Awake, I see her face,

Apologetic and ashamed.

I reach my right hand, o'er my stump,

And clasp her shoulder, framed.

"Chin up, Sakura—it's all right. There's nothing you could've done about that."

"But it's all my fault! It is!"

"No, it is not. I let Corrin out of my sight; I let that soldier get close; Ipayed the price. None of that is on you."

"B-But, your arm…"

I shrugged, my stump already freshly bandaged an hour ago, before she showed. "Good thing I'm right-handed, then."

Another shake of the head. "Th-That's not my point!"

That took me aback. Sakura rarely raised her voice, especially with strangers. Princess Azura doesn't count with her, obviously; she was with "Hoshido" way way, way longer than I was.

"I could've done something! I could've—"

"Thrown yourself in the line of attack?" I shook my head. "That would've defeated the purpose. Look—with all due respect, Princess, I'mnot having Corrin or you dead because I failed at saving my friends. Absolutely not. End of story. Are we clear?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am…"

Sighing, I nodded. "Good. Now, I'm sure Hana and Subaki would like to talk with you…as soon as they and your brother are quite done eavesdropping." I turned to look at the door straight ahead of my gurney.

A muffled "Drat!" and the door creaked inwards.

"E-Eh?!" I guess Sakura didn't notice that they were following her ever since after the attack.

"I was certain we were being silent in the utmost," Subaki sighed as he and the other two stepped in. He seemed nonchalant about it, but it alsoseemed to me that he was keeping himself from outright demanding from me how the hell I'd heard them.

"Speak for yourself, Mister Perfect!" Hana huffed. "I wanted to check on her immediately—"

"Who?" Corrin asked. "Ms. Delilah?"

"No! Princess Sakura! Oh," - and the samurai turned to look at me - "no offense, Valentine-san."

I shrugged. "Oh no, none taken, ma'am." I turned to Sakura. "Hey, why don't you hang out with your friends and family here? They were obviously waiting pretty patiently for you."

"I…" She fidgeted some more, before nodding. "Okay. I'll come back when you're feeling better."

I nodded, then grinned. "Take care of yourself, Princess."

As Sakura, retainers and brother filed out, Corrin looked back at me and mouthed two words: Thank you.

Away, I see her off,

Unapologetic and unashamed.

I wave my hand, parallel my stump,

And he clasps her shoulder, framed.

Author's Note: Just something that bloomed into an open-ended, bare-bones one-shot. Take it however you so desire. I hope you enjoyed it.