Minene's Point of View

I stared blankly at the blue haired freak yelling something about 'Stealing his fame', 'What do you think you're doing here?', 'I'll show you who's boss', and 'I will be the one to surpass God!'. I kept on staring. All I could see was idiocy. He had a strong soul though. I could see it. It was one of the useful things my father taught me. Honestly, I don't know why he finds dissecting animals 'fun'. I mean, It's cool sometimes to find out more about the insides of an animal, but dissecting ENDANGERED animals?! It was plain stupid! I swear he was the one to wipe out all the rainbow-eyed lizards. They don't call him PETA's number 1 unknown enemy for nothing. I was swept off my train of thought as the boy lunged for me with his fist. I ducked down and punched him in the crotch.

"ARGGHH!" I stood back up as I saw him rolling on the ground in pain. "Urgh" He stood back up, glaring at me. He ran for me again but I stepped to the right and then kicked him, medium power, on his back. As I watched him rolling in pain again, another boy with crimson red eyes and white hair stood up and walked other to him. They were mumbling about something. Then the blue haired boy stood back up and pushed the other to the side. The other grunted and walked away towards the little group that seemed to be watching us, which included my father.

"Heheh" I glanced at the lunatic who was fighting me. "SPEED STAR!" He suddenly yelled and started zooming around, trying to confuse me. Heh. Two could play at that game. I also went into speed mode and started zooming around. My father taught me a lot of useful things. I smirked as the boy stopped where I was before and looked confused. Then he looked quite angry. He ran to me again. I wasn't quick enough and he punched me in the stomach. Then a painful tingle went through that area. Dammit, he was using his soul wavelengths. A look of pain spread across my face but I just managed to sweep his hand away, stopping his soul wavelengths. Before he had a chance to go 'Speed Star' again, I grabbed him tightly by his shoulders and let out my own Soul Wavelength. I could only keep up my speed for so long, after all.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" He screamed as a trickle blood came out of his mouth and nose. I let him go knowing that it was time to stop. He collapsed on the ground before me. The red eyed boy and a dark brown haired, tall girl ran over to him. She looked at a wound that I hadn't noticed, a long scratch that was a couple centimetres deep just under his jaw-line. I need to start remembering to retract my boot-knife. The other people that were in that group walked over, including the boy I sat next to.

"Idiot… He's an idiot…" A dusty blonde haired girl muttered under her breath. My Dad slowly rolled towards us in his chair, cigarette in mouth.

"If you want, I can stitch the wound up a bit?" I said, just standing there. My classmates looked at me uneasily.

"Err, no." The red eyed boy replied, quite harshly. I could tell they thought I was a lunatic, like my Father. I just looked down and walked away, small beads of water forming in my eyes.

Death the Kid's Point of View

I stared at the strange girl as she walked away, still clutching her notebook. Then I looked at Blackstar, and the blood that had dried on his lip and chin. He brought in onto himself, though. I looked back at Minene. She was gone. I sighed to myself, thinking that she was probably unhappy because of the harsh reply Soul had given her. I decided to try and find her. Even if she was crazy, she didn't deserve to be treated so harshly.

An hour later, no success. I decided to give up and walked home. Liz and Patty were probably wondering where I was.

I stood outside my house, admiring its symmetrical beauty. Then I walked through the front door.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, KID?!" I stared blankly at Liz, who was looking quite angry. "WE THOUGHT THE CREEPY NEW GIRL GOT TO YOU! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" I rolled my eyes and sighed, heading towards the couch to sit down. I ignored the shouts from Liz as she yelled at Patty to stop drawing giraffes on the wall. I switched on the TV… Wait… Did she say… I jumped out of my seat to see Patty happily humming with crayons in her hand… She never loses her childishness... I stared in horror. Liz looked at me, biting her lip. I fainted on the spot.

Liz' Point of View

Uh oh… I ran towards Kid, who was lying in a perfectly straight line on the floor, blood spirting out of his nose… Not agaaaaain. I picked him up, staring at his cute face. Wait, what? CUTE?! I put him on the sofa and slapped myself. What the hell was I thinking? I sighed and walked over to Patty. She was rolling on the carpet, laughing. I told her off then went to get a wet towel and some spray. Luckily the walls were washable so I easily fixed them. Patty is so childish. And she's a teen, for god's sake. I looked up as I heard groaning. Kid was back up.

"Ugh thank god it's off now." I heard him say. "But I had a really strange dream…" He muttered, just loud enough that I could hear.

"What was it about?" He glanced up, looking confused. He probably doesn't think I heard him. "I don't want to talk about it…" I shrugged and went back to the symmetrical kitchen, putting the things away.

Kid's Point of View

The two days….

Class is extremely boring. Most of what we do is dissection tutorials. Even Minene looks bored. I sighed. For some reason whatever I think about, something about Minene pops up. I have no idea why. It started ever since that…dream. Minene turns to look at me. She raises and eyebrow. I didn't realise I was staring at her the whole time. I felt heat rise up to my face. I tried to keep it down. The girl smirked slightly, then turned back to the lesson, or whatever she was doing.

The bell rang. I jumped up from my seat.

"Kid?" Liz looked at me. "Where are you going?" I hesitated.

"Uh, somewhere. You go and… uh, do whatever you want." I quickly turned around just in time to see Minene head out the door. I followed her. She was quick. I saw her walking out to the back. I kept following her. She sat down on a bench. No one was around. I wonder if no one is here because of her. I stood in the doorway watching her. Wait. Was that… Tears? There were little droplets of water falling on her notebook. Why was she crying? I walked over to her.

"Minene?" She looked at me, then quickly looked back down. A few more tears fell. "What's wrong? Are you ok?" I crouched down. She turned her head.

"I'm fine, now go away. Aren't you scared that I might dissect you? Everyone else is." Even more tears fell. I was confused. Why would she think I thought she would dissect me?

"What the hell do you mean? Why would I think you would dissect me?" She looked at me angrily.

"Because everyone else seems to think so." She says through gritted teeth. "Everyone keeps on avoiding because of my Dad. Just because he teaches me to dissect things, stitch things up, and because I inherited his facial expression doesn't mean I'm exactly like him! I only offered to stitch the blue haired guy up because the way I know my Dad, he'd probably stitch in more places than needed and turn him into a zombie or something like that. And then everyone thinks I'm crazy!" I stared at her. So we misunderstood her all along. "I'm sick and tired of it. It's only been two days and everyone's avoiding me already." Now I feel quite sorry for her. She had been avoided because of her father's personality.

"Oh…" That's the only thing I could say at the moment. She just shook her head and opened her notebook. I peeked into her book, but before I could see she shut it.

"Just… Leave me alone."

"Where do you live?" I couldn't help but ask. If she lived where I thought she did…

"Huh? Why do you want to know?" She looked at me strangely.

"Just answer my question."

"Uh, fine, I live at my Dad's house. But why?" I raised my eyebrows. She lived at her Dad's?

"Wow, how do you sleep at night? Isn't it too creepy?" Minene laughed a bit.

"I barely do." She replied. "All I can hear is my Dad's 'pets' as he explores their insides." I gritted my teeth. It must be horrible to be her. "I'm going to try and rent an apartment. Actually, I don't know your name yet." Huh? Oh yeah. I realised I hadn't introduced myself.

"My name's Death the Kid." She widened her eyes.

"Wait… So you're… Lord Death's son?!" She gripped her notebook even harder. Heh. I smiled a little.

"Yes I am. I enrolled here just under a year ago." She grinned and loosened her grip on the book a little.

"Well, I suppose you already know my name." Minene stood up. Then her hand reached out. For a second I forgot what a handshake was. "But I think we met on different terms. My name's Minene Stein." I took hold of her hand and shook it. We both grinned. I felt my heart beat just a little faster. Why? I quickly took my hand back.

"You know, now that I know you're not as crazy as your mad father, I can introduce you to my weapons and a few of my friends." She grinned even wider at this suggestion. Her grey eyes sparkled a little behind her shiny glasses. She was looking a bit like Stein.

"C'mon, let's go, Minene." I took hold of her and pulled her towards the door. Then I realised that I was holding her by the hand. I felt myself blushing.

"Err…" I quickly let go. "Come on." I kept on walking and looked back to check if she was still following me. She was, good. I took her to the food hall where everyone was. I waved to them. They saw me and waved too. They stopped when they saw Minene next to me. She looked down. I tugged her sleeve, signalling her to come with me, towards them. Blackstar and Soul flinched as we stood next to the table.

"Um, hi Kid." Liz gave me a questioning look.

"I came to introduce Minene to you." Everyone stared.

"Umm, ok. Well my name's Liz, and this is my little sis Patty. We're Kid's weapons."

"I'm Blackstar! And I will be the one to surpass GOD!" Minene stared at Blackstar. "I'm a meister and my weapon is Tsubaki." He pointed to Tsubaki.

"My name is Soul and I'm a weapon. My meister is Maka." He pointed to Maka. She was busy reading a book.

"My name is Minene Stein. I'm both weapon and meister. And I'm not obsessed with dissecting stuff like my father." She smiled a little and waved her hand slightly. Everyone loosened up a little and smiled. I sat down next to Soul and then Minene sat next to me.

"What do you mean, both weapon and meister?" Blackstar questioned her. He was the only one who still looked a little worked up.

"Well, I'm a weapon but I can fight on my own. Both of my arms transform into the main bit of a scythe. It's also a plus that according to my Dad I'm great at martial arts. He also says that if I had a partner I would be a double sided scythe. I can also turn into a fire charged spear, but I haven't quite perfected that yet. I have a blunt blade." I was quite shocked. She can turn into two different weapons and fight on her own. "I can use soul wavelength and see souls too, my Dad taught me that." After that Blackstar tightened up a bit, probably jealous that she can do so much, and he can't. After that, everyone started chatting about little things that I didn't pay much attention to. Everyone was getting along, but Blackstar still seemed a little off.

Soul's Point of View

After chatting with Minene for a while, I thought she was cool. She was just interpreted by her classmates incorrectly because of her Father. Somehow we got onto the topic of where we lived. When it was Minene's turn she said she lived with her Father. We all stared at her. How was she even still ALIVE?! She said that she was planning on renting a flat sooner or later. She said she can't sleep because of the sound of things whining the floor below, saying it was her Dad experimenting on who knows what. Then Liz piped up with a 'great' suggestion.