Hey everyone!

It's been amazing to see the support from you guys, and I'm so happy that this story is still important to so many people. I've looked at the poll, comments, and private messages I've gotten since last week, and I've decided to post the revision. I've already started it, and I can tell you guys a little of what to expect.

The story is probably not going to be as long as the original was just because I am taking out a lot of the filler chapters. There will still be a lot of similar storylines and plot points from the original, but the overall storyline will be vastly different. Hopefully, that makes it exciting for you guys to read without feeling like you are being strung along :)

I am keeping the original up still. I do have chapters that I wrote for it and never posted, and I may go ahead and just post those. They won't be edited and there won't be an ending, but enough people asked that I want to try and give them a little bit of closure with that story, too.

I'll post the prologue and first chapter to the revision later tonight, and I may also post the story on AO3. The site has been giving a lot of people issues with how my story uploads, so hopefully that would help!

Thank you all, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new Persisting Occurrences.