Title:- A Hunter's true nature

Summary:- With the arrival of their baby, Hircine is feeling like a proud father however, he can't feel at ease until the venomous prey has been hunted and taken care of.

The reflection within the mirror showed a women who looked tired, exhausted and a damn mess. Her long hair was a tangled mess. Her face covered in blood and grime and her eyes were a dull amber. Scrubbing a hand over her face, Cassie pulled haphazardly at her tattered dress, letting it fall to the floor in a heap.

Turning she headed towards the bathing pool. The scents crept up her nose and she breathed them in with a deep sigh before descending into the welcoming warmth of the water. Stopping a few steps short of the bottom one, Cassie slowly lowered herself to the step, wincing at the slight discomfort that radiated from her lower half. Leaning back she spread out her limbs and closed her eyes simply enjoying the feel of the water surrounding her.

A few minutes passed before she opened her eyes, instantly being drawn to slightly tinged red water around her. With a grimace she pushed up from the step to begin washing her hair out. She struggled slightly as she worked the tangles and knots out before lathering it up and rinsing it out. Silently Cassie eyed the blade sat upon the side before peering down towards her stretch marked tummy. Hmm just how hairy were her legs she wondered. Determined she reached for the blade and tidied up her legs and bits before pulling out the stopper.

Patting down her body she took her time towel drying her hair before giving it a quick brush through. Quietly Cassie pushed against the bedroom chamber door and peeked around it. A smile cracked upon her lips at the sight of Hircine leaning over the cot while Reeko sat silently beside him wagging his tail with a tilt of his head.

Coming further into the room, Cassie placed her hand upon Reeko's head. He turned towards her instantly, nosing at her tummy before looking back into the cot. Hircine tore his gaze away from the baby to look at Cassie, his lips breaking into a smile.

"Feel better my Huntress?"

"Yes, much better now I'm clean. Thank you My Lord, it's just what I needed."

Reaching out to her, Hircine proceeded to pull Cassie down into his lap before standing with her and placing her into bed. Pulling the covers over her, he placed a kiss upon her forehead before stripping down into more comfortable clothing and getting in beside her.

Silently he pulled her into his side, tucking an arm around her shoulders while the other hand racked through her hair, gently scratching at her scalp while avoiding her antlers. He heard the groan that escaped her lips as she rubbed her cheek against his pec.

"Do you hurt anywhere?"

"Hmm, I'm fine, better now I'm home."



Pulling away from his warmth, Cassie propped herself up to look at him. Their gaze locked and there was a laboured silence before Hircine brushed away strands of hair to gently cup her cheek and rub gently over her cheek bone.

"Thank you."

He saw the small crease reach her forehead as her eye brows dipped in question.

"Thank you for staying, for being mine and for making me a father. It's something I shouldn't have the pleasure of having."

The crease disappeared and was replaced with a small fanged smile, her hand coming up to brush over his cheek.

"Why shouldn't you have the pleasure?"

"I'm no mere mortal my Huntress. I'm a creature that is feared by many, a creature that some would think is only put upon this earth to create misery and blood shed."

A light sigh rose from Cassie's lips as her eyes roamed around his features.

"You're no mortal, that is true and I have yet to see the more darker, twisted side to you. However, not all Daedric Princes are bad. If anything I don't feel worthy to stand at your side because of your status as a Daedric Lord. Think back to when you had your hunts. Why do you think I wanted another hunt to be held?"

They stared at one another as Cassie's question hung in the air. Hircine's lips parted a few times to speak but nothing every left his lips.

"I wanted more hunts because I'm down here and your up here. I didn't want to disappoint you or let you down. I sti-"

"Don't ever think your beneath me Cassie, ever! You gave me everything I wanted and more. Today you gave me a new life, made me a father, if anything your on the high pedestal and I'm on the lower one."

Cassie felt shocked as he harshly whispered those words to her as he clasped her cheeks in his palms. The look of sheer hurt that ran through his eyes as she spoke about being lower than him made her heart throb at the thought of upsetting him. She felt his thumb swipe rapidly, spreading the slick wetness of her tears over her cheek.

"My Huntress, today you may have thought you were weak, pathetic and useless. When I saw you holding our child with a protective look in your eyes my heart ached. It ached because I was so proud because I knew you are mine and nobody else's. You've never been as strong as you were today."

A small nod made the serious look slip off Hircine's features to be replaced with a smile as he pulled Cassie towards him. Her lips crushed against his as he pushed his hand to the back of her head in earnest. A small whine rose from the little one, breaking both of them apart to peer over towards the cot.

Reeko's head popped up in alert before he glanced towards Cassie and Hircine. Slowly he rose off the bottom of the bed and jumped up on a chair beside the cot. He lay down beside it with a sigh, with one last look at the baby before lowering his head.

"Sleep Cassie, its been a long, stressful day for all of us."

"But...we need to pick a name for her."

"Cassie, love, it can wait till morning."

A small pout forced a chuckle from Hircine as he tucked Cassie's head into his shoulder, avoiding her antlers as he got comfortable. It didn't take long before Hircine felt Cassie fully relax as she dipped into slumber. He grinned and placed a kiss on her head before slipping into sleep.

Morning came too fast for Cassie as her eyes crept open only to slam shut. Her body felt super heavy and her limbs screamed at her as she rolled over. Reaching behind her, Cassie's hand hit cold sheets, she expected to feel a hard solid body behind her but there wasn't.

Once again she squinted through the natural day light to find the most beautiful sight. Standing by the open windows was Hircine cradling his daughter. He spoke very gently to her as he talked about the wild life around them. Not wanted to spoil the mood, Cassie sat up, crossed her legs and propped her chin on her palm. She couldn't help the smile forming, he was so much larger than his daughter. He was a beast and she was a bunny.

Pushing up, Cassie made her way over to Hircine and the baby, circling her arms around his waist, nuzzling into his broad back as she placed kisses here and there.

"Good morning, My Lord."

"Good morning, My Huntress. How do you feel?"

"Well rested but I'm achy here and there."

Turning, Hircine placed the baby within her mothers arms before dipping his head down to place a kiss on her lips. She smiled up at him as she sat in one of the suspended chairs, freeing her breast to feed her young. Hircine casually leaned back against the windows frame, crossing his arms as he took her in.

Cassie cooed gently to the baby with a smile as her big eyes stared back up at her. Her little hands reaching out to grasp at her loose hair. A small tug here and there brought a laugh from Cassie.

"It quite unusual to see a child with two different coloured eyes. Some may see it as a bad omen."

"I'd say its lucky, how many people in this world have two different coloured eyes? I've never seen it before."

Looking up towards Hircine, he was contently watching his daughter before he looked back to Cassie with a fanged smile.

"It would be interesting to see which side is more dominant in her. The dragon Born side or the Daedric side."

"Hmm I guess we will have to wait and see. On a different matter. We need to pick out a name. Would you like to do the honours as she is your first born."

Cassie gave Hircine a sceptical look as she spoke.

"She is your only child isn't she? You don't have a pack of wolf children running around do you, you know, because your a lot older than me."

The biggest grin cracked over her features as she called him old. His face paled slightly before he grinned at her, his eyes flashed as he dipped his head to give her a menacing look.

"I may, in your words be old and that I am however, I never felt a need to settle down until I met you. She is my first born child, I have no others. I would be very honoured if I could name her."

With a slight nod, Cassie rose up from her seat and placed the little down in her cot as she dozed lightly.

"So what were you thinking for her?"


"Kainda? Huh."

"You don't like it do you?"

There was a pregnant silence as she peered over to him, smiling.

"Its fitting. Perfect. Daughter of the hunter."

He tilted his head slightly with a sheepish look on his face. He had thought through many names but that one always came to the front of his mind every time. He was hoping that people would know who she was and what status she held when they heard her name. He only hoped that she would have her mother's beauty and strong will.

"I have something I must see to. I'll leave you to rest up a bit more."

With a quick nod and wave Cassie settled upon the bed with a book as Hircine took his leave. He made it half way down the hall before he heard the light scratching of nails upon the stone floor. Turning he regarded Reeko, who had been tailing him. The dog walked passed him quietly, giving his hand a quick nudge as he headed down the hall way. Pacing after Reeko, the dark lord made his way to a spare room that wasn't used. Within this spare room was another door that lead down into holding cells.

Pulling open the doors for Reeko. Hircine ensured to close them behind him before heading further down. The room below was lit by sconces placed on the walls and cast eerie shadows. Against the back wall were two figures, hanging pathetically with their heads hung low.

Taking stances in the middle of the room, Hircine crossed his arms over his chest while studying the two. One figure weakly rose their head to see the visitor they had.

"Ahhh, please, please let...let me go."

"Why should I grant you such a pleasure?"

The snivelling vigilant who had insulted Cassie spoke with a weak, cracking voice.

"Please..I, I was only following orders."

"Hmm, orders from whom? Your lady?"

"Yes! Yes that. I wanted no part of it. I didn't want to sacrifice your...your err harle-"

"My wife you mean, she is no mere whore who wanders the streets each night. You may think little of her because she is with me, a Daedric Prince."

There was an unbearable silence as a stare off happened with the two males. It didn't take long for the vigilant to crumble and look away as Hircine parted his lips to bare his fangs.

"Bless your precious Stendarr that I am not allowing your death to be dealt out by My Huntress. You did nothing to her however, you insulted her in front of me. Tsk,Tsk you shouldn't have done that."

"Your best bet would have been to listen to the young child that stated you should stop. None of you paid him any attention and look where you are now. I did plan to save you for her, however."

His attention drew to the other sorry soul that hung limply, not once raising their heads in acknowledgement. Pacing over the Dark Lord grasped hold of their jaw forcefully, their eyes locking as he glared at them.

"You, Elisa will mostly definitely be kept as Cassie's toy to play with. After all you inflicted the most hatred in her. I only wish for your sake that she takes her time with you. Its all you deserve."

He leant forward slightly to whisper that last part to her before shoving her face away from him, a thud sounded as her head hit the stone wall behind her.

"Plea, please My Lord...I meant no ill will."

"Don't you dare! From the start you had all this planned out! I knew you would come back eventually."

"Wait, you two have history?"

The vigilant looked from Hircine to Elisa with a shocked but disgusted look on his shallow face.

"You who came to us to rid this world of Daedra, insult us by mating with one? A hypocrite."

"Yes it is true that at one point she was my love interest. The night I planned to claim her was the night she clambered into another's bed. I can only thank whatever Goddess helped a lowly Daedric Prince such as myself. I escaped a fate that was not intended for me. Now I have a beautiful daughter and a strong, powerful and loyal wife that is willing to stand by my side as my equal."

The vigilant stuttered as he tried to find his words but Hircine had heard enough. Raising his hand to silence the bumbling male, he walked over to free the bonds upon the males wrists. He feel to the floor with a harsh thud. No sooner had he hit the floor, had Hircine picked him up and threw him against the wall on the opposite side of the chamber.

A shrill cry escaped the vigilant's lips as he tried to push up from the ground. A foot collided with his side, forcing the wind from his lungs before he was picked up by the scruff of his neck and thrust back against the wall. Hircine pinned him in place by his throat while his other hand reached up to clasp a hand full of hair, exposing the males neck.

Casting a harsh glare at the vigilant, Hircine parted his lips and licked his lips before biting down harshly where neck met shoulder. He bit once and then again more deeply, letting the blood pool in his mouth before un-clamping and turning his face towards the vigilant. He waited for the males eyes to open before he spat the blood out onto the vigilant face.

Taking hold of the guys limps hands, Hircine placed one against the wall before reaching for a dagger and forcing it into his palm and then proceeding to do the same to the other.

"Please, I beg of you."

"You don't deserve it. The minute you took what was mine, my pregnant wife was the minute you crossed a line. You should know you never fuck with a Daedric Prince."

The fool still tried to wiggle his way out of it but Hircine had heard enough, pulling another smaller dagger from his side his brought it to the guys neck and slid it over the surface. Blood instantly gushed up to the slice and slid down his neck. Stepping back he took in the sight of the gargling vigilant and choked down on his own blood. He managed to pull one of his arms free of a dagger and grasp at his throat in an attempt to stop the blood flow. But slowly his face paled more and more and his eyes became more distant as he slumped off to the side.

Meanwhile Reeko had kept a perfect position near Elisa to keep an eye on her, not that she had any strength to do anything. He bared his teeth so much so that saliva was dripping from the corners of his mouth. Petting Reeko's head he motioned for the dog to retreat near the door. A final growl and he was making his way their patiently.

"Elisa look at me."

Her head rose slightly, peering through her tangled hair at him.

"Why did you seek me out?"

"I hadn't realised what I lost until I came back. I knew you took an instant liking towards Cassie. I became jealous, envious because you never looked at me as you do her. I wondered what was special about her other than her being Dragon Born. Then the alarm bells started ringing when she won another hunt. That was no mere coincidence, it was fate, she was meant to be your queen, your Huntress, the mother to your children."

He let her words sink in as he regarded her.

"We could have had that Elisa."

"Guess it's too late now. Either way whether I went off with that vampire or not something else would have happened so your paths will have crossed."

"I understand now that she is what you need to complete your life. I've never seen you as content, even when you had your more untameable side."

Hircine's thoughts drifted to his earlier years when he would hunt for blood shed, when he would rut any women that was willing, when the side of drawing blood from those willing women made him so damn hard."

Shaking his head Hircine turned to take his leave.

"I love you My Lord."

Pulling the door free, Reeko left with a deep growl as Hircine stood still, turning his head to look at her. His gaze must've have been demonic as Elisa's eyes widened and she tried to shrink back into the wall. Silently he parted his lips to press his tongue against his fang, piercing it slightly, drawing blood.

" I could give you want you truly want My Lord."

She barely whispered it but he still heard her words as she tilted her neck to the side for him. His gaze flickered from her eyes to her neck, the vein jutting and pounding under the thin layer of skin.

"What is it that I want Elisa? Tell me."

"You wish to rut like you used to, to draw blood, to bring ecstasy and high to both parties. I can see that control in your eyes slipping. You wouldn't do it to Cassie for fear of scaring her away with you child. Your true nature has been held back too long for you to safely control. You've kept this side away from Cassie's view. How long before you crack though? Maybe when your rutting your wife, the control slips and you bite and claw away at her."

The images Elisa was feeding him was giving him the hardest wood ever. Thinking of rutting Cassie with her arm bound while he pounded into her, while biting at her neck. A sharp pain forced his mind back to reality as his fang punctured his lip. With one last shake of his head, he bend down to retrieve the corpse before slamming the door behind him.

As he entered the hallway, he glanced around the door ensuring Cassie wasn't wandering around before going towards the front door. He made his way over to the woods and discarded of the body. Wolves and bears would soon catch the scent of blood in the air and come to eat the remains, one less person for him to worry about.

As Hircine entered the house he made his way down the hall to see Reeko nosing open the bathing room door. Steam came floating out, signalling Cassie must be bathing. Pushing the door open, he peeked inside. Cassie was perched upon the stairs, Kainda curled up within her arms, her back facing Hircine, making her unaware of his presence. Silently he entered, bringing a finger to his lips to tell Reeko to be quiet as he neared he gazed over the top of Cassie's head, down towards his Daughter.

"Where are those smiles at? Where they at? Where they at?"

His daughter looked dazed towards Cassie as she made a goo goo voice at her, trying to encourage her to smile.

"I'm hopeless. You never give mammy a smile do you? If it was Daddy, well there would be smiles for years. Yes there would be."

Just at the Kainda's gaze tore from her mothers to look up at Hircine who smiled down at her in response. Gently she wriggled around before a small smile creased her lip before looking back to her mam and dropping it.

"Ahh, there it is! You just smiled. I saw it! Yes I did."

Adjusting her hold, Cassie brought Kainda up to her eye level. Blowing raspberry at her in an attempt to get another smile.

"Where's that smile?"

Again Kainda's gaze shifted to her fathers and in return he stuck his tongue out before grinning. Kainda's face beamed with a smile as she kicked out her legs, her arms reaching towards Hircine. Just at the Hircine felt a thump hit his thigh, looking down he received a death glare from Cassie.

"Hircine! I was trying to get her to smile and it was you who was doing it."

Turning around Cassie pouted slightly as she placed the baby in a sitting position on her knee's, cupping some water she ran it down the babies body.

"Guess we're in trouble my little fawn."

Coming down to their level he reached out at his daughter with a smile.

"I'll take her so you can get cleaned up."

Placing Kainda into Hircine's hands, Cassie refused to look at him as her anger simmered down. Why didn't her daughter smile at her? Did she not like her? Sighing she proceeded to clean herself down and wash her hair.

"Where did you disappear off to? You were gone a while."

"I had something I needed to take care of. Nothing you should worry about right now."

Hircine caught Cassie's gaze as she arched a brow at him in curiosity.

"Oh, what should I not worry about?"

"Let's just say you will get your revenge and say no more. There are young ears around."

Both of their eyes dropped to Kainda before looking at one another. Cassie nodded silently before finishing up. A small whine filled the chamber as Hircine spoke.

"I believe she wants her mother. Is she due her feed?"

Pulling out the stopper, Cassie turned, squeezing out her hair before grabbing a towel and patting herself dry.

"Yea she will be hungry since she didn't really take much this morning. I'll feed her and get her settled for a while."

"Why don't you feed her and then I can take her out for a wander, Reeko can come along to so you can put your feet up and rest. How does that sound my Huntress?"

"It sounds nice and I won't say no."

Heading into the sleeping chamber, Cassie took her young and sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling down her top and offering her baby to feed. She latched straight away as her gaze roamed around her mothers face before gazing up at her antlers. Her tiny hand wrapped around a lock of hair and tugged at it gently.

"Will she get antlers and fangs?"

"She may, it all depends on which side is more dominant."

"Will she endure the same pain I did?"

Cassie looked over worriedly as she waited for an answer. Hircine shook his head in response with a smile.

"If the Daedric side is more dominant in her then they will show when she is a few month older. She will cry as a mortal child would when teething. If however the Dragon Born side is more dominant then yes, it is quite possible she will see pain."

"And if they are both equal?"

"Then she will more than likely not suffer however, it will just delay the process of her getting her antlers and fangs. Both will grow as she does. Her fangs will come last, when her final set of teeth come through. Her antlers will grow as she grows."

"You say you have no children besides her but how do you know all this?"

" Luna and Sanguine. Luna is mortal and Sanguine is a Daedric prince like myself. Their child received their fangs upon their last set of teeth. The horns came far later in life. Remember when you had your change? Yours took a while before they came through much like your fangs."

Cassie hummed in response as she covered herself back up and gently winded Kainda. Having a few small burps she was ready to go out into the big world with her dad. Standing she wrapped a blanket around her before placing her in Hircine's arms.

"Please be careful."

She gave him a pointed looked before reaching up and tugging on his much larger antler to pull him down and towards her. Placing a kiss on his lips she turned grabbing a book and sat up against the headboard of the bed.

It was only a few hours after Hircine had left that Cassie had started to become tired. Being a mother takes it toll apparently. He tried to fight off the sleep but no matter what she did she found herself jarring awake. With a sigh she rest the book upon the bed and laid down, reaching over to grab Hircine's pillow, tucking it under her head and pressing the long part against her front. It didn't take long before she fell into sleep.

An hour or so passed as Cassie roused from sleep, pushing up she rubbed at her eyes before regarding the figures beside her. Her lips broke into a smile at the picture. Hircine had propped himself up slightly with furs as a makeshift pillow, his chest was bare of the forsworn garb he normally wore and Kainda slept soundly on his chest with his palm resting gently over her lower back and bum.

To see such a large person handle a small delicate child warmed her heart. One hand placed on her back while the other pressed against her side to stop her falling. Reaching out Cassie slowly ran her finger tip across Kainda's forehead before brushing over her curled fingers. She stirred slightly at the contact and make small whining noises before nuzzling Hircine's pec and settling again.

"You sleep well Huntress?"

Hircine whispered lightly, almost too quite for her to have heard but she caught it. Peering up to her Lord, his eyes still closed she whispered back to him.

"I did, not sure what came over me. I was fine then the next minute I was falling asleep."

"Your drained Cassie as to be expected. Once we fall into a routine, you will become used to it."

"I hope so."

"You need all the energy you can save. I have a small treat for you tomorrow night."

He cracked an eye and peered at her as she raised an eye brow at him.

"Oh, and who is going to watch the little one?"

"Its taken care of, Luna and Sanguine are happy to watch her for a night."

"I don't want to push my responsibilities on others Hircine"

"You're not, I merely asked if they minded watching her while we took care of business."

Business? What was he talking about. Cassie frowned as she thought what kind of unfinished business they had but nothing really seemed to pop up. However, what if he meant? No he must have sorted that out. But what if he hadn't. What if he left that particular person for her?

The next morning went by in a blur and before she knew anything she was reading a note Hircine had left her on the bed side table. Reaching down she plucked it up and read over it.

"Huntress, By the time you read this I will be ready and waiting for you on the lower floor. Go to the end of the hall and come through the black door. I'll be waiting for you there."

Placing the note back on the bed Cassie turned and made her way down the hall, finding the door in question. She had never really noticed it before but the black shade on it made it feel mysterious. A small wine rumbled behind her and Reeko sat looking up at her. Turning she crouched down to his level with a smile. Petting his head and rubbing the tips of his ears she nodded towards the rest room, indicating he couldn't come with her and that he should stay up her.

He pushed his nose against her palm before turning round and heading around the corner. Pushing against the door, Cassie ensured it clicked shut behind her before pulling open another door and heading down a set of stairs. At the bottom was another thicker, larger door tat had no view holes in it but there was scones glowing from inside that crept light through the doors cracks.

Testing the door, it was very heavy and she had to put some effort into opening it. As she did her eyes scanned the area around her. The room was large and round and upon the walls were scones that cast a glow around the area. Right in front of her was her Lord sat in a relaxed slumped manner on a chair. His gaze piercing right through her as she looked up at him. The small hairs on the back of her neck stood up and goose bumps rose over her arms. The look he gave her was one of seriousness. He wasn't messing around.

A small movement to the left of Hircine drew Cassie gaze down towards a figure who was crouched. Their head rose to view Cassie before turning a little to regard Hircine.

Elisa? What the hell was she still doing here? Let alone alive! She heard it before feeling it, her blood pounding and rushing through her veins, her temperature rose and her body stiffened. She felt her eyes narrow as she glared venomously at Elisa. Her Dragon Born spirit was raring to come out, to let go of all control however, there was something else within her. Something deep down that craved to see Elisa blood spill on the floor, splat on the walls and cover her from head to toe as she ripped her apart.

Everything she had inflicted upon her from the moment she had set foot near Hircine all came flooding back to Cassie as a bad nightmare. This girl, Elisa had wanted nothing more than to have her Dark Lord back. Yes they were lovers at one point but Elisa couldn't stomach the fact he had chosen a Huntress and had moved on.

A small cascade of blood ran from Cassie's lip as her fangs elongated in anger. She's bit into her lip in anger as she tried to rein down her temper. Brushing her sleeve over her lip, she smeared the blood across her cheek before licking at the corner of her mouth, being scarcely aware of Hircine's attention.

"What the hell are you still doing standing?"

Her voice came out as a harsh growl, her breath felt hot as though flames were going to spew from her lips as she spoke. Elisa rose gently from the floor, hands clasped gently in front of her as she looked down her nose at Cassie.

"I'm not so sure. I don't know what my Lord intends for me."

It happened automatically as Cassie rose her hand and an ice shard shot out from the palm of her hand, towards Elisa face but it was purposely off centre, brushing passed her cheek by millimetres and crashing with a shatter against the wall behind her.

"He is not your Lord. He may have been at one point but no more. He is mine, You hear."

Elisa stood to attention, body stiff and her eyes wide. She turned to regard Hircine but his eyes were still glued to his Huntress.

"My...My Lord?"

His booted foot came up slightly, thrusting out to push into the back of Elisa's back, forcing her to tipple forward and stumble down the stairs to land on her hands and knee's. She looked pathetic on the floor as she gasped.

"Get up."

Elisa didn't move at first as Cassie came over to her in a calm manner. As she neared her though she lunged towards her, swinging a clawed hand out towards her face. Cassie rose her arm straight away to block the attack, feeling as the nails pierced her flesh and tore and dug in with a dragging sensation. It burned but she only felt at peace knowing her enemy was in a panicked state.

A few more swings and Cassie caught a hold of Elisa wrist, turning her body she used her upper body to pivot and pull Elisa along before tossing her over the other side of the room. As her body crumpled to the floor she was being pulled up by the strands of her hair. She screamed and grasped at the offending hand that clamped tight at her scalp. She looked to Cassie as she peered back at her with a growl.

"Why are you doing this? This isn't like you?"

Elisa only harshly whispered it towards Cassie as they stood looking at one another. Elisa trying desperately to pull out of the clutch and Cassie holding on fast as she leant down to get in Elisa's face.

"You brought this on yourself the minute you threatened my unborn child. All for your own selfish needs. This is who I have always been, shunned and pushed away because I am Dragon Born. Its only now that I can truly let the other side of my nature out because this is the fate you have set yourself."

Bring her knee up, Cassie felt Elisa double up on the impact before she puked upon the floor. Pushing at the side of her face, Cassie stood back and allowed her to empty what little content she had in her stomach.

A small clatter resonated out around the room and both girls attention were drew to the small dagger that had been flung to the floor by Hircine. Elisa scrambled to pick it up while Cassie locked her gaze with the Azure one's above her. Sighing Cassie eyes Elisa as she picked the blade up and spun to face her.

She seemed to smile slightly, baring her own vampric fangs before disappearing. Slowly Cassie closed her eyes, focusing only on the slight noises going on around her. The crackling and hissing of the wall scones was the only sound to be heard before she felt a small shift in the air to her left. Tilting slightly she just narrowly escaped the slice of the dagger cutting through the air. Small strands of her hair were cut and floated silently to the ground before a hand grasped her long length and tugged.

Cassie grunted at the pull and proceeded to grab her own hair and pull towards herself to relieve the pressure.

"Let's cut these beautiful locks off shall we?"


Elisa stumbled back slightly but still had a hold of her hair, reaching forward Cassie grasped hold of her wrist before forcing the palm of her other hand up against her outer elbow. A sickening crack sounded as the bones broke and a shriek echoed off the walls before Elisa dropped the blade to the floor.

Not taking any chances Cassie set a frost rune a little ways behind Elisa before bring her foot up and smashing it into her face. Her body coiled backwards and she landed directly on the frost rune. It exploded in a shatter of ice spikes, piercing Elisa in various places before melting and disappearing. Upon the spikes piercing and protruding through her flesh, there was a splatter and spray of blood that hit the walls and hit Cassie too. She felt indifferent about it at watched silently as Elisa thrashed on the floor.

Her body went till but she was still breathing. Silently Cassie began pacing over, only just picking up the small warning Hircine gave her behind his hand. A small but be silent be careful. As she neared she began to crouch down and was caught of guard. Elisa lunged herself up and piled herself on top of Cassie.

They both hit the floor with a grunt and a struggle ensued. A hand got caught up in her hand yanked her head to one side. Next minute Cassie felt the sharp points of fangs pressed into her neck. Her vision went white and a silent scream left her lips. She felt it again the sound of her blood pounding within her ears, her body feeling like it was about to burst into flames. Her eyes snapped open in that instant before she also latched onto the vulnerable neck presented to her.

Clamping down she felt as Elisa's jaw slackened on her own and that was the weak spot she needed to take. Taking hold of Elisa good arm to pulled it round her back before placing it in her other hand and gave a hard tug. Her shoulder popped out the socket and her weight seemed to collapse onto that side as she released Cassie neck and screamed out in pain.

Still keeping a clamp on her enemies neck, Cassie managed to pull them up into a kneeling position before she clamped down harder on Elisa neck and pulled. Her back stiffened as she pulled backwards and her arms pushed Elisa's body away from her.

There was a lot of resistant and the skin started to spilt and blood began to drain from the wound on Elisa's neck. Pulling harder, Cassie growled as she tugged a final time and a chunk of Elisa neck hung from her mouth. Spitting the offending piece of meat from her lips, Cassie watched as Elisa grasped with one hand at her neck and the other shot out to choke her.

She allowed it as Elisa struggled to breath. The blood both filling up her throat channel and spilling out onto the floor and their fronts. Gargling and bubbling, Elisa managed to speak a few last words to Cassie.

"Ple – Stay."

The hand clamped around Cassie's neck limply fell off to land in her lap before the body in front of her gave out and slumped towards her, forcing her to catch it and bear the weight. Panting she rest a while as Elisa's body stopped twitching and the cold look cast over her opened eyes. Reaching up Cassie pulled her eyelids shut before pushing at the dead weight body, resting it upon the blood pooled floor.

Not leaving herself open Cassie formed and ice spear in her hand and held tight. If it became one of those horror things where the body looked dead and you thought it was over but it wasn't, she wasn't taking the risk.

"It's over My Huntress."

Hircine spoke in a deep, low, seductive tone that sent a shiver down her spine. Allowing the spear to melt, Cassie peered over her shoulder at Hircine who was descenting down the small steps. Reaching out, he offered her his hand and gently pulled her up towards to. He pressed her body to his, pulling her face to to his own and pressed a harsh kiss to her lips. His tongue thrusting in her mouth and he pulled her closer to his form. The hard outline of his cock could be felt through their clothing.

Sweeping her up into his arms they somehow managed to work their way up the stairs and through the doors. Coming into the main hall way, Hircine silently locked the dead bolt in place on the top door, not taking any chances before he could dispose of the body before going straight to the bathing chamber.

He kicked the door open and placed Cassie upon her feet. He didn't say a word but the look in his eyes was that of a hungry man, a starved man who wanted his wives attention. As Hircine filled up the pool, Cassie went to scrub away the blood upon her face, her checks reddened as she scrubbed and scrubbed but it slowly become to come away. She looked over her neck in worry, the puncture wounds still there.

Hands grasped a hold of her waist and spun her around. Grasping the material of her top, Hircine tore it in two before pulled at tight trousers. They came away with ease before he pulled her neck to his lips. He sucked at the wounded there, bathing the area with his saliva before pushing his own fangs into her.

She gasped as the pain morphed into pleasure and shot down towards her core. A warm seated glow swept through her body before he released her. Pulling back her pointed towards the bathing pool.

"Go while I strip."

By he seemed rather dominant tonight and her suspicions were only confirmed by the rope that had been set aside at the top of the stairs. As she waded into the water she cupped small handfuls up to get rid of the blood and it soon came away. Slowly Hircine submerged into the water but he stayed close to the stairs, folding his arms over his chest as he eyes her. Playing the fool. Cassie merely pretended she hadn't seen him and continued to soak her hair and wash it thoroughly before turning to regard him.

She peered at him before glancing at the rope and then looked back at him, eyebrow slightly raised.

"Come here."

His voice had a rough edge to it, his body held tension and his gaze pierced her to the core. She couldn't keep his gaze and had to drop her eyes as she waded through the water towards him. She kept her gaze down, riveted to his thick, hard flesh that stood to attention. Cassie saw as Hircine's arms unfolded and he pressed on her chin to raise her head.

Their gazes locked for a second and she had to be honest it was the most intense seconds she'd had.

"Give me your wrists Cassie."

It was very rare that he ever spoke her name, it was always my Huntress but something seemed different in him. She blinked a few times in surprise before bringing her arms up in front of her.

Hircine released her chin and stepped back slightly, leaning over to take hold of the rope.

"I want to show you my true side, my true nature. I would hate for you to resent me for the rest of our lives, knowing that I could snap and do this at any second."

Her headed tilted slightly and her brows furrowed but she stayed silent as Hircine expertly wove the rope between her wrists and the pole of the stairs. He had placed it high enough that she had to bend at the waist, pushing her backside out to his view. She heard him growl in appreciation as he stepped back to enjoy the view.

Firmly he took hold of her hips, pushing up against her backside as he placed kisses upon her shoulders. Kicking her legs further apart, Hircine slipped a hand down to lightly tease around her clit, not touching it. Cassie tried to move so his hand would slip over it however she sharp changed her mind when a firm hand slapped her arse.

She drew in a sharp breath as the pain blazed through her only to go straight to her core. She moved again slightly and received another slap directly over the top of the previous one. The pain was blinding, burning her backside before it dispersed.

"Keep still."

"Yes My Lord."

She whispered quietly, afraid her voice would crack as she spoke. The hand between her lets brushed very lightly, with minimal contact over her inner lips before looping over the top of her clit and back down. On the next turn her ran two fingers over her heated entrance, gathering her slickness on his fingers before rubbing gently over her clit.

She groaned at the contact, even though it was light she still enjoyed the light stimulation. She could feel Hircine panting against her back and his shaft surge with blood as she carried on his assault. He pulled away and she whined at the loss of contact, only to feel him pull away and sink to his knees behind her. The cool air hit her sensitive core as he spread her open before a slippery tongue battered her clit.

Groaning she reflectively moved and it earned her another slap, forcing her pleasure to grow. He traced around her lips before delving his tongue into her and then back to her clit where he sucked at it while thrashing his tongue. Cassie could feel the pool of heat coiling her her stomach as her pleasure raced towards the end. She almost toppled as Hircine pulled away and bit into the tender flesh of her inner thigh, her knees going weak at the unexpected feeling.

"My...My Lord, I can't.."

Hircine understood that she was close and pulled away before standing, grasping one hand on her hip and the other wrapping around her loose, wet hair, he tugged her head back. There was a few seconds of silence before his shaft pierced her, his head hitting her cervix as he thrust in deep. Pulling back he pushed back in, slowly growing in pace to build her up.

She couldn't help the moans as her walls shook and quivered around his length. His thrusts became harder, rougher and it was then she felt the sharp bite on her neck as he pounded into her. Pulling her head to the side he bit down hardly, blood seeped from the wound down her collarbone and breast to drip freely into the water.

Cassie felt her walls clamp down on Hircine and she felt him growl in response. Releasing her neck he bit her again this time on the back of her arm. Once again her core tightened around his shaft forcing another growl from him. Releasing her arm, Hircine panted wildly, with each thrust her growled and the more he drew them to the edge the harder he thrust.

Letting go of her hair, he reached down to play with her, touching where they were joined to gather her juices before playing with her clit. He waited for the right moment, waited for the tell tale signs of her climax to hit before he bit her again upon the neck. It was enough to push her over, her cries hitting off the walls, her voice forming into a growl as she tried to stifle her moans by biting into her own flesh.

The feel of her walls clamping, releasing, clamping and releasing forced his balls to draw up and his own climax slam into him. Behind his eyes he saw white as the feeling of release tore through him. He poured into Cassie with each thrust become coming down for his high and stilling inside her.

They both panted wildly as they recovered and Cassie heard a small sorry from Hircine as he pulled out. Crouching at her side he undid the rope and tossed it aside before gathering Cassie into his arms and leaving the pool.

Heading into the sleeping quarters he placed he upon the bed. Taking hold of her arm he tended to the first bite wound, lapping at it gently before placing a kiss there. He had already seen to the ones on her neck when we had finished his rough play with her and so placed himself between her legs.

Leaning over her Hircine pushed her back onto the bed before grasping her ankles and pulling her down. Cassie squealed as he pulled her legs up, putting her on display. He looked towards her with a grin as he split her legs wide apart before leaning down to lap at the blood on her inner thigh. Once he dealt with that he teased her by placing a kiss on top of her mound.

"Are you ready My Huntress?"

"What for?"

"Round two of course."

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