Title:- Lord of the hunts Huntress

Rating:- M in later chapter

Summary:- Our poor Dragonborn finds herself in a spot of bother when Hircine lord of the hunt crosses her path. Unfortunately for Cassie Hircine explains that she has stumbled into his playground and therefore must take part in the full moons hunt and chase.

The bitter wind filtered through the air biting harshly into Cassie from all angles as she ventured though the snow laden hill sides. She had veered off the path and onto the hillsides as to avoid any confrontations. This time of year always beckoned trouble around every corner. Her Ebony armour felt weighty on her small form and her hair whipped from side to side, loose strands escaping their prison to flaunt themselves in front of her vision. She squinted through the snow that fell onto the blank canvas as she wrapped her arms around her form. This was doing her no good the wind seemed harsher the father up the hills she climbed. Her feet slipping every which way forcing her to lose her balance.

She fell to her side before squeaking and digging her gauntleted fingers into the snow as leverage but to no avail. She made a slow descent back down the hill on her behind before coming to a stop near the bottom. With a sigh Cassie flopped back, arms spread out beside her as she peered up the white clouds. Huffing, Cassie kicked her legs about in a tantrum before pulling herself up and begrudgingly heading back onto the path way.

As she made her way towards a bridge she surveyed the area. The snow beneath her Ebony clad boots had not been trodden upon. Tree branches had not been snapped and none had been shaken free of the snow to perch upon for a ripe chance to arrow her from afar.

As Cassie advanced towards the bridge, movement caught her eye from the left. A Khajiit bound in leather armour made their way to her, dagger drawn out, ready and poised. Cassie halted her steps arms still wrapped tightly around her form as she took in the Khajiit. He made his way forward before stopping a few feet in front of her.

"Hand over your valuables and no one gets hurt."

Cassie stood silently as the male eyed up her armour, Daedric blades at her hips and the Nightingale Bow that perched upon her shoulder. He bared his teeth in snarl before jabbing the air with his dagger in warning.

"Come on women I haven't all day!"

Cassie rolled her eyes at him before pushing her way passed him but not before mumbling that she didn't have time for this. She made it half way across the bridge before she heard the thudding of feet behind her.

"Don't walk away from me!"

As Cassie turned a dagger made its way towards her face with only seconds to spare she managed to avoid the attack before swiping at the Khajiits legs. He landed with a thud and a grunt before scrambling up and swinging his blade back and forth towards her. She dodged most before engaging him with her own Daedric blade.

The metals clashed together with a vicious hiss as they scraped down one another before separating and meeting again. Cassie had to admit he was fast with the dagger but he was leaving himself open to other attacks. Taking a chance Cassie swung her leg out and kicked the Khajiit in the side. As he stumbled and clasped his side Cassie took a hold of his head before pushing his head down and bringing her knee up to smash his face against it.

He screamed out in pain, dropping his dagger to the floor before clasping his nose as blood seeped from it, running through the gaps of his fingers. For good measure Cassie placed another kick to the side of his head, sending the Khajiit reeling before smashing into the ground below.

"You! How dare you do this to me!"

Cassie took this as her queue to leave. Turning she made a run for it. She ran part way before peeking over her shoulder to see the Khajiit rising and making a run for her. Panic rose inside her as her adrenaline scorched it way through her system. Making her way a little ways further up the path way, footsteps in the snow were present. As she ran her own tracks through them she pulled off to the side and headed up a bank.

This of course wouldn't throw the Khajiit off at all. She called upon her whirlwind sprint, dashing her forward and scattering the snow beneath her as she went. With a pant of exhaustion Cassie stopped and looked back. No sign of the guy but she could hear him cursing her to the divines above. She needed to think and fast. Looking around there were nowhere to hide other than up a tree.

She peered up before making a climb up one and perching herself upon a partially hidden branch. Pulling her bow from her back, Cassie drew an arrow and watched as the Khajiit came into view. She followed him as he wandered around cursing her, blood still running from his nose.

"Where are you?! You bitch!"

Cassie held her breath as he neared the tree she perched upon. He looked around before heading back the way he came mumbling something about missing out on good loot. Placing her arrow and bow back in place Cassie sighed in relief as she ran a hand down her face.

"Shit that were close"

Shaking her head Cassie eased her way back down the tree before sneaking her way back to the edge of the bank she clambered. As she neared it she peeked over to see the Khajiit in the distance, kicking his feet about in the snow in disappointment. She smiled slightly at the childish sight before shaking her head and turning around to head back into the forested area.

"Should be safer to travel in here than on the path….hopefully."

Cassie made her way into the forest and before long had become lost in thought. When she broke out into a clearing she stopped and gasped. It was beautiful. She looked towards the sky and although it bright white clouds full of snow it reflected enchanting blues and purples. The ground below her cast the same colours and the area appeared a lot brighter than it should.

Cassie padded forwards in the open area turning in slow circles taking everything in as she did so before stopping at the edge of a small cliff. She peered out towards a large waterfall that cascaded elegantly before crashing into the deep depths below. A small walk way ran along the edge of the river hidden behind a tall bush before connecting to the path a little ways further up.

Heavy breathing and something slow were lumbering behind her. Cassie froze as she listened to the noises behind her. Slowly she turned her head, eyes going wide mouth slightly open as a sudden gasp drew passed her lips. Turn her body fully she marveled at the pure radiant beauty before her.

A large tall stag stood before her. Pure white with light patches of blue spotted on it body. Its antlers were elegantly weaved above its head forming into sharp pointed ends. Cassie studied the creature it seemed odd like it were an aspect of a stag the colour of it the height and size and those antlers.

Cassie's breathing deepened as the stag made its way closer to her before coming to a stop. It towered above her as it lowered its head towards her, taking in her scent. Slowly she rose a hand before placing it gently upon the stag's nose half expecting it to rear away.

"Wow you're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this."

She muttered more to herself than to the stag knowing full well it wouldn't understand anything she said let alone did. Just as she pulled her hand away from its face a dark black and blue orb consumed the stags frame causing Cassie to stumble back slightly arms raising to block out the onslaught of light.

A loud rumble sounded before the light dispersed quickly but before Cassie could look back to the stag her foot caught the very edge of the cliff, knocking her balance and forced her foot and hip to give out. She felt herself start to fall back before being jerked back up slightly.

Out of her peripheral vision Cassie could see fingers wrapped around her bicep, veins bulging slightly from the strong wrist leading up to toned forearm. It was gone before her vision could follow the path upwards. She panted slightly trying to calm her nerves before pulling herself up. Her eyes remained on the forsworn looking boots as she pushed her hair back over her shoulder before they traveled up the length of a human body before her.

Strong muscular legs covered at the hips with another forsworn garb. Well defined abs and tight side's leading to a broad chest. Arm muscles that screamed touch me wrapped with veins that bulged with the surge of blood running through them before her eyes finished at a forsworn head dress mounted with very large antlers.

Just peeking out of the bottom of the mask was a sharp angular jaw line and slightly parted lips that held a small smirk. Before it dawned on her Cassie could feel all the blood drain away from her face, her eyes going wide, lips parting in a silent scream. Her mind began to reel and scream at her. Word repeating, haunting her become a chant of RUN. DAEDRIC PRINCE. RUN. DAEDRIC PRINCE. RUN. DAEDRIC PRINCE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? RUN!

Cassie stood stunted almost rooted to the floor. A strong arm came up, forefinger and thumb touching her chin to tip her head back. Oh god how she wished she never locked eyes with this stranger. The most piercing of blue eyes peered into her own brown one's before darting here and there looking at her face before landing back on her gaze. A slight laugh came from the being as they spoken. A strong slightly deep voice bubbling up.

"I am Hircine, Daedric prince of the hunt. And your name mortal?"

Cassie parted her dry lips but nothing came out as she tried to speak. Silently swiped her tongue across her dry lips, noting how this caught the Lords attention before locking her in a gaze again.

"I am Cassie my lord."

Cassie figured she'd answered correctly as Hircine grinned at her before letting go of her chin, stepping back slightly he crossed his arms over his chest as he observed her.

"It seems fate has favored me tonight however, I'm not so sure for you. You see you have stumbled into my hunting grounds. Do you know what that means mortal?"

Cassie cast her gaze down towards the floor as she worried on her lip slightly before she answered. She tried to rack her brain but it wouldn't function not while he stood there looking hot as hell itself!

"I'm sorry I don't my lord."

"You've crossed into my hunting grounds and anything that crosses into it becomes my prey to hunt."

Cassie's head shot up meeting with those blue eyes again as she worked out what he was saying. He could see as it clicked into place, his lips spreading once more into a grin.

"What must I do my lord?"

Cassie felt his gaze leave hers as it traveled down her ebony clad form right down to the bottom and back up again resting once again on her eyes.

"Tomorrow night my chase begins on the full moon. I select a few worthy champions to play in my hunting grounds. They become the prey and I hunt them. However only one can become mine."

Cassie tilted her head curiously urging him silently to go on.

"The way it works is that you are all let free on the grounds with your strongest weapon choice. There are wolves also hunting and therefore you need to defend yourself against them by killing them. Not only this, but you also need to deal with the other competitors as well as evading myself until the very end. Only one person can be claimed."


Hircine uncrossed his arms leaning forward into Cassie's personal space a hand come up to clasp her jaw in a gentle grasp pulling her slightly towards him as he spoke.

"To be made mine, to walk beside me as my champion and as my eternal lover. As I said fate has graced me the one last competitor I needed for tomorrows hunt and that is you."

"What happens if I don't show?"

"Then I will personally track you down and bring you here myself."

Cassie let it all sink it not believing her fate going from one extreme to another in such a short span. So if she didn't show he would track her down and bring her here anyway. Great no hiding away for a week or two then.

"Where are the hunting grounds?"

"Right here where you're standing. Don't let me down Cassie."

Just at that Hircine tipped Cassie's head back a little farther as he planted his lips upon hers in a light kiss before pulling back.

"Good night and good luck my huntress."

As he let go of her chin and stepped back a dark orb circled his body before disappearing. Letting out a shaky breath Cassie pushed her hands into her hair as her mind raced with everything that was just said. But ohh it wasn't that she thought of. No it was those soft plush lips pushing up against hers in a sweet but powerful and demanding kiss.

Her face filled with crimson as it dawned on her that she was one, going to be running for her life tomorrow night. Two, she was going to have to kill random creatures and other people and three, a hot Daedric prince had just kissed her!

"Ohhh divine's please forgive me. I am so fucking delusional I just thought the lord of the hunt just kissed me! Who am I kidding?! No I refuse to believe it! It all a dream!"

Stomping her foot Cassie paced in the snow before stopping and looking at the tracks in the snow. There was her evidence that Lord Hircine himself had been standing before her. Closing her eyes Cassie thumped her hands to her head.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

Squatting down to the ground she tensed up waiting for everything to melt away and for her to wake up in her cosy bed at home. But no…..it didn't happen, opening her eyes the snow still below her feet and the foot prints still there mocking her of her fate. Standing silently Cassie peered up to the sky above before closing them again.

"Please forgive me, I've been tempted and lured by a Daedra and I can't resist."

This was just a spur of the moment fanfic. I had a dream of this and decided to make it into writing! Also debating on whether or not i should make it longer than two chapter or not? Hmm guess we will wait and see. Thanks for taking your time to read it and hope you enjoyed.!