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I landed a good distance away from the Achaean camp, so I had plenty of time to come up with a plan for my entrance because the Achaeans would not simply accept me unless they saw that I was a powerful son of Poseidon.

After a few minutes of thinking, I came up with the perfect idea and began spinning in the water to create a whirlpool. When I sensed most of the Achaean camp was watching the whirlpool I decided it was time for my entrance so I separated the part of the whirlpool that faced the beach and walked towards the Achaean soldiers, on top of the water of course.

When I reached the beach I was met with a group of men who were wearing armour much more grand than the rest of the soldiers, they must be the kings and elite soldiers.

One in exceedingly grand attire stepped forward first and said, "I am King Menelaus of Sparta, may I ask the name of the man who made such a spectacular entrance?"

I internally smirked, glad that they thought that of my entrance, but cleared my face and voice of any amusement and said, "I am Percy and Lord Poseidon, sent me to help the Achaean soldiers win this war."

Menelaus looked shocked, but before he could say anything another man stepped forward and said, "I could have guessed you were descended from a water deity with your entrance," the man bowed. "I am Odysseus of Ithaca."

I nodded to Odysseus and so it went on until an arrogant man stepped forward, "And I am Agamemnon of Mycenae, and here is our greatest warrior Achilles."

I acknowledged the two and said to Achilles, "Perhaps we can spar at some point, I have heard about your skills and have always wanted to see how I would do compared to you."

Achilles smiled, "Not many warriors are willing to fight me, Percy. I will take you up on that."

Clapping my hands I said, "So can you tell me what has happened recently?"

Odysseus spoke up, "It seems that Apollo has spread a plague throughout our camp, nearly everyone has felt at least some of the effect, though some soldiers get hit worse than others so they end up spending time in the Underworld."

I nodded, "I believe that I heard rumours about this happening," the kings gave him shocked looks. "Apollo is angry that Agamemnon won't return Chryses' daughter, Chryseis, and that Agamemnon insulted Chryses when he tried to get her back."

Agamemnon became red in the face, "Why would Apollo care about one woman?"

"He cares about this one woman because Chryses is a priest of Apollo," I said.

Dawning realization crossed most of the king's faces before Odysseus said, "Agamemnon, you should return Chryseis to her father, that the only way this plague will cease."

The group continued walking towards the Achaean camp where I got my first look at the destruction the plague had caused and was annoyed that I could still here Agamemnon complaining that he would have to free the girl, "Agamemnon, is one girl worth the death of all your soldiers?"

Agamemnon grumbled, "Fine, she will be free to go tonight."

"Hopefully Apollo will stop the plague when you do," Achilles said rather forcefully.

"Maybe I'll just take a new concubine, heh?" Agamemnon raised an eyebrow. "Maybe a woman at one of the nearby towns?"

I raised my hands, "What you do on your own time is your business, just try not to offend any of the gods," Agamemnon turned away, but while in hearing distance I said. "Artemis does not take kindly to raping women and she is already siding with Troy…" I left my sentence hanging while the king marched off.

Achilles walked up, "You have created quite the stir and you have only been here a few hours."

I nodded in acknowledgement, "I am only trying to fix the wrongs to make sure the Achaean win."

"It may take a while with leaders such as Menelaus and Agamemnon making decisions for us," Odysseus said, joining their conversation. "What we need is a plan."

"My thoughts exactly," I said. "But we could not have done that with most of the camp out of commission."

"True," Odysseus said. "Hopefully when Agamemnon returns Chryseis, Apollo will cease the plague."

"Hopefully," we fell into a comfortable silence before I said. "Would one of you mind showing me around camp and hopefully allowing me to stay somewhere?"

"I will show you, Percy," Achilles said. "And I would be honoured to share my tent with you."

"Thank you, Achilles."

"You are welcome to our war meetings, Percy, we will make sure you know when they are," Odysseus said when they reached the camp borders.

"Thank you, Odysseus," with that Odysseus made his way towards his tent.

Achilles guided me towards a different area of tents where I assumed his men were, "I hope accommodations like these will suffice for you," Achilles said as we walked through camp and I got an idea of what to expect.

A man that appeared a little younger than Achilles approached them and said, "It is not what many of the kings are used to, but we survive. I am Patroclus."

I smiled at the man, "I am fine with this," then turned towards Achilles. "Just because the gods sent me here does not mean I expect special treatment."

The warrior smirked, "Glad to hear that," the trio continued walking through camp and garnered some stares from the other men. "Word spreads fast around camp," Patroclus said. "They probably already know who you are."

I took a deep breath and gave a tight smile, "I just hope I live up to what you all expect of me."

"I am sure the gods would not have sent you here otherwise," Achilles said and then we suddenly stopped outside one of the better tents in the camp. "Here is my tent; we can set up a divider so each of us has privacy."

I gave Achilles a sincere smile, "Thank you again, Achilles."

"It is no matter," Achilles clapped me on the back. "I made up my decision when you offered to spar with me." I raised an eyebrow. "You seem to have a good character and do not back down from a challenge."

The son of Poseidon shrugged, "I like to challenge myself on occasion."

We were silent for a moment before Patroclus burst in after having left for a few minutes, "Achilles…Percy, the men in the nearby area are throwing a small celebration for your arrival, come!"

Achilles and I looked at each other and smiled, fully intending on joining the celebration.

Achilles slapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come Percy, let us introduce you to the soldiers you will be fighting alongside with against the Trojans," he nearly sneered.

I smirked and then gestured to the entrance of the tent, "Lead the way, a celebration is most welcome."

The two of us were immediately greeted by boisterous yelling and salutations from their fellow soldiers who were curious about the newcomer. Right when I reached the center of the excitement a glass of alcohol that I didn't recognize was given to me.

I had never been to such a celebration. The parties that I had been to at Camp Half-Blood and Jupiter were much calmer than the ones here at the Achaean camp, but that was probably because here they were grown men and at the camps they were mainly children. It seemed that everyone was drunk, feasting and forgetting about all their worries.

I was brought out of my thoughts when one man asked, "So Percy, do you have a lady where you come from?"

All the men nearby gave me questioning looks, while I gave them a sly smile. While Annabeth and he weren't really an item anymore, there was no way they could know that, "One woman," they raised an eyebrow as if to ask for more information. "I will not tell you her name, but she has the most beautiful golden curls, dangerous grey eyes and body of a goddess."

"What is she like?" Achilles asked.

"Would you believe me if I said that I think she was smarter than me?" I gave the men around me a smirk while they jeered. "It's true, but they do say behind every great man, stands a great woman and she is one great woman."

"I've never heard that saying," another man commented and the rest of the group muttered in agreement.

"Really," I covered up. "Must come from where I come from then."

There were murmurs of agreement and then Patroclus asked, "We know Lord Poseidon sent you, does that mean you are his son?

I bent my head, "Yes, I am his son."

"We are fortunate to have a son of a god to help us then," Odysseus said, he had been quiet up until then.

"Indeed," one man remarked.

The night continued with the other asking me questions that I answered to the best of my ability, but also making sure I did not give away that I was from the future.

I yawned and saw that the celebration was winding down, "Right, it's been a long day so I will take my leave and go to bed."

Many men said good-bye, while Achilles made sure that I knew where our tent was and that I was settled in for the night.

Achilles opened the flap of the tent for me and said, "I look forward to sparring with you tomorrow, if that is good for you?"

The son of Poseidon smiled at the son of Thetis, "Yes, I look forward to it."

"Then I will bid you a good-night," Achilles left with that.

Overall I found that I had settled in nicely to the Achaean camp. It was very different than what I was used to, but I found that I liked it all the same and was looking forward to the actual fighting. I had never killed mortals, only monsters and traitor half-bloods so I was slightly nervous that. I shook myself, if I wanted to immerse myself I had to do it.

I quickly did an evening routine, climbed into bed and fell into Morpheus' realm.

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