Yo... I WAS meant to update during the holidays... But I didn't get the time. And now I've got school... And lots of homework... I'm sorry that there's no chapter, but I've completely lost interest in this. Therefore, I am sad to say (type) that this story is UP FOR ADOPTION! If you want to adopt this story, then just PM me. If you do adopt this story, then feel free to ask me any questions if you need help. I can help with punctuation and spelling, too. When, and if, someone adopts this, I will post a chapter with who has done it. So... Yeah... I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone. Oh, and another reason why I'm letting this Fanfiction go is because I'm currently PLANNING for a new, better fanfiction. Key word- PLANNING. Not a Soul Eater Fanfiction, though. A Naruto one. When I started this story, it was on a whim. I didn't plan anything. Which is why I said I'm PLANNING for a new story. It's moving quite slowly, though. I hope someone does adopt this, because I'd love to see where they think this will go.