"Are you sure the Council won't mind?" Asked Lucia, looking at Ezra.

The Jedi Knight shrugged, "What the Council doesn't know won't hurt them."

Lucia sighed, "I'm more worried about what'll happen to you if you end up falling."

"Off the spire or…?" Ezra trailed off, it had been no secret that Ezra was originally trained by Darth Maul and brought to the Temple by Master Kenobi, after Kenobi had defeated and killed Maul on Sullust. Ezra also had the record of number of Master's, the first being Eeth Koth, then Rakesh Thanos, Thora Ratal, Caleb Dume and now her father. The first three of Ezra's Jedi masters were dead, while Caleb had left the Order. Anakin had begrudgingly taken Ezra as an Apprentice, under the suggestion of Ahsoka and Obi-Wan.

Speaking of the Jedi Dynamic Trio, all three were hiding around the corner, Anakin watching Ezra with scrutinising eyes, Ahsoka eating some strange form of meat and Obi-Wan drinking a cup of tea.

"Why are we doing this again?" Asked Ahsoka, chewing on her food and idly spinning her lightsabers.

"Because he's planning something," Said Anakin, glaring at his former apprentice, "I just know it."

"Anakin," Sighed Obi-Wan, his hair was quickly turning grey at Anakin's shenanigans, "Ezra has been through a lot in his life, I highly doubt that he would do anything that would compromise his friendship with Lucia."

"You said the same thing about him and Leia and they still slept together." Grumbled Anakin, glaring at the back of Ezra's head.

"The others are late." Said Ezra, looking around for the rest of his Lucia's friends. At that moment, a red head with green eyes skidded to a stop in front of them. Ezra quietly eyed Mara, before looking for the other member of their group.

"Where's Kyle?" Ezra asked, "I know that Jai and Dhara couldn't make it, but Kyle said he'd be here."

Mara shrugged, "He wouldn't want us to wait around for him." Without waiting, Mara bolted off. Ezra only sighed, before he and Lucia chased after her. Mara had opted to go through a fountain, which she had neglected to inform Ezra and Lucia about. An invisible force grabbed Ezra by the ankle, making him trip and fall into the fountain, with Lucia tripping over Ezra and falling into the same fountain and landing on top of him.

Ezra and Lucia only looked at each other, before Lucia leant down and pressed her lips against Ezra's. when the parted, they both made the silent agreement to return to Ezra's apartment in the Temple.

Anakin was fuming at what he had just accomplished.