Future Empire

From atop Mt. Yamanouchi, two hazel brown eyes peered at the world below. It had been twelve years since he launched his attack against the governments of the world. Despite all the bloodshed, he now reigned supreme. His empire spanned across the world; from North America to Australia, he controlled it all. Twelve years ago, he was just about the gentlest and underappreciated person ever. That all changed when he was pushed to his breaking point. The grizzly murders of his parents at the hand of their so called protectors, still haunted him to this day.

"I have news from the Middleton sector, Supreme Leader" came a weary voice.

"Please speak Shego, What news do you being?"

"Your holiness, the news is dire." She muffled. With a sad, almost sobbing voice she continued. "Lord Monty First was killed by The Resistance. "

When Ron launched the attacks on the governments of the world, he noticed that he needed actual generals to lead his robot armies. While he could have used a central AI to control them, he refused to do so. He had been worried that the AI would revolt and become a Skynet like Entity. To solve this problem, he had united all the villains under his banner. The police drone he had created had been more then enough to topple any government. Had he just predicted the emergence of resurgence movements around the world, he wouldn't have had to say goodbye to many brothers and sisters in arms. Drakken, Dementor, Duff Klingon, Adriana Lynn, and Monkey Fist were some names that came to mind.

"I have had enough of their defiance" He flamed. "Prepare for a full scale invasion of Middleton. This is it Shego, the last pocket of Resistance. We will make them pay for all the pain they have caused the empire. They will pay for all those that have fallen on our behalf, with their own lives!"

"I will put the best police drones to the task of assembling the invasion force at once. Those sons of B**ch's will pay for what they did to Monty" Shego fumed. Had the resistance been there right now, she would have killed them her-self. She would have loved watching those F**ckers scream in agony as she slowly roasted them alive with the plasma.

"Now Shego, this is no time for enraging thoughts. Its time for planning. You shall have your revenge soon enough. You shall avenge your lover right after the last pocket of resistance is squashed. After Middleton, no one will be left to stand in the way of The Terra One Government. We would have created a peaceful earth." Ron envisioned.

"Very well Emperor, I shall take your leave."

Peering at the sunrise at the horizon, he envisioned a peaceful earth. One where no 15-year-old boy would have to lose his parents due to technicalities of any government, never again! "You shall be mine!" he mused to himself.

Middleton, a seemingly sleepy city was slowly waking up. Despite its appearance, it was the stronghold of the last resistance movement against Terra One Empire. While two major battles were successfully won by The Rebels, this city rapidly dying. Originally, Middleton was actually three separate cities, consisting of: Upperton, Lowerton, and Middleton. All this changed when the first wave of the Terra Policing Squadron invaded. Realizing that the three cities would be able to repel the attack better together, the cities forged into The City of United Middleton. That had been 11 years ago. Now, Middleton only had a third of the population it had at the formation of the Mega City. Most, we killed by the 2nd and 3rd waves. Now The Rebellion, once a major influence in the area, was on its legs.

Lieutenant General Kim Possible, a 27-year-old battered red head was already on high alert. She was currently a pillar for The Resistance, she was in charge of architecting plans of attack for the resurgence. She had lived a relatively normal life. Before, the fall of the world's governments, she was an ordinary student at Middleton High. At least as ordinary as a heroic, cheer-leading completion winning, student could've be. She hated the T.O.G., they were responsible for the deaths of some of her close friends. Monique, Josh, Tara came to mind, while others like Bonnie surprisingly brought tears as well. Her parents, had died of a heart attack, 10 years ago. However, there was no time to mourn, she had a war to fight.

"Lieutenant General, I am happy to report another wave was repelled. General Montgomery Fisk, of the TOG, was killed in the battle" briefed a 20-year-old chocolate skinned boy.

"Thanks for the news Wade that should send a shock-wave across their ranks" remarked Kim in a slightly gloated tone.

"Unfortunately, we have lost 10,000 troops. Now, there is only The Resistance is 20,000 strong. At this rate I don't think we could survive another attack."

"And what about our secret base in Chicago, there must be at least 1000 more soldiers there?" she asked.

"The base got attacked, this Morning. At least 500 must have been killed in the invasion. Another 500 were captured. I have no doubt, by tomorrow they will all be executed." Remarked Wade in a sad tone.

"Can't we launch a rescue mission?"

"We have one under way, 30 units will attempt to free the captured units. The likely hood of a successful mission is slim, however." Wade stated. He hated being the bearer or bad news, but him and the possible twins were the only technically inclined personnel left.

"In other news, the twins and I have completed work on the device. We are beginning to run tests now."

"Keep me updated on the progress of the device. I shall convey to news to General Betty Director. "

"The squad is ready and waiting your command" informed Shego.

"It consists of: 60,000 Terra police drones, 10,000 Terra Liger Tanks, and 50,000 T-Ferret Multi-role combat Aircraft's. There is no way they're going to defeat a force of this magnitude, especially with their project numbers. To ensure victory, I shall be leading the force myself!" Shego stated while giving a salute.

"Excellent. Finally, there will be peace! "

Ron and Shego walked over to a platform, located at the side of the mountain. There, waiting for orders, was their attack force. After a short pause, Ron began to address his troops.

"Men, Women and Machines alike, today is the day it all ends. Twelve years ago, my associates of the Terra One Government and I started this war to bring peace to our time. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that with your help, today will bring an end to this war. With your help, no child will have to see their parents murdered at the hand of the so called "Protectors". With your help, no government will torcher young children in an effort to find the source of their power." he gave Shego a slight gaze before continuing. "With your help, no more blood would need to be spilt after the war. After today no one would need to lose their loved ones to the cruel actions of the law. With your help, we will have peace in our time. Today we bring the fight to those that refuse to surrender. Today we bring the fight to those who refuse to advance the progress of peace. Well then, let us vanquish them and bring peace to this land. Let us not just fight for all those that we lost, but also the ones we wish to save. Now, go and stop the blood baths. NOW, LET THERE BE PEACE!"

A round of applause came across the troops. After a couple of seconds the Troops started to leave for the briefing area.

Ron, found himself staring at two headstones.

"Today, I end what I started mom and dad. I will make sure that after today, no one has to suffer the same fate you did. Today, I will bring peace to this world" he said through the tears.

"Emperor, we are ready" Shego informed.

"Then, let us begin" Ron stated in a soft yet empowering tone.

"General, Lieutenant, we have incoming "Wade informed.

"How many?" General Betty asked sternly.

"About…that can't be right." Wade grumbled.

"Oh my" Jim exclaimed.

"God!" Tim completed with the same tone as his brother.

"What is it guys, how many are there? 20,000? 40,000?" Kim asked in a slightly worried tone. Anything that had Wade freaked couldn't be good.

"Well…um…it seems the invading force is at least 100,000 strong." He stammered.

"Correction, the force is"

"120,000 strong. We have Bogies entering our air space"

"As well as troops invading our ground space."

"Then I guess this will be our last battle." General Director stated. "It's been a pleasure knowing you all"

"I Guess so." Kim let out a tear. Grabbing her brother, she hugged them profusely. Then she did something she hadn't done in 10 year, she cried just as everybody engulf her with a group hug.

Breaking the hug Wade had an epiphany.

"You know there is something we could do." He stated.

"What is it?" Kim asked with a glimmer of hope.

"Well the device, it's ready." Quickly he turned to the twins "And before you said anything, we have had 4 success cases so far"

"But that 1 case was severely altered after stepping through the portal!" Jim exclaimed

"Not to mention the Tachyon drives requires a lot of energy!" Tim chimed in.

"Just how much energy are we talking about? Huh Wade?" Kim asked.

"About half the cities power supply." He stated enthusiastically.

Thinking over all the facts given to her, Kim started to brainstorm a plan. "OK, let's do it."

"But sis, what if something goes wrong?" both the twins asked at the same time.

"As I see it, we will lose if we don't do anything any ways. The force is just too big. However, with the Time Jump you guys invented I should be able to end this before it begins"

"You mean,"

"You're going to kill him"

"Yes! I will go back to when he was young and kill him."

With two simultaneous humphs, the two twins agreed. They would work with Wade to send Kim back in time, while the rest of the force lead by General Betty would provide the diversion.

"This is General Director, we will be providing cover while Lieutenant Possible, the twins, and Wade launch The Device" Betty spoke into her communicator, informing her troops of their mission.

"Good Luck! It's been good to know you" giving Kim a salute.

"Thank you. It has been good to know you to" she reprised giving her a salute back.

With that General Director left to join her troops on the field of battle.

"Are you ready Kim" Wade asked.

"As ready as I will ever be"

"This is a special communicator, it has all the information about the 90's." The tweebs said as they handed her a circular device painted yellow and black. With that they took their leave to finish prepping the Time Jump.

"What date did you set it to Wade?" Kim asked.

"June, 28th, 1993"

"Why 1993?"

"Well it's so that, you won't have any resistance killing him." He explained "I mean who's heard of a 4 year old kid knowing how to fight back"

"Alright, its ready." The twins exclaimed.

"Thank you guys. If I don't make it I want you guys to know I tried." Kim stated softly

Without any warning, her brothers engulfed her in a hug. She gladly reprised their form of affection.

"I hope this works!" Kim exclaimed stepping on to the platform.

"Ok, here we go. Energy to Tachyon converter is holding steady" Jim informed

"This is it Sis" they both explained.

With that a blue beam appeared from the platform. To an outside observer it looked like it was vaporizing Kim. However, the machine had worked.

Landing in the middle of Middleton Park, Kim quickly recovered from the slight falling feeling she was experiencing. She found her way to the nearest newspaper stand and proceed to buy a copy.

"The Middleton Mirror…" she began to read.

"June, 28th, 1993" she said as she glanced at the date.

"Phase 1: Travel through time. Complete" she said to herself. "Commence Phase 2: Find Ron Stoppable


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