Fem Luke AU. Ezra is helping train Lucia, Ezra attempting to train someoneā€¦ I guess you can fill in the rest. The Republic never fell in this and Anakin is Ezra's Master. Galen is under the tutelage of Rahm Kota.


Ezra stood off to the side as he watched Lucia Skywalker deflect shots from the training ball. Ezra winced at the memory of using the training ball himself.

"Ow!" Yelled Lucia, as a blast from the ball hit her shoulder.

Ezra looked at her, "Your hands are too close together."

Lucia looking over at the dark haired male.

"What?" Asked Lucia.

Ezra walked behind her and moved his arms around her so his hands were over hers. He gently moved Lucia's hand slightly further apart. Lucia blushed at the contact between her and Ezra, she felt his breath on her neck along with the slight stubble he had gained from not shaving for the past few days.

Both kept still, Lucia slowly started to turn her head towards Ezra and Ezra slowly turned his head towards Lucia. Their lips were only millimetres apart, when Galen burst into the room.

"Hey guys!" Yelled Galen, making Ezra and Lucia jump half a foot away from each other. Lucia's lightsaber fell to the ground as Master's Kenobi, Skywalker and Kota walked in.

"I believe that was enough training for today." Said Anakin, grabbing hold of Ezra's upper arm, "Come on, Ezra, the Council has decided that you're ready for your trials."

"Y-yes, Master." Said Ezra, not looking in Lucia's direction.

"Oh and Ezra?" Said Anakin, looking at his apprentice.

"Yes, Master?" Replied Ezra, looking at the older Jedi.

"If I see you pawing my daughter again, I'll make you wish you had a different Master." Smirked Anakin, making Ezra stop dead.

"You're kidding right?" Asked Ezra, receiving no reply, "RIGHT?!"

A/N: I made this out of a small idea that was forming in my head and decided to fire it out here, if you want, I'll continue it, if not then this will just remain as it is. I'll be placing a poll on my profile to see if anyone wants this to continue.