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This fiery woman

Has intoxicating hair

Defiant in lenght,

Colour of dare,

Alluring in smell,

It's almost unfair!

Overwhelming in the vacinity

Unbearable at bay

Shining beauty to complete

The name of mei

Powerful as an earthquake

Swift as a river

Passionate as a flame

A blessing for a lover.

With the power to change landscapes

And with to lead a nation

Will bending kindness

And beauty free of fashion.

A smooth voice that

Seduces in every way

Even in whispers

To both scare and sway.

Two orbs of jade

As windows to the soul.

One in sinful shade

The other proudly shown.

I can say only this

Of her flawless skin:

Like the warmest silk

As soft as thin.

A cheerful smile and sweet look

For my being a deadly hook.

It has me trapped like a fish

As she could have me with any dish.

But her refusal, brings me sorrow

Makes me doubt my tomorrow.

Since her love guts me clen

From my scales to my splean.

In this state of uncertainty

I've made my home.

Keeps me trapped

Like a glass dome.

Inside i struggle

To discover what is right

As this powerful emotion

Strips me of sight.

But even blind my eyes bathe

In her divine light.

For what ma could reist

A deity of such might.

Should concern find your heart

I ask of you: dread not.

As for every rose there is a thorn

And to love a goddess is to mourn.

To end this ode

At it's height

I must share

My insight.

If you cannot resit

Her power to entice

Then heed my one,

Simple advice:

Do not invoke her wrath

As there is no bet.

Her smile is as joyful

In both life and death.

If your fate is the second

Fear not

Instead make this

Your final tought.

As your final act

There is no greater bliss

Then to simply melt

In a dealy kiss.

TThank for reading!