This is my first story! YAY!

This story uses the characters which I (sadly) don't own.

I created a few, but…. I'll stop rambling now.


What happens when Death the Kid 'falls in love' with Dr Stein's daughter?

Death the Kid's Point Of View

I struggled to keep myself focused at the sight of Dr Stein demonstrating on how to dissect some sort of rare bird. I glanced at the clock…. wait…. was it leaning slightly to the left? ARRGGHH! I felt my fingers twitching… I can't deal with that! And now I'm starting to sound like Crona. Smoke suddenly filled the room as the door flew to the other side of the room… Oh no… It was all UNSYMMETRICAL! I began to breathe slightly faster. Liz and Patty turned to me, probably awaiting my reaction. I tried to stay calm, and succeeded. I could fix it all later, maybe even redesign the room… As the smoke cleared, a figure stood in the doorway. She was wearing shiny glasses, a coat the same style as Dr Stein's, a grey blouse, black boots, loose black skirt up to just over her knees, knee high socks, and a badge in the shape of my Father's mask pinned exactly where a tie should be… She was perfectly symmetrical, even her crystal white hair which went a few centimetres down her shoulders. Her grey eyes darted around the room, ignoring the stares she was receiving. Then she smiled. Evilly, I suppose, like Dr Stein… To be fair, they did look alike… Could it be? No, if she was then he'd have dissected her or turned her into some sort of zombie like Sid.

"Ah, class…" Stein broke the silence and everyone looked at him. "I forgot to say there will be a new student joining this class. Her name is Minene Stein, and, if you haven't figured it out yet that she's related to me then you are idiots." He rolled over to the girl on his chair. Because he didn't stop in time he fell down the steps, his chair somehow landing on top of him. Minene giggled maniacally. She's probably mad in the head too. Though for some reason my heart fluttered a little.

"Ahem." The doc stood back up and pulled his chair up with him. "Anyway, Minene is my daughter, and she'll be joining this class. Wait, did I say that already?" He questioned himself. "Go sit wherever you like, I don't keep track of where people sit." Minene smiled again and started walking to the left side of the room. I was on the left side though…. She stopped on the row second to the back, right next to… me. Uh oh. I didn't want a crazy girl sitting next to me! She might try and dissect me! For once I felt reassured that since the school is in Death City, my Father could come to the rescue. I moved up a few centimetres towards Soul. He pulled a sorry face to me. When I looked back at the girl I swear I saw a few tears in her eyes as she looked at Soul. Soul quickly looked down back at his thumbs. After a while, class was over.

As I was getting up from my seat I realised I had forgotten about the clock. Just in time. I bowed my head in shame as I noticed the terrible pun I had made in my head. I went up to fix it. It took me a few minutes, but hey, symmetry is worth it. I was just walking out of the main gate when I noticed Blackstar shouting nonsense at Minene. She just clutched her notebook as she watched on. Soul was also there, Just standing beside him, yawning.

"C'mon, Blackstar. Are you really going to try and pick a fight with her?" I then realised what was going on. Reminded me on when Blackstar fought me. I walked up to Dr Stein, Maka, Tsubaki, and the Thompson sisters, wanting to watch what was going to happen.