Title: - Hunt Begins

Summary: - Cassie returns to Hircine's hunting grounds on the full moon and faces other competitors. While she must have it out with others she must avoid Hircine at all costs if she wants to survive.

Rating: - M

Cassie sat silently, perched upon the window ledge of her solitude home, peering out upon the setting sun on the sea below. She sighed continuously as she debated on whether she should go back to Hircine's hunting grounds tonight. Every time she came to the conclusion that she wouldn't she would envision Hircine picking the lock on her door sneaking up stairs into her room and bounding her arms and legs together before hoisting her over his shoulder.

A shudder run up the length of Cassie's back as she thought of this, the fine hairs rising to attention upon her pale arms. Pulling her knees up to her chest, Cassie rubbed them up and down to rid the cold sensation but to no luck. With a huff she pulled herself up from the window ledge and headed over to her wardrobe. Pulling her regular clothing off, she folded them into a pile before pulling out a long oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Quickly slipping them on she clambered into bed, blowing out the bedside candle before grabbing the other pillow and snuggling it up into her chest like a teddy before dozing into a light sleep. A loud thud jerked Cassie from her slumber, shooting up in bed she muttered tiredly into the room asking what that was. Who was there?

She sat silently for a minute before hearing the twit twoo of an owl. Cursing quietly, Cassie proceeded to lay back down with a yawn and snuggle deep into the sheets once again. A few minutes passed by as Cassie started to slip back into the dream world however, something was bothering her. Turning over she settled once again facing the opposite way but something was pestering her. Opening her eyes she peeked around the room. No….no one there.

Shaking her head she dared to close her eyes, and as soon as she did her vision was hit with quick images of her running, panting, giving chase and being chased. Cassie's eyes snapped open once again and she sat up giving the room a good look over. She even went as far as to check under her bed. No monsters there.

Scratching her head she laid back, peering at the ceiling and not a few more minutes had she fallen asleep again. Only this time the images she were getting were not those of being chased but instead of a tall white male with large antlers looming over her. His body rocked back and forth above her. Her head was tipped back, her lips parted and her hands clutched at the muscled biceps propped up on either side her head.

With a startled gasp, Cassie shot up in bed, clutching at the sheets as she drew in little gasps of air, willing her heart to calm down. Slowly Cassie released the now crumpled sheets as she raked her hands through her loose hair, pushing her bangs back as she blew out a restrained breath.

"Holy shit was that?"

Her mind raced through what she had dreamt but nothing came back to her as though she had never been asleep in the first place. Silently Cassie pulled herself from the bed and proceeded to pull off her shorts, feeling much too hot before she climbed back onto the bed and pulled half the covers over her form before nodding back off.

Once again her mind raced with filthy images of the same antlered male hovering above her, rocking over her, peering down at her with those startling blue ice eyes. Long dark hair spilling over the males shoulder as he lent himself forwards placing kisses up her forehead, nose, lips and jaw line.

A loud clatter resonated from the house, jarring Cassie awake once again. Panting she proceeded to stand looking around the room almost animatedly. Something was not right at all, something was calling to her telling her to do something. As she wandered out into the next room where her weaponry was housed she noticed both her nightingale and Auriel's bow's upon the floor with their bowstrings broken. Slowly she knelt down picking them from the floor in disbelief. She eyes them before her gaze was pulled towards the window that leaked in the bright light of the full moon.

"A full moon"

Her eyes widened at the hints and clues a certain someone were playing out. First the owl hooting and keeping her awake followed by the rather erotic dreams that then forced her to get out of bed and partially strip out of her shorts and then both of her bows were mysteriously broken. Lowly she cursed Hircine's name as she dropped her bows to the ground. Padding down the stairs in her long t-shirt, Cassie looked around to see if anything had been disturbed. No everything seemed in place.

Walking over to the front and side door Cassie tested them both of which were still locked. A look of disbelief graced her face as she stepped back. Turning she headed down stairs to the wash room and study. There was one last door there! As she made her way there she pulled a hair tie from her wrist, pulling her long hair back from her face. Peering into both rooms again nothing was touched or moved. Making her way to the back door she tugged on it and it clicked open, pulling towards her with a small creak.

With groan Cassie pulled her eyes open to be graced with the sight of white crystal like snow below her. Cursing loudly she dragged herself up, small patched falling from her now slightly damn t-shirt. Her legs felt severely cold and her feet! Ouch they really hurt!

"God damn Daedra!"

She cursed loudly again as she turned herself around, arms clasped around her chest in a failed attempt to keep herself warm. Her body stiffened and she suddenly became alert, eye widening and breathing becoming ragged. There he stood in all his muscular glory holding a hunting bow in one hand and Daedric arrows in a quiver in his other.

"Finally checked yours doors did you?"

Cassie cast her gaze up to the Forsworn headdress, locking eyes with Hircine. A small nervous laugh escaped her lips before she answered but instead she chose to nod, not trusting her voice not to crack. A grin spread over Hircine's lips as he eyed her attire before resting his eyes back on her down cast one's. She peeked back up to him and her gaze sauntering up the length of his body taking note of the unusual item hanging from his hip before her mind raced with images of her dreams. On her back in the snow, large antlers above her, muscular body, long hair, rocking back and forth with heated movements.

Whoa what?! Cassie's brow creased as she zoned out and studied Hircine. Snow on the floor check. Large antlers on his head check. Muscular body check. Long hair, well she wasn't sure but two long braids hung forward resting just under his pectoral's so check. Holy Cow! It was him! Her face suddenly heated and she began to flush suddenly becoming too hot, and her suspicions were only confirmed when Hircine took in her appearance with a small smile and a tilt of his head.

"Well now you're here we need to get you prepared don't we?"

She stepped back slightly unsure of what he was going to do.

"All the other competitors have already begun the hunt, you are the last one."

"I-I'm sorry my lord."

Her words clung in her throat as she drew her gaze away in fear of the scorned look she would receive. She stepped back farther as Hircine advanced towards her slowly before stopping right in front of her, in her personal space. The heat that escaped his skin was heavenly almost tempting enough to burrow herself into her chest and wrap his arms around her. However she refrained.

"I believe this will serve you purpose. I've seen you wield a bow with great expertise. I am therefore entrusting my bow to you for the hunt."

She looked up, startled at he took one of her arms and placed the hunting bow into her palm and then proceeded to place the quiver onto her hack before tying the strap at her shoulder. As Hircine stood back Cassie pulled the bow up slightly, studying it. It was a deep red colour and the tips that held the bowstring had been carved out into antlers and upon the bottom hung what looked like a small charm of sorts.

"Something isn't quite right."

Cassie's attention was torn from the bow to Hircine who stood rubbing his chin in contemplation. She looked down at herself and instantly looked back to Hircine as she spoke up.

"I'm not really dressed for the occasion, I was in bed at the time."

"Hmm no it's not that."

Not a second after the words left his lips did he reach towards the item she noticed earlier. He pulled the headband looking item from his side, stepping forward he placed the item upon her head, re-adjusting it before stepping back to admire her. He drew her head up, placing his palm on the side of her jaw as he pulled it upwards. Her eyes locked with his as his own roamed around her face before a satisfied smile crossed his lips.

"That's much better."

As he stepped away slightly Cassie reached up to touch the object on her head. Her fingers brushed over intricately weaved antlers forming into sharp points. Drawing her hand back she peered back to the Daedric Prince in question with a raised eye brow.

"What is it for my lord?"

"They are for my purpose so I can keep track of who have fallen and who still remain if I come across any bodies. The others have horns or ears accompanied upon them."

Cassie nodded in response slowly coming to relax even as the cold snow bit harshly into her feet and the cold wind spiked at her calf and thighs. Fingers again placed themselves upon her chin and this time she automatically pulled her head up to have Hircine's face right in front of her, their breath practically mingling.

"You had better get running little deer, don't want the hunter to catch you so soon do you?"

Cassie's gaze challenged his as she remained silent and unmoving.

"What would happen my lord?"

A deep rumble rose from the depths of Hircine's chest as he lent closer to her and lowered his voice to a whisper.

"I'd have to kill you if I found you."

Her lips parted in a stutter and her eyes became wide, darting wildly about his face as he spoke once again.

"The rules are this. You must try to evade me at any cost until you are the last one standing. If I come across you I attack. You must fight or flee. If you can. Others will also hunt you to get in your way and to become mine. There are also conjurations of wolves to also entertain you. Stay alert."

Letting go of her chin he stepped back and crossed his arms over his chest, giving her room. She looked behind him to the forest before looking back to him.

"Best get running, and good luck my huntress."

Suddenly a multitude of howling rose in night's air. Tearing her eyes away from Hircine's, Cassie passed by him before peering back over her shoulder before she entered the forested area. His gaze fixed upon her before she turned and broke out into a run. She ran a little ways before stopping, taking in her surrounding area. A loud powerful howl called out into the night, carrying itself into the wind and bouncing of the trees before quieting down.

"Divine's help me, tell me I'm dreaming"

With a shaky breath Cassie pulled an arrow from her back placing it into the bow as she neared a small ledge. Crouching down Cassie peered over the top of the ledge and down onto a young female maybe about the same age if not a little younger than herself. The girl seemed to be shaking violently with a dagger in hand. She was mumbling random nonsense. Cassie hadn't heard a doppelganger of the girl sneak up behind her.

"You will die!"

Right at the last second Cassie rolled off to one side, coming to a stop before standing. The girl was beautiful, medium hair pulled back into French braids, petite and absolutely crackers. She swung widely at Cassie, jabbing and slashing in an attempt to catch her. Dropping her bow to the ground Cassie blocked a sideways swing and brought the girls wrist back with a crack. A high scream bubbled up from the girl's throat as the dagger fell from her hands.

Cassie pulled back and proceeded to kick the dagger away but didn't do it fast enough as the girl kicked it instead. In a mad dash they both ran for it, attempting to knock each other out the way. Another screech and the girl fell to the ground as Cassie tore towards the dagger but just as she bent to pick it up the girl tackled her to the ground, straddling her hips.

Her fingers closed in around her neck and squeezed tightly.

"I will win! I will be Hircine's! I will bare his children! I will kill you all!"

In a panic Cassie grasped at the fingers at her neck but couldn't pry them off so instead she resorted to grab a braid and pull it harshly down towards her. Her forehead connected with the girl's nose and a rush of blood sprayed across Cassie's face. In a sputter the girl pulled back clasping her nose in agony leaving herself wide open. Taking the opening Cassie rolled them over cracking the girl over the face with her fist before taking the forgotten dagger and plunging it into the girl's chest.

"NNNooooooooo, nnoooooo it can't end like this!"

As the blood rose up the girl's throat her speech became indecipherable. With a huff Cassie rose up, picking her bow up before heading down to the illusions cast by the body she stabbed above. Slowly it flickered and dispersed leaving nothing behind.

Heading away from the scene behind her Cassie ascended uphill coming onto a more forested part. Looking around there were no signs of footprints in the snow but she could her growling and a persistent voice of another female. Silently Cassie pulled herself up into a tree to better survey the area ahead but before she could reach the top a scream echoed through the trees before a howl was let loose.

With panic Cassie crouched upon a branch and listened out for anything. Breathing, feet, running, panting, howling. But nothing only silence ensued. Peering around the tree to the location of the noise, Cassie worked her way over large branches into the next tree along until she couldn't cross to the next. Looking around no one seemed to be in sight and so Cassie dropped down on the snow covered ground below. In the distance she could see something. She couldn't work out what it was but she had to investigate. Looking around again she made her way across a clearing, leaving herself wide open.

She readied her bow and jogged over to the object. As she drew closer the smell of blood turned her stomach. She hated the smell of it at the best of times and here it was splayed everywhere. Deep gashes ran from the mages shoulder down to her hip, her clothes shredded and burnt. Around her body was a black ring which meant she had used fire of some sort against her attacker. Poor girl had obviously caught her robes by mistake.

With a sigh, Cassie ventured further into the woods and towards the sound of running water. Upon the area were many foot prints, people had been here but when? and how soon? Taking cover behind a tree she looked around. No one again in sight. With quiet steps she made her way down a small walk way and came to a halt.

A low growl came from behind her. She dared to turn but saw nothing but could hear the pounding of paws in the snow. No second had she turned a body slammed into her side, sending her reeling from the impact. She hit the floor with a grunt, arms coming up just as a saliva filled jaw snapped at her viciously. An ice wolf snacked at her, dying to take a chunk of her meat for eating. Its claws scratching at her forearms drawing blood. She struggled against the beast, pushing at its heaving chest.

With a deep breath words flew out her mouth in a rush, the after math blasting the wolf backwards with the force of Fus Ro Dah. A yelp coming from its drooling snout as it hit a nearby tree. Quickly Cassie picked her bow from the ground readying an arrow and shot it straight into the wolf's skull with a sickening crack. A black orb encased the wolf before it disappeared leaving her alone once again or so she thought.

As soon as the wolf body had fazed out of this world into the darkened orb a savagely low snarl sounded behind her. She turned in a rush, her vision greeted with a pure white wolf, its hackles all bunched up, teeth bared, long sharp canines that could rip out her throat in seconds. She took note of the beast's eyes. Startling ice blue eye glared back into her own. Hircine's eyes.

She reacted without thinking pulling an arrow forth and pulling back the bows string tautly. She held her breath as she focused on the creature. Watching as it dipped low to the ground, let muscles tensing, ready to lunge at her. Calmly she focused on Hircine's form as its body jerked around in irritation. Few more seconds past before she let the tension go on the arrow, letting her held in breath go with a puff of cold air.

Cassie didn't hang around to see if it would hit or not as she turned and ran to the edge of the small ledge before jumping into the snow and sliding down to the bottom. As she reached the end she hurdled towards the small river and ran through it with wild splashes, deliberately getting it all over her top. She made it across the other side before darting into a small sheltered rock hole. She listened out for movement and not a few after did she hear a disgruntled growl before a teleportation sounded.

She pushed herself as far back into the corner of the darkened hole as possible as something crossed over into the water. Her breath hitched in her throat as Hircine's human form came into view. Clamping a hand over her mouth to stifle her breathing, she watched him observantly as he peered around the area. From left to right, up in the trees and to floor where numerous foot prints had been.

"My little huntress managed to escape."

She heard him laugh quietly to himself before his body tensed up, body crouched over slightly before his head snapped to the left. Cassie froze on the spot her eyes went wide as she thought he had fathomed out she was there. An orb formed around Hircine as he changed back into his wolf form, teeth bared. She heard a commotion of rushing feet and then the splashing of water as someone ran into and up the other side.

"Come get me wolf!"

A confident female voice bellowed out towards Hircine. No sooner had she blinked he was gone, splashing over the river to the other side to chase the female down. With a jagged breath Cassie slumped slightly, hand clamping down across her pounding heart.

"That was too fucking close"

She cursed herself quietly before pulling herself up and peeking out into the open area. No one insight she headed out towards the area the other female had come from. Running up the embankment she hoisted herself up and proceeded onward. As soon as Cassie went to make a run for it something lunged at her from the right, pulling her down by her hair, the hair tie snapping upon the tug and pull. She screamed at the burning in her skull as she looked towards the attacker. Another fury beast snarling and ruffing it head about with her hair still in its mouth.

Grasping at her hair she pulled the creature towards her, trying desperately to release the pressure on her skull. Swinging inward with the bow, antlers pointed towards the beast, it made contacted and sliced into its side. The beast quickly yelped, letting go of her hair. Hurriedly Cassie tried to pull an arrow from her back but didn't do it fast enough as the wolf came up onto its hind legs, front paws tearing towards her with claws.

One made contact her arm dragging down the inside of her towards her wrist before stopping. She pushed and shoved at the wolf as it loomed over her form. She grunted and cried out at it tried to get to her neck, to end her life. She needed to think at fast. Pushing her palm against the breast of the beast she formed an ice spear and let loose. Feeling it tear through its chest cavity with loud cracks and break. The ugliest howl rose from the wolf as it reared back but not before it bite into her upper thigh, puncturing the area slightly but not too deeply.

With another scream Cassie kicked her legs out widely at its skull before hurling another ice spike at the creature, watching it pass through its mouth and protrude out the back of its skull. Its eyes rolling back before it dropped to the ground before being surrounded by the black orb. With a small sob Cassie pulled herself up. She had to get away from the area and heal herself even if it was just a little.

Clumsily she made her way over to a bushy area, falling haphazardly into it before casting healing spell, hovering over her arm and then her thigh. With a groan of relief she repaired the areas enough to fix any damage caused underneath the skin but her ultimate problem was the fact that she still bled from her wounds. Is wouldn't hinder her but it would certainly catch a certain wolfs nose.

Lying back on the cold, wet ground she pushed her hands through her now loose hair with a sigh. She wasn't going to make it was she? She closed her eyes, the burn started, tears welling behind her closed lids. She let out a sob in the cold air before clamping a hand over her mouth. Shaking her head she calmed herself down before getting up and sneaking her way out of the bush.

She started to head back the way she came, looking down towards the river as she passed by it. The next area consisted of a large hole in the floor and right in the middle another competitor was crouched over something. Pulling and arrow out from its quiver she aimed at the persons back, letting it sail through the air. Just as it were to make contact that person disappeared into thin area.

That's what she thought but her next competitor was a vampire.

"Ahh I smell blood. Your blood. It smell's sweet."

Turning around Cassie regarded the female vampire. She was stunning with a long flowing dress in a deep red color and a black clincher around her small waist. Her eyes an eerie red glow and skin as pale as the snow. The vampire pulled her finger to her lips nibbling at it as she tilted her head in a begging way.

"May I have a taste of that sweet nectar?"

A giggle rose from the glossy red lips of the vamp as she lunged at Cassie, swinging her clawed hands towards her. A demonic laugh bubbled up from the vamps throat, her eyes gone wild as she swung left and right. Vanishing again before her eyes Cassie turned in circles to find her. Fingers wrapped in her hair, tugging, baring her neck.

"Ahh I'll be able to taste that Dragonborn blood of yours. Hmmm I bet it tastes like pleasure."

With a jab of her elbow, Cassie hit the female vamp in the gut a few times until she released her hair. Pulling back Cassie picked up her discarded bow, readying it and firing. She just missed as it passed over the vamps shoulder, just grazing her flawless cheek. She watched in horror as the girl brought her hand up to dig her fingers into the small gash that burned her skin.

"Ack! Silver tipped Daedric arrow. Hmmm you know you silver girl but you missed."

She didn't have the time to draw another arrow and so she thrust the antlered end of her bow towards her enemy's chest but missed by a country mile. It was pulled from her grasp with a sharp tug before the vamp brought the bow up and proceeded to snap it in half and drop it to the floor with a manic laugh.

Cassie stared at it in anger before she could feel her blood start to boil up in her veins. Her eyes tore away from the item, glaring upon the girl her locked gazes with her. She let loose a hiss, baring her fangs to Cassie and raising her clawed hands up. Fire cloaked around Cassie and her palms lit up with fire as well as she advanced up her prey. In a pitiful attempt the vamp tried to make a quick exits but that wasn't happening on Cassie watch.

With a flick of her wrists she let fire spew from her palms, setting alight the vamp with disdain. Once her magicka had depleted she stood and watched with the little pants as the girl dropped to the floor, rolling around and tearing at her clothing trying to rid the burning from her flesh. She shrieked and cried out as her skin burnt to a crisp her red dress sticking to her flesh. Cassie had to end the fast before anyone came investigating. Stepping over the girl's body, Cassie pushed her bare knee into the still burning chest of the vamp, holding her body in place.

"You won't win! My sister will kill you, she will succeed, she will have Hircine fuck her, have her swell with his child!"

"Fuck you"

Grasping the side of her head Cassie snapped it viciously to one side, a sickening crack sounded before she dropped the now floppy head to the ground and stepped away. Panting she looked over the body as it burnt up. Silently she turned and headed away from the scene before others of Hircine came looking. She had got this far she wasn't giving up yet. As she made it a little ways from the scene she stopped to wipe her arm and thigh down of the blood that had started to drip.


Looking down at her leg she cursed trying to wipe away as much blood droplets as possible. The bleeding had slowed but still continued. It may have healed over but with the moving around she more than likely tore it back open. A boisterous howl resonated through the atmosphere which meant that Hircine had found the burnt body and that only her and other competitor remained in the hunt. Hircine wasn't far from her destination she had to make a move and find the other hunter before Hircine found her by the scent of her blood. Breaking out into a run she weaved in and out the trees, stopping every now and then to smear small traces of blood upon the trunks. Cassie did this repeatedly before coming to a stop and clambering up a tree and tried to work her way back without leaving and tracks upon the ground. When she had to drop down she did but her best course of action was to stay off the ground and up in the air as much as possible.

As she came to an open area she could see two people stood. One towered over the other arms crossed over their chest. Black and red armor encased around a hard solid body of muscle. Two sets of horns protruding from dark thick mane of hair. The other person pale skinned clad in vampire armor stood hands on hips talking away to what she could only assume to be another Daedra.

Was he the one who notified Hircine of any kills that had been made? Letting him know who still roamed about on his hunting grounds? Dropping down she edged closer to the pair, her eyes squinting to get a better look at the tall male. A gasp flew from her lips as she caught sight of his face.

She couldn't forget that face, the deep red marking, the white teeth and sharp canine's. It was none other than the prince of Debauchery and Hedonism. Lord Sanguine himself. Looking at him she felt sorry for him, he looked pretty pissed as the vampire ranted onto him.

"Is there any of the others still alive? I've been waiting her ages?!"

"If you didn't hide around and leave the killing for others then you wouldn't be here."

"What you saying that I'd be dead by now?!"

"Yep you most certainly would be, besides your sister is dead."

"w-what?! No she can't be!"

Just as the vampire stuttered out her claim, Cassie saw a smirk tug at Sanguine's lips as his gaze caught hers. She rose from her hiding spot and stepped out into the open area. Silently, grin still in place Sanguine unfolded his arms and saluted her before turning to the vamp.

"She was and she was killed by that beautiful creature that's covered in the blood of her foes."

He turned silently as a portal formed. He stopped just shy of it looking at the vamp with a canine grin on his features.

"Oh yea and she is Dragonborn."

With a small step Sanguine was gone leaving the two together. Spinning round the vampire eyed Cassie up in all her bloody and torn up state.

"Ahahaha what you?! You look like a common whore! A t-shirt far too big, covered in wounds and blood and you hair in disarray. Are you truly dragon born?!"

Cassie blew her hair from her vision, grasping at long section of her loose hair and throwing it back over her shoulder. Slowly a cascade of snow began to fall. It landed on her skin, kissing it with cold little bites, soothing her burning and aching wounds. She tilted her head back closing her eyes before looking at her opponent, head tilting to the side.

"That I am."

"You are you telling me you killed my sister?"

"I certainly did, burnt her to a crisp. She snapped my bow and also exclaimed that you are going to what were her words hmm? I won't win, you will kill me, you will succeed, you will have Hircine fuck you, and you will swell with his child."

A sadistic grin spread over the Vampires lips at Cassie's words before she hissed at her bearing her fangs to her. In turn Cassie growled like a dragon in reply, watching as the vampire tensed up reaching to take hold of her staff of lightening. Both were totally unaware of the audience they had on the side lines.

"So who you think will come out the winner?"

Sanguine looked to his kin. Hircine arms folded over her chest shook his head before answering, not once pulling his gaze from the pair.

"I'm not so sure who will win this battle. I do not have the choice of picking and choosing."

Sanguine smacked Hircine on the back with a wide grin.

"Come on! You want it to be the dragon born. My moneys on her. She really did a number on your mask! You seen the chunk your missin?! Even drew blood from your brow and nose. You're getting sloppy in your chases Hircine!"

Hircine grunted at Sanguine in reply, touching his tender brow. His mind did ponder on who would be his to claim but only time and fate will dictate who would become his for claiming.

Wooo really enjoyed writing this up! So will Cassie prevail in her battle or will she come to an untimely death?! Who know?! Well I do but you'll have to wait for the next installment! Sorry if there are loads of mistakes, spelling errors etc, just wanted to get this posted up! Thanks for reading.