Irrevocable Bonds

Chapter Two

Date: April 23, 2021

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Harry had barely found his footing after side-along apparating with his fiance before he was being whisked away by an overly cheerful, bubbly giant of a woman by the name of Healer Casey. She dwarfed even Lucius' daunting height of 6'2'' and thus, made the dark haired teen feel tinier than ever. The blond man did not even attempt to follow his tiny spouse to be and the healer as he already knew what to expect. Her family had served the Malfoys for generations, though she was the first to serve them in this capacity. However, she was dedicated and was considered at master level in her chosen profession. The elder male knew that his tiny Lady-to-be was in good hands and that any ailments that plagued him would be well taken care of.

Healer Casey was not happy in the least at what she found. They had warned her to the best of their ability about what to expect, however the true depths of Harry's mistreatment was everything they said and impossibly more. What had started out as a mere physical to ensure that the boy was healthy enough to carry heirs for the current Lord Malfoy, had evolved into a full body scan and subsequent mind healing consultation due to the extensive amount of abuse that the boy had suffered through and surprisingly survived. The chronic starvation had led to brittle bones, stunted growth and an extensive array of other metabolic anomalies that by all rights should have killed the boy already. If it was not for his exceedingly powerful magic, he would have never made it to Hogwarts age. It would also explain Harry's sporadic control over his magic over the course of his few years.

On top of the starvation, the weakening of bone had led to a series of broken and shattered previous injuries that had healed incorrectly and ultimately contributed majorly to the boy's tiny stature. The majority of these injuries and maladies were before the emerald eyed teen had even reached Hogwarts age. The abuse his body suffered after attending the magical school had led to even more traumatic injuries. How the school nurse had not once done something on Harry's behalf was startling and sickening. Basilisk venom, acromantula venom, curse magic, compulsion spells that had been coupled with multiple obedience potions were only the most extreme examples of the most abusive circumstances that the boy had gone through. Once Healer Casey had examined his entire medical history, she had immediately excused herself for several moments in order to control her ire before returning to the child and giving him a preliminary mental examination.

It was to her great and expected surprise that the child had several red flags raised in her interview with him, but there were not as many as she had originally expected. It was more than likely that he was compensating for some of the issues due to his recent opportunity to take control of a very important decision in his life that would, in essence, guarantee him the safety, security and possibly the family that he had desired but never received. While that would not be enough to truly straighten out the plethora of issues the boy had, it was a wonderful springboard from which to start. Thus, she sent the boy off with a sedative potion to take right before bed along with a bit of homework. She wanted him to write for an hour at some point during the remainder of the day about anything that was on his mind. With that done, she sent for Lord Malfoy in order to discuss some precautions and necessary actions for the best interest of her patient.

To say Lord Malfoy was taken aback about the overview of information that he had just received from his healer was a vast understatement. He had half a mind to venture into his dungeons to visit the muggles before it was time, but he showed remarkable restraint in that he only shattered one crystal tumbler as the only sign of the level of his upset. He would also need to move plans around in order to accommodate the revelations given to him by Healer Casey. For instance, he had wanted to wed Harry in three days, however with the knowledge they now had, the ceremony would be delayed until July 28th in order to allow time for the child to heal and still avoid the Headmaster's tradition of removing the teen from the muggle household on his birthday.

On a lighter note it allowed Harry time to learn more about what marriage would mean to magical folk and most especially, the traditions and rituals related to the Malfoy family. He would have time to learn and adjust to what would be expected of him. For example, it was common knowledge in the Wizarding World that marriages must be consummated the same night as the ceremony or both individuals would suffer by Magic itself. Thus, Healer Casey was going to take on the duty of informing Harry whilst Lord Malfoy dealt with all other worries in relation to the discretion and preparations for the soon to be modified nuptials.

After dinner was the first opportunity that Harry had had in order to truly sit down and absorb everything that had happened in such a short amount of time. The results of his meeting with Healer Casey had been entirely expected by him, but her reaction to it had not. He was, unfortunately, used to people seeing the evidence of the violence he suffered and just brushing it off as some lame excuse of 'boys will be boys' or some other such nonsense. She had not and for once, the teen had found himself pleasantly surprised and hopeful of the people around him. It was sad that it was the so-called 'evil' Dark Sect that were to be the individuals that brought about such change. They were the ones that saw and reacted. They understood that Harry was a human being, not a weapon. Harry knew that did not mean that they would not want to use what he stood for to Wizarding Britain against the Light Sect. However, they knew how to temper what they wanted with what he needed and understood that the Chosen One could be influenced to attach himself to either side given enough motivation. They understood the balance of give and take.

As Harry chewed on that last thought, he finally came to the conclusion that this was truly the best option to take. He was nothing, if not a survivor and his decision to marry a man that was old enough to be his father would ensure that not only did he survive, but that he would have a chance to be at least content. In short, Harry needed to keep an open mind in order to move forward. If he wanted this marriage to work and to be most of what he wanted from life, then he needed to be mature about how he conducted himself with his husband. More than anything, Harry wanted honesty and removal from the war at hand. All things that Lucius was providing upfront throught the nature of the contract. If he wanted to be happy and have the family that he had always dreamed of, it meant that he had to put in effort to move past himself and compromise in a healthy way. It seemed that between his husband and Healer Casey, he would be getting to a place where he could do that.

Harry knew that first he would have to be honest with himself and his mind Healer about the dark thoughts that had haunted him for as long as he could remember. His foremost admission, he had to first admit to Healer Casey since it involved a very deep conflict within himself that he believed had borne itself just after he had become cognizant of what was expected of men versus what was expected of women. All that combined with how the Dursleys' treated him throughout his time with him made him a very confused bundle that had only been exaggerated by his contact with the Wizarding World.

With the additional time given before their wedding day due to Harry's slowly returning health, the young male spent many hours in the library, conversing with Healer Casey and later, questioning Lord Malfoy's personal elf. His research in the library consisted mostly of catching up on all of the etiquette training that he would have received growing up in the Ancient and Noble House of Potter or Black. Of course, any questions that he had about the subject were directed to his husband during their mandatory shared dinners. The nuances were not something that he was currently focused on as they would take more time and probably various demonstrations to truly understand the purpose and acceptable uses of than he had time to currently master. His major concern was not embarrassing his husband due to some insulting faux pas that he had simply been ignorant of for the most immediate events to come.

In the case of his conversations with Casey, Harry finally revealed something that had plagued him for years. He knew that he was a boy and he had no desire to really change that. What he really wanted was for others to perceive him as a girl and treat him as such. He would get to feel pretty and cherished and admired. His years at Hogwarts had only exacerbated his internal struggle as he had noticed the same dichotomy in treatment there.

Harry wanted the coddling and the gentle care that he saw girls receive rather than the 'suck it up' mantra given to the boys. He revealed every last detail of this to Healer Casey who emphasized that he needed to convey these things to his mind Healer. It took Harry several more sessions before he felt comfortable enough to even breach the subject. The subject was so heavy that Lord Malfoy had to be directly involved in some appointments in order to work out what would be best for Harrison's mental well being.

They started out small, playing with gender nouns and pronouns, reactions to gender specific actions and reactions until it became clear that Harry's coping mechanism for the suffering that he had endured was the desire to be seen and treated as a female. He attributed the abuse so deeply to his 'boyhood' that the teen would only be further traumatized if they tried to even encourage him to move in the opposite direction. The mind healer decided to leave that matter as it was, but moving forward gave Harry better coping methods to handle stress and anxiety.

In addition to his overall general healing, Harry consulted with Healer Casey about sex education: Wizarding edition. He was woefully uneducated when it came to sex and had absolutely no idea whatsoever if there were any differences to the significance of sex in the Magical World. He knew that wizards could be impregnated due to talks he had had with Luna during the previous year. She always seemed to just 'Know' when Harry needed someone to talk to and though to others it may seem like nonsense, there was always a reason behind what she had to say, when she said it. Other than this whimsical information, Harry had no knowledge of the intimate practices of witches and wizards. These conversations seemed to go on forever due to the many different faucets that continued to pop up due to a question or comparison Harry may come up with during the session. However, they were much needed lessons that left Harry slightly disturbed, but utterly grateful.

Harry started out small, with just lengthening his hair. Being able to move in the direction of his femininity, the fidgety behavior that he had displayed to any and all that had dared approached him nearly diminished greatly in a short amount of time. Those that were new to him were the obvious exceptions and some still lingered with Lucius due to their past history thus far, but other than that, it seemed as though Harry was settling well. He was more confident in initiating conversation and asking questions or providing his opinion when asked.

Seeing the change in Harry, Lucius bought his fiancee a lovely, knee length, pale gray summer dress that hugged the tiny frame. The dress complemented Harry's emerald ballerina slippers that were decorated with pale gray veins as they dressed small, pale feet. Once more, Harrison seemed to settle more comfortably in his own skin. Anxious and compulsive behaviors decreased once more and Harry was better with handling the steady influx of stress from his current situation.

"Is there anyone you would like to invite to the wedding, Harry?" Lucius had waited until the teen was more settled before attempting to pull the boy into the wedding preparations.

"Would there be a way to covertly get Luna to the wedding? I am pretty sure she already knows something about what is going on, but I would like her to be here in person." Harry mostly spoke to his silverware, a habit he was going to have to break at some point, but it was progress that he would respond to Lucius without repeated prompting.

"Of course. As long as her father allows, she will be an honored guest at Malfoy Manor. Now, have you decided whether or not you were going to hyphenate your surname?" Lucius was not asking to be smug about it, but just thorough when it came to legal documentation and proper addressing in reference to Harry.

"I will take on the Malfoy name and the Potter and Black heirs will be hyphenated. Will-will Draco remain the Malfoy heir?" Lucius sighed heavily.

"As he is not of my blood, that is not possible. He-"

"Then he will be the Black heir!" Harry interjected firmly. Technically that would be Lucius' call, but even though Draco was not his blood, he was his son.

"Thank you Harry."

Harry nodded gently. They collapsed into a comfortable silence as they finished dinner. Harry declined dessert, but joined Lucius in the study as he enjoyed a glass of firewhiskey whilst handling his increased workload in preparation for the time away when they wed.