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As the dust settled it took me a minute to realize that we had done it, we had won the battle and the war against the Gaea and the Giants. I was so relieved that my eyes started to water, but quickly pushed the tears back as it would not be good for the half-blood leader to be seen crying.

I turned around to look at the Seven, all of whom I had gotten close to in the short period we had been together. Leo, the pyromaniac; Piper, the shy charm speaker; Hazel, with her cursed gems; Frank, the shapeshifter; Jason, the son of Jupiter (enough said); then there was Annabeth, the strategist.

When the gods put this group together I honestly did not know what to think. We were all powerful in our own right, which would make us the perfect half-bloods to defeat Gaea, but at the same time some of our personalities clashed due to our parentage like Jason and mine, but it all worked out in the end.

After examining each of the Seven I really looked at Annabeth. After Tartarus our relationship hadn't been the same, we were slowly drifting a part because we reminded the other of our time in the Pit. It was sad, but it was what it was. Just when I was about to address the Seven a bright light surrounded us and I could only guess that we were being summoned to Olympus.

I was right.

When the light dimmed the rest of the Seven and I were standing before the gods, but we quickly bowed and said, "Lord Zeus."

"HEROES!" Zeus boomed. I almost wanted to roll my eyes like my father was, he didn't need to shout. We could hear him perfectly well. "Each of you has done us a great service and that deserves a reward."

I observed my friends who were whispering quietly to one another, but stopped once Zeus said, "Yes, great heroes must be rewarded, that is why we have decided to grant each of you partial immortality."

My eyebrow rose that was a much better deal than becoming a god, at least if I accepted this I would be able to roam the mortal world.

I watched as each of my friends accepted the offer and the Zeus called out, "PERSEUS JACKSON!"

As I was supposed to, I stepped forward and kneeled before the King of the Gods, "You have been offered partial immortality, do you accept?"

This time I did want to accept, but first I wanted to see what the other Olympians thought about this. Artemis, Apollo, Hestia, Hermes, and Aphrodite actually looked worried that I wouldn't accept. Demeter, Dionysus, and Hephaestus just looked bored or in different, since I'd never really interacted with them before. Hera and Hades looked a bit intrigued, because I had made peace with them both. Ares and Athena looked slightly miffed if not angry that I was being offered this again. Finally I looked at Dad who actually had his fingers crossed that I would accept the offer and then there was Zeus who surprisingly also had a hopeful glint in his eyes, so I sighed, "I accept your offer Lord Zeus."

Dad, Zeus, all the gods I was friends with cheered along with the Seven. "Very well, Nephew," he started chanting and I glowed slightly.

Zeus stared at the Seven, "Now, because of your partial immortality you are allowed to walk amongst the mortal world. I would recommend taking time to make peace between the two camps."

We all nodded. Even though Romans and Greeks had centuries of conflicts, recently all we wanted for the two camps was peace.

Just as we turned to walk out of the Throne Room and the gods flash out, I gasped causing everyone to turn towards me and their eyes to widen. Why? It was because my calves were invisible. I looked up at the gods and asked, "What is happening, this isn't a side effect of getting partial immortality, right?"

The gods looked panicked for a moment before Athena said, "He's disappearing because someone is interring, probably with the timeline."

"Do you mean that I am going back in time?" Percy asked, a bit worried, he knew nothing about this.

Athena shrugged, "You could be going forward in time or someone else travelled through time and killed a relation of yours that would eventually lead to your birth."

"Wonderful," I said, I looked at my friends who all looked sad.

By this time I was invisible to my chest, causing a small whimper to escape my lips. My dad climbed down from his throne and said, "When you reach whenever you're going, try to find us and we'll see what we can do."

Off the side I heard Hermes mumble, "There isn't much we can do if it's an external forceā€¦"

"Enough Hermes," Zeus said firmly and then gave me a soft smile when my whole body was invisible. "Tell only the Olympians your story, no one else."

"Yes, sir," But then I couldn't speak anymore because my lips were invisible and just before my ears became invisible I heard everyone said, "Good-bye."

Then suddenly there was darkness and I was spinning out of control for what seem like hours, longer than the fall to Tartarus. Before I knew it, I saw a light and what I suspected to be marble floor so as to become Percy pizza I gathered as much vapor to help cushion my fall.

I let out a sigh of relief only to look up and be met with a dozen angry Olympians.