Irrevocable Bonds

Chapter One

Date: December 29, 2015

Disclaimer: I do not own this fandom nor make any profit from the writing of this fiction.

It was barely a week after that Merlin forsaken tournament had ended and yet again he was brushed off and stowed away until the next school year. It was sickening the way they treated him and on top of that, they expected a fourteen coming on fifteen year old boy to fight their battles and their war for them. They expected all that from him, but they give him nothing but sand in his eyes. The Wizarding World wants him to lay down his life for them, for their way of life when he was not even allowed to be part of it outside of his treacherous school years. He was tired of the hypocrisy, especially after making himself more familiar with Wizarding law since he was unlawfully entered into a binding magical contract despite the fact that he was an underage and severely under-trained wizard. More than anything, he was tired of trying to live up to their expectations when they did nothing but lie, hurt and undermine him whilst forcing him to follow along with their plans and bidding.

It was there in his familiar, dark, spider-infested cupboard that he promised himself that he would not allow himself to be used by them anymore. The first opportunity he had to escape their clutches, he would take it with little to no questions asked. His opportunity arrived sooner than he had ever hoped possible.

Just under seventy-two hours after he had arrived back at his relatives for yet another 'safe' summer, an abnormal circumstance occurred. At first the petite, black haired teen was worried because it would mean yet more punishment by the meaty hammers that his uncle had the audacity to call hands. However, as time continued to pass without the tell tale thundering steps of his eldest male relative making the paced movement toward his tiny, dark space, he began to be curious about what exactly was happening outside his small door.

The abnormal occurrence that had happened at number Four Private Drive was the distinct crack of apparition that denoted the arrival of a wizard to their doorstep. He was a familiar face in the Wizarding World and surprisingly was well enough known in the Muggle World as well since he owned several thriving businesses despite his abhorrence of muggles as a species. However, tonight it worked in his favor to have such diverse interests as he had had no problems locating the residence of the so-called Boy-Who-Lived. Should everything go at least ninety percent his way, then the plan would be a success and he would have single-handedly ended the Wizarding War that had plagued Britain for almost two decades.

With eerie slowness, the blonde woman with a horse like neck opened the door to peer at the tall, platinum blond man that had just 'appeared' on her front porch. She knew that he was one of those Freaks despite the well-tailored, up-to-date Armani suit that draped rather fetchingly across his well built, broad physique. She swung the door wide open, her mouth following in tandem to let him know that he and his kind were not welcome, but she never got the chance as he pulled his wand, spelling her before the first word left her snide lips. He quickly directed her into her own living room before speaking quickly and with little patience for her theatrics as she quickly found that her own ability to speak was nonexistent.

By the time that he had finished his speech and presented her with the four foot long sheet of parchment, she was more than eager to sign and be rid of any dealings with the Freaks for good. Despite the pain that appeared in her hand as she wrote her name with a flourish, her smile and joy only grew until she was giddy with the excitement of it all. Such was her joy that she even shook hands with the white haired Freak before taking the check that contained more zeroes than she had ever dreamed of seeing in her lifetime.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Mrs. Dursley."

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