Island of Temptation

Chapter 4: Zeref's potion problem

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It had been two weeks since Iris Dragneel had returned to the land of the living and she was loving it. Not only had she been reunited with her precious children, she was glad that they had all grown so well. Her oldest daughter had grown into a beautiful and brilliant woman, albeit a very obsessive one. Nonetheless, she was very proud of her. In her eyes, the beauty been had been an excellent caretaker

Iris's youngest daughter had become a bubbly ray of sunshine wrapped in a tight teenage body that reminded her of her own. The pink haired mother could always rely on the young pinkette for a good laugh, chat or some high energy girl on girl stuff.

However, she still couldn't believe that her only son had grown had become such a handsome man. He had really stepped into the role of man of the house, even though he had lacked a male role model his entire life. He had not only been able to provide for his two sisters but had also kept the incredibly happy and safe.

Iris was currently watching her three beautiful children. Zeref was busy reading and brewing something. The mother had attempted to question her daughter on several occasions, but the two would usually get distracted with each other, so she had decided to give up on that venture.

She turned to see her pink haired ones running around. She was loved watching the two chasing each other around the beach, they were both energetic and both had a seemingly endless amount of stamina. Iris loved watching the two play together, it filled her with an unparalleled amount of joy.

However, the mother felt as if she was missing something from her mostly full life. She certainly wasn't missing a lover, as immoral as it was, she was certain that she'd never find a better lover than the ones she had on the island. Not wanting to dampen her own mood, the beauty decided to stop focusing on what she didn't have and her eyes landed back on the pink haired teens.

Meredy was closing in on her older brother and in an attempt to stop him from getting away, she jumped onto his back. "Caught you Onii-chan!" Meredy cheered as she clung to her beloved big brother. The pinkette was proud, she had been chasing her older sibling for at least an hour. She looked down at her half naked older brother and she saw her prize. "You're the worst Onii-chan. What kind of brother get's hard when they play with their little sister?" She teased while staring at the massive bludge. She was always amazed by the fact that her body could handle something of the size. The beauty licked her lips as she continued to stare at the man. "Come on Onii-chan, into the forest!" The youngest Dragneel ordered.

Having lost to the energetic pinkette, Natsu obeyed her orders and made his way into the thick forest, which he was quite familiar with at this point. "Want to go to the usual spot?" Natsu asked the woman. He really didn't care where the beauty wanted him to go, he was in the mood and he would fuck the younger woman just about anywhere. Meredy thought for a bit, pressing herself closer to her brother as she did, allowing him to feel her big soft breasts.

"Yes, let's go to the lake... I really wish I had a swimsuit though, I had a really cute one back home." Meredy claimed. Natsu remembered the two-piece bikini that his sibling spoke of, he'd helped her pick it out. Back then he still had enough self-control not to have sex with the younger woman and he could still do something like that. However, if he was to help her pick out clothes now, there was no doubt in his mind that he'd fuck her senseless in whatever store they went to. Meredy smirked, she could tell her older brother was thinking dirty thoughts about her, which was very good for her since she always had more fun when the man got worked up. 'I wonder what Onii-Chan will do to me? He's even hotter and bothered than usual.'

Since Natsu's mind was elsewhere, it took them a little longer for them to get to the destination. This left Meredy to fester in her arousal, she even gave her brother a few kicks to speed him up. Surprisingly, her tactics were effective and the siblings found themselves at their special little lake. Meredy got off her brother's back and began to strip. "You're pretty eager today." Natsu said, staring at his sister's nude body. All her time in the sun had lightly tanned her skin, giving her some very sexy tan lines. Meredy wasn't really in the mood for the man's teasing, the journey had made her even more amorous than usual. The bubbly pinkette wasted no time and tore the man's clothes off. "Hey! That was my favorite one." The man groaned, only to be pushed into the lake behind him. The woman jumped in after him.

"They're all the same." Meredy reminded with a slightly annoyed look. Unfortunately, Natsu was too distracted to see the annoyance in his sister's face. His eyes were glued to her amazing figure. Though she had the smallest breasts out of all the Dragneel girls, she still had an impressive rack on her. She did come at a close second when it came to her ass, which was big, tight and perfectly shaped. However, her tits and ass weren't her highlights. Meredy was a lot more athletic than her mother and sister, she was both flexible and durable, which meant there was a lot of fun to be had with the younger woman. "Onii-chan, all that staring is embarrassing me." The woman gushed.

"It's not my fault you're so damn cute." Natsu replied as he got up. He quickly got behind the woman and embraced her from behind, moving his manhood between his sister's toned thighs. "Look what you've done. It doesn't look like it's going to go away anytime soon...Unless." He told the woman. Meredy blushed at this, but she knew what she had to do. The woman grasped the man's cock and started stroking it, much to Natsu's delight. The youngest Dragneel didn't have the same finesse as the other Dragneels, but she made up for it with how energetic she was. She didn't start slow like the others, the beauty got right into it, stroking at a vigorous pace.

"Onii-chan, you're such a pervert, getting all worked up because of your little sister." Meredy teased when she felt Natsu's pre-cum leak onto her dainty hands. As much as he enjoyed the odd bit of teasing, he didn't want his lover getting too carried away. The older pinkette decided to get a little more involved. He started with some slow thrusts, stimulating the younger woman's sensitive clit and letting him feel just how wet she'd gotten. The red-eyed teen let out a few stifled moans as a result, but Natsu didn't stop there and he put his hands to work.

While one of them was focused on the woman's strong core, the other one was focused on her large firm breast. Meredy wasn't as soft as the other women in his life and it was a nice change. "Nice and firm, I think I'm gonna make you my hunting buddy." Natsu said as his hands roamed her firm core. As he did this, his lover began to squirm and whimper and started struggling to maintain the speed of her strokes. The older Dragneel smirked at Meredy's degrading fortitude and he gave her full firm breast a strong squeeze. "Come on little sis, you've got to keep up, I'm not even close." He teased.

"You're such a meanie." Meredy pouted. She could feel what control she had was quickly slipping away from her. The athletic beauty decided to do what little she could. The woman increased her focus and tightened her the grip her thighs had on Natsu's manhood. "I won't let you get away with all this teasing... I've gotten better at this Onii-chan." She claimed with an aura of pride around her. Natsu let his perverse younger sister do as she pleased, mainly because he found her effort adorable and he loved the way she played with his sensitive head. "How do you like this Onii-chan?" The teen said, her confidence swelling even more.

Things continued this way for a while longer. Natsu remained behind his sister, gently thrusting into her firm but plump hips and teasing the sensitive nipples. Meredy continued to stroke the man's rigid cock while struggling to prevent her own climax. Luckily, her hard work had managed to get the man very close, which was especially good for her considering just how close she was. Natsu saw this is the perfect chance to take control of the situation, but he chose to play the long game and still let her have what she wanted. The older brother's hand made its way south and he started to tease the overly sensitive pearl. "Being cocky really doesn't suit you. You've gotten better, but don't let that get to your head." Natsu reminded his sister.

"And you're one to talk with that big ego of yours." Meredy replied as her brother quicked his pace. Meredy's became even more flustered and she was finding it impossible to hide. While the younger Dragneel hated submitting so much, mainly because of the cocky grin on her brother's face. As the man continued to thrust into his sister's thighs, the young woman struggled to continue her current train of thought. "You're such a jerk, I can't deal with this ego... this huge, thick ego." The woman continued, attempting and failing to insult the man.

"I think the word you're looking for is cock." Natsu corrected, with a gleeful grin on his face. Meredy found herself unable to answer and Natsu took full advantage of this. The older pinkette intensified his efforts, his fingers began to dance on her clit even more while he began to tweak and tug at her pink tips even more. "You're about to cum, aren't ya? But don't worry sis... I'm close too." He told the stammering and struggling beauty.

"Jerk." Meredy moaned before a bold move sprung into her mind. However, those thoughts quickly left her mind when Natsu suddenly entered her. The suddenness was obviously too much for her and she let out a loud pleasured scream. This was followed up by a strong climax, which led to her already tight maidenhood to squeeze down on her brother's member, forcing him to cum inside the woman. The sudden sensation was almost too much for the teen. If it wasn't for her brother keep her stable, she was pretty sure she would have fallen over. Though she did enjoy the feeling of her lover's warm seed flooding into her, she was still a little upset with sakura haired man. "Onii-chan, why didn't you warned me?" The embarrassed woman said, still a little shaky. Her brother noticed this and took full advantage of it.

"It's cause you're so cute when you're surprised... Even cuter than usual." Natsu teased as he started moving once again. His sister's tight maidenhood was inviting and well accommodated to both his length and girth. "And you know I can't help myself when you start acting so cute." The older pinkette said, grabbing one of his sister's big bouncing breasts.

The teen kept himself close to the woman, mainly because her legs looked ready to fail her at any moment, but he also just loved being close to her smaller body. He could never get enough of the woman and his actions made that very obvious. One of his hands stayed on the woman's breasts, the other was wrapped around Meredy's slim stomach, keeping her close, allowing him to assault her sensitive and exposed neck. "I'll always love you, sis." He muttered, keeping his thrusts slow but strong.

"Onii-chan, you're embarrassing me." Meredy moaned, only to have her lover continue mutter into her ears. Her brother was being a lot more intimate than usual, which confused and aroused the teen. Things continued this way until the latter emotion finally took over and she started to really enjoy herself. "I love you too Onii-chan, please fuck me." She replied. She wasn't sure why, but every time they visited their special little spot, they'd get more amorous than usual, not that she minded, these instances were some of her favorite.

~With Iris and Zeref~

The two older Dragneels were currently enjoying a soak in their secret hot spring. Well, it used to solely belong to the pale skinned beauty but the woman couldn't keep it a secret from her mother. The older woman was a lot harder to distract than her younger siblings. She knew that it was a little selfish to keep such a wonderful place to herself, but the dark-haired beauty was a fairly selfish person. Luckily for her, Iris was more than happy to the springs a secret from two of her children. "Two hours of pure relaxation, I can't believe you've been putting an aphrodisiac in their spot." Iris moaned as she sunk into the spring. Her long pink locks were tied up into a tight bun, leaving her mature body completely exposed. From her large milky breasts to her perfect round ass.

"I've been doing it ever since I found out they tried to hide it from me." Zeref said, chuckling to herself a little. Unlike her mother, her hair was unkempt, almost hiding the second largest pair of breasts on the island. "Plus, it's probably going to more than that, those two usually do it after they finish hunting." She added before relaxing into the bath.

"You worry me sometimes Zeref, you're reminding me of the witches from the stories I used to read for you." Iris told her daughter. She sometimes wondered how her dark-haired daughter did what she did. Not only had she brought her back to life, Zeref seemed to have an unlimited supply aphrodisiacs. "Where did you learn how to do all this?" She finally asked.

"Well, I spent all my time reading, so I discovered a few things, and being a genius helped." Zeref reminded her mother, who let out a small laugh. She often forgot that her oldest daughter was smarter than most, but she couldn't be blamed. Zeref spent most her intellect trying to seduce her little brother or enhance her own sexual experiences. "It's also why I'm so pale." She added, sounding a little self-conscious.

Despite fucking her children, she was still a fairly good mother. She moved towards her first born and took a seat next to her. "Don't fret my dear daughter, your pale skin is beautiful." Iris encouraged as her hand ran her daughter's soft thigh. Since Zeref still held some resentment towards her, Iris had never been able to connect on the same level, meaning she never been able to appreciate as much as the other Dragneels. "You've got softer skin than Meredy and myself, I'm sure your dear little brother loves giving these a squeeze." She said before she gave both Zeref's massive melons a squeeze.

"Mother, I'm sensitive there." Zeref moaned, doing her best to maintain a calm composure. She was doing a fairly good for it, but the Dragneel family wasn't known for giving up. However, Iris knew she needed a little assist, but since Natsu and Meredy were out fucking like animals in heat, she sought a different way to find an edge. Luckily, the older woman spotted something special behind her oldest daughter. There were various bottles, most being soaps and other similar things, but one really got her attention. It was pink and it had a love heart on the label, making it fairly obvious what it was. Iris grabbed the small one and poured it into the spring. "Mother! That's the new aphrodisiac, it's still untested." She moaned.

Zeref and Iris instantly felt the effects of the potion. Neither of them had actually felt the effect of one of Zeref's potions before. "Oh god, this is intense." Iris screamed as she felt a strong heat take over her body. Her oldest daughter was fairing just as poorly and she instantly pulled her into a kiss. While this alone was enough to surprise Iris, Zeref was by no means done with her. The dark-haired Dragneel started grabbing and groping her mother in a similar energy to her little brother, albeit with more direction. Her nimble fingers found themselves delving deep into her mother's womanhood while the other massaged her oversized breasts in a rough manner. 'She's not a strong as Natsu or Meredy, but this technique... it's out of this world.' The mother thought, not even attempting to stop her daughter.

'So this is what I've been doing to them... How do they not go insane?' Zeref wondered, barely able to muster a non-sex related thought. However, the older pinkette wasn't about to let her daughter dominate her in their little exchange. It was obvious that her oldest child was great a dishing it out, but she really couldn't take it. With this being the case, Iris didn't let up, she decided it was time to discipline her oldest child. "Mother, not there!" The dark-haired Dragneel begged.

"Oh no, that simply won't do, you've been getting away with far too much... You remind me so much of my whore of a sister." Iris claimed with a smile on her face. Zeref could only let out small moans. Her mother was doing an amazing job at targeting her various weak spots, and she was doing a pitiful job doing the same thing back. Things were made even harder for the oldest of the Dragneel siblings due to being compared to her aunt. "Don't be too upset. My sister may have been a man-stealing whore, but she was one sexy piece of ass." She admitted.

The dark haired woman noticed that her mother was getting increasingly aggressive with her. Iris was now using her talented mouth to nibble and attack her daughter's neck. "What are you talking about mother?" Zeref moaned. She attempted to fight once more, but the attacks on her neck, breasts, and pussy were far too much to combat.

"Don't act surprised, if you had a sister like her, you'd want a piece." Iris admitted. She wondered how her black-haired sibling was doing. The mother of Natsu hadn't spoken to her sister since she had fallen pregnant by Natsu's father a few months before she had Meredy. She did hold a lot of resentment to her sister for a very long time, but it didn't mean she didn't still find her older sister irresistible. Iris really couldn't be mad at her ex-husband considering he died before their third child was born. "How is my whore of a little sister? I assume she tried to get a piece of my darling son." She inquired.

Zeref didn't seem to want to give her mother a reply. She didn't want anything to do with the sibling rivalry. The pinkette saw this, but it didn't deter her whatsoever. Iris picked up her daughter, placing her outside the warm water, spreading her legs and exposing Zeref's needy pussy. Iris licked her lips and dug in with a hunger similar to her son. The dark-haired woman couldn't stop herself from letting out a loud lewd moan when her mother really got down to work. Zeref grabbed her mother's long pink locks and attempted to force the older woman closer to her crotch. However, Iris quickly pulled away and gave her a look. "Please mother, keep going." Zeref moaned.

"I will, but only if you tell me if that sister of mine sunk her claws into my son." Iris offered. The mother was desperate to know, so denying her daughter an orgasm didn't bother her too much. Zeref could tell that this was the case and gave in, even though she knew the red-eyed woman wouldn't be happy with her answer. However, that really didn't matter to her, the aphrodisiac was really taking its tole.


It was now late in the afternoon, and the Dragneel family had gathered together. Meredy and Iris were preparing food, leaving Natsu with his busty older sister. Unfortunately for Natsu, the raven-haired beauty was still exhausted from being interrogated by her mother. After three hours with the older woman, Zeref confirmed that her's and her sibling's tendency to overdo things came from their mother. "Come on Zeref-nee, I'm bored." Natsu groaned as he sat next to the exhausted woman.

Zeref was already physically weak, and she knew trying to entertain her brother might be little too much. "Didn't you only come back from fucking Meredy an hour ago?" Zeref sighed as she tried to focus on noting her earlier experience. "Plus, your Nee-chan really needs to finish these notes." She added. While Natsu didn't want to pester his sister, he couldn't help it. The pinkette had become very spoilt in turns of sex, so it was no surprise that he wasn't handling this situation well. It also didn't help that Zeref was naked as the day she was born.

"At least put something on, look what you're doing to me!" Natsu exclaimed as he pointed to his cock. His older sister decided to just ignore him and continued to write in her notebook, which obviously didn't sit well with Natsu. The pinkette found it odd that the woman wasn't jumping at the chance to spend some alone time with him. "Come on Zeref-nee, want am I supposed to do?" He asked.

"Fine, sit next to me and your Nee-chan will take care of you." Zeref sighed. She could tell that her brother was mere moments from just shoving his dick her face. Zeref knew that she wouldn't be able to hold back if she had such a thick piece of meat in her face. She was sure that she'd end up sucking him off after a couple of seconds. Natsu happily took a seat and discarded his loincloth. "Now, don't expect too much, I still need to record my notes." She said as she took her brother's cock in her hand.

"Wow, mum really did a number on you, what did you do?" Natsu asked. The woman's pale hands gripped the pinkette's cock harder and she started jerking him off. Zeref wasn't sure how to feel about her encounter with her mother.

"Mother was just asking a couple of questions about Auntie Ivy and I wouldn't answer." Zeref replied, with a strong blush appearing on her face. Natsu shot her a confused looked. Unlike his older sister, he didn't know about the rivalry between his mother and aunt, mainly because he was far too young. The dark-haired woman had been tempted to tell her brother about the relationship between her mother and aunt. However, she remembered just how close her little brother was to his aunt. 'If our mother wants to talk about it, she'll do it. It's none of my business.' The woman told herself.

"Is that why mum didn't look happy when she came back?" Natsu asked, concern clear in his voice. Zeref didn't reply and started moving her hand faster, hoping to distract the pinkette. Natsu let out a small groan, but he still looked like he wanted to talk, so the dark-haired Dragneel just upped her intensity. She knew that a simple handjob wouldn't be enough to distract her sexually overcharged brother. The woman knew she had to go all out. She placed her notebook down and mounted her brother and smothered his face in her breasts.

"If you stop asking questions, your big sister will let you ravage her as much as you want." Zeref offered. Dealing with family drama wasn't her job, nor did she want it to be. If the pinkette wanted to find out what happened, he was going to have to consult their mother. Luckily enough, Natsu jumped at the opportunity, grabbing his sister's wide hips and forcing her down onto his cock. "You better not hold back on me Natsu." She moaned out as she instinctively wrapped her legs around her brother's strong body.

Seeing as the woman was so close to him now, Natsu decided to take advantage of that and the nearby wall. He picked up his older sister making sure to maintain a firm grip on her ass. The woman couldn't stop herself from letting out small moans with every step they took. The dark-haired woman was still obviously feeling the effects of her own potion. Even before they reached the wall, Zeref's otherwise porcelain skin was spotting a very heavy blush. "You're fucking soaked, you've never been this wet before." Natsu pointed as he pressed the woman's soft body against the hard wall.

"It's Mother's fault... The aphrodisiac... Too powerful." Zeref moaned as she was already reduced to a drooling mess. Her latest potion had been a great success. It was the most powerful she had ever made and it even had the added effect of making her highly sensitive. "Please be gentle, I'm sensitive." She begged, only to be ignored by her brother. He held her up a little more, forcing himself deeper into his sister before latching onto one of her breasts. The woman couldn't help letting out the lewdest moan Natsu had ever heard. 'I'm more sensitive than before, this potion is dangerous.' The older woman thought.

While the woman saw this as a major problem, Natsu saw this as an opportunity. The pinkette didn't mind occasionally being a test subject, but the dark-haired woman was getting a little too careless lately. So Natsu intended to teach her a lesson. "Nee-chan, you really should be more careful with your potions... I think it's affecting me too... All I can think about is fucking you silly." Natsu told the woman, tightening his grip on her ass. Even this simple action got a moan to escape the woman's lips.

"Natsu, I told you to be gentle." Zeref pleased, only to be ignored. The oldest Dragneel sibling was barely keeping it together. Everything that Natsu did to her sent bolts of pleasure rushing through her body. Every time he thrust, she could feel an orgasm rip through her body and even the simplest touch brought her to the brink. The woman was completely at the mercy of the pink haired teen.

She knew that it was only a matter of time before she'd passed out from the pleasure. However, Zeref was a smart girl and she deduced her mother would be suffering a similar fate at the moment. Luckily for her, the moans of her mother could be heard echoing in their shelter. "Mother... Can't you hear her?" She managed to say, peaking her brother's interest.

"Maybe we should join her then." Natsu replied. If it weren't for the fact her face was so heavily contorted with pleasure, Zeref would have smiled at how easily she had baited her dense little brother. Her thoughts didn't remain on her small victory once Natsu spoke again. "Hopefully you don't pass out while we get there." The pinkette said with a wide smile.

'Oh no.' Zeref thought. Her brother's tone made it obvious that he was going to make the trip to the cave as pleasurable as possible. She would have been excited in a normal circumstance, getting to have Natsu all by herself was a dream. However, she felt as if the potion's effects were increasing every time she came, so she found herself in an endless cycle of ever-increasing pleasure.

By the time they got to the cave, the eldest of the Dragneel siblings was a complete mess of pleasure. She could barely construct a thought and she was honestly amazed that her body hadn't gone limp and she could still think. The woman could deduce that this was yet another side effect. The pinkette didn't take notice of his sister's sorry state when he actually entered the cave. It wasn't that his sister wasn't interesting, it was more so that the sight in the cave was more much more interesting. "Jackpot." Natsu declared.

Iris was currently on fours, with a flushed face and her youngest daughter pounding her from behind with a large double sided toy. Natsu wondered who had commissioned the toy's commission, their mother or Zeref herself. The pinkette's short attention span didn't allow him to focus on this. He was more consumed with the sounds that echoed through the lavish cave. He couldn't decide if he was more interested in his mother's lewd loud moans of the sound of soft skin slapping together. "Hey, Onii-chan... Kaa-san got all worked up... And this is fun." Meredy said, barely stringing the sentence together.

The young girl was starting to understand why her lover/brother loved this position so much. The feeling of dominance added with getting to see her mother's large ass ripple with every one of her movements. Meredy had also been very proud of the state she had left her mother in, but this was dwarfed when she saw her older sister. The dark-haired woman was now a moaning and drooling husk of pleasure. "The same thing happened with Nee-chan, but she hasn't said something for a while." Natsu replied, bitting down on the woman's pale neck.

"Onii-chan... I think she needs... A break." Iris moaned out as she came again. Her current state made thinking nearly impossible, so it was no surprise that she was torn about what to think. Part of her was deeply concerned about what Natsu had done to her sister. However, the other part was jealous, Zeref looked as if she had ascended to a level of pleasure. "Give her some rest... Then let Mommy take... care of that troublesome thing." She continued, with a sexy lick of the lips.

Natsu placed his exhausted sister onto their bed and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Natsu." The twitching and cum stuffed woman muttered. The woman quickly started to feel herself calming down and her body finally letting itself rest. While the pinkette was a little disappointed that he couldn't continue hammering into his older sister, he did have someone else to enjoy.

"Onii-chan is joining in, Yay!" Meredy cheered as she watched her older brother approach them with a familiar look on his face. The pinkette positioned himself in front of his mother, who had her mouth open wide and her tongue out like a dog in heat. "Come Natsu, don't keep her waiting." The younger woman instructed. There were many things that aroused the woman, and one of the major ones was seeing her beautiful mother with Natsu's cock in her mouth.

Natsu didn't have to be told twice, his mother's cock hungry expression was always more than enough. The pink haired teen didn't waste a second and grabbed the woman's hair, forcing his cock down her throat. Even while dealing the potion's effects and getting railed from behind, Iris was still a champion at sucking cock. 'I may not be as young, but I still got it.' Iris told herself.

The woman wasn't lying to herself either. Even though she was taking it from both ends, she was still able to keep up. Iris wasn't too proud to admit that Meredy was a large factor in this. Since Meredy wasn't as brutal or animalist as her son, Iris was better allowed to concentrate on her attention hungry son. "Damn, you're good at this." Natsu grunted out. In the time that his mother had returned Natsu had learned that he wasn't the most sexually dominate Dragneel, that title belonged to the matriarch of the family.

Within seconds, the older woman had both her youngest son and daughter wrapped under her thumb. Natsu didn't understand how, but the potion had made the mother even more vivacious than before and improved her already legendary skill. This just meant that dream of dominating the woman was even more out of reach, but he fine with it, since it meant he was getting the best blowjob of his life. 'Ahh, just like the old days.' Iris remembered fondly.

Meredy was not fairing any better. Despite her position, the bubbly teen felt as if her mother was doing the fucking rather than herself. Every one of her thrusts would be met with one of Iris's own movements. She had no idea how Natsu handled so much ass at once. The youngest Dragneel was stronger than her mother, but every time the woman moved back, she felt as if she was going to fall back, which would result in a change of position. This experience only bolstered her admiration of her older brother. "Kaa-san, I'm supposed to be in control." Meredy moaned.

"Ya gotta do more than just thrust that toy into her Meredy." Natsu replied. He'd be a dirty liar if he claimed that he wasn't jealous that his sister was currently hogging all the ass. Sure there was plenty to share, but Natsu had grown up rather spoilt in regards to his mother. However, even if he wanted to leave the confines of Iris's mouth, he doubted that that was possible. It was clear that his cock would only leave his mother's mouth when she wanted it to, the look the oldest pinkette gave him made that clear. "It's gonna be a long night, so you better get working sis." He told his sister.

"Like this?" Meredy asked as gave her mother a harsh smack on the ass. The sound of the smack echoed around the cave which drowned up the muffled moan she let out. Iris liked a bit of pain here and there, but never to this extent. Her youngest daughter loved this reaction, she was usually on the receiving end of a spanking, which she loved, and now she was starting to understand her family loved dishing them out.

"Yeah, that's right, give our slutty mum a good spanking." Natsu confirmed. Like everything Meredy did, she did it with a high amount of energy. Both Meredy's mother and brother greatly appreciated it. The super sensitive mother loved the pain, which resulted in moans that made the already unparalleled blowjob feel even better.

'This is going to be a long night, I really need to talk to Zeref about all these potions... After I enjoy this.' Iris thought as Meredy finally hit her stride.


It was now midday and the older half of the Dragneel family were starting to wake up. Both women were completely exhausted after being a night of hardcore incestuous sex. While the mother had taken the brunt of it, Zeref was shown no mercy when she woke up a few hours.

Iris was rather grateful that her dark-haired daughter had woken up. Though she had done her best to distract Natsu with her tits and mouth, the pinkette did catch on. Unsurprisingly, the pink haired man didn't take kindly to being manipulated, no matter how good it felt. It was only once she felt her son's cock pressed against her back door did she know how fucked she truly was. Not even her adventures as a teen had left her as sore as she was at the moment. She looked over at her eldest daughter. "So, should I expect any more of those potions?" Iris questioned.

"No, I only had one of enhancement potion." Zeref replied as she struggled to her feet. The woman stumbled over to her potion rack and made sure. The oldest woman was sure she'd be in for it if there was another laying around somewhere. 'Mind control, Thorns, Calamity, Slippery, Bomb... I need to get more creative with naming these things.' She told herself as she looked through her collection.

"Honey, what on earth are you looking for?" Iris questioned, worried that there was going to be a repeat of last night. If her legs didn't feel like jelly, Iris would have interrogated the dark-haired woman. It would have involved a harsh spanking, a bit of fingering and possibly a strap-on if she didn't think her daughter hadn't learned her lesson. "Don't tell me you're trying something on your siblings again." She warned.

"This one isn't harmful and I've tested this one before." Zeref replied, moving onto her larger potion rack. She needed to keep her family distracted. Her body really couldn't take another round, but her mother was rather persuasive. Iris really couldn't put her finger on it, but she didn't trust her daughter's quick and dismissive reply.

"Unless you can somehow clone my Natsu, I think you should cool it with the potions." Iris told the woman. Last night had really remembered her glory days. While they now paled in compared to her adventures on the island, she did miss some of her more slutty adventures, and her partner in crime.

"Don't be so distressed mother, this is the potion that brought you here... But any wishes made with this potion are temporary, I simply can't replicate the original." Zeref explained, almost making the tired mother jump up. The dark-haired woman smiled at this reaction. She just wished she didn't need to offer a wish-granting potion get her mother on her side in these matters.

"So I assume you intend on making your wish today?" Iris inquired, getting a nod from her daughter. To say that she was worried would be an understatement. There was a very short list of things Zeref liked and very long obstacles. "May I ask what you intend to do?" She questioned.

"Don't worry Mother, my wish won't harm anyone, It's simply to answer something I've been curious about." Zeref claimed as she finally found what she was looking for. Despite what she'd seen in her daughter's journal, she decided to trust her daughter. "I'm sure everyone will enjoy this as well."

"Tell us what you need once you're ready, those two will probably be in their usual spot." Iris instructed. The black haired woman sighed and returned to the bed.

"Not now, I'm still exhausted." Zeref huffed, collapsing alongside her mother.


After finally recovering, Zeref had gathered the family around the lake. "What are we doing here Nee-chan?" Natsu asked. Even before they landed on the island, it was odd for someone to call a family meeting. The last family meeting Zeref had called resulted in them getting 'stranded' on the island.

"Have some patience, your sister seemed excited about this and we don't want her to ruin it." Iris reminded her only son.

"But Zeref-nee is taking too long and I want to have fun with Onii-chan." Meredy complained attempting to hold herself back. Sure they'd had their usual post hunting fun, but last night's activities had made her even more amorous than usual. "You want to have fun with me too, right Onii-chan?" She inquired as she grabbed her brother's member and loosened her top a little.

"I thought I raised you two better, let your sister do what she needs." Iris huffed. Aside from the whole incest thing, she thought that she had instilled some very good habits into her children. "You two can do all the fucking you want later, just hold still." She requested. However, it was already too late, Meredy had seated herself on her brother's lap.

"Fine, if I'm gonna wait, I'll wait in comfort." Meredy said. Iris rolled her eyes, she knew it'd take something really special for Zeref keep the attention of the two horny teens.

"Don't worry, I'm nearly done." Zeref said. The oldest of Dragneel siblings proceeded to pour something into the lake, causing it to freeze in an instant. The two other women gasped and Natsu watched with an excited expression. None of them had yet to figure out how Zeref did the things she did. Iris didn't really question it, Meredy always had other things on her mind, and Natsu just assumed his sister was a witch. "Please keep or attention on the frozen pool of water." She instructed before downing the pink wish granting potion.

The family watched as the ice started to change. "What's this?" Iris asked.

"This will allow me to peer twenty years into the future... Mainly at what Natsu is up to." Zeref explained as she shot her brother a dark and stalkerish look. The woman had managed spy on her brother in so many different ways. So she was very happy when she saw the ice began to show an image of the pink haired male. "My little brother becomes even more handsome." The woman swooned.

"Boyish to rugged and mature, my wonderful son really lucked out." Iris added, licked her lips a little. Both older women began to discuss the looks and attributes of the aged up pinkette. However, Meredy only had one question on the mind.

"So who did he marry?" Meredy quizzed. Everyone sighed, they were honestly impressed how laser focused the beauty could me.

"Let's watch and find out." Zeref instructed.

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