Island of Temptation

Chapter 5: A glimpse into the future

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Apparently, people wanted more of this, so here's more incest! I think I'll put an end to this next chapter, so this is the penultimate chapter of my most morally bankrupt story.

Natsu Dragneel, now in his thirties was sat in the living room of his home, and aside from the passing of his beloved wife, the last twenty years had been very good to him. He had a job that he loved, a nice home and his family had grown. Right now, the pinkette was simply relaxing after a hard day of work and waiting for his beautiful daughter to return from school. "Life is great." Natsu sighed.

"Natsu, you can't just laze around like that." Meredy said, looking down at her brother. Unlike his older sister, Meredy had really taken after her mother. Despite never being with child, the woman's body was identical to that of their mother's. This wasn't just an assumption, Natsu was able to directly compare the two thanks to one of Zeref's potions that had left the mother pretty much immune to the ravages of time. "What will that lovely daughter of yours think if she see's you like this?" She harped. The pinkette couldn't really take the woman seriously.

Even though she was older now, Natsu could never take his younger sister seriously. Despite the strict persona she now portrayed, the older pinkette still saw Meredy as his hormonally super-charged little sister. The younger woman would obviously protest this and claim that she had changed. However, the fact she pounced on every chance to have sex with him didn't help her case. "If you're gonna talk to me like that, at least wear something less sexy... I can't stop thinking about all the things I'm gonna do to that ass." Natsu commented as he checked her out.

"Onii-chan, these are my work clothes and you know that!" Meredy squealed with a flushed expression. The woman was currently dressed in a tight office dress that hugged all the right places, with her bubble butt made to look especially good.

"That's more like the Meredy I know." Natsu commented with a smile as he brought the woman onto his lap. Meredy found herself unable to resist her brother and instigated an incestuous kiss. The youngest Dragneel sibling had sometimes thought that her attraction to her brother was just a teenage infatuation, but twenty years had proved otherwise. Despite how immoral and wrong it was, Meredy knew she was truly in love with her brother. "I'm glad you're getting all worked up, but don't you have work?" He teased.

"Onii-chan~! You're the worst... This is the last time I stop by." Meredy declared as she pouted. Natsu just smiled at the reaction and gave her large plump rear a quick grab. The red-eyed woman still couldn't resist her brother's advantages, the mess in the kitchen made that obvious. Meredy let out a sigh as she once again fell victim to her brother's charms. "Fine, I'll see you later, sorry that I can't be with you most of this weekend, but I'll try to drop by near the end." She apologised, giving the man a quick kiss on the cheek and a sad look. She worried about her brother, tomorrow was never an easy day for him or his daughter and she desperately wanted to help them out.

"I'll be fine... See you later." Natsu said, giving his sister a quick slap on the ass and the beauty let out a surprised yelp. The woman wanted to stay and let her brother take her right there on the couch. However, she had no idea how'd she'd hide more cum stains and explain being late to her boss again. She waved her brother off one more time and ran out of the house. Natsu sat back down on the coach, but now he didn't have a hot little sister to keep him company. 'Well, at least she finished cooking.' The pinkette thought, trying to figure out what to do now. As he sat on the couch, he whipped out his phone and started looking for something to entertain himself with. He had plenty of options in his personal collection. However, he quickly decided to rewatch the time he helped his mother and aunt reconcile.

Unfortunately for him and his erect member, his doorbell started ringing. He put his phone away, got up and opened the door, only to be accidentally taken to the ground by an eighteen, bordering on nineteen-year-old pinkette. Natsu groaned as he felt his head smash against the hard ground, but it wasn't like it was all bad since it meant his precious daughter wasn't harmed. "I'm sorry Papa, I saw Auntie Meredy and I got really excited." The young woman apologized as she sat up.

"It's ok Chelia, I can't stay mad at my little girl." Natsu replied with a smile. The pinkette wasn't lying, mainly because how the teen was all he had left of his wife. Whenever he looked at the budding young woman, he could see his former lover. Chelia had her mother's short stature, her beautiful blue eyes, fair skin and even her proportions were similar. The only thing he could really claim was the woman's pink hair, her athletic prowess, and the fact that should she could be a bit of a scatterbrain.

Unfortunately, what athletic prowess she did have was countered out by how much of a klutz the teen was. It wasn't like her clumsiness ever stopped her considering she was still able to take someone of his size to the ground. This was especially impressive since the man had grown to about six and a half feet tall while his daughter was barely five feet. "I know that, but at least let me check on you." Chelia offered as she got off of her father. The young girl felt extremely guilty as she looked at her downed father and looked desperate to help him out.

"I'm fine Chelia, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to stop you." Natsu replied with a small sigh. The young girl just smiled at her father, who also began to get up. Even though it was bothersome sometimes, the young girl's desire to help was one of her best qualities. It was one of the many ways she reminded him of her mother. They both always wanted to serve, but she sometimes did it in rather odd ways. With his daughter behind him, the pinkette made his way to the couch. Chelia started to inspect where the man had suffered his bump. "See, nothing to worry about." He claimed.

Chelia let out a relieved sigh before she attempted to vault the coach and join her father on the other side. She did manage to get to the other side, but rather than landing on the couch, she landed on her father's lap. The teen managed to play it off as if she had done it on purpose. "Well, I can never be too careful... You take care of yourself as well as you take care of that kitchen." Chelia pointed out. The girl wasn't wrong, the house would have been a mess if it weren't for Meredy's constant visits and Chelia's diligent efforts. "So what are you doing today Papa?" She asked, looking up at the pink haired man.

Natsu didn't answer straight away since he was trying to restrain himself. Right now, he had the view of the girl's blossoming bust and her perky butt was pressed against his manhood. The man snapped himself out of it and concentrated on her question. He felt like punching himself for thinking about his daughter in this manner for the first time. He blamed Meredy for leaving him so high a dry, he made a mental note to really give it to his sister next time. "Nothing much, I just thought I'd hang out with my perfect little girl." Natsu replied, getting a happy squeal from the girl. Just as he had been a mamma's boy, his daughter was massive daddy's girl. However, he assumed that his daughter's feelings to him weren't incestuous. Since she was an only child, the pink haired girl was constantly showered with praise and affection.

The father was worried that his constant pampering would have resulted in her being a bit spoilt and bit entitled. Much to his relief, Chelia had grown into a kind and caring girl, but unbeknownst to him, she had developed an unhealthy attraction to her father. The younger girl never acted on this attraction she knew just how wrong it was and she was sure whatever she tried wouldn't be reciprocated. "I've got a bit of work to do from school, so do you mind helping me out, Papa?" Chelia requestioned with the most powerful pair of puppy dog eyes. Even if he wanted to say no, the look she was giving him made that an impossible feat.

"I don't think I'll be able to really help you, but if it's for my precious little girl, I'll do anything." Natsu replied with a smile. Her father's words excited Chelia to no end. The last part about him doing anything for her really stuck with the young girl as she jumped off her father.

"I'm going to have a quick shower, and then I'll be waiting in my room." Chelia told her father with a bright smile on her face. Once the girl had left, the pinkette let out a small sigh of relief. Even though he certainly wasn't new to the whole incest thing, he'd never lusted after his daughter before, but now that he had started, he couldn't stop.

'You're just a little pent up Natsu, I'll just head over to my room and fix this mess.' Natsu told himself as he got up.


After relieving himself a few times and washing up, Natsu made his way to his daughter's bedroom. The room was exactly what you'd expect from some like Chelia. "Hey, honey, sorry that took so long, I just got off the phone with your auntie Meredy." Natsu apologised as he entered the room. The pink haired man was honestly surprised that Meredy hadn't been caught putting on a show for him at work.

"No problem Dad, I haven't even gotten started." Chelia reassured as she quickly tucked something under her pillow. Natsu was too preoccupied trying not to focus on his sister's little performance over the phone that he didn't notice the girl's blush or the fact that she was hiding something. 'I should be more careful, Daddy might catch me.' She thought, causing her blush brightening. As far as her father knew, she was a shining beacon of innocence and purity, who had never had a dirty thought cross her mind. The girl had done her best to make sure that this was how her father saw her since it forced her to restrain herself to avoid breaking the man's heart.

"Well if that's the care, let's get started." Natsu said as he took a seat at his daughter's desk. Chelia took off her robe and revealed what she wore underneath. Now, the young girl had always had a liberal way of dressing when she was home, and this had never been a problem until now.

He thought it was good that his daughter felt comfortable around him, but he'd never noticed just how provocatively Chelia dressed and now he really couldn't stop noticing it. The teen was dressed in a white crop top that showed off her breasts, which looked even bigger on account of her petite figure and short stature. This in itself wasn't the problem, it was the fact that the top had 'Daddy's Girl' written in red across her ample bust. It wasn't like the older man could look anywhere else. The brown micro shorts did nothing to hide her tight little ass and the white stockings accentuated her thighs. 'When the hell did she get so sexy.' The older man asked, trying to snap himself out of his trance.

"Let's get started Papa." Chelia cheered as she took a seat on her father's lap. This was certainly the teen's favorite position to be in. Not only was she close to the person she loved the most, it was the position she felt the safest. She also got to enjoy a number of stimulating sensations. 'Hmmm, Daddy's smell... No, I have to focus or Daddy will end up finding out that I'm a dirty little girl.' She told herself, doing her best to concentrate on her work.


It was now around midnight, Natsu had attempted to help his daughter with her work. He hadn't been able to do too much, but Chelia still appreciated the effort. Once they had enjoyed their dinner, they decided to watch a movie before heading to their own beds. Seeing as Natsu was going to be busy the following day, he was sound asleep. The same couldn't be said for his daughter. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Chelia chanted as she enjoyed some much needed alone time. For a girl like Chelia, being around the man she loved for so long was too much. However, now that she was alone, she releasing a lot pent up tension. Her nimble fingers were going to town on her tight honey pot while she held up her father's shirt to her nose.

The pink haired girl knew what she was doing was very wrong, but she didn't care. There was no one around her so she didn't have to maintain the pure good girl, she could be the dirty daddy's girl she really was. The only thing that really stopped her from exposing this side to herself wasn't the fact that it would ruin her reputation, it what her father would think. The woman didn't let this get her down and in her current state, she found herself getting more aroused.

"If Daddy saw me like this... He'd have to punish me for it." Chelia told herself before forcing her fingers into a slightly deeper spot. The young girl wasn't sure why the thought of her father bending her over and giving her a good spanking was such an alluring idea. She doubted that would ever happen though. Not even in her wildest dreams could she imagine her father hurting her which only made the woman want it even more. "Maybe I should show Daddy just how naughty I am." The beauty thought aloud as she started playing with one of her breasts.

Chelia's voice got more out of control as the feeling of pleasure climbed. While this did get her most of the way, she knew it wasn't enough. She needed something more to get her over the edge. "Would Daddy accept me if he found out that I was such a pervert?" Chelia wondered as she found herself getting even closer. The teen's fingers began to get more wild, and she started to lose control of her voice. Her body began to shake with excitement but it didn't stop her from thinking aloud. "Of course Daddy would... I'm his precious little girl." She reminded herself.

The beauty let out a small scream as she finally came. Thanks to intensity she did it with and spending so much time with her father, this was the strongest orgasm she had today. However, this wasn't enough for the young girl, she needed more, so much more. Still naked as the day she was born, Chelia snuck out of her room and slowly made her way to her father's bedroom. Much to her relief, her father was out like a light. "Daddy." The love-struck girl muttered as she took in the sight of the naked man. The teen never knew why her father slept in the nude, but she was very grateful that he did.

Chelia's bit her lower lip and a blush took over her face as she slowly crept towards her father. Despite tripping up a few times, none of the noise that she made woke the man. She was so glad that her father was a heavy sleeper, but her father's sleeping habits weren't what she focused on, another aspect of the man filled her mind. She crawled on top of the slumbering pinkette and started looking at her heart's desire. "Daddy's cock." Chelia pretty much drooled as she examined Natsu's manhood. This was far from the first time she had done this, but it still worked her up to no end. With one of her hands, the teen started to play with her soaking maidenhood. She grabbed the man's cock with her free hand, finding that she couldn't even wrap it all the way around, which already made the massive pillar of man look even bigger. "Daddy is still soft... That simply won't do." She thought aloud before she got right to work.

Natsu shuffled a little in his sleep, but this did nothing to slow his daughter down. The teen actually liked that she was getting a bit of a reaction from her father. It made her feel like she was closer to the intimate relationship that was desperate for. With thoughts of having sex with her sole parent, an excited Chelia opened her mouth wide and swallowed what she could. The blush on her face darkened when she managed to get most of Natsu's semi into her mouth. It was a personal best for the teen and with the considerable disparity in their sizes, it was an impressive feat. 'Practise makes perfect, isn't that what you always told me, Daddy?' She thought, giving her father a quick glance.

She decided that the time for teasing was now over and really started getting to work. Despite what she led her father to believe, she knew her way around a cock. She knew exactly where to stroke, lick and suck to get the right reaction. It only took the pink haired teen a little bit of work before her father reached full mast, which only made her more excited. The woman opened her mouth up wide and took in as much as her small mouth could. Due to the substantial increase in her father's size, she could only get a little over half of it. 'So big and its all mine.' She told the man as she got right to work.

The blue-eyed girl loved being in the service of others, and she always had the biggest climaxes. The only situation that made her more worked was the idea of being disciplined and punished by her loving father. She knew it was always going to be a fantasy as the older man's heart would break if he found out about her nightly ritual. The woman found herself lost in her little fantasy land. The continued to work hard, pleasuring both herself and her father. She was very effective at the former, cumming more times than she could count and now she was getting very close to achieving the latter. She was getting so close that the only man was starting to stir in his sleep.

If she wasn't so lost in her little world, the rational part of her brain would have told her it was time to stop. However, getting a such a strong reaction only encouraged her. Chelia bolstered her efforts tenfold and much to her excitement, her efforts were very well received yielded almost immediate results. "Cum for me Daddy!" Chelia commanded. The slumbering man let out a small groan before sprayed his daughter with his seed. The blue-eyed teen would have been concerned about heavy of a sleeper her father was if she wasn't busy relishing in her current situation. "Daddy's cum is all over me." She moaned, reaching her strongest climax of the night.

Chelia slumped once her climax died down and rested on the strong body of Natsu. The teen knew what she had done was wrong, but like the other Dragneels, the allure of the most forbidden fruit clouded her mind. Sure she would probably feel bad about it later, but she was in heaven right now. Chelia decided that she would spend a good portion of the night by her father's side before cleaning up and returning to her own bedroom.


"Morning Sweetie, you look pretty happy." Natsu greeted as his daughter entered the room. His daughter was humming to herself with a massive smile on her face. The pink haired girl ran up to her father, stumbling and tripping when she was a few steps away from Natsu. Luckily for Chelia, her father was quick to the draw and managed to catch her with ease. "You really got to start being careful." He warned his blushing daughter.

"Well, I don't need to since you're such a great Dad." Chelia replied as she hugged her father. The younger girl nestled herself closer to the larger man, and her blush deepened. Today was a tough day for the young girl, but she knew she'd be able to get through with her father by her side. "So, what are we going to do today?" She asked, looking up at the older man.

"I was thinking we'd enjoy the day and then we'd visit her later in the day." Natsu answered, obviously finding it hard to say that last part. Chelia hugged the man tighter and gave him a reassuring look. While it didn't make all the pain go away, the look on his daughter's face certainly helped.

"I'm here for you Papa, I'll always be here for you." Chelia replied, bringing a smile to the man's face.


The two pinkette's enjoyed their day alone together. It was no surprise that Chelia enjoyed the day. Getting to spend an entire day with her father was very rare for the girl since one of them was always busy. However, the two always made sure to leave today free. It was the fourth anniversary of the death of Chelia's mother and Natsu's wife. Aside from visiting her grave, the two endeavored to make the day as enjoyable as possible. The two did this to honour how the departed woman had made every day a great one for the two. The father had was surprised when the teen suggested doing it this way two years ago, but he was happy that she had.

The younger Dragneel had gone off to take a shower while Natsu tried his best to cope alone in the living room. Visiting his wife's grave was always an overwhelming experience for the pink haired man. Some years, he'd think fondly about his lover with a smile. However, there were darker years where he'd struggle to stay in a good headspace. Unfortunately, this was one of those harder years for the man. Rather than trying to fondly remember the woman, all he could do was admire the last picture of his wife he had.

"You'd be so happy if you saw her out little girl now, she's almost as amazing as you." Natsu told the picture. Despite his immoral attraction to his sisters and mother, the pink haired man had somehow managed to find a wife. She had given Natsu the best years of his life, and the fact she was taken before her time just made things harder for the man.

Unbeknowest to the pink haired man, Chelia had now finished her bath and was watching him grieve. She had been watching for a while now, and it really broke her heart. The girl hadn't seen her father in this sort of state for a while. She knew he'd likely return to normal after today, but she hated seeing him like this. Her lewd mind spawned her riskiest idea yet. She wasn't sure if it would work, but she refused to let her father remain in this state. 'Don't give up Daddy, I'm here for you.' Chelia thought.

With her resolve strengthened, the woman snuck off to conduct her plan. The time passed slowly for the man as he continued to drink and remember his lost lover. the whole thing did get a little better for the man as he finally found himself able to focus on the good times. "Papa, are you still in there?" Chelia asked from just outside the room.

"I'm still here sweetie." Natsu replied as he put down the bottle and picture. He knew how much of a mess he was, but it didn't mean he was going to let his daughter see him like that. The pink haired girl then entered the room, and much to his surprise, the teen had come in dressed in a maid's outfit. A shameful blush appeared on his face as he inspected his daughter. The maid outfit left very little to the imagination, from the black mini-skirt with white frills that hardly covered her shapely ass to the matching cleavage-bearing top that hardly contained her bust. Even her white stockings made her thick thighs, making them impossible not to stare at. "What are you wearing honey?" He asked, trying to contain his lust.

Natsu felt horrible, he was this girl's father and yet he was now lusting after her. For the first time, he'd noticed that his daughter was the rare combination of petite and busty. Urges began to build and he found it harder not to see the girl in front of him as a woman, evident by the tent he had pitched. Seeing this filled the uneasy teen with confidence, who started walking towards her father. As she moved, the teen moved her hips side to side, allowing the older man to see the racy black panties she wore. Natsu found himself so enthralled by the display and didn't have a chance to stop the beauty from straddling him. "I'm glad you like it, Papa, I was really scared that you wouldn't." Chelia confessed as she hugged the larger man. A small blush then crept to her face when she felt her father's steely manhood.

"You look good Chelia, but you can't wear stuff like this." Natsu replied, finding himself unable to even hug his daughter. He was afraid that he'd snap at any moment and the way Chelia was moving around in his lap did not help in the least. If he wasn't so blinded by his current perception of his daughter, he would have realized she was doing this on purpose.

"What's wrong with it Dad? My cheerleading uniform and swimsuits show off more skin than this and you've never had a problem with those." Chelia asked, faining innocence. Natsu's mind was then flooded with memories of his daughter in her cheerleader outfit and various skimpy swimsuits. His daughter almost let out a small yelp when she felt the man's cock harden beneath her. 'It's so much better when he's awake.' She thought, trying her best to hide her arousal. Times like this made her glad that her father was the most oblivious person on the planet as she was pretty much grinding at him at this point. "Has something changed Papa? Do you not love me anymore? You didn't even hug me back." She pressed.

"That's not it at all Chelia, I love you more than anything... I'm just not thinking right at the moment." Natsu confessed, unable to even look at his daughter. His urges were now even worse. He was just one push away from violating the girl in his lap and the girl knew this. She sat up on her knees so she was face to face with the older man. She then grabbed the sides of the man's face and forced him to look at her. "What are you doing Chelia?"

"I love you more than anything as well Daddy, let me show you." Chelia replied before kissing her pink haired man. Natsu was so weak to his urges that rather than recoiling back in shock, he allowed his daughter to kiss him. The situation only got worse for him when his body seemingly started moving on its own and he grabbed his daughter's tight buns, bringing her closer to him. Chelia was delighted that her feelings were finally being reciprocated by the man she loved. In her excitement, she forced her tongue into the man's mouth.

Natsu didn't know if it was just his grief finally getting to him or a pent-up lust, but it didn't matter anymore. He kissed the teen back with a passion Chelia had never expected from her own father. As the kiss continued, the warm fatherly love he had for his daughter was corrupted, turning into the same immoral one he felt for his other family members. Much to the teen's surprise, her father started dominating the lustful exchange, and she found herself enjoying it. By the time this sinful kiss came to an end and a few things had changed for the both of them. Chelia found that she loved being dominated and that her father knew how to leave her breathless. While Natsu found that he couldn't see Chelia as his daughter anymore.

"I'm sorry for being such a no good pervert of a father, but I won't be able to treat you like my daughter anymore." Natsu apologised, staring at his breathless daughter. Still unaware of his daughter's perversion, he was worried about his relationship with the girl would be over.

"I'm just as bad Daddy... I'm a very naughty girl, I've wanted this for a very long time... I've dreamt about it, pleasured myself to it and so much more." Chelia confessed. The confession both aroused and surprised her father, which came in the form of a strong blush decorating his face. Chelia adopted a lewd smile as she started getting off the man. "Daddy, let me show you just how naughty I am." She offered. While still in a state of shock that his daughter wasn't the bacon of purity he thought she was, he allowed her to do what she wanted. The teen got onto her knees and pulled her father's pants down, freeing the mammoth of cock she loved so much. Her cheeks adopted the same colour as her hair as she stared at the very lively pillar of manhood and took in the thick musk that emanated from it. 'I can't believe I get to do this when he's awake this time.' The excited teen thought, struggling to keep her hands from her drenched maidenhood.

The blue-eyed beauty was caught between her desire to serve, and her desire for sexual gratification for a few seconds. However, once she looked up and saw the flushed expression on Natsu's face, she decided on the former. The girl grabbed the thick man meat with both hands before she opened her mouth wide and took in as much as possible into her small mouth. Once she did this, Chelia looked up at her father with her blue lustful eyes. A shiver went down Natus's spine as the woman just stared at him. "Fuck, where did you learn how to do that?" Natsu asked, trying his best to not cum at the erotic sight.

"I told you, Daddy, I'm a naughty girl... I can't just get off on the thought of you alone, I needed your scent, your warmth, your taste... So at night I sneak into your room and suck you dry." Chelia confessed between licking the sides of the man's cock. After processing the teen's words, Natsu asked her where she got such an idea. "Auntie Zeref told me to do it after I told her that there was a guy I liked, now let me show where my hard work got me."

"Of course Zeref-nee would give advice like that, now show me what you've got." Natsu replied as he started running his hands through her pink locks. With her father's approval and desire to please, the teen got right to work. Natsu was well and truly blown away by his daughter's skill. While she couldn't allow all of it like his other lovers, she did masterful work with what she had. He never thought he'd feel father's pride and lover's arousal at the same time, nor had he thought about it, but he loved it.

While Chelia didn't exactly make short work of the older man, it went by in a flash for the young girl. She enjoyed every second of it and it was a much more exciting than her nightly ritual thanks to her getting real reactions. The younger pinkette had never felt so aroused by or close to her father before, and she was determined to finish him off. With her father's unrelenting and lustful gaze egging her on, she easily finished the man off with her mouth. However, since the man was awake, Natsu grabbed her hair and forced her to take all of it.

The teen's eyes opened wide as she took more cock than ever before. "Fuck, it's so damn tight." Natsu groaned as he came down the woman's throat. Maybe it's because he hadn't much in a while or maybe it was just how hot and bothered this situation made him, but this was the fattest load he'd let out in a while. "You have a talent for this." He huffed out as he pulled his cock out of the woman's throat.

Natsu was so caught up in the pleasure he'd gotten that he didn't notice the state of his daughter was in. Her hair and her dress were both now messed up, and she was struggling to catch her breath. The pinkette's eyes were watery and she started coughing the cum that hadn't gone directly down her gullet. Despite the way she looked at the moment, this was loving it. Her desire for rough treatment was really starting to come out. Desperate for more, the roughed up beauty got up and straddled the man once again. "Come on Daddy, give your naughty little girl so more." Chelia almost demanded.

A lewd smile spread across the woman's face when she saw the hungry look on Natsu's face. "Oh, I'm going to give more sweetie, but I wouldn't be much of a Dad if did correct your behavior." Natsu replied as he bent the woman over his knee. Before Chelia could react to this dream situation, she felt a large strong hand come down on her tight ass. The young Dragneel let out a scream that was the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. "I can't believe I raised such a perverted girl, I've got a lot a work ahead of me." He told her, being for bringing his hand down. Within the first few slaps, the older Dragneel realised that his daughter was a masochist.

"Yes! More! Spank me Daddy!" Chelia screamed as her father went to town on her ass. She was having one hell of a day at the moment. She had gotten to kiss, suck off and get spanked by the man she loved so much. "I'm such a dirty, depraved Daddy's girl who can't get enough of this cock." She moaned, touching the cock pressed against her stomach. The heat and hardness that came from it were like nothing she had ever felt before, and it was driving her crazy. The young woman couldn't stop herself from stroking and touching it. It was made all the better thanks to the power that just came from her father as tight butt was reddened.

"Bad girl, I had no idea you were such a dirty little girl, how long has my precious little princess been like this?" Natsu asked the pinkette, with a genuine curiosity. Seeing as that most of the women in his family were insanely perverse, he wondered when his daughter had her sexual awakening.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I don't know, but I've been thinking like this for a while and it got really bad when aunt Meredy walked in on me a few months ago." Chelia replied as her body started twitching and convulsing with excitement. The older man's curiosity was peaked when he heard this. His sister told him everything, well, apparently not everything if his daughter was to be believed. As he continued to punish the teen, Natsu questioned what happened after the walk in. "I told her about my feelings and then she's been helping me out since... I know it was wrong, but she was so good." The teen admitted.

Natsu found his arousal at an all-time high. Thinking about his little sister helping his daughter discover herself sexually did so many things for the older man. "Yeah, that sure sounds like Meredy, I'm gonna have to have a long private talk with my pervy little sister, but that's after I deal with you." Natsu concluded, giving the girl's ass another strong slap.

"Yes Daddy, make sure you really punish me for being such a naughty little slut." Chelia pleaded with a face covered in the heaviest blush on her face. Despite the revelation that her father and her aunt were sleeping together, all the woman could think about was the was the pleasurable pain.

The pink haired man continued to discipline the girl. Chelia loved every moment of it and her father knew it. He'd been worried that he was going overboard at first, but the delighted look on his daughter's face and the way she demanded more excited him to no end. Luckily for him, his daughter had inherited her mother's ability to serve while getting punished and she'd been diligently jerking him off. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum again." Natsu groaned before he came, covering his daughter's stomach with his seed. The pink haired woman was very pleased with this. She couldn't even count how many times she had cum at her father's hands at this point and she had been desperate to pay him back. "I think that's enough for now, I don't think that ass could get any redder." He mentioned, calming down from his climax.

While her father calmed down, the pink haired girl decided it was time to take things to the next level. Chelia quickly discarded her maid outfit, leaving her naked aside from a frilly black bra and panties. 'Daddy really didn't hold back, good.' Chelia told herself, rubbing her incredibly sore backside. Despite this, the woman once again took a seat on the pinkette's lap. "Which bedroom, yours or mines, I don't really care so long as I get to be with you, Daddy." She claimed as she felt something hard poke against her buns.

"I guess we'll use mine, it's much sturdier." Nasu said, picking up the nearly naked beauty. Chelia swooned as she was embraced by her father's large arms and pressed against his strong body. The woman also found herself aroused by what having a sturdier bed meant. From her experiences with her aunt, she knew how rough things could get in the bedroom. "This outfit is pretty good, I wouldn't mind if you just wore this around." The father told the beauty as he grabbed her sweet back end.

"You're such a pervert Daddy, it's probably since you're all pent... So don't hold back on me at all when we get in there." Chelia requested. She'd been waiting for this chance for a very long time and squandering was not an option for her. The beauty then gave the older man a lustful kiss in an attempt to hurry things up a little. Just as she had hoped, the older Dragneel became even more feisty, grabbing the teen's butt even harder and hastily started making his way to the largest room in the house. When they got there, Natsu threw his daughter down onto the large bed before crawling onto it himself and looming over the hormonal teen. The pink haired man then spread the girl's legs and moved her panties to the side. He then pressed his manhood against her sullied maidenhood. "Auntie got me used to some pretty big ones, not this big, but I'll be able to handle it." She told her father, unclasping her bra and freeing her breasts.

This only turned him on more and he started to push into the girl. While their size difference did pose somewhat of a challenge, the inviting nature of Chelia's slippery womanhood and Natsu's determination allowed the father and daughter to experience the most forbidden bond. "Wow, I wasn't expecting that." Natsu exclaimed, surprised that he'd gotten the entire thing in. However, he wasn't surprised that there was a rather prominent bulge outlining just where he was. He'd be lying if he said that the sight didn't arouse the hell out of him. "But it's good to know you can handle all of it."

"Of course I can Daddy, now fuck me, treat your little princess like the fuck toy she is." Chelia declared, destroying what little remained of her good girl image. So with his hands firmly on the woman's shapely hips, the older pinkette started moving. He didn't go hog wild right away, instead choosing to give his daughter slow strong thrusts that reached deep, which forced out moans of the young maiden and a blush to her face. "Yeah, right there Daddy." She told the man, pressing against her small hands against the bulge on her stomach. The toys she'd used with Meredy were one thing, but they couldn't compare to the warm fleshy member of her beloved father. She instantly found herself in love with the thick cock that was currently tearing her in half. The heat that it gave off and the way it throbbed was well and truly addicting for the perverted maiden. So it was no real surprise that she was already wanting more. "Harder, fuck me harder Daddy!"

"That's my girl." Natsu grinned. He was more than a little happy that his daughter was just as, if not as durable as the other women in his family. He tightened his grip on the woman's hips, picking up the pace and power of his thrusts. On impulse, the teen wrapped her legs around her father's waist and gripped the sheets harder in an attempt to brace herself. While it did stop most of the movement, it didn't stop her large soft breasts from bouncing in time with his trusts. Just watching such an amazing pair of tits wasn't enough for the pink haired man, so he started groping one of her marvellous melons. The woman let out a very breathy moan as the man's warm hands sunk into her soft skin. "Tell me Chelia, what are you?" He asked, power and lust radiating from his voice.

"I told you already, I'm your perfect little fuck toy, so fuck me like you mean it Daddy!" Chelia told the man as she drunk in the sight of her father's muscular body. While she loved her aunt's soft motherly figure, she also couldn't count how many times she'd fantasized about exploring her father's muscular body. Seeing as she was raised around bodies of such a calibre, it was no surprise that she really never found herself attracted to people her age. After taking in the man's body, the pinkette found herself wanting this even more. "You've got all those strong muscles, so stop teasing me and use them on me Daddy!" The woman outright demanded between her moans.

Natsu was both surprised and aroused by the demanding tone of her daughter's voice and he was more than happy to comply. "Looks like you're all fired up, guess I can't hold back on you." Natsu smirked as he started to up his game. The younger Drangeel felt the effects of the man's increased work ethic almost straight away. Chelia let out a rather loud moan as her father started to fuck her even harder. Her father's newfound force and speed caught the teen completely off-guard, but she loved it anyway.

After a while, the father and daughter found themselves completely engrossed in their incestuous love-making, which was equal parts lust and love. Their bodies remained in a tight embrace which was essentially a mating press. Meredy couldn't stop herself from peppering her father with kisses and grabbing at everything she could as her father fucked her senseless. Natsu was in a similar state, unable to stop himself from groping and nibbling every part of his daughter he could access. The already intense experience was made even more so by just how in sync that they were. Both Chelia and Natsu now found themselves on the edge of a shared climax. "Papa, I'm going cum." Chelia moaned, absolutely refusing to break eye contact with her father.

Chelia could feel her father's thick meat throbbing and pulsating inside her and something big building up. Natsu felt something similar as he felt his daughter's maidenhood tightened and coiled around him. "Finish up quickly, I need to pull out." Natsu warned, struggling to hold himself back. The lustful look he was getting from the girl was getting from the beauty was doing all sorts of things to him.

"Don't bother Papa, just cum inside my slutty little pussy, it's begging for it." Chelia declared. She could see the resistance in her father's eyes, but this simply wouldn't do it for her. The pink haired woman wanted everything the older man had to offer, and so with all the strength she had, the woman locked her legs around the man's waist. "I told you not to hold back me... Now cum, fill me up with everything you have." The beauty pleaded, tightening her grip as much as possible. The expression on his daughter's face was already something else, but the kiss was too big of a distraction.

The pink haired man completely forgot about pulling out as he was drawn into the woman even more. The kiss only lasted a few moments, but that's all Chelia needed to bring both of them to powerful shared climax. Chelia let out a loud breathless scream while clinging to her father and her father grunted as buried his member as deep as he could. The father allowed himself to get completely taken away by the feeling of Chelia's warm wet cunt, which was quite easily the tightest one he'd ever felt. So it was no real surprise that in the process of unleashing the biggest load of his life into the meaty vice. "Take it, take all of it you little slut!" Natsu roared.

"YES, DADDY! FUCK!" Chelia screamed as her maidenhood quickly filled. She would have assumed that her father was very backed up if she hadn't sucked him off not too long ago. The teen felt that her stuffed pussy was going to burst if things kept going the way they were, but she couldn't care less. She felt bonded with her father in a way that she never thought she'd ever get to experience. The beauty continued to hold onto the much larger man and take absolutely everything.

The two had no idea how long they rode the wave of pleasure, but the two loved every moment of it. The pink haired man pulled out of his breathless and flustered daughter, admiring his handy work and allowing his seed to slowly seep out of the breathless woman. "You did amazing honey, I see Meredy did a pretty good job of getting you used to it." Natsu told his daughter, brushing the teen's hair out of her face. Chelia was a bit of a mess at the moment, but the look of satisfaction on her face warmed his heart.

"That was amazing Daddy... I can't believe Aunt Meredy got this all the time." Chelia said as she grabbed her father's erect manhood. The jealousy she had for the pink haired woman came through very clearly. Natsu smirked at this as he got off the teen and laid at her side. Seeing her chance, Chelia rolled over and hugged the older man. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore, because now I can have Papa whenever I want... Plus, we've got the entire long weekend together." She told the man with a perverse grin.

"Are you sure about that honey? We've just had one round and you're already a mess... You think you can handle three days of me?" Natsu questioned as he grabbed the woman's tight rear end. He wanted to do so much more with the young girl and the way he'd pounded her senseless was a testament to it. Even if the girl did have a Dragneel's stamina, he doubted that his daughter could handle a three-day marathon of sex.

Chelia pouted at what she saw as a very obvious challenge. In one of her rare acts of rebellion, the teen straddled her father with. "Papa! It sounds like you're not taking me seriously, I can handle anything Auntie Meredy can." Chelia told her father with a determined look. Natsu admired the fire in the teen's eyes and decided to entertain this idea.

"Alright, honey... I just don't want everyone to think my little girl spent the entire weekend having a train run on her." Natsu told the woman with a cocky grin on his face. The young teen's pout began even more pronounced, which only made the man's grin even wider.

"Stop making excuses Papa, you know everyone thinks I like girls, which is mostly true." Chelia retorted. The remainder of this rumour instantly got a reaction out of the father. This certainly didn't go unnoticed by the teen, who saw it as a chance to get one over on the man. "Did you get harder thinking about your daughter with another woman? You're such a perv Papa." The teen teased, rubbing her backside against the older man.

"Give your old man a break, and I never knew you were such a hypocrite... I thought I raised my good little girl better than that." Natsu said, giving the woman's rear end a strong squeeze. Chelia smiled at her father's statement and slowly started repositioned herself. Natsu felt his cock throb when the teen had her moist lower lips pressed against his bulbous cockhead.

"Daddy, I thought I already told you that I'm a naughty girl... Would a good girl do this to her Daddy's big fat cock." Chelia declared as she slammed her hips down, engulfing the entirety of her father's manhood. The teen let out a rather loud moan and threw her head back as she did so. Despite such a large reaction, it quickly became clear that it wasn't her first time being on top. After recovering from the initial bolt of pleasure that struck her when she impaled herself on the man, the woman wasted no time and started riding the man. "Would a good girl be able to ride a cock like this Daddy?" The beauty asked, her cute face contorting into something much more perverse.

"Fuck, what am I supposed to do with you." Natsu pondered as he watched the girl's bountiful bust bounce. As great as the view was, the pinkette was never great at sitting back and simply watching. The man sat up, forcing the woman onto her back before moving her onto her hands and knees. The swift speed the man did this completely caught Chelia off guard and so did the smack on the ass she got right after. When he did so, he felt the young woman's maidenhood tighten around him that was very similar to when she climaxed. "Actually, it's pretty obvious... I need to punish you."

"Yes Daddy! Punish you naughty little girl, it's what I deserve!" A very elated Chelia almost demanded. Her masochistic side was coming out once again, and Natsu was loving it. Knowing how his daughter liked it, Natsu kicked into the highest gear straight away. Much like the sudden change in position, her father's ravenous pace caught her completely off guard, and she loved it. The teen finally got what she wanted from her father, raw animalistic sex with her dear old dad. "I need a lot of punishment, so you better not stop!"


Two days passed, and Chelia got way more than she bargained for as she found that her father had near infinite stamina, making it rather difficult to keep up with the older man. It was made even harder for the teen since the immoral nature of their two-day tryst became completely lost on the man about an hour in. Luckily for her, her father was still human, so they did take breaks to eat, drink, bathe and sleep. However, other than those short breaks which were few and far between, they spent the entire two days as if they were both in heat.

It was now the third day and Chelia once again found herself on her hands and knees, taking it from behind with her firm ass completely littered with slap marks courtesy of her father. "Punish me more Daddy!" Chelia cried out, making the older man tighten his grip on her pink locks. Thanks to father, she had well and truly awakened as a masochist. For the girl, nothing could top the feeling of a strong pair of hands pulling her hair and spanking her ass, while her maidenhood was torn asunder. The whole thing made the older pinkette feel rather nostalgic for his wife.

"I'm glad you know that you deserve this, we almost got caught because you're such a little slut." Natsu declared with an aroused grin. The two had ordered food in order to keep themselves going, but the teen had been rather unwilling to separate from the older man. Chelia had requested that she went with her father to pick up the food, but she found herself unable to hold herself back when she saw who the cute delivery girl was. The delivery girl turned out to be her very close friend Wendy, who had stared in countless amount dreams of hers when puberty hit the bluenette like a truck. "I bet you wanted to invite that hot piece of ass inside."

"Daddy, you're the one who got hard when you saw her... Not that I can blame you, she's such a hottie now, but don't even think about it, you're mine now." Chelia retorted, remembering how her close friend was dressed. The bluenette's uniform only consisted of a tight white shirt and a pair of criminally short shorts, both of which highlighted her ample assets. If Chelia wasn't busy drooling over how amazing her friend looked, she would have wondered how the company got away with dressing their employees in such a manner.

However, she now found herself too distracted by her father's hungry looks to really stress the woman's clothing. Unfortunately for her pride, she instantly noticed that her lover was drooling over the bluenette rather than her. After seeing the intensity in her father's expression and remembering the blue-haired teen made a rather risky idea pop into her mind. "I swear that I'll never forgive you if you touch her... Without me that is." She continued, her maidenhood tightening a little as she did so. Her father seemed to like the idea just as much as she felt his member throb and harden even more.

"That's my girl, but what makes you think that a sweet girl like Wendy would be up for something so dirty?" Natsu asked. Despite their conversational tone, neither party had let up at all. Natsu was still landing strong fast thrusts and Chelia was moving back to meet the man's movements. The pink haired man was seemingly so absorbed in his current task that he failed to notice the fact that the girl had been doing something on her phone.

"Daddy, who said Aunt Meredy was the only girl I've been with?" Chelia hinted, looking back at the man. Just as the teen had hoped, the older man started getting a little more ravenous with his thrusts as he imagined the erotic scene. However, after spending two days getting railed by the man, she knew that she could coax an even greater reaction out of the man. "You should have been there Daddy, she's so cute when she comes." The woman continued, which started to bring out a more animalistic side to her father.

Chelia was a little jealous that another girl was making the older man react in such a way, but in the end, it didn't really matter. The strengthened grip increased speed and power made it feel like she was being ravaged by an unchained beast. "Fuck, you're such a naughty girl Chelia, corrupting that sexy little friend of yours like that." Natsu reprimanded in a low commanding tone.

"It get's better Daddy, she gets real honest when she's having sex... She told me that she'd love to have both of us." Chelia mentioned through her very breathy moans. Just as she had hoped, her words coaxed the man to really start running wild. As a testament to this, the woman quickly felt all the strength in her arms leave her before the sound of moans and skin smacking completely against each other completely filled their home. The sounds only fueled the lustful romp and they became oblivious anything that wasn't them.

So two spent the next hour in a state of shared bliss. Like before, both of them were completely consumed by the basest of desires. While this round was a lot shorter than the other ones, it was probably one of their more intense ones, and it had only come to an end at Chelia's request. Though Natsu found this rather odd since they were both having the time of their life, the teen seemed rather adamant about getting cleaning up and getting something to eat. The duo was now sat in their living room, waiting for their food to arrive.

Cheila had dressed in what had become her favorite outfit, which was the white crop top with 'Daddy's girl' written in red and brown micro shorts. Despite coming off hours of sex, the two were still couldn't get their hands off each other. The two were trying to watch something, but the teen could barely concentrate on what was on screen since something hard was poking at her backside and two strong hands were groping her breasts. "So are there any other people my sexy little girl has done it with?" Natsu asked as he started focusing on her hardening peaks.

"Nah, it's just Aunt Meredy and Wendy... So you don't have to worry about losing me to some guy, you're the only man for me Papa." Chelia reaffirmed with a small moan. Natsu was a little disappointed that his daughter didn't have any more scandalous tales, but the possessive part of him was happy that he'd wouldn't lose the last piece of his dear wife. The pink haired then started to hold the girl harder and he started getting more handsy. Chelia loved the attention, but only got to enjoy it for a few seconds as the doorbell rung. "It looks like we have to stop, our snack is probably here, do you mind if we eat it in the bedroom?" She requested, looking up at the man.

"Sex and food? How can say no to that." Natsu agreed before the woman started leading him to the door. Natsu wasn't sure why the woman was so eager to get him to the door and simply assumed she was just really hungry. However, if the man took a quick look at the young girl, the fact she'd plotted something would have been made very obvious.

Once they got to the door, they were greeted by Wendy. However, the brown-eyed girl wasn't wearing her delivery girl outfit, and instead wore a white sundress. It didn't really do much to hide how well her body had blossomed, from her ample bust and to her supple hips. However, he could tell that she was wearing something underneath the dress, but he had no idea what it was. After he was done ogling the girl who'd seen him as a father figure her entire life, he noticed the flustered look on her face, which only made her look cuter. "Hello Dragneel-san, hello Chelia-chan." Wendy greeted shyly, putting the bag behind her back. "Um, I thought you were home alone?" The blue haired woman whispered, sounding rather panicked.

Unfortunately, her friend seemingly ignored her and started pushing her upstairs. "Just go to my room and start getting ready, I'll be up in a bit." Chelia whispered as she groped the bluenette's breasts. With this, the blue-haired woman shyly did what her friend asked, leaving the two alone. The teen then looked back at the older man. "What are you waiting for Papa, let's head upstairs and have our snack." Chelia said with a sultry smile.


"Well that was certainly entertaining, it's good to see that the family is still close." Iris said with hints of sarcasm in her voice as the vision of the future came to an end.

"Yes mother, it is good that we are ALL still so close." Zeref followed, sounding much more robotic than her mother. The two weren't met with a response straight away, so they turned to where the two pinkettes were seated only to find that they weren't there. Though it really shouldn't have come as a surprise, but the youngest Dragneel's had gotten worked up while watching the vision and ran off into the cave to relieve themselves.

"Of course." Both women sighed. Iris got up and started heading over to the cave while Zeref decided to sit and wait. The woman black haired teen wasn't sure if her mother was going to scold, fuck or a combination of both. It didn't really matter to her since it did mean she had some time to herself once again.

'It's about time we get back home, this little vacation turned out even better than I expected... Might as well make tomorrow as memorable.' Zeref thought with a smile on her face.

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