Chapter 1: The Unicorns and the Zecoria

Plot: After the argument, Twilight Sparkle and her best friend Aurora LeMare try to leave, but they end up dying from a stab in the heart. They get transported to a strange world named Lemaria that is ruled by Nightmare Moon. Deciding to stop her with help of their new friends, can Twilight and Aurora save Lemaria and forgive the friends who hurt them?

Summary: Twilight Sparkle and her best friend Aurora LeMare awakens in Lemaria and a new friend offers them a guide.

* The dress Twilight wore for her birthday in "Sweet and Elite"

(-) What everyone in Canterlot is saying

Meanwhile, at the altar in the mysterious land of Lemaria, Twilight Sparkle stirred from her dreamless sleep as she opened her eyes. She woke up as she looked at her surroundings, an unknown land as she was lying on the altar. Next to her was her best friend and personal mentor Aurora LeMare who was asleep. Twilight rubbed her eyes as she said, "What am I seeing? I must be dreaming." She turns to her friend as Aurora didn't move, but she moaned. Wanting answers, Twilight shook Aurora as she cries, "Aurora! Aurora! Wake up!" The yellow unicorn stirred as she opened her eyes and stared at her friend as she said, "Twilight? What happened? I felt my head has been hit by a muscled colt." Twilight asked, "Aurora, do you know where we are?" Aurora looked at her surroundings as she asked, "Whoa... where are we?" The altar was surrounded by colorful flowers, and 2 tall lifeless trees on both sides. Twilight said, "Aurora, I don't think we are in Canterlot anymore." Aurora remarked, "You're wrong, Twilight. The actual phrase is "I don't think we are in Equestria anymore."

They got off the altar as Aurora asked her friend while staring at Twilight in confusion, "Uh Twilight, isn't that your dress from your birthday party, and is that the Element of Magic crown on your head?" Twilight saw that she was wearing a yellow dress* and on her head was her Element of Magic Crown! The purple unicorn took off her crown as she asked, "Huh? Where did my crown come from?" Twilight put her crown back on as she asked her friend, "What about you? What's with the dress, those markings, and that tiara on your head?" Aurora looked at herself and saw that she was covered in silver markings with a long skirt with a yellow top, a white middle, and a golden end, and on the top of her head was a golden tiara with opal stones. Aurora said, "Whoa. What happened to my Changeling holes and Zecora's wrappings and when did we change our clothes?" Still wondering how they got to Lemaria, Twilight asked, "More to the point, how did we get here?"

Aurora said, "Beats me, one minute we were running away from Canterlot after Shining Armor and our so-called friends and Celestia yelled at us to not show up at the wedding, then the next thing we knew, something felt cold inside our bodies, then we just fell from the stairs, and got knocked out badly, and poof we are here in this strange land."

(Cadence angrily said, "You yelled at them and made sure they didn't come to our wedding?!" Piselle snarled, "Yes, this colt and our darlings' so-called friends yelled at them, not to mention Celestia hurting them and forcing them out of the wedding." Hurt, Luna said, "Sister, tell me it's not true." Miselle hissed, "Don't bother, it's true. She did. How do you think the girls died?" Giselle said, "Bet they died of a broken heart caused by a good friendship group and a mentor whom they trusted.")

Aurora said, "Come to think of it, I never knew a place like this existed before, not even in any of my research reports. Have you?" Twilight replied, "I read so many books of places in Equestria, but not one had a mention of this place." Aurora said, "Do you suppose Celestia or Luna have any ideas on this place?" Twilight said, "Maybe, but we could also be dreaming, after all, we did pass out at the stairs, maybe we were knocked out hard. Come on, let's look around for a way out." Aurora followed her as she thought, "Odd, for some strange reason, I felt like I have been here before. But when?"

(Piselle was skeptical as she asked, "Aurora? She has been there before?" Wondering, Celestia asked, "I wonder if she knows something." Luna said, "What I want to know is why you had to banish the land of Lemaria from Equestria, sister. What could have happened that allowed you to block Lemaria?" Celestia admitted, "Long ago, their queen perished and creatures attacked Canterlot many times, so to protect Equestria, I banished it from our world forever, but I never thought Twilight or Aurora would stumble their way inside." Miselle asked, "I wonder who was the former ruler of Lemaria.")

They followed the steps down as they walked straight ahead as Twilight cried, "Hello!" Aurora even joined in, "Is any pony there? Mother Piselle? Miselle? Giselle? Lulu?" Twilight called out, "Cadence, are you there?" Aurora called out, "Mothers! Awake us from our slumber!" Aurora and Twilight as they walked up the path as the mulberry unicorn saw a sign that said, 'Left to the Trees of Thorn.' She joined with Twilight as the mulberry unicorn found another sign that said, 'Right to the Old Temple.' They found a cave down as Twilight said, "Woods darker than Night.' Aurora said, 'Creatures lost of light.' Twilight then stopped as she said, "Did we speak in rhyme just a few seconds ago?" Aurora said, "I think we did." Twilight said, "Look the way out! We need to unblock the path." Aurora looked around when she saw a broken carriage in the far corner of the cave as she said, "I have an Idea, amiga mia." Aurora and Twilight looked at each other at Aurora's rhyme as the yellow unicorn shuddered.

(Celestia asked, "Why in rhyme?" Piselle shrugged, "Beats me." Miselle said, "Lemaria is a land of rhyme. Only that can speak in rhyme.")

Aurora found a crate as Twilight pushed it to the end Twilight said, "This way, my comadre." Aurora followed Twilight as they saw a timberwolf Aurora said, "Steady. Only little fillies easily scare." As they left the grotto, they went up the hill as they found another tall leafless tree, climbing their way up with the branches and stems, as they reached to the top as they jumped towards the hill as Twilight landed on her knee. She faltered as Aurora helped her up as the pain vanishes.

Walking through the woods' mist, the atmosphere was a lot different than back in Ponyville. Twilight noticed it as she said, "This world is formed of frigid air. And dark spirits fly, I know not where." As they kept on walking, they found an abandoned house, covered in grass and algae. Next to it was a blooming apple tree, its branches dancing under what these wood little light they have, but the light that the tree bathing itself with, is equal to a moonshine's half.

(Luna noticed the moonbeams and said, "The moon's light is a lot stronger than here, sister." Celestia saw it too as she said, "The balance there is fading away.")

Afraid of what was happening, and why they haven't found a way out, Aurora began to cry as she said, "No! Wake up, wake up! Nightmare, let us wake!" Twilight saw this as she felt tears in her eyes; Twilight and Aurora were like sisters, they can feel what the other feels and what they are thinking; and what Twilight was feeling is the same as Aurora: Fear and the need to cry.

The two unicorns fell under the apple tree and began crying. Hooves on their faces trying to wake from their nightmare, with crystal tears on their cheeks glide. Twilight cried, "Every pony, where are you? Our hearts shall break!" The two unicorns kept on crying as they didn't hear the voices back in Canterlot.

(Piselle yelled, "Girls! We're right here!" Rainbow yelled, "Guys, it's okay!" Fluttershy said, "Don't cry!" Spike said, "Aurora! Twilight! You're going to be okay!" Shining Armor called out, "Twiley!" Worried, Luna called out, "Girls, please be still!")

Then a flash of light shone beneath the tree, a tiny flying zebra wearing bangles and cute wings appeared.

(Applejack looked shocked as she said, "Whoa! Is that Zecora?! How the blazes she got in?" Pinkie said, "Maybe she has powers that can take her through time and space." Piselle said, "Sister, isn't that..." Miselle said, "Of course, she's dead!" Celestia asked, "Who is that?" Giselle said, "Zecora didn't like talking about it, but long ago when Aurora was still at studies with Cadance, we were performing in Africa when her favorite mentor Zecora came to us with an offer to heal, she told us that her sister Zecoria passed away from an illness." Rarity asked, "Oh my, are you saying at that little bug is Zecora's identical sister? Piselle said, "Please, be there to help…)

The little zebra saw the two unicorns as she flew towards them and observed their tears as she asked, "Would somepony please explain, how their tears flow like rain?" Aurora and Twilight looked up as the mulberry unicorn asked, "Who spoke?" The zebra replied softly, "I did. Dry the dew from your eyes, before I spew water too. That's common sense." Aurora said looking at the tiny creature, "A fly that looks like Zecora? I think that soup we ate was too dense." The Zebra said, "Soup is good, but I am lost. Do you know a Twilight and an Aurora?" Twilight said, "Our names! Miss, they are we!" The zebra looked confused as she asked, "Both "they" and "we"? A split aura? Perhaps you girls are some kind of flora?"

Aurora looked upset as she said, "Cease your foolishness at once! She is Twilight Sparkle and I am Aurora! They are we!" The zebra looked cheerful as she said, "Why didn't you say so? Come with me. An alicorn awaits. Hair long as a forest stream, with white skin like moths and gleaming eyes." Aurora and Twilight sighed relief as Twilight said, "Aurora, a seer, she'll get us out of this dream!"

The tiny zebra flew as the two unicorns followed her in the deep part of the woods reaching a cliffside. From there, they saw a huge mountain with legs and arms walking, its impact on the ground, felt by their hooves, made them jump. Twilight said, "This must be a dream, it has to be. That's no ordinary mountain I see."

Jumping from the cliff to the other side, the two unicorns saw an outlandish-looking plant, almost to Aurora's size. It was a pretty plant with illuminating flowers in pink and yellow. Twilight asked, "What are these branches. Curious charms little hands fastened tight." The Zebra responded, "You don't know? They are wishes." Aurora replied in sadness, "Wishes of light left in the darkness night." Twilight touched the plant as the plant let out small blue lights and a big orange one in a spherical shape from the wishes rose. The Zebra said, "Follow the orange one to find more bright." She also said, "Wishes taste delicious. Have a bite." After Twilight and Aurora took bites, Twilight said, "Wait till I tell my friends about this night." Aurora then said, "But Twi, we have no friends in this plight. They chose to let us away from their sight." Twilight's face turned sad as she said, "Oh, yeah. Right." They turned gloomy as the mere mention of their friendship with the others has ended at the wedding rehearsal.

(Piselle said, "Their depression never would have happened if you weren't so cruel to them!" Shining yelled, "You don't think I feel guilty?!" Piselle said, "I will keep this up until you pay for what you did to your sister and my child!" Rainbow asked, "But why do you care if Twilight is hurt, she's not your kid!" Piselle declared, "She's as good as. She's an honorary member of our family." Miselle and Giselle nodded as Celestia and the others felt awful. Luna and Cadence ignored them as they watched the mirror.)

Then a little farther away, walking with their company Lady Zebra, the three ladies reached what seems an old orange orchard and when through. Many of the trees seemed fruitless while some of them had few. Once there, The Zebra lead Twilight and Aurora to a giant tree with a door, with the symbols engraved. The tiny zebra pointed, "The path is right over the tree." Aurora pointed out, "But Pegasi we not be. We can't fly there with thee." Twilight said, "Another way pass the tree?" The ponies looked for a way in but found nothing. The Zebra said, looking disappointed, "Trapped, the door is barred." Twilight studied the symbols as she thought, "A scepter round... a translucent sphere... Clear as gems, the answer! Little Zebra, Ignite the tail rear!" The Zebra remarked, "Whoa, I barely know you two!" Aurora commanded, "Do as Twilight asks and she'll show you!" Now knowing a way in, Aurora thought as she said, "The three scepters a shadow cast… Unless… Oh!" The zebra replied, "We have to match the symbols fast." Twilight with Aurora's guidance solves the barred door. The Oranges shine bright as the door opens up to its full height. Twilight said, "Girls, our path is clear." Aurora ignored her as she says, "Still, who would put a door here?"

Stepping inside, an alicorn statue on a shrine they saw, beneath it, piercing a rock, two swords without a flaw. "Who was she I wonder?" Aurora thought aloud, "Remove the swords under" a hidden voice replied. "Who spoke? Some sort of ghost" questioned Aurora. "The Unicorn of the Forest, I'm sure of this!" quoth Sir Firefly, "Aurora, Twilight… Take the Swords of Marethildis." quoth the hidden voice in nigh. There Aurora and Twilight walked towards the Swords, using their magic, they pulled the two weapons from where it moored. Pulling it and raising it up high Twilight said, "It feels real, look at it gleam." Heavy still it is, she hit where the ground is dry. From the other side of the tree, a monster slowly approached. Zecoria cried "Flee! That thing looks mean", "Fortunately We now wield swords in this dream!" Aurora replied, Twilight said, "As much I use this for study and more, I never wielded a sword before!" The monster, a wooden big grasshopper it looks like, jumped towards Aurora and Lady Firefly. With Sword, Aurora and Twilight fought. And with illuminating light, Lady Firefly made the monster blind. Victorious Aurora with Twilight rose in this fight. And the defeated monster to the ground crumbled in site.

Leaving the mysterious tree, going outside from the other side. It's a forest with a lot of grass and trees. "Oh mothers, how much farther?" Aurora wailed as Zecoria asked, "Aurora, what is a mother?" Aurora replied, "That is simple, I am their daughter." They arrived at a lake, they saw in sight a statue. An alicorn with a harp and a face of rue. The sky shone lights and thunder. As Aurora, Twilight and Zecoria walk its under. They witnessed a mist, forming in a face shape over the creeks. Still, they thought its the weather just playing tricks. Forward they move, avoiding various monsters and beasts. Crossing the lake and its creeks. They found another cave, they went inside. It was darker than night, but fortunately, Zecoria has its blue light. Leading the way, Zecoria flew. Aurora after it, she followed still bare feet too. Illuminating the path, arriving at an exit, Zecoria smiled. Out of the cave, they went, seeing an abandoned black wagon with dark green and yellow curtains. On it sits a black crow with a top hat on its head, near the wagon's oil lamp, to the forest's silence it hearkens.

Suddenly, the hidden voice cried "Help me, Aurora, Twilight."