A Look Backwards-Drakkens Scare

Drew Lipskeys, lesser known as Dr. Drakken, was hard at work on his next invention. A machine he called the Bebe's 2.0., a machine capable of filling all the wounds left by his so called "friends". He remembered when he was just an average Joe in university. Now he was a man with a mission, a mission to extract revenge against his friends. Long had he been ridiculed for his inability to get a date, but no longer? He will show them. They may be all married now, but he had something better. He, Dr. Drakken would be the sole creator of the Bebe's, the ultimate henchmen/girlfriends. He even planned on adding actual organs. They would be the most advanced machine/human hybrid of their time. They would be perfect!

He proceeded to grab the skin grafting machine. The machine itself was a marvel in itself. He had found that by using a silver based compound, he could triple the rate acceptance for the organs. The previous tests had all been successful in grafting skin to a non-organic item. Now, if only he could find a buyer for his skin covered lamp, he could get some more funding for his projects.

Using the machine, he carefully started to attach the synthetically grown skin into the Bebe's. They would be perfect, consisting of his re-modified Intel Pentium processor re-clocked to 4 Ghrz, a long relay transponder, and 20 Gb of ram, they would be the most well equipped machines of this age. Being lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice a red light start flashing on the grafter.

Before Drakken could react, the machine exploded. BOOOM! The ensuring blast, knocked him back to the nearest wall. As darkness started to encroach on his eyes, he noticed the Bebe's head fly past him. As he finally drifted into darkness, one thought propagated his mind, 'He Failed!'.

Drakken awoke in a seemingly blank room. He knew this room well; he had seen it before. It was the room he was brought to when his first set of Bebe's malfunctioned. He had been badly cut during the ordeal. In fact, it was this ordeal that left him with a scar running down him face. Despite the fact that the scare had faded slightly, it was still visible on his face. They stood as a reminder, a reminder to his ever failure.

Sighing, he proceeded to look around the room, he proceeded to look around the room. He was hooked up to an EKG, while having Saline/Plasm solutions flowing through tubes that were connected to his arms. Despite his fear of needles, the tubes didn't scare him at this moment. He was in too much pain to have fear. He noticed the doctor come into the room and pick up a clipboard from the sleeve in front of his bed.

"You're very lucky to be alive Mr. Lipskeys. My name is Dr. Shaw, and I will be your doctor this evening. Apparently the explosion caused a whole bunch of trauma throughout your body." The man in white stated.

"W…w…what happened to me?" Drew asked.

"Apparently whatever invention you were working on exploded. The first responders were fortunate enough to pull you out when they did, as the building collapsed a couple of minutes later."

"Unfortunately" he continued, "the grafting machine caused the biggest impact on your condition."

"My condition?"

"Yes, your condition. You have a varied case of Argyria." The doctor noticed the look on drew face. "Don't worry you're going to be fine. All the major effects of having excess silver in your system could be negated by drug. However, this brings us to the bad news. You see, the silver compound that was in your grafter, which by the way is believed to be the cause of the explosion, launched the compound into your bloodstream. It's believed that after it entered your blood stream it defused into your skin. Which results in your condition."

"What condition? Other than the pain, I don't feel like anything is wrong."

"Well, your condition is believed to purely physical. You see, excess silver in your system caused your skin to change colour." He said as he showed brought up a mirror.

What drew noticed was something that truly horrified. His beautiful pinkish-white skin was gone, replaced by blue skin. More so, his scare from the first accident was reopened. If it was faded before, it certainly wasn't now. The scare now thickly ran across his blue face.

"Is there anything you could do?" he asked weakly.

"Unfortunately, it seems the silver has bonded to your cells. I have some prescription's you could try, but there is a high likelihood this could be permanent. I'll give you some privacy, to come to terms with the events of the previous day."

With that the doctor left. When Drew heard the door slam shut, he broke down. Angry tears flowed down his face, as he once again closed his eyes. 'They will pay for what they did to him!'

Drew was rudely awoken by a knock. He noticed a dark, hooded figure standing at the door.

"Can I help you?" he asked the figure.

"It's not what you could do for me, it's what I could do for you." The figure, who obviously had a voice changer, stated. "Let's just say that I know about your condition."

"Well then, you much know that there is practically nothing they could do about it. So now, I am stuck like this. Now, if you are done, could you please leave? I would like to get some sleep."

"I could help you Drew; I could help you become more. I could help you get rid of your scars."

"And what do you want from me in return?" Drew asked skeptically.

"I have a proposition for you." The figure stated.

After hearing the proposition, Drew readily agreed. While, he was still skeptical of its legitimacy, I mean time travel; come on, but it was worth the risk. He would be back to his normal self and command an army. At last he would have revenge on those that hurt him the most.

Authors Note: I am spliting the next chapter in two. Up next: A Look Forward.