an ear piercing scream when the stinging pain of her innocence being claimed registered in her mind. Both Dragneels silently cursed Natsu's well empowerment since it caused the younger one the most intense pain she had felt in her life. "Just let me adjust… I'll be fine." She said as she tried her best to hold back the tears. Natsu could tell his sister was doing her best to act tough. He had no idea why the girl was trying her best not to cry, maybe it was to maintain face since the girl hadn't shed a tear since she got over her mother's death. 'I promised Okaa-san that I'd never cry in front of Onii-chan again, and I'm not going to break it.' Meredy said to herself in an effort to stay determined. The girl managed to turn her pained expression into a smile. Natsu saw through the young woman's façade and embraced her, which caught her slightly off guard, but this made her genially smile at how much her brother cared for her. "I don't care if we're siblings, I'm happy you're the person I'm in love with." She confessed.

"I'm sorry for not acting on my own feelings for you earlier." Natsu apologised after moving away from the embrace and looking Meredy in her enticing red eyes. "Just tell me when you're ready to start." He said with a kind smile, making the young woman even happier. The two pink haired siblings stared at each other a little longer getting lost in each other's eyes. "I love you Meredy… more than anyone else can." Natsu said.

"Then show me Onii-chan, show me how much you love me." Meredy said, indicating that she was finally comfortable. Natsu understood this straight away and begun to slowly move in and out of Meredy's slowly moistening heat, allowing the girl beneath him to get used to get used to his somewhat overwhelming size. 'I never took Onii-chan to be the gentle type.' Meredy thought as she felt her insides slowly taking a new shape. The younger pinkette blushed a little at the shape it was taking, but she made sure not to show it since she knew she would get teased by her lover for it.

"You're so tight, Meredy… I don't think I can hold back much longer." Natsu said while trying his best not to speed up his movements. The pinkette beneath him giggled at her brother's struggle, causing him to ask her what she was laughing about. Meredy answered by telling him that he didn't have to hold back anymore. "Good, now the real fun can start." He said with a smirk. The older of the pink haired siblings increased the speed of his thrusts, while one of his hands began to fondle one of Meredy's large breasts.

"Ah! Onii-chan… that's not fair." Meredy moaned. The girl was now regretting giving away such a major weakness to her brother. She knew she wasn't going to last that long, but she didn't really care since it also meant that she would have the time of her life. Meredy let out another loud scream as her brother began to move inside her whilst massaging her soft sensitive breasts. This time her scream was one of pure pleasure. Although she had experience pleasure from her brother in many different ways today, the feeling of being penetrated and played with by the pink haired male far surpassed anything. "More Onii-chan… Harder!" She pleaded, and Natsu more than happy to do it.

Natsu tapped into the large amount of strength he had and began to ram into deeper parts of the woman, which were previously unexplored. The male pinkette was loving the feeling of his sister's warm wet walls messaging almost every part of his member and the soft cushiony feel of her breasts. Not only was the feeling amazing, he also loved seeing the cute expression on her face and the way her sexy mounds bounced with every single thrust. "You're so god damn cute Meredy." Natsu declared, which caused the pinkette to turn the same colour as her hair. Although she was embarrassed by her brother's declaration, it made her extremely happy that he had gotten a compliment from her beloved.

Meredy began to lose herself in the feeling of Natsu's member spreading her inner walls to new limits, and hitting all sorts of weak spots she didn't know existed. "Onii-chan, you're cock is so hot and hard." Meredy moaned, which turned on and encouraged the other pink haired teenager. Natsu began to move with even more force, which resulted in an unbelievable amount of pleasure for both pinkettes. Even though the two knew what they were doing was wrong, neither of them cared, all they cared about was each other and the feelings of pleasure they shared.

As her brother pounded her maidenhood with his large throbbing manhood, the weaker her body felt and hotter her core began. The girl knew that she was coming close to another climax, but she knew it was going to be much better than the last one and her body began to quiver while her voice became out of control. "That's very naughty... you shouldn't cum without your partner." Natsu teased. The male could tell from how the woman was reacting to him that his sister was barely holding on. "You're going to have to make up for it later." He said in a sexy tone, before he hilted his entire member into Meredy's depths and giving one of a soft breasts a squeeze, triggering an intense orgasm for the woman.

As she reached her peak, she yelled her older brother's name as loud as she could. Natsu just looked at the woman and stared at the shameless expression that was plastered on Meredy's pretty face. Although Natsu had an incredible amount of stamina, he almost came at the feeling of the red eyed girl's moistening maidenhood closing in around his member. 'Onii-chan's cock is tearing me apart, and I love it.' She thought as her tongue hung out of her mouth.

Even though he knew Meredy had just climaxed, Natsu didn't stop his moving, and instead began to move even faster now that his sister's maidenhood was wet and relaxed enough that he could move freely. "We're not going to stop until I'm satisfied." Natsu proclaimed with a smirk. When he said this, he felt the young woman's maidenhood moisten once again, telling him that his sister was more than ok with his plans for her. "You're such a naughty little sister, you deserve an equally naughty position." He said after pulling out. From overhearing her older siblings making love, she understood what her older brother wanted, so she got on her hands and knees.

"Please use my body as much as you want Onii-chan." Meredy said seductively as she shook the ass that she knew Natsu wanted. She also turned around so she could give her brother sexy wink and so she could also get a glimpse of Natsu's manhood, which was glistening with her juices. Without a second thought, the male pinkette got behind the girl, got a grip on the red eyed girls perfect and effortless slid into the girl's eagerly awaiting maidenhood. Once inside, Natsu didn't waste anytime and began to move as fast as he could inside Meredy's soaked pussy. The young girl didn't even try to contain her voice since it would have been a fruitless endeavor. It didn't take long for the cave to be filled with lust for moans and the sound of Natsu's hips colliding with Meredy's rear. This new position felt extremely good for the girl and she was loving how primal it felt.

Natsu nearly didn't hear his sexy sister's moans and screams since he was in an almost hypnotic state, thanks to how Meredy's ass would ripple and jiggle in time with his strong sharp movements. "I could watch that ass for days." A lustful Natsu said before giving his sister a quick slap, creating a red hand print to appear on Meredy's flawless skin. "And you would let me wouldn't you?" He asked in a deep sexy voice. Meredy was only able to give nod in response, since talking was almost impossible for the lust driven girl. All she could think about was how good it felt to have her brother's throbbing cock pretty much tearing her in two.

The two pinkettes had succumb to their lust to the point that they had nearly forgotten that they were siblings related by blood. Even though they were being driven by their shared lust, they were also driven by a love they had for each other. Although Natsu's love had started as a normal family love, it had turned into the same kind of love he would have for a lover, even though he didn't were it came from. Meredy was unlike Natsu and she had been in love with her brother from around the time their mother had died.

The two siblings continued to make love like animals for what seemed like an eternity of pleasure for the two. The two were now covered in sweat due to the intensity of their love making and the cave was now filled with the smell of arousal and sounds of passion. "I'm so close Onii-chan." Meredy moaned as she felt a very familiar heat in her core. She could also feel her brother's member heat up, altering her of his impending climax.

"Same here Meredy... where do you want it?" He asked, doing his best to hold off for his sexy sister. Natsu had no idea how, but the girl had somehow made it through his strong movements and knowledge of her weak spots.

"Inside Onii-chan... I don't care what happens... I want to experience everything with you." She said between moans as her climax drew even closer. Without hesitation, the dominate pinkette increased the strength of his movements on final time. The siblings were unable to hold on any longer and they they called out the other's name as they reached a synchronized climax. Although Meredy thought she had reached the peak of pleasure, climaxing at the same time with her lover felt so much better. 'Onii-chan is cumming inside me.' She thought as she felt Natsu's hot seed flood into her. Natsu tightened his hold on the woman's amazing hips as he filled her incredibly tight maidenhood to the brim. "Onii-chan's cum is so thick and hot, I just love it."She said lusty as her vision began to blur and she began to lose strength in her arms. The feeling of a climax and her brother's seed flooding into her was a little too much for the girl. "Let me... take a little bit of a rest." Meredy pleaded between pants, while doing her best to stay continuous.

"I'll give you a couple minutes, but after that, we won't stop until I'm properly satisfied." Natsu said with a lustfully smile.

"You're such a beast Onii-chan." Meredy said before collapsing on the bed with a satisfied smile. 'If he's this wild already, why does Onee-chan need that thing?' She pondered.

~Island's forest~

"That should be the last ingredient." A blacked haired female said as she grabbed a herb. "It might have taken forever, but it's worth getting my hunk of a little brother to give me the pounding of a lifetime." She said with a lustful smile. the oldest Dragneel had been secretly collecting ingredients for something very special a few days after they arrived on the island. "My darling Natsu won't be able to keep his hands off me." She told herself while trying to contain a squeal of excitement.

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