Chapter 1


When Pyrrha had unlocked his Aura; Jaune felt his Aura hums in excitement. He was not. But he played the fool. Letting his mask ease into an optimistic grin and accompanied Pyrrha to the Relics.

He looked back at his lingering Aura. It was Grey. It wasn't unexpected. It wasn't pure as white, or pitch black. It was neither, yet both.

Grey was unemotional. It was detached from the world and yet other colors shined the brightest when near it. Grey was never a perfect blend of Black or White. It had other colors in it.

An Arc didn't need to be happy. Content would do just fine.

And so he continued to finish the initiation of Beacon as the goofy, dork for a knight. He loved Knights. His Grey Aura was supporting every color of RWBY and NPR.

The Red like the cloak from that Ruby girl he met on the first day would deepen in shade. The hair of Pyrrha would brighten to show her radiance. It's intensity would be fueled with vigor, and courage would be strengthened.

Yang's Yellow would be stimulated. Her energy and cheerfulness would be singled out and admired for. The blonde's beauty would be attenuated to be the prettiest Chrysanthemum of them all; but her thorns would deter even the most brave of fools. Yes... Dragon of Sunshine indeed.

Weiss like her color, white, would darken to attenuate the masked innocence and skill that exuded from her. The purity of her morals and ethics would always be there, as long as she wishes. White... perfection even.

Blake; the dark color that represented the flower that was based of her name. The elegance and unseen power of the Nightshade. She would always be a mystery as long as she allowed it. Black isn't always evil.

The Magenta of Ren would be fuller in radiance. Harmony and balance in his life would increase and alleviate his stress. His intellect would sharpen and his skills would continue to improve. The Lotus would shine as bright as all the others.

Nora's Pink would gradually encompass the entire palette. Her compassion and eventual love of the group would always support each and every one of them. Regardless of her methods.

Yes... He'd play the fool. To be that unyielding knight that always smiled in the darkest of times. To be the weak background; allowing everyone else to shine through as well.

To shower Pyrrha with praise when she became a leader. She would take it like fish to water.

To unabashedly flirt with Weiss when she looked even the slightest bit sad. She would yell and scream before a small smile would appear, allowing her to forget all her worries.

To allow Yang's teasing to brighten her day. She'd laugh whenever he enjoyed her puns.

To give Blake the peace and quiet she deserved. She'd curl into a little ball and read her books, A smile would adorn her face.

To converse with Ruby whenever she wanted. She'd one day break out of her shell... to truly find friends regardless of who she is. Or has she already?

To encourage Nora whenever she talked. She enjoyed the company of others. Her day would be happy and energetic everyday.

To accompany Ren as he walked and meditated. He needed another source of testosterone before he get knocked out on his bed, in the sweet embrace of the night.

He loved Knights. Knights who storm castles, dungeons and the darkness in front of them. To face off against the mighty Dragon of yore against all those impossible odds. To slay the foul beast and give the young damsel a hand and a smile that radiated pure light. The Knight would accompany her to wherever they would go. To seek out adventure and live happily ever after.

Stories are written by the victor as well as the survivor. The victor is the truth. The survivor is the 'Truth'.

His eyes shifted a golden color for just a moment under the shattered moon. His slitted eyes glowed in the night. He'd keep them safe. He admires them. He loves them and will continue to love them until the Knight appears.

With a sad smile, he brushed his hand pass his back pocket. In it was an old, worn out book. Ink slowly fading as the parchment continued to turn more and more golden. A fairytale bound in ripped leather. A diary.

He loved Knights... for he is a Dragon after all. And Dragons die at the end.

An Arc didn't need to be happy. Content would do just fine

Author's Corner

Well I thought this up and wanted to write it. Don't worry everyone; I'm working on the next chapter of Self Awakening... it's just being a bit slow. It will be here eventually. I hate... HATE procrastination and writer's block. But it happens. You can't really stop that. I'll be having review responses in future chapters of Self-awakening too so feel free to leave something behind!

Good news is I'm working on the backbone of a novel or a web comic. I can't decide which at the moment but plans for the story are underway. If any of you guys don't know. I regularly Story-tell Tabletop games and overtime I have the desire to actually doing something with it in my life. well, today is the day! I'm normally the kind of guy that has their brain running 140 miles per second. Thinking too much is good, but it's bad as well. Too much thinking leads to not doing anything at all and so, I thought, "Screw it! I don't care. Let just DO IT!"

I always thought that Jaune was a bit... I don't know. RT makes him a joke character. The butt of all the jokes. But I always get the feeling that Jaune isn't actually like that. Like he's doing everything purposefully. I don't know, so I made this because I thought, "wouldn't it be neat if Jaune was actually not... a joke character in reality"? Not a jester, not a punchline. But merely a supporting member for the entire cast in his own way.

Oh I have a plan for this fic. I just want to ask you all if you want more of it. Or if you want keep this as a one-shot. I appreciate your comments!