hey guys uh i moved on from to ao3

also turns out i'm bi lmao icb 13 year old me thought i was straight

unfortunately, i won't be continuing any of the fics i left unfinished here. to everyone who read "paper crown" and waited for updates, i'm really sorry. i'm no longer in the pjo fandom as much as i was anymore, and i don't have inspiration to finish it.

if any of y'all want to read my fics now (i write for hq, mdzs, and jjba) i'm seijohjirou on ao3! hopefully my writing has improved (i reread my old writing and i want to dIE)

talk to me on twitter! i'm also seijohjirou there

thanks to everyone who supported me here! i had a good time (although i realize now that a lot of the fics i read were really fucked up lmao wtf was i thinking)