Before i get this started i just want to say i do not own the characters in this fanfic they belong to GAMEFREAK,And Nintendo enjoy!

it was valentimes day and everyone was at the pokemon center,korrina and clemont were spending time with eachother,dawn and serena were arguing about who can have ash with him being annoyed by it,and the pokemon were also celebrating valentimes day too! let's look shall we?

chespin was in the pokemon center making a picture for a certain pokemon.''There,Finished!'' he said with a grin,he just knew she was going to love it! ''what are you making?'' said Pancham as he walked over.''None of your business!"chespin said as he jumped off the table and ran outside,he was sure Eevee would love it!

As chespin runs outside he passes Pikachu who was getting smothered by Buneary.
''Buneary can you please get off me?" pikachu said and then buneary though about it,"hmm...No!"she said as began to give him more kisses on his face.

chespin also passes braixen who was talking to Greninja."H-Happy V-Valentimes day Braixen!" he said as he gives her a bocquet of flowers."Happy valentimes day you too!"Braixen said and then she plants a kiss on Greninja's cheeks making him blush and fall to the ground unconscious.

then chespin stops when he sees eevee and shouts out"HEY EEVEE!"and eevee stopped chespin then runs over to her but notices she's feeling pretty sad,but before he could say anyhing else eevee turns her head and says"Can you please just me alone today?
i just wanna be left alone!"and runs off."EEVEE WAIT!"he says but no avail,chespin then remember when she turned her head she had somthing in her eye,''was she...crying?''
chespin wondered what could've made her cry but then he turns his head to see Dawn's Pachirisu kissing a blushing Bunnelby on the cheek,and after seeing that chespin immediatly ran into the woods to find eevee...

(Eevee's pov)
As i ran into the woods i reached a lake and stopped to look at. as i saw my reflection in the waer i said''Look at yourself...Bunnlbey doesn't love you...Nobody loves me anyway-
"THAT'S NOT TRUE!"i got scared when i heard that voice and then it was revealed that voice belonged to...Chespin,"i told you to leave me alone!" i said with little anger ine me,can't he see that i just want to be alone! "Eevee this card."he said a look of determination on his face''fine i will" i said giving up,i walked over to chespin and opened the card and i was shocked with what i the card there was pictures of me and chespin and bunnelby and on the side was a poem that read...

Roses are red,voilets are blue I know you may not like me but at least give me a chance

after seeing that i started tearing up and smiling,"sorry if it doesn't rhyme heheh"chespin said but was shocked when i started nuzzling against his stomach." was just perfect"i said before i gave him a kiss on the cheek.
(normal pov)
"...Happy valentimes day Eevee"Chespin said with a face as red as a tomato.
"Happy valentimes day too Chespin"Eevee said with a smile on her face And as they were walking back to the pokemon center Eevee had thought that this was the best valentimes day ever!

for some at least...
"ASH AND I HAD SOME GOOD CHEMISTRY TOGETHER ON OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER!"said a angry Dawn,"I MET ASH BACK WHEN WE WERE BOTH REALLY YOUNG!" said a also angry Serena,"C-Can i leave now?"said a scared ash,"NO!"they both said angrily.
and as ash sighed he said"How did i get myself into this mess!?"
I Hope you all enjoyed that and happy (early) Valentimes day!