Plot: After the argument, Twilight Sparkle and her best friend Aurora LeMare try to leave, but they end up dying from a stab in the heart. They get transported to a strange world named Lemaria that is ruled by Nightmare Moon. Deciding to stop her with help of their new friends, can Twilight and Aurora save Lemaria and forgive the friends who hurt them?

Aurora, Piselle, Giselle, Miselle, Tep, Tip, Jen, Dara, and Rani are my OCs and I don't own everyone else, let alone MLP and Child of Light.

Summary: Let's meet the heroes and beings of Lemaria and Equestria



Aurora LeMare

Category: Unicorn, later Alicorn

Appearance: Yellow coat with bright red hair (Think of her as an MLP Version of Princess Aurora from Child of Light)

Personality: Kind, sassy, brave, and tough

Talent: Earth, Temp Flight, healing, blade

Who is: Aurora is the Adopted daughter of The Elle Sisters and Dara's half-sister, also as the estranged adopted sister of Chrysalis the Changeling Queen, but the biological daughter of the Alicorn of Light. She is the star student of Luna and Cadence and many others; she later falls for Discord during their journey.

Twilight Sparkle

Category: Unicorn, later Alicorn

Appearance: Pale, Light grayish mulberry coat with moderate sapphire blue and violet with brilliant rose streaks

Personality: Studious, kind, and brave

Talents: Spells, Temp Flight, Wisdom, and blade

Who is: Twilight Sparkle is the sister of Shining Armor and Cadence. She is also known as the student of Celestia and represents the Element of magic. She later falls for an ex-guard/prisoner of Nightmare Moon named Flash Sentry.


Category: Zebra

Appearance: Think of a tiny Zecora with wings

Personality: Wise and gentle

Talents: Potions, Light, and Spells

Who is: Zecoria is the twin sister of Zecora who passed away from an illness. She meets Twilight Sparkle and Aurora when they arrived in Lemaria and becomes their guide.


Category: Draconequus

Appearance: You know what he looks like

Personality: Mischievous, romantic, brave

Talents: Chaos magic and illusions

Who is: Discord is the master chaos of Equestria. He was banished when the Elements of Harmony turned him to stone. He falls for Aurora when he escapes and changes his ways throughout their adventure to win Aurora's heart.


Category: Gryphon

Appearance: Tan with yellow wings

Personality: Jokester, caring, and talented

Talents: Judo

Who is: Tep is a jester to a traveling circus as he searches for his sister Tip.


Category: Gryphon

Appearance: Yellow with tan wings

Personality: Shy, sullen, kind

Talents: Judo

Who is: Tip is the sister of Tep. She gets lost and stranded on a Cliffside while looking for Tep.


Category: Pegasus

Appearance: Light Blue skin with Aqua hair

Personality: Polite, proper, kind

Talents: Dark Magic/Gypsy Magic

Who is: Dara is the original daughter of the Elle Sisters who died while traveling. She joins Twilight and Aurora when she needed help to escape from Lemaria, but what are her real intentions and can she be trusted?


Category: Doe

Appearance: Brown with white spots

Personality: Quick, gentle, and adventurous

Talents: Bow and Arrow

Who is: Rani is a tradeswoman who was the love interest of Lord Maran. She joins the team in the hope to save her town from debt.

Flash Sentry

Category: Pegasus

Appearance: Gamboge with blue hair

Personality: Loyal, kind, gentleman-like, and brave

Talents: Defense

Who is: Flash Sentry is a former guard/prisoner of Nightmare Moon. He falls for Twilight when they meet in the dungeons.


Category: Hippogriff

Appearance: Green with purple hair and yellow flowers

Personality: Feisty, aggressive, friendly

Talents: Music/spell

Who is: Jen is the daughter of the Element Hippogriffs. She becomes an orphan and later joins the team to avenge her tribe and family.


Nightmare Moon

Category: Alicorn

Appearance: Isn't it obvious?

Personality: Evil to the core.

Talents: Dark Moon Magic

Who is: She is Luna's dark side. After being defeated by Twilight Sparkle and the elements of Harmony, she was banished to Lemaria and takes the crown away from the Queen of light.


Category: Unicorn

Appearance: You have seen him before

Personality: Evil

Talents: Dark Nightmare Magic

Who is: Sombra is the former ruler of the Crystal Kingdom. He and Aurora battled long ago as she banished him from Equestria. Now he is ready to settle a score with Aurora.


Category: Alicorn

Appearance: Black with sea-green hair

Personality: Evil

Talents: Shapeshifting

Who is: Chrysalis is the queen of the Changelings and the estranged sister of Aurora. She infiltrated Canterlot in the form of Queen Celestia's niece Cadence. She was defeated by Cadence and Shining Armor and sent to Lemaria.

Supporting Characters in Lemaria

Queen of Light

Category: Alicorn

Appearance: White with ivory wings

Personality: Kind

Talents: Healing and Light Magic

Who is: She is the birth mother of Aurora and Twilight's guardian angel. She passes away when Nightmare Moon usurped her throne.


Category: Gargoyle

Appearance: Moderate orange body, light brownish, and dark gray tangelo hair

Personality: Kind, generous, and caring

Talents: Illusions and Peace magic

Who is: He is the brother of Lord Tirek. He tries to make Discord nice, giving them a strain on their friendship, but later accepts him back.

Lord Maran

Category: Stag

Appearance: Brown with antlers

Personality: Business-like yet caring

Talents: None

Who is? Lord Maran is the son of the town mayor in Magna. He likes Rani, but he is too busy for her.

Equestria residents


Category: Pegasus

Appearance: Mauve with Lavender hair

Personality: Kind, loving, and caring

Talents: Psychics

Who is: Piselle is the eldest of the Elle Sisters and one of Aurora's adoptive mothers. She can predict with perfection and she loves Aurora and Twilight with all her heart.


Category: Pony

Appearance: Blue with navy blue hair

Personality: Kind, loving, and brave

Talents: Mental

Who is: Miselle is the middle sister and one of Aurora's mothers. She was the one who found Aurora as a filly and took her in as their own. She adores Aurora and Twilight Sparkle.


Category: Unicorn

Appearance: Yellow with Purple hair

Personality: Kind, Loving, and caring

Talents: Sight

Who is: Giselle is the youngest of the sisters and one of Aurora's mothers. She taught Aurora all they knew and has raised Aurora as a filly. She cares for Aurora and Twilight.


Category: Pegasus

Appearance: Yellow with pink hair

Personality: Shy, timid, and kind

Talents: Animals

Who is: Fluttershy is the sweetest pony ever, she has many animals as pets/friends. She represents the Element of Kindness and has a secret weapon: The Stare.

Rainbow Dash

Category: Pegasus

Appearance: Blue with rainbow hair

Personality: Tomboyish, brash, and reckless

Talents: Weather and Speed

Who is: She is the toughest of all ponies, she dreams of being a member of the Wonderbolts. She represents the Element of Loyalty and is a fan of the Daring Do series.


Category: Unicorn

Appearance: White with purple hair

Personality: Regal, kind, and very lady-like

Talents: Fashion

Who is: She is the Drama Queen of the Mare Six, she loves fashion, owns three boutiques, has a sister named Sweetie Belle, and represents the Element of Generosity.

Pinkie Pie

Category: Pony

Appearance: Pink with pink hair

Personality: Funny and energetic

Talents: Party-making

Who is: She is the jokester of the Mane Six, she loves to create and host parties, has a sister named Maud Pie, is clairvoyant, and represents the Element of Laughter.


Category: Pony

Appearance: Orange with yellow hair

Personality: Kind, southern-like, and wise

Talents: Agriculture

Who is: She is a farmer who works in Sweet Apple Acres, has a competitive rivalry against Rainbow Dash, she has a sister named Apple Bloom and a brother named Big Macintosh. She represents the Element of Honesty.


Category: Dragon

Appearance: Purple with green plates

Personality: Kind and hardworking

Talents: Writing and Assistance

Who is: He is Twilight and Aurora's assistant and best friend. He loves gems and has a crush on Rarity. He cares deeply for Twilight and Aurora.

Princess Celestia

Category: Alicorn

Appearance: White with Pink, blue, green, and yellow hair

Personality: Kind, caring, and wise

Talents: Sun Magic

Who is: She is Aurora's mentor and confidant, Luna's big sister, and the Princess of Canterlot. She banishes her sister Luna to the moon for 1000 years.

Princess Luna

Category: Alicorn

Appearance: Blue with blue hair

Personality: Mysterious, kind, and sweet

Talents: Moon magic

Who is: She is the Princess of the Night, Aurora's 1st mentor, and Celestia's little sister. She became Nightmare Moon after she rebelled against Celestia and received 1000 years of banishment. She later gets restored to normal by Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony.

Shining Armor

Category: Unicorn

Appearance: White with blue hair

Personality: Brave, loyal, and tough

Talents: Defense

Who is: He is the captain of the Royal Guards, Twilight's big brother, and Cadence's husband.

Princess Cadence

Category: Alicorn

Appearance: Pink with Yellow, Pink, and Purple hair

Personality: Loving, kind, and caring

Talents: Love

Who is: She is the Princess of the Crystal Empire, Aurora's 2nd mentor, Twilight's former foalsitter/ new sister-in-law, Shining Armor's wife, and Celestia's niece.