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Liz' Point of View

So, we were all chatting about where we lived, Minene said a few things… And bam! I had the greatest idea ever.

"I know! Until you rent a flat you can stay at mine, Patty's and Kid's house!" Soul stared at me with his mouth wide open. I looked at Minene to see her reaction. She was smiling.

"Err, Isn't it also Patty and Kid's house? So maybe you should ask them too… I'll be ok with it though; my Dad does creep even me out." I switched my gaze over to Kid's. I was putting him on the spot. He'd have to say yes, otherwise he'd sound horrible. Kid probably knew what I was thinking, and gave me a hateful look that lasted a couple seconds.

"Of course she can. I would be scared to death if I lived in the same house as Stein." A grin spread across the girl's face, making her look a lot like Stein.

After school, we all walked towards Kid's house.

"We have a lot of rooms, so choose whichever you want." Kid said. When we reached the house, Minene stared at it in wonder.

"It's huge!" I laughed on the inside. I was like that when I first came to the house. I looked at Kid again. He looked uneasy. We entered the symmetrical mansion.

"Wow, it's perfectly symmetrical!" Kid stared at Minene as she said this… could it be possible he had found his soulmate? I groaned at the joke… How could I stoop to such a level when that had to have been thought… Am I slipping into insanity or something?

Death the Kid's Point of View

I wasn't sure that it was such a good idea that Minene was staying at my house. I had already had three dreams about her as it is. Yet for some reason, I was also looking forward to it. My emotions were confused. I took her upstairs to show her the rooms.

"This is my room. Knock if you need something." She looked around the symmetrical room. Then I led her to Liz' room. "Knock here if you need to talk about something girly or something I really don't want to know." She giggled slightly at this. Glad I was amusing her. Then I led her to Patty's room.

"I doubt you'll ever need to, but knock here if you want someone to creep you out or want to talk about something psychotic. I'm scared to go in there." I thought about the horrors that would probably be behind that door. Unsymmetrical things… I shuddered slightly.

"The other three rooms are spare bedrooms, so choose whichever you want, but they are all the same." I left her to her business as I went to my room to get changed. We could watch a movie once we were all out of our everyday clothes. I quickly slid on a loose black T-shirt and shorts. I came out of my room and went to look for Minene. She had got her Dad to bring some stuff over to sleep in. For now, though, Liz lended her some stuff. It seemed as she had taken the room next to me, as all the other doors except Liz and Patty's were closed. I stood in the hallway for a bit then decided to go down and cook some pizza. As I was walking down I heard a knock on the door. It was probably Stein. I quickly ran over and opened it.

"Hello, Stein." I looked at the lunatic before me. He looked quite annoyed.

"Hello, Kid." He narrowed his eyes and handed me a box. "So, why is my daughter staying her? Has she taken a liking to you? Or the other way round?" I knew what he was implying and reddened.

"No!" I stepped back. "Um, She'll be uh, wanting this… Bye!" I turned around, ready to shut the door.

"Wait…" I looked back at him. "Are you saying my daughter isn't good enough for you?" I felt myself reddening even more. "And one more thing, Kid…" He leaned forward, his face just inches from mine. "You may be a Grim Reaper but you are dissectable… If you try anything…" I gulped.

"BYE!" I slammed the door shut before I could get embarrassed any more. I slid to the floor and put my head in my hands. I started to pull myself together and sighed. I stood back up, walking back upstairs, going to give her the box. I wondered what was inside it. Did her Dad pack her a dissection kit? I was so lost in thought I didn't think about knocking on the door first. I walked straight in, since that was what I normally did with Liz and Patty if I needed something. I stared.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Me and Minine screamed in unison. She was in the middle of getting changed into the clothes Liz gave her… And her top was off. I stood there pathetically for a few seconds before Minine grabbed a pillow a threw it at me.

"PERVERT!" I felt the heat rise up to my forehead as I dropped the box and ran out the room. I quickly went into my room and hid under the bed. I was a fool! Useless garbage! I should have knocked! But no, I had to be an idiot and walk straight in! I don't deserve to be a Grim Reaper!